giovedì 30 settembre 2010

Spain - General Strike Actions in Almeria Majorca and Barcelona Areas


In the east of Almeria Province – the Mojacar area – the morning of the national strike appears to have started without reported incidents. Pickets have not yet been spotted in the area and for all intense and purposes it is business as usual. Schools, banks. Petrol stations and supermarkets contacted were all open.
Meanwhile this morning, unions declared the 24-hour general strike in Almeria City as a resounding success. They claim 90% of businesses were shut, although in the early hours of the morning this was probably true.
At the strike of midnight 100 picketers barricaded the exit gates of the Almeria bus station to stop buses leaving. Ten minutes later 50 riot police dispersed the crowd and with some remaining at the station on guard.
At 6am a picket of about 40 people closed access to Almeria Port, although from 9am it reopened and is now reported as operating with about 30% of the workforce having joined the strike.
Municipal rubbish collection did not take place.
Almeria fire services have attended a dozen incidents of burning rubbish containers and tyres across the city.
Pickets also stopped access to several retail parks and industrial estates although this was before most of the businesses were due to open.
Nationally, the government assures minimum public transport services are in operation. Electricity consumption in Spain this morning dropped by 19% compared to the normal amount, attributed to the strike.
Clashes with police have been reported in Barcelona, Alicante and Vigo.+
Unions say construction and metal industries have seen a 100% participation with the strike.

Madrid - Sabotage in Solidarity with Anarchist Comrades in Chile and Switzerland

Tonight, there have been several acts of sabotage in solidarity with the anarchist prisoners imprisoned in August in Chile.
- A digger on fire in the south of Madrid.
- Windows of police training academy in the area of Atocha attacked with a hammer.
- A Peugeot dealership in the Embajadores area attacked with a hammer.
Each of the 3 actions was signed with the words "Solidarity with the prisoners in Chile". Because we are tired of this life that has become artificial, where we are told how we should live, because solidarity is something more than words alone.
Immediate freedom for the anarchists in Chile!
Immediate restitution of the Mapuche lands to their people!
Freedom for Silvia Guerini, Luca Bernasconi, Costantino Ragusa, Marco Camenisch!

Solidarity Attack in London For Anarchists and Mapuche Prisoners


Solidarity action for the 14 accused anarchists in Chile and the 35 Mapuche prisoners on hunger strike.
Sunday 26th September around 2:45am, Santander Bank, owned by Spanish bosses, attacked in Jubilee Way, Wimbledon, London.Windows smashed, cash machines damaged with glue.FREEDOM TO THE 14 ANARCHISTS IN CHILE! and SOLIDARITY TO THE 35 MAPUCHE ON HUNGER STRIKE! sprayed on walls.
night owls

Bristol - England; Natwest Bank Smashed. In Solidarity With Those In Prison In Chile and Switzerland

September 28, 2010 - attack on a bank on gloucester road in solidarity with those in prison in chile and switzerland.
in the early hours of the 28th of september we attacked the natwest bank on gloucester road, bristol with paint and bricks.
windows were smashed, paintbombs thrown and 'destroy all prisons' was sprayed up on the wall.this action was taken in solidarity with the 35 mapuche prisoners, the 3 incacerated in switzerland and the 14 imprisoned anarchists in chile - the majority of which are on hunger strike.
natwest is owned by the royal bank of scotland, which is complicit in state repression in chile, the pillaging of the earth, and the financing of the prison machine.
e send solidarity, love and rage to all those continuing the struggle in whatever way possible.until all prisons are burnt to the ground

mercoledì 29 settembre 2010

London - The Passion For Freedom Knows No Borders, The Same For Solidarity

translated from culmine

Monday, September 27, 2010
1 - We, political prisoners of the Mapuche Land Conflict in the area of Lleu Lleu, prisoners in Concepción and Lebu prisons, remind our people and international opinion as follows: 1 - We have been on hunger strike for 77 days and already four of us are in hospital, suffering from some liver and cardiac consequences, while one remains in prison of El Manzano, with a weight loss exceeding 20 kilos. Three other brothers in Lebu prison, are also weakened.
2 - Today, it has been possible to establish a direct form of dialogue with the government, through the important work done by Bishop Ricardo Ezzati. There have been some discussions on the requests of the representatives of the collectives of PPM (Mapuche political prisoners) of the various prisons in which have been exposed as indispensable: The non-application of the Anti-terrorism Law, the non-application of Military Justice (dual trials for the same offence) and non-use of masked witnesses as evidence.
3 - In this case we used the direct path of dialogue with the government to address our demands through concrete and fast political and administrative solutions, compared to the legislative route that we consider to be slower and more complex, although we have not completely excluded it.
4 - In this sense we have reached an important agreement, i.e. the waiving of the charges for violation of the Anti-terrorist Law by the government. However, we find ourselves trapped by the unwillingness of the Public Prosecutor to begin the new formalization of the charges.
5 – Although, we repeat, the political-administrative route is that most relevant to the urgency of the moment, so as to avoid fatal developments, we hope that legislative power, by the deputies of both the majority and the opposition, is capable of dealing with the question and of meeting international standards in matters of legislation, opening, through amendments to the anti-terrorist law - Ley Antiterrorista - a new option for the cessation of the hunger strike.
6 - Finally, we appeal to the People of the Mapuche Nation, to our brothers and sisters of other indigenous peoples who are resisting the capitalist States, and to the democratic and popular sectors to continue to remain vigilant and mobilised for our rights, justice and freedom.

Communique of the MAPUCHE Political Prisoners of the Land Conflict in the LLeu LLeu Region

translated from culmine

Monday, September 27, 2010
1 - We, political prisoners of the Mapuche Land Conflict in the area of Lleu Lleu, prisoners in Concepción and Lebu prisons, remind our people and international opinion as follows: 1 - We have been on hunger strike for 77 days and already four of us are in hospital, suffering from some liver and cardiac consequences, while one remains in prison of El Manzano, with a weight loss exceeding 20 kilos. Three other brothers in Lebu prison, are also weakened.
2 - Today, it has been possible to establish a direct form of dialogue with the government, through the important work done by Bishop Ricardo Ezzati. There have been some discussions on the requests of the representatives of the collectives of PPM (Mapuche political prisoners) of the various prisons in which have been exposed as indispensable: The non-application of the Anti-terrorism Law, the non-application of Military Justice (dual trials for the same offence) and non-use of masked witnesses as evidence.
3 - In this case we used the direct path of dialogue with the government to address our demands through concrete and fast political and administrative solutions, compared to the legislative route that we consider to be slower and more complex, although we have not completely excluded it.
4 - In this sense we have reached an important agreement, i.e. the waiving of the charges for violation of the Anti-terrorist Law by the government. However, we find ourselves trapped by the unwillingness of the Public Prosecutor to begin the new formalization of the charges.
5 – Although, we repeat, the political-administrative route is that most relevant to the urgency of the moment, so as to avoid fatal developments, we hope that legislative power, by the deputies of both the majority and the opposition, is capable of dealing with the question and of meeting international standards in matters of legislation, opening, through amendments to the anti-terrorist law - Ley Antiterrorista - a new option for the cessation of the hunger strike.
6 - Finally, we appeal to the People of the Mapuche Nation, to our brothers and sisters of other indigenous peoples who are resisting the capitalist States, and to the democratic and popular sectors to continue to remain vigilant and mobilised for our rights, justice and freedom.

martedì 28 settembre 2010

Mexico - Excavator and Police Van Torched in Solidarity With Mexican and Chilean Prisoners


September 27, 2010 - In the early morning of September 23, we completely ruptured social peace when we approached a Cuautitlán state security police van and placed an incendiary device inside one of its front tires. The van belonged to state security agency commander Israel. This fool previously had another van of his reduced to ashes outside his home one morning. With the memory of that action still fresh, we decided to visit him again. The action went according to plan. The van burned, demonstrating our ferocious hatred for the police—guardians of the systematic order they want to impose on us at all costs.
While that was happening, another device was left inside an Earth-destroying machine a few streets away from the first attack. The machine was used for the work of digging up soil that would later be entombed by cement, just so civilization could force itself on nature yet again. This was prevented.
The fire rose toward the sky, and after a few minutes we clearly heard the sirens of the obedient firefighters arriving on the scene.We thus want to show that we will not remain passive in the face of everything, and that we will fight to the finish. As long as our comrades are imprisoned in the capital’s jails, we will not stop these attacks.
The next day, the wage-slaves stared idiotically at the damaged machine together with their masters, powerless to do anything. Let it be quite clear that they too are our enemies. We will not defend the interests of the “working class” or the privileged class, because we are not classists. We are anti-anthropocentrists and individualists. We struggle against this society, spreading the anti-social war through our actions. We defend the Earth because we believe in respecting her completely. We defend neither rich nor poor. We fight against civilization, for Earth liberation and total liberation. Let this be clear!
We frame this action in support of the anarchist prisoners in the fascist Chilean state. Also, in solidarity with Mexican eco-prisoners Adrian Magdaleno and Abraham López.—Insurrectionalist Earth Liberation Front/Mexico State

Castelo Branco, Portugal; 3,000,000 Euro Damage. Attack Against European Space Agency Research Institute


22 September 2010 - Castelo Branco (Portugal): Fire in institute causes three million euros in damages
The fire that started this Wednesday at dawn in the building of the Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade (ISQ; Welding and Quality Institute), in Castelo Branco, caused over three million euros in damages, according to its administrator Joaquim Guedelha.
The fire was ignited around 3h24 in the morning of September 8th, on the trucks parked next to the building and then spread to the institute. It was put down around 7h, as said by the chief of the fire brigade.
Joaquim Guedelha told Lusa (news agency) that the pavilion is going to be rebuilt, despite the huge damage, and maybe it’ll be ready to start functions again in three months, so that the Laboratory for Thermodynamical Trials (LABET), which is part of the ISQ, can restart its activity.
“We had several certification trials of cooling systems and transportation of perishable products going on, apart from the trials of materials we were doing for the European Space Agency (ESA)”, he said.
“The technical part of the installations is quite damaged, but the offices seem to be safe. By now it seems the project we were conducting for the ESA is safeguarded, but it’s still too soon to draw any conclusions”, said Vasco Pires.
The Castelo Branco ISQ, through its Laboratório de Ensaios Termodinâmicos (LABET), was testing the heat-resisting coating of the first ESA (European Space Agency) space shuttle.
Joaquim Guedelha underlined that the materials that were being tested are “unique, since this is the only place which is conducting these trials”.
All the materials and machinery inside the building were destroyed, but the administrator is optimistic: “we’re going to build other cooling tunnels similar to the one we had and put the machinery working, so that we can accomplish the objectives we had together with the European Space Agency”, he said.
Joaquim Guedelha also told that the ISQ will try to find temporary installations in Castelo Branco for the trials to go on until this building is rebuilt.
The Judiciary Police is investigating.
Source: Correio da Manhã, Público, Portuguese Indymedia and others

lunedì 27 settembre 2010

BIOLOGICA Squat Info. Thessaloniki Greece

BIOLOGICA is a collective, whose activity revolves around the autonomous (squatted) space in the department of biology, in the University campus, in Thessaloniki. As a collective, based on common beliefs around a D.I.Y. ideology, we engage upon concerts and relevant to the D.I.Y. music scene activities, in order to express our opposition to the commercialisation of music and creativity in general.
We regard music as a communication tool, to share common beliefs and feelings and therefore we stand against all profit making forms of music industry and stereotyped entertainment.
What BIOLOGICA tries to do (and has been doing for almost 18 years), is to raise consciousness against the "star system" society and deconstruct the idea of the "show", the audience and the producer. We aim at creating an interactive enviroment during concerts, where people can freely participate, with no constrains. That's why we find it important for everyone to understand that, concert organising has expenses and that we ask for the minimum compensation (2 euro-non obligatory entry fee), in order to cover the concert and maintenance expenses, as well as the traveling fees for the bands from abroad.
Last but not least, BIOLOGICA, aims through its activity, to contribute to the formation of the local D.I.Y music identity and initiate co-operation towards a common goal.

BIOLOGICA BAR: On Tuesdays, at Biologica squat, we hold a bar, which features film and documentary screenings, music nights and plenty of booze! Through this bar we are trying to propound an alternative way of entertainment, which is not based on profit making. Through this bar we try to initiate closer contact between people, that share a common interest in the D.I.Y. culture, and exchange perspectives around the subject.

Contact Biologica at:


domenica 26 settembre 2010

Anarchists Attack Media Van, in Santa Cruz, CA us

Communique from a couple whatever singularities:

"Sunday September 19. San Lorenzo Park. Tire slashed on media van in broad daylight during Take Back Santa Cruz event.

The media is not objective. The existence of mass media is a symptom of a fundamentally alienated society. In turn, the media reproduces this alienation. They repeat police propaganda and brainwash people to be afraid of everyone around them. They tame struggles against the status quo by encouraging us to become media activists. To actually get out of the capitalist hell we live in, we need to meet other people and have unmediated conversations. Then, we organize to attack capitalism. Activists who pander to the media and democratic values are worse than useless.

Take Back Santa Cruz wants to drive poor people out of Santa Cruz. Especially people of color and the homeless. Well, we aren't going anywhere. You want the City Council to become even more repressive, in the name of public safety. You want more cops. You're a bunch of snitches and wannabe vigilantes. But you can't even prevent an attack on your event in the middle of the day.

We are uncontrollable."

sabato 25 settembre 2010

ANTI SQUATS Law from 1st October in Netherlands


From 1st of October on squatting will be illegal in the Netherlands. These are our last days of 'legal' squatting and the first days of our new lives as criminals. Unlike claimed, the new law provides no solution for vacant houses but instead just gives more protection to house owners that love to speculate with their properties. In theory squatting, or simply being in a squatted house, can very soon lead to up to two years in prison.

It is time to revolt against the squatting ban and the State with its repressive politics against everything that is not mainstream and commercial. We will take to the streets - we will show them our anger and our strength. We need to make clear that this law will not scare us and stop us from squatting. With all our actions, with keeping up living the way we do let's show that we are not afraid of their laws and their bans. This time they should really expect resistance. The time for action is now!

From the 25th of September and onwards several actions will happen throughout Amsterdam.

The actions will start on the 25th of September with the Dam sleeping action:

There we will show the general public all the things we do in squats: people's kitchens, give-away shops, music, dance and theatre performances, crusty punk bands and everything in between.

That day will be a kick-off for a week of different actions in the city. During the week three days full of activities, workshops and discussions will take place in a social center. There will be food and music, but besides that it is also an opportunity for everyone to get together and to think of different kinds of actions that can be taken against those behind the creation and implementation of the new law. Let's pick our targets and let them know we're pissed off!

On the 1st of October there will be a demonstration against the Kraakverbod. Come to the Spui square in Amsterdam at 17:00!

These days are for us all, the variety of people that form the squatting movements of this and every other country. All different approaches and tactics should be used in the coming struggle. These days should be an inspiration for all the things to come. October is just the beginning.

Get involved! EVERYONE who is ready to join the fun is welcome here. Use the below contact information to arrange accommodation before arriving.

For more information:
whatever at squat dot net
+316 45034875

venerdì 24 settembre 2010

Belgium - Attack Against Police in Liege (7 police cars demolished)

September 21, 2010 - What went through Peter N.'s head on Sunday night? Having a "dispute" with the police, he took revenge by breaking the door to a police station with an extinguisher and vandalizing police cars.
Peter N. saw red on Sunday night in Liege. This resident of Seraing tried to demolish the door of the police station in Darchis Street shortly after 7:00 p.m., and broke several windows with a fire extinguisher. The individual fled the scene but had not finished with the police. He went to the police station in Liège outside which he attacked seven emergency vehicles with an iron bar, demolishing the windshield and mirrors.
He was apprehended on the spot and said he had acted this way because he had a "dispute" with the police in Seraing. He said he could not get at the police cars at Seraing because the vehicles were in a closed court. The man, Peter N., from Seraing, was taken before the public prosecutor of Liege.

from suie e cendres
6/09/2010 - MOLENBEEK - Around 23h, police were called to a spot in Molenbeek for a 'theft with violence'. On arrival, the police patrol bumped into a fence which had been put on the road. They sensed something was wrong and then stones, sticks and molotov cocktails started to rain on their car and another police patrol car. Police said they have caught one person, 19 years old, who would have participated in the trap. The person had already been arrested earlier that day for rebellion against the police. He will now face charges for assault, armed gathering and criminal association.---
BRUSSELS - Compared to last year, more policemen have been attacked during controls. Police speak about a "total lack of respect for the uniform" with 77 policemen of the central zone of Brussels wounded during confrontations. The other police zones of Brussels didn't communicate any numbers. Police are speaking about people not accepting anymore to get an identity control (they try to run away or attack the cops straigt away) and more rebellions during arrests on the spot of a crime.

MAPUCHE Hunger Strike - 3 Prisoners in Very Serious Condition

Source: - September 21, 2010
About 30 minutes ago due to the severity of their condition Mapuche Political Prisoners 20 year old Víctor Hugo Queipul Millanao and 30 year old Huaikilaf Cadin were urgently transferred from prison in Angol to the hospital in Victoria. The prisoner Huenchullan Felipe, also on hunger strike, has been admitted to the same hospital.
Mapuche communication team.

Concerning the serious health condition of the Mapuche Political Prisoners in the jail of Angol.

The Autonomous Mapuche Temucuicui Community responsibly communicate the following to public opinion :

1 .- For the past few days the government of Sebastián Piñera has been playing with the lives of our Mapuche Political Prisoners on hunger strike for 71 days and has deceived the public with a propagandised table of dialogue, which has no intention of responding to demands made by our brothers and supported by all the People of the Mapuche Nation. This is just a strategy for communication to the world to make it seem that the Right in power can control and manage social conflicts in Chile.
2 .- At this moment the Mapuche political prisoners are in very poor health. This racist and discriminatory government does not want to give a real solution to the demands posed by the hunger strikers. In all the prisons the bicentennial of Chile was celebrated with grilled empanadas and cuecas, while the hunger strike of our brothers continues without a glimpse of a solution or any credible and concrete dialogue giving assurance and certainty that the government and politicians will respect their word to listen to the demands of our imprisoned social fighters.
3 .- With these pictures we want to denounce the conditions of our brothers. Despite their delicate state of health, they maintain that the strike will not stop until their demands are taken into account by the Piñera government.
4 .- Our brothers Víctor Hugo Queipul Millanao, a member of our community and Waikilaf Cadin of the community of Juan Paillalef have just been transferred from Angol prison and hospitalized in very serious condition.
We call on all the organizations and the Mapuche communities not to fall for the dirty games and deception of this false dialogue table set up by Sebastián Piñera, and to come to Victoria hospital to try to visit our brothers that have been admitted there.
Comunidad Mapuche Autónoma TEMUCUICUI
WALL Mapuche, Tuesday, September 21, 2010

giovedì 23 settembre 2010

Responsibility Claim For The Arson Of The Turkish Consulant in Thessaloniki Greece

When the enemy marches on, I retreat.
When the enemy camps, I bother him.
When the enemy is worn out, I hammer him.
When the enemy retreats, I chase him”
mao zedong

In the early hours of saturday 18/9, we attacked with loads of molotovs and an incendiary device to the police guard box of the turkish consultant and two parked police cars (one of the special forces and one white undercover citroen). We chose to act as guerillas setting ourselves the time and place of our attack, targeting to surprise them, make them run away and destroy their vehicles, as it happened.
The conditions change and transform, so we evolve and realise that the ground of fixed dates (Thessaloniki International Expo) does not favour conflict, this is why from now on we will attack on our own terms.
You pigs were happy the weekend of the T.I.E., at your cop party, one week later though came the flaming answer and the feet reached the legs.
Our attack was only one example of what will happen this year...
While you drink your coffee guarding high targets, we move with a fast pace and map out your every move.
It has been said by others before us, either you will change your job or you will meet rocks and fire at every corner.



P.S. Targeted as our enemies are also all those who re enforce the oppressive work of the police.

Commando of Night time Confusion

Statement On The Attack On Hardbrucke

translated from culmine

It would seem that something is burning ...
[NDT: The Zurich Hardbrücke is the most important north-south axis of the city. Renovations have been ongoing since 2009. In the night between 17 and 18 September, a fire destroyed the construction works and caused hundreds of thousands of francs of damage and no one was injured.]
Primarily: it had to disappear for a more beautiful city.
Second: to support the following people in their struggle against the rich: Billy, Costa, Silvia and Marco on hunger strike in prison
Solidarity with anarchists Philipp and Ivo
Marco Camenisch, Swiss political prisoner who has probably spent most time in prison and has always been in struggle, for that alone this action was worth it.
In memory of the thousands who die every day of hunger, AIDS or other effects of this system of shit everywhere.
For the Greek anarchist movement
For the squat movement all over the world
For the freedom of each and everyone, whether human, animal or plant
And certainly for Kneubühl, who dared to be thoroughly pissed off and shoot at a good target
Against ideology
Right-wing left: all bullshit
for anarchy
Burn the Cities
the only rule (for our group) is that there be no persons injured!!

mercoledì 22 settembre 2010

Biel Prison, Switzerland - Communique from Silvia Guerini Concerning The Hunger Strike and its Extension For Marco Camenish

translated from informa-azione

Collective hunger strike with Billy, Costa and Marco 10-29 September 2010
I am undertaking this collective hunger strike along with comrades Luca Bernasconi, Costantino Ragusa, Marco Camenisch. For a period of 20 days. The contents of this strike are expressed and outlined in full in our collective statement.
This initiative represents an important and necessary continuity of the struggle, to continue the path taken in spite of these walls and these bars that hold us prisoner, and as continuity in the green anarchist affinity that unites us.
To be present in the revolutionary movement, in the animal liberation movement and that of the Earth as active subjects in the struggle even if in prison. This hunger strike overcomes the strong censureship, slowdown and restriction of mail that the three of us are experiencing in preventive detention, it breaks down the walls of isolation and unites us with all of you outside, all those who struggle against the existent.
To reaffirm the fundamental critique of the anthropocentric paradigm, which goes to the roots of this techno-industrial society and all exploitation. Roots inherent in the birth of civilization with the estrangement and separation of men and women from the rest of nature and the domestication of the plant and animal world.
To strongly boost the struggle against all harmfulness and scientific-technological development that sees its culmination in biotechnology and nanotechnology. Let's stop the advance of genetic engineering and the entry of GM crops in Europe, before it's too late!
Against the devastation of entire natural ecosystems and their biodiversity, against all exploitation and oppression on every living being and the Earth.
Against the whole system of domination in all its manifestations.
Cold metal bars, bodies piled one upon the other, iron hooks hanging from the ceiling, electric shock, gun to the temple, hooks embedded in the flesh, throat slashed, blood flowing, a body in pieces ...
Hands grip and lock limbs, needles under the skin, electrodes in the brain, whitish liquid in the veins, body immobilized, staring eyes, burning, pain, slow agony ... scalpels that cut, tear and dissect still warm organs ... bodies, just bodies in absolute negation of all individuality and sensitivity. Intensive farming, experimenting on animals ... Against every cage, for total liberation.
To the heartbeats one feels pulsating in the breast ... To the gasping breathe as one runs under the stars ... Far away a blast of lightning pierces the silence and darkness of a gloomy sky. Running without fear, a meeting with the storm, clenching one's fists to one's chest, starlight in the eyes, in the heart the passion of the fire of the struggle that will never stop burning ...
Silvia Guerini, Biel Prison – Switzerland, September 2010

Trial Date For Alfredo Bonanno an Christos Stratigopoulos Set For November in Greece

translated from informa-azione

The date for the trial of Alfredo Bonanno and Christos Stratigopoulos, arrested on 1 October 2009 in Greece on charges of robbery, has been set for November 22, 2010.
The current account remains valid for subscriptions to face the expenses linked to the comrades' detention. For any communication you can refer to the contact details of Edizioni Anarchismo (Mail: A. Medeot, CP 3431, 34128 Trieste - E.mail:
Postal account No. 23852353, payable to A. Medeot - c.p. 3431 - Trieste, stating "subscription for arrests in Greece".

To write to the comrades:
Alfredo Bonanno - Christos Stratigopoulos
Filakes Solomou 3-5
18110 - Korydallos
Athens (Greece)

martedì 21 settembre 2010

Car Arson Attacks in Buenos Aires Argentina

translated from culmine

We took to the streets again to practice what we say with our words and think with our brains.
We feel the need to do so because, as we can see, a newspaper published an article in Villa Devoto about the burning of car in the barrio in which it speaks explicitly of the arrest of a person allegedly responsible for the attacks. For this reason we are making it known that what they are saying in this newspaper and / or the police themselves is just a lie, they probably have not caught anyone, or if they did, they got a person who has nothing to do with this. That is why yesterday, September 15, 2010, at the intersection Melincue Chivilcoy we set fire to a car around 23 hours. In addition, we claim responsibility for the burning of other cars before that.
As we always say, we are doing this to combat the destruction that society is causing to the earth, that is why we're not on its side and with these actions we are warning that we will continue to attack it to stop what it is doing to the world.
We know that they care little or nothing of what we say, but we won't get lost in chatter and writings, something that has already been done. Only the comrades will understand, while those subjected to this system are so locked into the routine of work they have "need" of machines. We try to live differently.
Amigxs de la Tierra
links of the press:
links della stampa:

Simon Chapman and 3 Other Defendants To Again Face to Greek Courts

Statement of the London Thessaloniki Solidarity Group - September 19th, 2010 version

The solidarity group was formed in 2003 soon after the arrests at the EU summit demonstrations in Thessaloniki.

The entire basis of the arrests in 2003, was and still remains, an arbitrary attack upon the demonstrations, where culpability was placed upon those that the Greek authorities sought to make examples of. From the beginning of the process of detention it was clear that evidence of guilt would not even be based upon recognition of legal facts or evidence but by association. In Thessaloniki during those days everyone was guilty, and for the Greek authorities, it was merely the case of charging those either unfortunate to be detained ( then beaten and tortured ) many of which coming from outside of Greece. The 7 which were detained, know as the Thessaloniki 7, consisted of 3 Greeks ( 2 of which were teenagers ), 2 Spanish, 1 Syrian and 1 British. In response to their continued incarceration, a hunger strike began in early September 2003, lasting 56 days and finally leading to the release of all 7 prisoners for humanitarian reasons. The embarrassment of negative publicity, along with the many solidarity demonstrations and actions throughout greece and the world, forced the hand of the Greek state in averting a greater problem of creating martyrs for a burgeoning movement. After the successful release and dropping of bail conditions for the 7, rumours of a re-emergence of the trials again began circulating. This time in late 2007 the initial confirmation for the start of a trial being 8th January 2008.

For this story continues. Simon Chapman from London, UK was found guilty of the following charges in 2008

• Culpable of repeated explosion from which there could result common danger for a human being
• Repeated construction of explosive bombs
• Possession of explosive bombs
• Distinguished riot/rebellion
• Distinguished cases of damages in confluence

He was then sentenced to 8 1/2 years in prison in his absence, with others receiving 5 years, most either being found not guilty or guilty of lesser non-imprisonable charges. Since 2008 the trial has left a legacy with 5 outstanding appeals to the conviction and inflated prison sentences. These appeals - now reduced to 4 defendants after the outcome of an earlier appeal hearing of one of the defendants - again sees 3 of the 5 hunger strikers of 2003 appear in court including Simon Chapman.

At this stage, with just under a week left before the beginning of the trial (the trial begins on September 24th in Thessaloniki ) , the fact remains, that what we are fighting now is the same process of repression that we fought successfully in 2003. In Simon's case especially, documented video and photo evidence clearly shows MAT riot police plant molotov cocktails in black bags and strap them to his body. Simon has maintained, and which photographic evidence illustrate, that he was carrying a light blue rack sack with nothing more than water bottles. This blatant attempt to artificial manufacture culpability remains a reflection of the nature of these trials.

We therefore express our solidarity to the 4 defendants facing the courts and prosecutors of the Greek state, and reaffirm our commitment to fight in solidarity with them.

Our commitment for the freedom of the Thessaloniki 4!

Solidarity and dignity against repression!

London Thessaloniki Solidarity Group - September 19th, 2010

For Contact Please email us at:

lunedì 20 settembre 2010

San Carlos De Apoquindo (Chile): Attack Against a High Voltage Pylon in Support And Solidarity With Mapuche Prisoners

September 19, 2010 - San Carlos de Apoquindo, Chile: "Commando Alex Lemun" has claimed in writing that the attack occurred last night around 23:45.
Around 23:45, an explosive attack occurred in San Carlos de Apoquindo, damaging a transformer and high voltage electrical line, in addition to causing cuts in this area of Santiago.
Through a statement, the "Commando Alex Lemun" claimed the attack in support and solidarity with Mapuche prisoners [Translator's note: on hunger strike for more than 40 days]. In its text, the group also rejects "the system of oppression and death directed by the State and Capital".
The group takes its name from Alex Lemun Edmundo Saavedra, assassinated by police Nov. 7, 2002, during a land occupation of Mapuche communities of the forest land Santa Elisa. A group of carabinieri intervened to evict the families, and during a confrontation this young person was shot right in the head.

Ercilla - Mapuche Land: About 20 Masked People Fire At Police Bus


Ercilla Saturday, September 18, 2010 13:47 * About 20 individualss, identified by police as Mapuche, opened fire with shotguns and pistols at security guards of the Special Forces personnel on the land La Romana. * Police vehicle was hit by bullets in its front windshield, no injuries recorded.
A new incident occurred late on Friday in the so-called Mapuche conflict zone, near Ercilla, after a group of hooded people armed with shotguns and pistols fired at police during a confrontation.
As reported by the uniformed guards, about 20 Mapuche masked with scarves and ski masks and heavily armed, entered the fundo La Romana, belonging to the farmer René Urban.
The violentistas opened fire on a sentry box used by Special Forces personnel Carabineros, located within the property and also against a bus of the same institution. After nearly three hours of skirmishes, the antisocial group, which police identified as potentially members of the indigenous community of Temucuicui, though adding that there was no absolute certainty, retreated to the Alaska farm sector, adjacent to La Romana.
No people were reported arrested or injured in these violent events, but the B-268 police bus was shot in its front windshield

The protection Of The Turkish Consulate in Thessaloniki Greece, Tried To set Fire

On the night of September 18, a group of 15 unknowns in black clothes and masks, threw a Molotov cocktail booth security at the Turkish consulate in the Greek city of Thessaloniki. According to Greek police, Butka burnt who were inside the police rescued. The attackers fled back into the University of Aristotle and escaped arrest. Despite the fact that on 12 August anarchists have thrown the Consulate building with Molotov cocktails, police believe the attack on August 18, directed against the officers of the flooritsii, and not against the Turkish Consulate. Sources:

domenica 19 settembre 2010

Updates On Solidarity For The Arrested Anarchists In Chile

Stop the media circus against the 14 arrested on the 14th of August!
We put out a call to overcome the isolation and destroy this siege of disinformation.
The circus has filled the gallery--Mr. Roundup, the diminutive Peña, and the other clowns have as of today exchanged their big red noses for microphones and television cameras. The wild beasts are caged while the obedient spectator-citizens applaud with viciousness and await the next spectacle.
Today we confront a pack of hounds--the police, the judiciary, the media--that seeks to annihilate us. They have created a great frame-up that they are trying to elaborate with a charge of illicit terrorist association based on our personal friendships and relations--a large vertical structure in which there are leaders, executives, and assistants. Any libertarian or anarchist knows in their heart that this is a lie.
We are making a call-out to all individuals in or outside of this territory for international solidarity--to inform yourselves, to act, to broadcast that in this part of the world they are trying to annihilate our ideas and silence our voices. We need strength and support from any and everyone who has taken up permanent conflict against the State and capital. Now more than ever we need to demonstrate that we are not alone, that we are thousands spread across the world. We must make our rage contagious and turn solidarity into a practice and a weapon against those who would have our heads.
Release for the compañeros of 14/8 is rejected, and two are sent back to pretrial detention translation of an article published Friday, August 27 2010 on
On Thursday the Appellate Court of San Miguel ratified the pretrial detention of those accused in the investigation of the “bombing case,” considering them a danger to public safety.
The Fourth Court of the tribunal rejected the appeal presented by the defense for the accused, who have been held since August 18 after being formally charged with illegal association and the placing of explosive and/or incendiary devices. Said appeal consisted of rejecting preventive detention in favor of cautionary measures such as travel restrictions, weekly sign-ins, etc.
The court also revoked the release of Carlos Riveros and Camilo Perez, who had been let out after their court appearance on Tuesday the 17th. The attorney in charge of the “bombing case” and the plaintiff from the Parochial Church Inmaculada Concepción in Vitacura requested the re-imprisonment of these two compañeros.
Currently the only ones who have been released with cautionary measures are Candelaria Cortes, Diego Morales, Ivan Goldenberg and Cristian Cancino. Their restrictions consist of: prohibition on international travel, non-association with their co-accused, weekly sign-ins, and prohibition from visiting some of the compañeros in preventive detention.
There are currently 10 compañeros in preventive detention.
Pablo Morales. Rodolfo Retamales. Omar Hermosilla. Vinicio Aguilera. Francisco Solar. Felipe Guerra. Camilo Pérez. Carlos Riveros. Mónica Caballero. Andrea Urzúa.
All of the compañeros are being held in the Maximum Security wing of the High Security Jail in Santiago.
The compañeras are being held in the Special Section of High Security in the Women's Penitentiary Center.
From the underground, insurrectionalist groups on the frame-up of August 14 translation of a communique published August 26, 2010 on for informational and cautionary purposes of those travelling to South America
We write from the underground of all of South America. Delegates from the undersigned collectives took the time to convene and send this message of truth to all of the population conscious of their oppression by the Chilean state.
1: We condemn the terrorist actions of the Chilean state, systematic during these 200 years of repression and social inequality maintained with blood and fire by each of its rotten institutions.
2: With all the strength in our insurgent blood WE REPUDIATE the spectacle of raids and detentions brought down on the popular youth on Saturday, August 14.
3: With full and complete responsibility WE DECLARE that NONE of the imprisoned belong to or have ever participated in collectives that have decided to respond with bombs to the history of state violence. This is known to us, as it is known to the government of that clown Piñera and state's attorney Peña.
4: WE ACCUSE the State, servile businesses and the press, all those who cover up the social violence that they impose and point instead to the detonation of occasional bombs that are no more than the result of inequalities and oppressions inherent to capitalism, as being directly responsible for this televised show. THE SOCIAL WAR IS IMPOSED BY THE STATE, we its victims don't invent it, on the contrary, we stop being victims and we rise up as free humans.
5: NEVER have we been present in the squatted houses. Any mildly intelligent person knows that these are cultural spaces where the youth meet to converse, debate, and to experience horizontal, communal living. If the State CRIMINALIZES these spaces it is only out of myopia and the tactical defeat of wanting to annihilate those it cannot understand. The systemic repression of everything youthful is the zenith of orthodox fascism.
6: NEVER have we been in nor made alliances with political parties or movements connected to the right, center, or left. WE NEITHER HAVE NOR RECOGNIZE AUTHORITY, not with anyone, not in the case of bureaucrats nor Marxist ex-combatants nor people with mental problems who claim actions they never carried out (like this unknown who stabbed his girlfriend and still survives in prison). WE ARE LIBERTARIANS. WE DON'T HAVE MILITARY HIERARCHIES NOR PARTY DIRECTIVES. WE ARE WARRIORS FOR FREEDOM. WE ARE EVERYONE.
7. We the undersigned collectives HAVE PLACED BOMBS. Our targets have been banks, financiers, transnational companies, embassies, police stations, barracks, churches, political parties, gyms of the owners of this country, everything that belongs to the historical oppressors of the working people. WE DO NOT REPENT, on the contrary, WE ARE PROUD that so far the police haven't even come close to us. WE ARE THEIR DEFEAT.
8. WE RECOGNIZE that the earthquake this summer affected a large part of the installations of each collective, and we admit that this has limited our actions and so far it has not been possible to reconstruct what was lost.
9: In over 20 years we have made use of different types of weapons. If we had wanted, there would have been deaths, but this is not what we wanted. The famous TNT has formed a part of the popular arsenal for years. The attack on the office of Chilectra was not the first time it was used, as all the compañeros responsible for this attack affirm here in this letter. If you want to know where we obtain it, the answer is simple: on the market, the same one they deify and the same one protected by the new state's attorney.
10. State's attorney Peña. What can we say about him. Only what everyone already knows: a cokehead since his college days, called “jalandro” by his buddies for being a jailer, possessing an inferiority complex much greater than his stature, desirous of power and of the Attorney General's chair, friend of the big drug traffickers to the detriment of the little ones he locked up, liar, coward, and potential murderer. This is state's attorney Peña. Journalists: DON'T BE AFRAID to publish the truth about this sinister bureaucrat.
11. WE DECLARE OUR COLLECTIVE REPUDIATION of the frame-up against the 14 youths. It is the State and capital that share the guilt for the libertarian bombings.
Autonomous and Destructive Forces Leon Czolgosz Anti-Patriotic Gang Severino di Giovanni Federation of the Revolt of February 14 – Gaetano Bresci Brigade Dynamiters' Gang Efrain Plaza Olmedo Miguel Arcangel Roscigna Tamayo Gavilan Antonio Roman Roman Durruti Column Iconoclastic Caravans for Free Will Armed and Soulless Gangs Jean Marc Rouillan
Coordinating Committee of Family Members and Friends for the Freedom of the Prisoners of August 14
After experiencing the police ambush on our own bodies and realizing, as family members and friends, that our children, siblings, and compañeras are being judged prejudicially by the media, we took the initiative to organize ourselves in order to denounce the political persecution they are subject to through a dirty media and judicial frame-up.
And even though it is being presented as a foregone conclusion that they are guilty of participating in a non-existent illegal association, which we are certain not only does not exist, but is not even judicially sustainable, we are ready to begin a battle for their freedom until the final consequences and for this reason we declare the following:
1. The legal device of illegal association, in and of itself, is incommensurate with the ideas, practices, and horizontal associative logics, free of hierarchy, with which the compañeros have proceeded during their political life. The structure that Alejandro Peña presents in his accusation, with special roles and functions, financing and infrastructure, totally contradicts the reflections sustained by prosecutors, spokespersons, and ministers for years, which we can recall in the words of ex-Minister Rossende, affirmations such as “they are groups that lack structure and act in a very precarious manner, thus it is more difficult to dismantle them, identify, detain, and punish them” (radio cooperativa, May 2009) yet in the end, thanks to the magical actions of an unscrupulous state's attorney, there exists an organizational diagram, divulged through the press and already known to everyone.
2. We take it upon ourselves to reveal, through various media, each of their lies and political interests surrounding this case. We are convinced that the media circus of the "bombing case" is just the tip of a repressive iceberg, in which our brothers and sisters are mere scapegoats, used as an example for the rest of the population of the consequences that can befall those who desire liberty and express uncomformity; in this sense, we hold that their imprisonment is a political persecution, an act of annihilation in response to the context of generalized repression and upheaval that becomes more unbearable every day.
3. The proofs they have against our brothers and sisters lack any juridical legitimacy; they are unsustainable on their own and can only make sense if they are meticulously joined with a discursive and cinematographic spectacle prepared to tie them all together, granting them a judicial meaning, apparently credible. The state's attorney's rhetoric, in complicity with the press, has created a trial whose outcome is settled even though it has not yet come to pass, and in which no one seems to remember the presumption of innocence. Historically the manipulation of information has allowed the population to be bombarded with dribble lacking in any critical questions, so that after a week of news headlines and full programs, whose journalistic mediocrity is obvious, they impose a news blackout which we are seeking to transgress in order to shout out in every way possible that this is a media frame-up and that we demand freedom for our compañeras and compañeros.
4. The violence used by the police against everyone who dares oppose the current state of things cannot be questioned in public opinion, and this we declare the real terrorism. We point to the excessive violence, the less lethal ammunition, the beatings, guns, helicopters, and the whole warlike arsenal deployed in the operations to capture people who live at a known residence and lead a public life--none of them were fugitives, nor were any of them armed when they were detained, so the military apparatus used against them can't be justified in any way. The operational excess corresponds to the spectacle that was created, and the fantasies of the state's attorney, for which we denounce the abuse of power against the 14 detainees, against the people living in the houses raided, and in particular against one person, a minor, who despite their young age was given a full dose of police violence without remorse.
In these oppressive times, we know the cost incurred by publicly demonstrating our staunch support for our brothers and sisters in prison, however, it is our responsibility to struggle for their freedom and well-being, so we are calling out for solidarity, for people to inform themselves and break through the isolation.
For an end to political persecution, and freedom for our compañeros.
For the demystification of a non-existent illegal association, for the multiplication of support.
Solidarity with the Mapuche brothers and sisters on hunger strike.

Coordinating Committee of Family Members and Friends for the Freedom of the Prisoners of August 14
Santiago de $hile, 30 August 2010
Notes from the translator:
14 people were arrested and two anarchist social centers closed down in a series of raids in Santiago and Valparaiso on Saturday, August 14.
Sebastian Piñera, of the National Renewal party, is the current president of Chile. His party supported Pinochet at the end of the dictatorship.
On September 18, Chile is celebrating its bicentennial, which is fixing to be a huge, orchestrated show designed to create an illusion of a unified nation, blacking out a context of terrible working conditions, major struggles by the Mapuche against the anti-terrorist law and continuing colonization, by anarchists, people in the slums, and students, against neoliberalism and the state, etc.

sabato 18 settembre 2010

In SOLIDARITY with Marco Camenish by Juan Carlos Rico Rodriguez Anarchist Prisoner in Spain

Marco Camenisch has spent almost twenty years in prison. Like thousands of prisoners locked up in dozens of States, Marco should be on the streets. If he’s not, it’s because the Swiss State (just like any other State) systematically violates the “laws” it has made regarding the “fulfillment of sentences.” In practical terms, this means that once the threshold of the prison grounds is crossed, “laws” are only that—long-winded manuscripts whose real function is to facilitate State Crime and institutionalized murder, under the cover of “morals” and a certain “legal” legitimacy. Unfortunately, this is an indisputable reality that can be verified by the many prisoners with decades of captivity behind us who are—lucky?—to (still) be “alive.”
The only “Universal Law” that governs prison life is the social and physical death of prisoners.
With this short reflection, I simply want to highlight that by not eating on September 18 and 19 I will be joining the international days of action for the liberation of Marco Camenisch, which I extend to all the imprisoned comrades who are paying with their lives for taking a stand and struggling against a global socioeconomic-“cultural” System that has only brought about inequality, pain, and death for millions of human beings, as well as the gradual destruction of the planet we inhabit.

Fire to the System!
—Juan Carlos Rico Rodriguez, Valdemoro Prison Slaughterhouse (Block 4)


Buenos Aires; American Airlines and Alitalia Ticket Offices Attacked in Solidarity

BUENOS AIRES – A bomb went off early Thursday at a shopping mall in this capital, causing extensive damage to American Airlines and Alitalia ticket offices, Argentine police said.
Leaflets found at the scene bore the name of a Chilean anarchist group and included demands for the release of “political prisoners” and autonomy for the Mapuches, an indigenous people concentrated in Chile with some communities in Argentina.
While witnesses reported seeing a hooded man near the site of the blast, police are reviewing the tapes from security cameras.
Chilean anarchists have claimed responsibility for a series of recent bombings in Buenos Aires and Argentine investigators are consulting with their counterparts in Chile, police said.
The attack on the mall came a day after the Argentine Supreme Court approved the extradition to Chile of Galvarino Apablaza Guerra, former leader of a guerrilla group that killed right-wing Chilean Sen. Jaime Guzman in 1991.
Argentine President Cristina Fernandez could block the extradition if she decides to grant Apablaza asylum as a political refugee.
The “political prisoners” mentioned in the leaflets are likely the 15 Chilean anarchists accused of carrying out 23 bombings in Santiago and other cities.
Those attacks targeted banks, offices of foreign companies, embassies, churches and police stations, mainly in the capital. The sole fatality was an anarchist killed when a bomb exploded as he was transporting it on a bicycle. EFE

venerdì 17 settembre 2010

MAPUCHE on Hunger Strike are Entering Into Critical State

There is still no concrete answer to the demands of the Mapuche population in Chile. Therefore, 32 political prisoners from this ethnic group are holding a hunger strike that has lasted 52 days. According to a medical report released recently, in the coming days the Indians could enter into a critical and vital risk.
Three strikers were already taken to the hospital with ill-health due to having ingested only liquids. Among them, Felipe and Mauricio Huenchullan Huaiquilao, were taken to emergency medical assistance because they are in life-threatening circumstances. The Mapuche have lost between 15 and 18 pounds since July 12.
"[The strikers] have entered a critical stage, in which they will probably lose more muscle tissue and perhaps in the next few days the organs, such as the liver, kidney and heart are starting to weaken," María Tralcal, spokesman for the strikers' families, told Radio Cooperativa.
The families also expressed though Tralcal that they are still concerned about the health of the strikers, but "also understand that the brothers made a decision and their attitude was always arriving up to the last consequences."
In an attempt to get the attention of the Chilean government, three Mapuche minors imprisoned in the special center of Chol Chol, joined the hunger strike. Louis Marileo Cariqueo, Cayupan Cristian Morales and Jose Perez Ñiripil justified their joining by stating that so far the government's responses were zero for all Mapuche demands. The young people also complain that they are not recognized as political prisoners.
Moreover, there is still the intention of denouncing the irregularities in the detention center for minors, ranging from abuse, up to the restriction of visits and a ban on entry of healthy food such as bread, meat and fruits, while allowing them only to receive sweets, chips and soft drinks.
Given this, the interior minister, Rodrigo Hinzpeter, called on the Mapuche prisoners to terminate the strike and announced the sending of two bills seeking to reform the 'anti-terrorism' law. The intention of the minister was well accepted by the Mapuche leader Jose Nain, who said the Mapuche expect this to be done as soon as possible so that the strikers' health is not weakened further.
Already the attitude of the Chilean president, Sebastián Piñera, was the refusal of negotiations and dialogue with the Mapuche prisoners. Still, the president pledged to change the 'Anti-Terrorism Act' and the code of military justice. So far, the political prisoners are following and awaiting concrete answers to their demands.
The strike began on July 12, in the Temuco and Concepcion prisons and were joined by the Mapuche political prisoners in Angol, Valdivia and Lebu. The focus of the claims is the end of the so called 'anti-terror law', which deals with the Mapuche prisoners as "dangerous enemies of society,' reverses the presumption of innocence to keep suspects detained without evidence, accepts secret investigation, accepts 'faceless witnesses' and triples the penalties, which may range from 60 to 103 years.
Also the Mapuche want the demilitarization of their communities, the end of dual processes in civil and military justice and freedom for all Mapuche political prisoners.
With information from GARA, Nación Mapuche, Mapuche News Kaosenlared

MAPUCHE Hunger Strike Enters 65th Days - 14 September

Thirty-four Mapuche prisoners in Chile today entered the sixty-fifth day of a hunger strike. The protest began to highlight the use by the Chilean government of anti-terror legislation to criminalise attempts by the Mapuche to recover their ancestral land.
Although the Mapuche were only conquered in the 19th century after many years of resistance, most of their lands have since been confiscated by logging companies and wealthy farmers.
Several days ago four Chilean MPs who were visiting the strikers in jail announced that they were themselves joining the hunger strike.
The decision to prosecute the Mapuche under Chile’s strict anti-terror laws means that they can be detained indefinitely; tried in military courts; and receive far harsher sentences than would be the case in a civilian court.
In a belated response to the hunger strike, Chile’s President Piñera has proposed some modifications to the anti-terror legislation. The Mapuche, however, charge that these changes were planned anyway, and there is widespread suspicion that the government’s real motivation is to concede just enough to end the protest before Chile celebrates its Bicentennial on September 18th.
Chile ratified the key law on indigenous peoples, ILO Convention 169, two years ago, but has made little progress in implementing its provisions.

giovedì 16 settembre 2010

Hunger Strikes in Swiss Prisons by Anarchist Prisoners Marco, Costa, Silvia and Billy

Eco-anarchist prisoners Marco Camenisch, Luca Bernasconi, Costantino Ragusa and Silvia Guerini started an hunger strike the past 10th September.

We – Billy, Costa, Silvia and Marco – eco-anarchist and revolutionary individuals hostages of the Swiss state have decided to start a hunger strike from 10th September 2010. Because of our situation and the delay in communicating with each other (which for 3 of us means we can’t communicate with each other at all because we’re under preventative arrest), the arrangements and organisation of this initiative are very difficult and most probably you will only be able to have more detailed news, confirmations, and individual declarations only later on during the month.

As revolutionary anarchist individuals this is what we want to affirm strongly:

Solidarity and international participation – from the inside and beyond each individual’s political inclination – with all revolutionary initiatives and struggles, outside and inside, against repression, prison, isolation, torture…For the liberation of all those who are hostages of the revolutionary war against the system; for the liberation of every individual; for the destruction of every prison, fence and society that needs destructing. This includes our total support and solidarity with the recent liberation campaigns for long-term revolutionary prisoners.

This strike is a continuation of our struggles together with all those who have never wanted to passively endure this war and the brutal social, economic, political and environmental crisis of the system. It’s a continuation of all those strong affinities and relationships as “green/anticivilisation” anarchist individuals that connect us since many years. Against every state, priest and master; against every prison and repression; against the exploitation of humankind, animals and the environment.

The coalition – among us and with other individuals – in a radical war against all old and new toxicity and destruction and the system that produces them and makes them necessary. We mean this present system of technoscientific production, industrial, capitalistic, monopolistic and imperialist consumerism practised by corporations and their States. Despite the fact that, with their typical arrogance and deceit, the masters and their arselickers try to paint these things as humanitarian, necessary and sustainable practices – we’re talking about scientists, the media, politicians, cops, priest and all those organisations paid by and/or allies in the masters’ “democratic dialogue” who support, for example, biotech and GMO, “alternative energies”, and even nuclear energy! Despite the fact that this imperialist, warmongering and terrorist system of masters, institutions and accomplices defines as “vandals”, “terrorists”, “eco-terrorists”, and so on, us and anyone who dissents, resists and struggles for a society of free, autonomous individuals, without slavery, oppression, exploitation and destruction!

Our radical critique and struggle against the roots of the present system – the destructive expression of a millenarian anthropocentric civilisation based on technological and industrial dominion (production-consumption), patriarchal domestication, social control and classism, massification and carceration of our cities, exploitation, organised violence and war of man against man, man against woman, man against other species, against nature, and the rest of the universe.

Last, but certainly not least: This initiative is also a contribution in solidarity and greeting to all of you revolutionary individuals of every inclination that – as individuals or in groups – support us with your true and free revolutionary love, with your initiatives, with your resistance and revolutionary offensive in open daylight or open night light, by any means necessary, against every expression of the Monster State and Capital.

Together we’re strong, solidarity is our best weapon!

Write to them:
Silvia Guerini, Regionalgefängnis Biel, Spitalstrasse 20, 2502 Biel/Bienne, Switzerland
Costantino Ragusa, Regionalgefängnis Bern, Genfergasse 22, 3001 Bern, Switzerland
Marco Camenisch, Postfach 3143, CH-8105 Regensdorf, Switzerland
Luca Bernasconi (Billy), Regionalgefängnis Thun, Allmendstr. 34, 3600 Thun, Switzerland

Release the KHIMKI Hostages!

A CALL has gone out for international solidarity with the defenders of Khimki Forest in Russia.
On July 28 this year more than two hundred young antifascists and anarchists carried out a spontaneous demonstration outside the town administration building in Khimki, a suburb of Moscow.
They were protesting in defence of the Khimki Forest, under threat from plans for a toll motorway.
The demonstration, during which several windows were broken, received a great deal of public attention.
The authorities responded with a wave of repression. The day after the demonstration, two well-known social activists, Alexei Gaskarov and Maxim Solopov, were arrested.
They are now threatened with up to seven years in prison for disorderly conduct, although there is no evidence of their complicity in illegal activities.
Meanwhile, the police continue to hunt down and harass other activists, especially those involved in the antifascist movement.
Says the Campaign for the Release of the Khimki Hostages: "After the July 28 demonstration, the Russian police and secret services unleashed an unprecedented dragnet against antifascists.
People who had even just once come to the attention of the Centre for Extremism Prevention and FSB for their involvement with the antifascist movement have been forcibly taken in for questioning.
"In several cases they have been subjected to harsh physical coercion in order to compel them to give the testimony required by investigators.
In addition, illegal searches have been carried out in their apartments. All these actions on the part of law enforcement authorities are violations of Russian and international law.
Frightened by the numerous and growing protests against the clear-cutting of the Khimki Forest, the authorities have finally made concessions by agreeing to review the advisability of the planned route for the toll highway. But this does not mean victory.
Alexei Gaskarov and Maxim Solopov are still in police custody for no reason at all. They are hostages of the authorities.
In late September, the next hearing in their case will take place. The judge will decide whether to keep them in police custody pending completion of the investigation and trial.
Everyone who cares about the fate of these two young men must do everything in their power to see that they are set free. The Campaign for the Release of the Khimki Hostages calls on people around the world to organize days of action on September 17, 18, 19, and 20 to pressure the Russian authorities to release Alexei and Maxim.
"We ask you to hold protests outside of Russian Federation embassies, consulates, trade missions, and cultural centers, as well as at public events and concerts connected to Russia.
"We also ask you to send faxes, e-mails, and protest letters to the court, the prosecutor’s office, and the country’s political leadership. In the very near future we will inform you of addresses where you can send these protests as well as more details about the ongoing repressions in Russia. "

Ravenna - Italy; Fiat Dealership Damaged By Fire

received by anonymous mail:
night of August 2nd - Massa Lombarda (RA) Significant fire damage x fiat dealer.The bosses want us slaves, we won't bow down. Let's do like in greece

mercoledì 15 settembre 2010

Concepcion, souther Chile; Mapuche Prisoners on Hunger Strike Attack Guards


September 14th, 2010 – Thirteen people were arrested in Concepcion, a city in southern Chile, in an incident that occurred at the city’s hospital when two Mapuche Indian prisoners on hunger strike were admitted after experiencing health problems, police said Sunday.
About 30 sympathizers of the 34 Mapuche prisoners on hunger strike for the past 63 days on Saturday attacked the guards transporting Jonathan Huilical and Jose Huenuche.
At the Concepcion hospital another Mapuche – Ramon Llanquileo – was already receiving care after having injured himself with a sharp object in jail.
Some of the prisoners’ spokesmen were among those arrested in the disturbance, which spread to a nearby campus of the University of Concepcion, Carabineros militarized police precinct chief Hermes Soto told reporters.
The situation worsened when police beat Emilia Pilquiman, the 50-year-old mother of Ramon Llanquileo, Mapuche representatives said, adding that among those arrested is a 17-year-old boy who was injured in the head.
Also placed under arrest were “representatives of the alternative press,” Mapuche spokesman Natividad Llanquileo told Radio Bio Bio.
He criticized “the non-existent intention of the government” to seek a solution to the hunger strike.
The Mapuches who are not eating, among whom are two teenagers who joined the movement Sept. 1, consider themselves to be political prisoners and are demanding not to be tried under the anti-terrorist law or be subjected to a double trial before both civil and military courts.
The government sent to Congress two bills modifying both laws and if they are approved they could favor the Mapuche prisoners, but so far there has been no statement issued regarding the proposal of a dialogue put forward by the Catholic and Protestant churches and the political opposition.
The government, however, has made repeated calls to the Mapuches to halt their hunger strike and has taken measures to prevent any of the prisoners from dying.

Real IRA "To Targed Benkers"

BANKERS are on the target list for dissident Irish republicans in the Real IRA, according to a Guardian interview with the underground group.

The Real IRA described bankers as criminals and told the newspaper: "We have a track record of attacking high-profile economic targets and financial institutions such as the City of London.

"The role of bankers and the institutions they serve in financing Britain's colonial and capitalist system has not gone unnoticed.
"Let's not forget that the bankers are the next-door neighbours of the politicians.

"Most people can see the picture: the bankers grease the politicians' palms, the politicians bail out the bankers with public funds, the bankers pay themselves fat bonuses and loan the money back to the public with interest.

"It's essentially a crime spree that benefits a social elite at the expense of many millions of victims."

The Real IRA also told the Guardian that support for them was building and they had turned away hundreds of young disaffected nationalists because they didn't have the capacity to absorb so many members.
"From the point of view of republican communities, there is still a heavily armed British police force that casually uses plastic baton rounds, CS gas and Tasers, carry out house raids, stop and search operations and general harassment.

"There's still a 5,000-strong British army garrison, a new MI5 HQ in Belfast, and a British secretary of state. Republican communities are still subjected to sectarian parades and the right to protest is being met with intimidation and violence."

martedì 14 settembre 2010

Fires in Via Corelli Detention Centre. Milan Italy

translated from cette semaine

September 12, 2010 - Milan: Fire in the detention centre via Corelli. 4 days ago in the identification and deportation centre of via Corelli, Milan, a boy broke his leg playing football. He required treatment, but the Red Cross (always diligent in their duties as cops), instead of taking care of the detained boy decides to call the police directly, who start beating him. His companions chase the police out of the cell, barricade the doors and start burning mattresses. From there the fires of protest spread to two other sections, while police in riot gear try to get in to extinguish the fires.
After several hours, with difficulty, the police managed to extinguish fires and to take 4 or 5 selected inmates to jail. Among them is the young boy with his leg in plaster.
... Updated at 23h. 2 - whole sections are severely damaged: no window panes, no mattresses, walls completely blackened. Despite this, the detainees were brought indoors under the threat of assault and victimization. Five people were arrested and detained and two were released later in the evening.

lunedì 13 settembre 2010

Responsability Claim for the Tax Office Arson in Exarcheia Athens Greece 10-09-2010

The tax office is a basic mechanism of support to the greek capital in the class war they have declared on the workers, since the bloodsucking of the economically “lacking” secures the prosperity in the economic elites that devour the social wealth.
Taxes reflect the legal version of robbery of the workers without of course any ethical inhibitions, since as the repercussions of the crisis in society intensify, the taxes on products of immediate need raise.
The confirmation that the tax office robs is not radical. It is a realism that if remains at the stage of confirming it will evolve into a unconditional acceptance of manipulation. This is why, the overcoming of the “christian ethic” and the acceptance that the struggle is in vain prerequisites the transitional passing to choices of social disobedience.
The attacks on economic targets, along with the building of a revolutionary movement that towards the ruthless policy of the capital organizes the denial of taxpaying in society, compose a multiform reality where two different practices of fighting coexist in the same struggle, since the target remains undivided: the revolutionary transformation of society through social mutiny.
Of course for the revolutionaries the conditions are always ripe for them to clash with the forces of the enemy. Thus, the groups of revolutionaries that take things into their own hands consist an immediate proposition for organizing the struggle. The theft of merchandise from luxury book shops, supermarkets, stores, the arson of state and capitalist targets, the beatings of fascists, cops, prison guards, security guards, bank robberies, are a part of the wider resistance that we are putting into act in the heart of first world manipulation.
The arson of the tax office in Exarcheia, friday 10/9, is part of the practices we call social disobedience. Its the moments that order is shaken by its deniers and the policy of fear is demythologised in the eyes of society. In this struggle we do not look for neutral cheerers but people that place their dignity higher than the fear of prison, their honour higher than the fake ethics of society, their self respect higher than the fear of unemployment.
We dedicate this action to Vaggelis Pallis that is in a coma in Trikala prisons. Whoever thinks that Vaggelis would commit suicide for a leave day denial we simply remind him that the untamed beasts are not tamed with drops of freedom.
-Solidarity to the 6 accused of being part of the organization “Revolutionary Struggle”, three of which (Nikos Maziotis, Polla Roupa, Kostas Gournas) have claimed responsibility for.
-HONOUR for EVER to anarchist fighter and member of R.S. Lambros Foundas.

domenica 12 settembre 2010

11 September; Clashes in Chile on the Anniversary of the Coup

we deeply condemn this situation” said the substitute minister of interior of chile Rodrigo Ubilla referring to the attack on journalists and cameramen, the day of the protest on september 11th, anniversary of the coup.
The protesters in Santiago overcame the funeral atmosphere that the state creates, and attacked those who are to blame for the oppression and manipulation. Banks, luxurious shops, cops, journalists and other symbols of the state and capital became a We do not mourn, neither do we demand better justice” comrades in Chile declared, denying to participate in the leftist festivals.

The struggle for freedom of the protesters

Brest - france; Intruders Cause Mega-Breakdown at Telecom

translated from cette semaine

(Ouest France) - September 4, 2010, Brest, west France - Tens of thousands of subscribers in Brest and the surrounding area were left without telephones for a long period. This nightmare scenario came about nearly a fortnight ago. During the weekend of 21 and 22 August, unidentified individuals entered the labyrinth comprising the buildings of the Post Office and France Telecom, between the Rue de Siam, Algeciras Street and Duquesne Street.
The intruders entered the premises through the archway of Algeciras street. At night there is nobody in these huge buildings. The central postal sorting centre no longer exists. The vandals took a walk in the premises. They ransacked an empty room, pulling out false ceilings, emptying the fire extinguishers.
According to information received, the vandals entered a room that houses a huge switch [commutator] of France Telecom. This device is used to link two correspondents. The commutator served about 70,000 subscribers.
The director does not confirm the figure of 70,000 subscribers, but refers to "switches that include other switches upstream". The central Algeciras street is called "sensitive and important." One thing is certain: both the Post and France Telecom premises were not equipped with alarms.