martedì 8 maggio 2012

Violent clashes in Moscow / Pre-revolutionary situation in Russia

So, let's be brief. Yesterday was the day of the largest and the most violent protests in Moscow since the beginning of the whole 2011-2012 anti-Putin protest movement. Over than 600 protestors detained, more than dozen of cops injured, at least one death is confirmed and at least one more is suspected. Maybe it's nothing special for the majority of Western countries (for instance, the recent May Day clashes in Seattle were about as violent), but it's quite uncommon here (comparable only to "Black October" of 1993, and maybe also ethnic riots of late 2010), and may be a sign of a big trouble that's brewing up.
Anyway, 7th of May (i.e. today) is already announced as a day of countrywide protests against the inauguration of Putin as a president. The actions in Moscow will start @ 10 AM, and I hope our activists will do their best. Good to see that not only liberals and hipsters are protesting now, but also militant anarchists and S.Udaltsov's Left Front activists. Hope other anti-authoritarian groups will also join in.
There are also rumours of a terrorist act planned for the 9th of May, which will be attributed to the militants from Dagestan (which are behind the recent series of explosions in Makhachkala that killed at least 15 and injured dozens more). For me it looks like just another groundless conspiracy theory, but if it happens, it may lead to completely unpredictable consequences...
P.S. Sorry for writing about politics too much, but it looks like shit is getting real here, and I simply have no time for music. Next time I'll try to explain the background for the protests, and of course, will keep you informed as the situation progresses.


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