mercoledì 4 aprile 2012

Thousands of dollars worth of damage at anti-police demo — Oakland, CA

A weekly Occupy Oakland anti-police march ended with thousands of dollars in damage Saturday night as vandals smashed windows and left behind spray-painted slogans on downtown Oakland buildings, police said.

No one was arrested, but investigators plan to use surveillance footage to identify the people who struck the City Center complex near 14th Street and Broadway.

Authorities said they found four broken windows and spray paint damage in City Center, which includes Starbucks, Patelco Credit Union and Quiznos. More paint vandalism was reported on the Clorox and Wells Fargo buildings, police said.

In recent weeks the antipolice marches had been fairly peaceful so officials have scaled back the number of officers present and were not able to make arrests Saturday.

The vandals, some of whom wore masks, damaged or destroyed property and then returned to the crowd of marchers, police said.

Occupy protesters have been staging the weekly demonstrations since violent clashes with police in the winter.

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