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RESPONSABILITY CLAIM From Thessaloniki Greece

Sunday, August 29, 2010
This old world is struggling to stay alive. Its engine power and legacy is violence. Its most ruthless, most barbaric but at the same time its truest face is revealed with the suppression of every resistance, every threat that is bred inside of it.

Lets be done with the stupid arguments that come aside the police operations for the abolishment of -outersystematic- violence. Whoever claims so categorically that they are against violence, is simply lying to others and himself.

Violence is the basic substance of this world.

It is located in our perception for the space that is defined by the borders between our houses and neighbourhoods that form a controlled and predictable environment.
It characterizes the rhythms of everyday life by cutting up time and selling it to everyone that enjoys economic superiority.

It determines relationships, through segregation and unconditional assimilation which leads to the division of people. The most brutal result though is the rhetorical justification of the above that happens with the excuse of a liberty while in reality its our own shackles.

So we move offensively as well, violently, without letting it totally define our existence. Having knowledge of our contradictions, we aim at the hypocrisy that seems to be the only thing that keeps the balance in this social field. We know that the choices we make will define, on a great scale, the rest of our lives. That's why we don't act foolishly. The possible consequences do not discourage our action. Our choices are based on conscience and what we've lived through, they have a genuine base. By discovering people that have made the same choices as us we discover comrades. With our common desires as a starting point we demolish the authoritarian myths about criminal organizations of maniacs and we become a piece of the “international terrorist organization” that consists of insurrectional individuals.

So we decided to use our own diplomacy, torching 5 vehicles of the diplomatic force in the early hours of Saturday 28th august in Thessaloniki.

We dedicate our attack to all the Chilean comrades that since the 14th of august are being attacked by the Chilean state (at this moment 8 of them are in maximum security prisons while the other 6 have been temporarily released with conditions), as well as to the comrades that are being persecuted for the Conspiracy Cells of Fire case (on august 31st is the court of appeals to decide the continuation or not of the imprisonment of P.Masouras and H.Hadjimihelakis).

We chose this way and period of time because we wanted to define our own field of combat, outside the coincidence of T.I.E.(thessaloniki international exhibition) and the festival of oppression by the Ministry to protect the citizen in collaboration with local authorities, that will take place in the city streets.

We believe that explosions of collective spontaneity, as useful as they are, are strategically wrong to be applied in fields of combat cut to fit the oppressive mechanisms. We believe that in such mass demonstrations the bet is organization -from before and not on the spot- of defence and offence so its possible to clash in real time and with reversed -to our interest this time- terms.

Diplomatic Force of Arsonists
(For the intensification of internationalist solidarity)

Attacks for Solidarity to the Anarchists in Chile; Thessaloniki Greece

fromthegreekstreets /culmine

Sunday, August 29, 2010
The night of Saturday 28th of August attacks occured against 5 diplomatic vehicles in Thessaloniki. The action was claimed by a group named “Diplomatic Body of Arsonists (for the intensification of international solidarity)” and is dedicated to the comrades in Chile that are prosecuted, with 8 of them being imprisoned and 6 more facing charges, and to Panayiotis Masouras and Charis Chatzimichelakis, in preventive detention in Conspiracy of Cells of Fire case. Just 31 August the Court of Appeal will decide whether or not to extend custody for two of them.

sabato 28 agosto 2010

IN SOLIDARITY with Costa Silvia and Billy

Costa, Silvia and Billy continue their struggles from the Swiss prisons they're locked up in. They're accused of possession, transport and attempted use of explosive materials, and of planning to attack an IBM centre under construction. An IBM centre that The conditions of our comrades give the strong and clear impression that Swiss authorities aim at wearing out and isolating their resistance struggles. The censorship and requirements imposed on their correspondence show inequivocably that the system is trying both to stop their friendships and relationships and to isolate them from their contacts with the Movement.

This isn't news! We already know the "democracy" of Swiss jails: for years we have fought against Marco Camenisch's isolation in Thorberg's jail. But we know our comrades: always on the front line in years of radical ecological and animal liberation struggles, and against the techno-industrial civilisation. We can't but admire them and we're certain that in spite of any bloody prosecutor, they won't bend and they won't lower their heads. Their coherence and determination are an example to all of us.

We think it necessary to let our voices be heard by these comrades. May our solidarity break into the thick walls of their jails, may the solidarity actions multiply, may the struggle continue stronger than before. Solidarity has a value and a shape only through our struggles.

We invite every individual and group to make their voices heard in the way they think appropriate: To responde to this attempt of isolating our comrades and re-affirm once again the necessity of our struggles.


Il Silvestre, Coalizione contro le nocività , Rote Hilfe Schweiz, Anarchiche e anarchici ticinesi, Equal Rights Forlì, Anarchici e anarchiche di Via del Cuore, Villa Vegan, LasVegans, Anarchiche e anarchici bolognesi will be among the focal ones in Europe's nanotechnology research


Since the crisis of Greece and the euro in early May, the European Union has become a political zombie: its neoliberal and monetarist brain is damaged, but it continues to create havoc and disaster. Merkel, whose inaction has escalated the cost of the financial crisis from €45 to €450 million, is imposing her mantra on Europe: Austerity, Austerity, Austerity. Cuts in public spending and wage freezes are imposed on a society already made precarious by the Great Recession. Greece, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium: nobody is sheltered from the attack on the european welfare state by global finance.
Barroso (Commission in Brussels) and Trichet (Central Bank in Frankfurt), although they would like to handle the crisis themselves instead of national governments, concur that only swift cuts can restore the faith of financial markets in the euro. International banks and speculators are demanding that all of us foot the bill for the deficits created two years ago to save their asses. Austerity will worsen the crisis, which has already made millions of precarious unemployed, and plunge the european economy into deflation, in a vicious circle of recession and unemployment, mounting xenophobia and nationalism.
Against this process, we have to defend social rights and transform european society, resist and create. There’s but one solution which could take us forward : A social & ecologic Europe. where present european élites are finally neutralized, and the present course toward deflation is reversed to subsidize the emerging p2p european democracy. We need to stop financing banks, public spending must support a commons-based economy, creativity and social innovation. Europe must secure an unconditionnal income to all workers, with or without a job. It’s time to get out of productivism and consumerism : it’s time to invest in environnmentally sound ways : sustainable mobility, local agricultural production, deployment of renewable energy, environmental education…. Social spending must be used to strengthen the social networks of solidarity across lands and generations.
Only generalized conflict can emancipate the precarious generation and reverse the present trend toward the decline in social spending. Only Europe’s multiethnic cities can defeat the heightened racism of an aging, regionalized, re-nationalized europe.
We won’t let european fincance ministers submit us to globalised markets. We refuse austerity plans prepared for us by ECOFIN. We refuse that all of us, precarious, workers, pensionners, and migrants are to be the first to pay for that global monopoly. We invite all precarious, workers, migrants, unemployed, social, environmental & anticapitalist activists to come to bruxelles on september 29th 2010 to act against ECOFIN, european finance ministers summit
BXL is not only the capital of a small country supposed to lead European presidency although itself has no government yet. BXL, it is also the headquarters of european institutions, like the european commission, detaining the exclusive power of proposing and developping new legislations, making it a primary target for lobbyists. Because BXL, it is also, and foremost, a lobbying paradise, with more than 1000 of them, 15000 professionals of influence, pushing the interests of big multinationals and globalised finance, for which the crisis is just but another occasion of pulling the jackpot.
On 29.9, we will then answer the call made by the european union confederation, even though we don’t share the motto. Growth and Jobs won’t get Europe out of crisis, but generalised ecological transformation and guaranteed income for everyone. Yet, it’s not with a demo that we’ll dismiss ECOFIN but with non violent direct action.
On 30.9, in bruxelles, we will be on the eye of the storm, determined to make our voice heard. If direct action is part of your political language, brace yourself and come to Bruxelles for a great game against austerity
No Borders, no precarity, no to fossil europe And FUCK AUSTERITY
Bruxelles 25 September – 3 October: NOBORDER Camp 29 September: Critical/Anticapitalist bloc in ETUC/CES Demo. 28-30 September: Streetparties, direct actions against ECOFIN, lobbies, banks and rating agencies.

venerdì 27 agosto 2010

Chile: Comunique from Prison of Arrested Comrade Andrea Urzua

translated from culmine with anger, love and solidarity

24/08/2010 - Comrades, friends, brothers, family,
A week has passed since the aggressor of women, the honourable Attorney Peña's, media show, (an allusion to a domestic violence complaint concerning the Chilean Marini - NDT). These have been hard days, far from my family, seeing a science fiction show on TV legitimised by audiences who have only shown how inefficient, ridiculous and barely credible the justice of the rich is.
It all started Saturday, August 14, at 6.50 am. While I was sleeping with my companion and my little daughter I heard a noise that made me think of an earthquake. But no, they were agents of the GOPE that ... were searching the place where I live. It was all very violent, while they were beating, blocking and handcuffing my companion I and my little one had weapons turned on us. A lot of shouting, excited police told us: "quiet, collaborate ... don't move, don't talk ... don't make it difficult" ... in those long seconds I thought I might be killed by those wretches with the little one in my arms ... we didn't understand what it was about ... we asked them to calm down, to show us the search warrant, what were the accusations ...
There was no reason for all the fuss ... we asked them not to aim their weapons as I was with my baby ... we tried once blocked, to calm them down and get them to explain to us what was happening ... a cop appeared, like the others, armed to the teeth, asking me my name, when I tell them who I am he looks satisfied to know ... everything was very stupid, they knew perfectly well that I lived there, knew where I work, the places I frequent, I saw them, they were too obvious ... about two months ago an RP came asking for me to my in-laws' house (where I live) with the excuse that I was a 'victim of VIF', it was obvious that the persecution that had gone on for years had not ended, that strange visit was intended merely to confirm my address. I do not want to present myself as a victim, but nothing can explain the violence of pointing a gun against an 11 month old baby girl,this action is at best despicable and without justification. At 7:45 in comes the Captain ... the one who was in charge of the searches and arrests. Only then did things calm down a bit ... forensic police in white overalls shut themselves in the bedroom where I sleep with my family (a room which, like the rest of the house was searched more than 6 times) they took away books, the computer, our telephones and an infinite number of things that really I do not understand what function they could have in “Operacion SALAMANDRA”. While they were searching every room of the house they were filming us, taking photos ... the captain tells me that my arrest is part of the investigations carried out by the comedian Attorney Peña, the famous Bombas case, investigations going on for four years, with four successive prosecutors, with arrests that led nowhere, that rely exclusively on the declaration of a schizophrenic, narco-trafficker and woman beater called Gustavo Fuentes Aliaga, alias "El Grillo". The accusations against me are: "transport of explosives and illicit terrorist association".
Between 9:30 and 10 they transferred me to 33 ° commissariat where I am "genteelly" received by a high-ranking policeman (without identification) who shouting asks me my name and threatens me with: "Now you'll see that this is not a game" ... the situation started to get heavy when I see "my friends" there too ... the press ... the jubilant cops ... the truth is, the situation was too much ... they try to subject my hand to an examination for signs of explosives, but I refuse because there was no lawyer present ... the show went on, other reporters, other cops, other people ... We are moved (in that place we were already 10) to the control of the arrests. There both the prosecutor and the Ministry of the Interior appear as complainants, for a judge there is donna Alejandra Apablaza who not only did not take our concerns into account, but left the investigations open until Tuesday 17.
I am taken to the high security section of the CPF (central Female Penitentiary) of Santiago, isolated from the other prisoners. On Tuesday, at the hearing for the validation of the arrests, the Catholic church associated itself as a complainant, after the preparation of the police programme that Peña had prepared shows us the "evidence" with which we are accused of illicit terrorist association. Telephone conversations that say nothing compared to the usual calls you can have between friends, videos that can be found on the Internet (made from TV programmes), leaflets, posters ... all public things in anyone's possession. They say we are an illegal association that has an "informal, horizontal and democratic" structure. That the leaders are Pablo and Garza. All the others, we would have a horizontal position, without intermediate leaders or any other position. It is said that our goal is the elimination of capital, the bourgeoisie, the church and any kind of power ... all with only 300 Chilean pesos.

The picture of the body of Punky Mauri after the explosion was shown to us in a Machiavellian sadistic way... and so on without any logic but to arrest us, trying to close the space of solidarity with political prisoners, counter-cultural spaces ( some of them defined by the prosecutor as "power centres") and all that is against the government, the system and power. I always thought that with the rise to power of Piñera all those against the fascist government of the bosses would be struck, but I never imagined that this would happen with such stupid, vulgar tricks. In fact the evidence is so rude and crude that it would not surprise me if this letter was seen as another proof against me. There are many things in my head, there are many ideas, so much anger and so much love ... kidnapping is the word I have in mind, I am another who has been kidnapped ... they are keeping me away from my family and friends only for being what I am: one that is convinced of the idea, an ironclad solidarity, one that thinks, one that criticises ... actually, as I once read: "Solidarity is a powerful weapon" and it is obvious that they fear it. When I got to know the struggle I fell in love with her. You can speak of madness, but it is my beautiful madness ... I struggle for emancipation, I love freedom with my whole being, with all my strength ...
Now it remains only (for the time being) to send you much newen (strength in Mapuche language - NDT) thanking you for each one of the demonstrations of affection and support. I ask you to keep your eyes open, because it does not end here, that's obvious. A strong, close and fraternal embrace to each one of you.
Andrea Urzúa Cid
P.P S.E.A.S. C.P.F.
August 21, 2010

giovedì 26 agosto 2010

ANARCHISTS ATTACK More Than Once per Day in Greece

We have had more than 430 attacks this year in Greece against TARGETS of capitalism. Most of them made by anarchists.
Anarchists are aiming and shooting. DIRECT ACTIONS. A real WAR .
More or less nobody is getting hurt, I mean even Revolutionary Struggle Maziotis and Roupa, who are like public enemy no1, did not kill anyone.
The Revolutionary Sect only killed 2 times and we had another one police officer dead with the letter bomb from a new group that don't have a name yet as they said …Those dudes send a letter bomb to the "Greek Civil Protection" Minister Mihalis Chrisohoidis, who has been really cruel and violent. (They say he is drunk all the time and he takes cocaine) anyhow it is like 3 dead people.
we should find out how many the US did and how many they killed … we gonna look like school kids after that. Whatever, we have more than one attack everyday in Greece, from east to west. We have the island of Crete which is really big in the east and west Thesaloniki is the second biggest city. After that we have Patra, Larissa, Volos, Trikala, Irakleio, Chania, Xanthi, Ioannina, Mitilini, Agrinio, Alexandroypoli - everywhere actions of solidarity all the time here with firebombs againsts banks and security cars and political premises.
Of course each time a proclamation explains the reason for the attack .
Solidarity with all our comrades in Greece. The only way there will ever be change for the better is if people step up and take action. The capitalist system is digging its own grave but the only way we can be sure the system will end is if we do things to end it.

INTERNATIONAL SOLIDARITY with the 14 Kidnapped by the Chilean Democracy

Welcome to Chile, society of jails and jailers.
This past Saturday the 14th of August, in the cities of Santiago and Valparaíso, an action coordinated by police of all types (special task forces) violently raided three squatted social centers and many private homes in fives communes. The police intimidated people with weapons of war, broke windows and doors, and took many personal items with them from all of the houses.
14 people were detained being informed of the reason for their detention for three hours.
Later? Six people were released on probation for lack of evidence against them. As for the people that remained imprisoned, they were put in isolation cells in maximum security jails where they were awaiting a 180 day long investigation process and potentially a 20 year sentence for alleged illegal terrorist association. They have alleged that these people were involved in making and blowing up the bombs that have erupted lately in the capital. According to the prosecutor, this association was a hierarchical organization directed by key ringleaders.
This supposition is in absolute contradiction with anarchist ideology - most of the kidnapped people have been labeled as anarchists- which is opposed to the concepts of “leaders” and “hierarchies”…
Furthermore, this charade, a perfect outcome for the puppeteers and jailers who desire to keep their power. Above all, this has been the result of those citizens, who like their peace so much and through their deafness and silence, are helping to erase the oppressed, the masquerades, jails, and resignations.....
"The bombs case" is the title that keeps appearing in the headlines of the newspapers like a bad novel, in which the main characters, the Minister/Secretary of the Interior, the prosecutor and his police henchmen are trying to catch the ’undesirable’ anarchists. The beginning of the ’bombs case’ is a police persecutions saga that dates back to the 10th of September, the eve of a historic date in Chile, on which people mourn their dead and disappeared ones from the dictatorship, while others display their discontent with the falseness of a democracy that has not changed much from a dictatorship.
In this context, a molotov bomb was thrown at the house of the government. The images went around the world; the symbol of the concord of democratic parties was blown into pieces; the fraternal unifying factor of the left has been altered. Two weeks later, a vast police contingent raided the squat "la mansión siniestra" and arrested 6 people, who, to their own surprise had become, thanks to the distorting role of the press, an illegal association of "molotov bombs makers", "violent criminals", "vandals". This scenario is the one that the 14 accused comrades were facing.
Back then, the police never thought that evidence was necessary, because the things they seized as alleged bomb making materials were no more than common domestic utensils. These molotovs never existed. During the judiciary process, the 6 antagonists of this story were allegedly the worst moral aberrations; public opinion has given legitimacy to the sentence of up to five years in jail … But OOPS...’mistake’! The accusations were fake, the police’s masquerade had been revealed. Finally, these 6 people did not serve the time they were sentenced. But that’s only after spending 11 days in a high security prison. Just as expected, no institution was held accountable for the irreversible physical and psychological punishments and damages inflicted on the detainees, nor for the personal belongings that were seized from their them and their comrades.
Four years have gone by since this incident, and with its passing, the travesty of justice, the inequalities and the repressions remain the order of the day.
Only to talk about JUST A FEW concrete examples:
According to the survey of "national socio-economic characterization" (CASEN) the economic gap has increased from 13% to 15% since 2006. Meanwhile the administration of the government wants to spend 135 thousand millions of pesos to build, starting this year, 10 new prisons, which would add to the total of more than 16,500 new vacancies in the prison system. It is important to note, according to the sources of the mideplan, that 64% of the prison population are illiterate or have not finished their basic studies and are the poorest and the most marginalized people in Chilean society. This illustrates that the interest of the system is to imprison the most marginal instead of educating them and providing them with the tools for a better life.
These prisons need jailers…
The alliance of ’democratic’ parties was in charge of the government for a decade after the dictatorship, killing 42 people, and helping, instead of changing, the development of the ’political constitution of Chile’ that was created by the dictatorship, strengthening it with reforms and continuing with its tradition of criminalizing social movements and perfecting the Anti-terrorism Law. One of the modifications to the Anti-Terrorism Law was to give policemen a status of ’witnesses of faith’, whereby they frequently do not have to present concrete evidence against the accused, which gives the legal support to the masquerade/ setups for those who represent a threat to the system. Among other barbarities, now in 2010, the turn of the ’coalition for change’ with Sebastian Piñera in power. This regime is pro-dictatorship and a huge collaborator with the establishment of the neoliberal model. Let’s not forget that he was also the one that gave the Chileans the opportunity of having credit cards to live working in order to pay their debts. But above all, nowadays M. Piñera is famous for his campaign ’the Battle against Delinquency’, in which he shows us his support for a policy of more ’security’, in other words, and to be less moderate with the term, jailers that secure the power of their friends the businessmen and capitalists. To make sure that things proceed smoothly, the president will reinforce the repression against historically repressed populations, increasing police personnel to 15000 carabineros and increasing the salaries of civilian police, who have had in the last few months their salaries increased by 18%.
This is how, the ’Battle against Delinquency’, is an exemplary example that shows how the inefficacy of the alliance of political parties has erupted tragically in our lives. Today we become its scapegoats, displayed like pariahs in an outlandish play, in order to legitimize their ventures and win ’moral sympathies’ among the spectators and the right. In this hunt to cover up facts, which have been intentionally invisible in the media, the hunger strike of 32 Mapuche political prisoners, who fight the adversity of Chilean justice and demand their natural rights, is being hidden. Or another omission, the use of cheap, insufficient equipment to attempt the ’rescue’ of 33 miners trapped only a few days earlier this week.
Today, these 14 comrades, among them, anarchists, communicators and social fighters, show solidarity to unjust causes, are involved in open squatted social centers where they sustain libraries, video libraries, gardens, and people who exchange and question ideas and actions in forums and activities conducted in a horizontal manner. These people are automatically criminalized; prosecutors have enough ambiguous evidence to take their freedom away from them. For example, a tapped telephone call where a mother demanded that one of the accused people be taken care of; this was used as evidence against her. The open squatted spaces and the people who are committed to denouncing and transforming on a daily basis their own lives and their society have become more vulnerable to the apprehensions of the state and its prosecutions, which illustrates that this prosecution is also ideological.
Now...Who are the terrorists? .
We make a call to build an international support network for the people imprisoned on the 14th of August. Today more than ever! Internationalists of the world to solidarity and action, to face the kidnappings and lies of the Chilean state!.

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Digitally mediated surveillance (DMS) is an increasingly prevalent, but still largely invisible, aspect of daily life. As we work, play and negotiate public and private spaces, on-line and off, we produce a growing stream of personal digital data of interest to unseen others.

CCTV cameras hosted by private and public actors survey and record our movements in public space, as well as in the workplace. Corporate interests track our behaviour as we navigate both social and transactional cyberspaces, data mining our digital doubles and packaging users as commodities for sale to the highest bidder. Governments continue to collect personal information on-line with unclear guidelines for retention and use, while law enforcement increasingly use internet technology to monitor not only criminals but activists and political dissidents as well, with worrisome implications for democracy.This international workshop brings together researchers, advocates, activists and artists working on the many aspects of cyber-surveillance, particularly as it pervades and mediates social life. This workshop will appeal to those interested in the surveillance aspects of topics such as the following, especially as they raise broader themes and issues that characterize the cyber-surveillance terrain more widely: (more on

Chile: List of Comrades Hostage of the State of Chile

22/08/2010 - Here is the list of the 14 comrades, that were and are, held hostage by the Chilean state. Below is the condition they are in, where they are being held and respective charges against them. Comrades held hostage:
Rodolfo Retamales: Held in C.A.S. formalized custody of 180 days for conspiracy.
Pablo Morales: Held in C.A.S. formalized custody of 180 days for conspiracy
Felipe Guerra: Held in C.A.S. formalized custody of 180 days .
Carlos Riveros: In “freedom” pero precautionary measures.
Vinicio Aguilera: Held in C.A.S. formalized custody of 180 days.
Mónica Caballeros: Held in C.O.F. formalized custody of 180 days.
Andrea Urzúa: Held in C.O.F. formalized custody of 180 days.
Camilo Pérez: In “freedom” but with precautionary measures.
Cristián Cancino: In “freedom” but with precautionary measures.
Diego Morales: In “freedom” but with precautionary measures.
Francisco Solar: Held in the C.A.S. formalized custody of 180 days.
Omar Hermosilla: Held in C.A.S. formalized custody of 180 days, for conspiracy.
Candelaria Cortez: In “freedom” but with precautionary measures.
Iván Goldenberg: In “freedom” but with precautionary measures.
C.O.F.: Centro de Orientación Femenina
C.A.S.: Carcel de Alta Segurida
Precautionary Measures: Cannot leave the country, a ban on communicating with each other, sign weekly, prohibited from visiting prisoners or going to social centres and squats that were raided.

martedì 24 agosto 2010


Solidarity to urban guerillas Kostas Gournas, Nikos Maziotis, Pola Roupa and to anarchists, Christophoros Kortesis, Sarantos Nikitopoulos, Vaggelis Stathopoulos that are prosecuted for the "Revolutionary Struggle" case

lunedì 23 agosto 2010

1th to 5th September ANARKIA Meeting 2010 in Brussels Belgium

for our meeting in brussels"anarkia"from 1 TO 5 _WE WOULD LIKE TO KNOW IF YOU RE COMING REALLY TO IT-just to welcome you in the best way possible-if some of you are coming and want to get the parole on our meeting ,as witnesses from their homeland or as anything else,they re really welcome ,just let us know!please contact us to insure your coming,trough the walls of the event or with phone on 0032 495134029 OR 0032 492078278-we hope to meet u there and to build something together for the international anarchist mouvment.

Bomb Goes Off at Chile Shopping Mail, No One Hurt

20th August 2010
SANTIAGO – No one was injured Thursday when a homemade bomb went off in the underground garage at a shopping mall in the Chilean capital, police said.
Three other bombs were found and defused, according to a report from the Carabineros, Chile’s militarized national police.
Left at the scene were leaflets referring to special prosecutor Alejandro Peña’s case against 15 anarchists accused of carrying out more than a score of bombings over the past few years.
A court in Santiago ordered Tuesday that eight of the 15 suspects in that case be held pending trial.
Six other defendants were allowed to remain at liberty, but ordered not to leave the country and to stay away from each other. The 15th suspect, Gustavo Fuentes Aliaga, is already in jail in connection with other offenses.
The court gave prosecutors 180 days to complete the investigation of the 23 bombings covered by the indictments.
The attacks targeted banks, the offices of foreign companies, embassies, churches and police stations, mainly in Santiago. The sole fatality was an anarchist killed when a bomb exploded as he was transporting it on a bicycle. EFE ugust 2010

venerdì 20 agosto 2010




It 's time to boost the fight strongly to genetic engineering

The Food Standards Agency (FSA), British Agency for Safety
food equivalent of 'EFSA, arm in arm with the Agricultural
Biotechnology Council (ABC), which represents the biotech lobby and pushes for
needs of GM crops in Europe. Particular attention to
GM feed, whereby it GMOs years are already entering
muted on the continent.

The multinational biotech is a positive assessment on
GM crops by the FSA. After reviewing its relationship
have done more to change to emphasize the need to begin
in Europe to grow GM crops., not worrying
even more to have a neutral appearance.

Clear how the findings of the FSA (such as EFSA and
FDA) are not mere opinions, but have a key role in making
pass any harm.

Meanwhile the British government brings forward and expresses the position of
openness to genetic engineering.

Ricordiamogli sabotage and destruction of 52 GMO field trials
in England, shares which have dropped and blocked crops
open field.

Behind the usual reasons for the usefulness of GMOs to solve the
hunger are solely the interests of multinationals and
public and private research centers, which by all means want to break
resistance biotechnology to make a spread of GMOs
irreversible reality.

And 'increasingly urgent need to stop the advance of engineering
genetics. We grow and strengthen the mobilization against the entry
GMOs in Europe.

Now the reverse engineering route of living without waiting
see endless expanses of monocultures GMOs, without waiting to be
too late.

Coalition Against Nuisance

giovedì 19 agosto 2010

At the Request of the Chilean Authorities, the BND Help to Identify Italian Who Sent Money To Campaigners

The Bundesnachrichtendienst or German Federal Research Service (BND) is following in the footsteps of Matthew Rossi’s Italian citizen, suspected of having sent money to Chilean anarchist groups involved in the placement of explosive devices.
The collaboration of the Germanic body is made on the basis of a request for Chilean authorities under the government case against 14 suspected members of the network involved in the attacks. According to reports, the petition alleges that the BND has large databases of European anarchists and the Italian suspect had lived in Germany.
After lifting bank secrecy in the investigation, the Attorney South Metropolitan gained access to an account in the name of former Lautaro Omar Hermosilla, aka “Mouse”, one of the anarchists arrested during the weekend.
Thus it was established that the former had received a subversive euro transfer from an account in Switzerland for $ 712 000. El dinero, según sostiene la fiscalía, era para incrementar la intensidad de los atentados explosivos. The money, as argued by the prosecution, was to increase the intensity of the bombings.
For this situation, two people are in custody.
One is Omar himself Hermosilla. The other alleged anarchist Carlos Riveros Lüttge, known as “Carlangas.”
The name of the latter came to the research through an informant for the National Police Intelligence Chief (Jipol) of the PDI. The aide would have had access to the communications network of suspects and revealed that there was an email received by Riveros in which he detailed alleged Italian citizen and that this transfer was to be deposited in the bank account of former subversive. According to data released yesterday in concluding, “Carlangas” requested the money to assume a “more radical”.
So far there are two theories about the identity of Italian: Matthew Rossi is his real name or is a forgery.
if the first is the case, one would have established that the alien was in Chile in 2008 and met with local anarchist collective.The police have a history that Rossi was born in Piedmont, northwest Italy and it would be a known anti-system activist.
However, research data exist to suggest that this could be a false identity used by an activist to avoid being recognized. The verification of the suspect’s real identity is the focus of the collaboration by the German intelligence service requested by representatives of the Chilean government.
Yesterday was unaware of the existence of a letter found in possession of one of the detainees, Felipe Guerra. The message referred to a sum of money was coming from Italy and emphasized: “Very important is no word of this to anyone, . Faced with a possible arrest, say nothing.” It is possible that the prosecution request to interrogate the suspect abroad through an international warrant, or even come to seek his extradition for funding terrorist groups.

mercoledì 18 agosto 2010

Repression in Chile!! SOLIDARITY NOW!!!

Anonim@ | 17.08.2010

Represive strike in Chile: 17 house raided and 14 companions kidnnaped by the power

x Translate of Liberacion Total

Translator's Note: The translation may have errors in spelling or wording.

Agents of the BIPE (Police of Investigation) and the ERTA (equivalent to the SWAT) on the other side agents of the GOPE (Especial forces of the Normal Police), LABOCAR (CSI) and the deparment of inteligence of the police and a series of helicopters and police cars whas the armory who used the police for the 17 raids, in Santiago and Valparaiso, during the dawn on the Saturday 14 of August. Between the 17 houses 3 are Squats and Socials Center being the squats La Crota Bike Punk and the Squat Social Center and Library Sacco and Vanzetti in Santiago downtown and the Autonomous Social Center Jhonny Cariqueo in the Pudahuel municipality. Two houses were raided in Valparaiso.
The excuse for this police operation falls in the “Bomb Case”, and 23 of the attacks with explosive registred in Santiago, according with the police version would have direct links with those arrested.

The first raid was in the squat La Crota Bike Punk by the GOPE where the result was 6 companions arrested. Of the six detainees were kidnapped three, a female comrade with arrest warrant and for the other two the police inveted traces of TNT in his hands.

Then was the turn of the SSC and Library Sacco and Vanzetti, by the ERTA and the BIPE where they take out the metalic grid of the window with a police car. The agents also realized shootings whit rubber bullets, hiting the body of two companions. From this space were arrested 5 companions and one remain kidnnaped.

At the same time was raided the ASC and Libertary Library Jhonny Cariqueo in the Pudahuel municipality, in this space the police breaking in smashing access doors and no one was arrested.

Also the police raided 14 particular houses, 12 in Santiago and 2 in Valparaiso.

With a total of 17 raids realized by the defenders of the order and 14 companions kidnapped.

Formalization of the hostages.

This Saturday around 16:00 pm the companions where brought before the 11º Santiago Court Guarantee where the southern prosecution recuest extend the detention until next Tuesday, 17 August, where they would be concluded by "installation of explosive or incendiary devices and terrorist conspiracy" (law made by Pinochet), question which the Ministry of Interior would also make part risking 20 years. During the hearing, demonstrated once again the circus nature of the Chilean courts. Judge Lidia Bruna agreed to each and every one of the requests of the Prosecutor and the Ministry of Interior (press presence, extending the period of detention for three days, insolition of the companions amog themselves and the outside, and also the order to bring the police collaborator Gustavo Fuentes "El Grillo" to the audience next tuesday, to formalize with the rest of the alleged members of this "terrorist conspiracy." The vultures of the bourgeois press were all in the courtroom and fired their flashes once the judge gave the signal for the guards to enter the companions.
The arguments of the defensory were heard and denied one after another. The judge had everything ready for each resolution automatically read it with her voice of old bitch of a paper above his deck. When they ask to a companion if they had reclaims to do in relation to detention, he said he had been repeatedly threatened with death, and she responds “that’s all?”. Neither seemed to attract much attention the story about the destruction of particular houses of the companions. The Prosecution justify the injuries cause by the police to a companion of the Sacco and Vanzetti (a rubber bullet in his head and a kick on the nouse) in the fact it would have looked out a window of the building throwing things and destroying evidence, thing that the companion denied this version inmeditly calling of “Imaginative”, was reprimanded for showing disrespect to prosecutors. So beating and threatening people with death and rupture unnecessarily houses is part of normal that judges uphold, but any questioning of the repressive apparatus can not take place in this circus. This lady continued with the same attitude when defense counsel had talked about an "orchestration" between the different media to blame ours comrades.

When it became clear that the show was already ceasing to continue on Tuesday at 9:00pm, began to feel the cheering of support, very welcomed by the spirits of our companions. Canvases spread outside the courtroom, were sung songs of support ("Free the prisoners to fight"), the expression of the old fascist lady was of disgust and horror, some bodyguards immediately surround the prosecutor Alejandro Peña. After wrangling between those who went to support our comrades with two types of police dogs (police and press), the fascist judge made another signal that the 14 comrades were taked inside and then, from the cells area, came a contingent furious policemen armed with sticks and shields, which flew over the banks of defendants and lawyers with the clear intention of beating up friends and relatives of the detainees. Of course, the bourgeois press has noted that all the comrades who came to support, as bad as the accused, attacked the press and other guardians of the capitalist order, but the truth is that the aggression came from the guards, while police and journalists beat many people savagely, and outside the enclosure were joined by riot police launching a manhunt that was not intended to arrest any one but to punish directly. The companion Luisa Vergara was closed with a traumatic brain injury, the mother of one of the detainees had minor injuries caused by a fucking journalist, and luckily most of the windows of this shit temple (courts) were destroyed to be used against the officers. Also, several journalists were beaten and their cameras damaged. No companion was arrested but many were beaten by the agents.

Once outside of the courts the companions found out that the SSC and Library Sacco and Vanzetti was being closed for a joint operation by the two police deparments. During the afternoon, the building had been guarded by a truck from the PDI (Police Of Investigation), whose occupants at first denied the entry of a group of companion, but later agreed to let in and take some things, warning that there was an order not to leave the building were reoccupied. Hours later, at about 18:30, police had entered the squat and were carrying out work to close all access. The Library and all the other things that were not seized (this time took little in the raid) remained sequestered there. The police did not exhibit any eviction order or anything, and said it was orders of the prosecutor. They also said the squat would be recovered by their legitimate owners, the ISP (Internal Revenue Service). A quick operation that took them by surprise yielded a number of books that were put to safe, sparking a short police chase in the area without any one arrested.

The Kidnapped Companions are:

-Pablo Morales: Ex-Lautarista (A military political organization that operates in Chile at the end of the dictatorship and the beginning of democracy). Arrested at his house in Santiago.
-Rodolfo Retamales: Ex-Lautarista. Arrested at his house in Santiago. Also was raided thei parent’s house.
-Omar Hermosilla: Ex-Lautarista. Arrested at his house in Santiago.
-Andrea Urzùa: In 2008 the police say that she traied to enter nitrogliceryn inside one of the jails in Argentina where they were Freddy Fuentevilla y Marcelo Villarroel (companions in trail for a bank robbery). Arrested at his house in Santiago
-Felipe Guerra: Arrested in SSC and Library Sacco and Vanzetti. Also was raided his mom’s house. The companion was injured by agents of the ERTA.
-Cristian Cancino: He was arrested in the squat “La Idea” after the dead of Mauricio Morales (comrade killed by his own bomb on May 22, 2009), where the police charged him with almost 500 grams of black gunpowder. Cristian decided to assume his guilt in a short trail to go out of jail.
-Carlos Riveros: Arrested at his house in Santiago.
-Camilo Perez: Arrested at his house in Santiago.
-Ivan Goldenberg: Arrested at his house in Valparaiso. Police say the gun he was carrying Mauricio Morales at the time of his death, was owned by the grandfather of Ivan.
-Candelaria Cortès-Monroy: Arrested at his house in Santiago. Candelaria in 2008 was stabbed by Gustavo Fuentes aka "El Grillo" who was his partner and who is accused of installing bombs.
-Francisco Solar: Arrested at his house in Valparaiso.
-Monica Caballero: Arrested at the squat “La Crota”.
-Diego Morales: Arrested at the squat “La Crota”. The police invented that Diego has in his hands traces of TNT.
-Vinicio Aguilera: Arrested at the squat “La Crota”. The police inveted that Vinicio also has in his hands traces of TNT.

All male companions are in the high security prison and feamle comrades in Women's Counseling Center.

Immediate Solidarity with our companions kidnapped by the Power!
The “terrorist conspiracy” exists only in the head of the prosecutor Peña!

More info, pictures and video: (In Spanish)

martedì 17 agosto 2010

Raids Lead To Arrest of 14 Alleged Members of Chilean Anarchist Group

Monday, 16 August 2010 00:52
Police say financing likely came from Italy, Greece, Mexico and Argentina.
Police on Saturday led simultaneous raids that resulted in the arrests of 14 people suspected of belonging to a Chilean anarchist group accused of more than 100 bombings.
“Operation Salamander” culminated with 200 special forces troops and police raiding 17 homes in Santiago and two in Valparaíso over the weekend. Those arrested are accused of being involved in bombings and other suspicious activities that have affected banks, businesses, police stations, hotels, churches and gymnasiums, according to Metropolitan District Attorney Alejandro Peña, who was in charge of the operation.
“The arrest warrants are for the crime of terrorist conspiracy and placing explosive devices to produce fear in the population,” Peña said at a press conference after the arrests were made.Police have divided the organization into two subgroups. The first, they say, was responsible for planning, giving orders and delivering explosives.
Those arrested from this side include Andrea Urzua, who was also arrested with explosives in Neuquén, Argentina, in 2008.
Another member of this part of the organization apprehended Saturday is Rodolfo Retamales Leiva. Police accused Leiva of leading the anarchist network. He was arrested at his home near the center of Santiago. Leiva in turn accused the police of beating him during the raid. His attorney, Alberto Espinoza, said Leiva was innocent and was being linked with the organization only because of his past.
Leiva, known as “The Heron,” has a history of activism. He became a member of the Lautaro Youth Movement in 1989 while studying at Universidad Central, and in the early 1990s, he was involved in robberies and planting explosives. In 1992, he was arrested in connection with the murder of three detectives guarding the house of former Metropolitan Region Gov. Luis Pareto. In 1994 he was sentenced to 40 years in prison for the crime, but he was given early parole in 2004.His parent’s house was also raided, where his mother’s computer was seized. Leiva's mother, Maria Cecilia Leiva, was agriculture undersecretary under the government of former President Michelle Bachelet. Neither of his parents is under investigation.
The other subgroup of the anarchist organization described by the police is said to be in charge of operational aspects. Members of this division planted the bombs, they say. Seven of the people arrested are linked to this group.
The police also reported information regarding the group’s financial activities. Accounts at a Chilean bank were frozen and closed off from transfers. The manager of the funds, Óscar Omar Hermosilla, was arrested Saturday, as was Carlos Riveros Luttge, accused of financing the group.
Using an informant, police discovered international transfers to the account. Through the Cayman Islands, at least two deposits were made from Europe by Italian citizen Matteo Rossi. Rossi had visited Chile in 2008 and had contacted Riveros. Prosecutors say that a few years ago, the group was probably receiving money from countries such as Italy, Greece, Mexico and Argentina. The money was used for making explosives, finding houses for squatters and expenses of the group’s leaders.
A Santiago court requested that the detainees be held in solitary confinement in a maximum security prison. Surveillance has also been increased on other suspects, in case any further attacks are planned in light of Saturday’s raid.
Police say the investigation has lasted four years. The operation was conducted with the help of analyzing networks, forming contacts, wiretapping and monitoring houses.
Interior Minister Rodrigo Hinzpeter became involved in the operation in recent days and was briefed on the operation at a meeting with the prosecutor.
“There is no doubt that to bomb any country that claims to be modern and developed is a terrible crime,” Hinzpeter said. “And therefore, the government as plaintiff will apply the highest possible sanctions under the rule of law.”

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the CIA's Shocking Experiments Children Exposed - Drugging, Electroshock and Brainwashing

Bobby is seven years old, but this is not the first time he has been subjected to electroshock. It's his third time. In all, over the next year, Bobby will experience eight electroshock sessions. Placed on the examining table, he is held down by two male attendants while the physician places a solution on his temples. Bobby struggles with the two men holding him down, but his efforts are useless. He cries out and tries to pull away. One of the attendants tries to force a thick wedge of rubber into his mouth. He turns his head sharply away and cries out, "Let me go, please. I don't want to be here. Please, let me go." Bobby's physician looks irritated and she tells him, "Come on now, Bobby, try to act like a big boy and be still and relax." Bobby turns his head away from the woman and opens his mouth for the wedge that will prevent him from biting through his tongue. He begins to cry silently, his small shoulders shaking and he stiffens his body against what he knows is coming.
Mary is only five years old. She sits on a small, straight-backed chair, moving her legs back and forth, humming the same four notes over and over and over. Her head, framed in a tangled mass of golden curls, moves up and down with each note. For the first three years of her life, Mary was thought to be a mostly normal child. Then, after she began behaving oddly, she had been handed off to a foster family. Her father and mother didn't want her any longer. She had become too strange for her father, whose alcoholism clouded any awareness of his young daughter. Mary's mother had never wanted her anyway and was happy to have her placed in another home. When the LSD Mary has been given begins to have its effects, she stops moving her head and legs and sits staring at the wall. She doesn't move at all. After about ten minutes, she looks at the nearby physician observing her, and says, "God isn't coming back today. He's too busy. He won't be back here for weeks."
From early 1940 to 1953, Dr. Lauretta Bender, a highly respected child neuropsychiatrist practicing at Bellevue Hospital in New York City, experimented extensively with electroshock therapy on children who had been diagnosed with "autistic schizophrenia." In all, it has been reported that Bender administered electroconvulsive therapy to at least 100 children ranging in age from three years old to 12 years, with some reports indicating the total may be twice that number. One source reports that, inclusive of Bender's work, electroconvulsive treatment was used on more than 500 children at Bellevue Hospital from 1942 to 1956, and then at Creedmoor State Hospital Children's Service from 1956 to 1969. Bender was a confident and dogmatic woman, who bristled at criticism, oftentimes refused to acknowledge reality even when it stood starkly before her.
Despite publicly claiming good results with electroshock treatment, privately Bender said she was seriously disappointed in the aftereffects and results shown by the subject children. Indeed, the condition of some of the children appeared to have only worsened. One six-year-old boy, after being shocked several times, went from being a shy, withdrawn child to acting increasingly aggressive and violent. Another child, a seven-year-old girl, following five electroshock sessions had become nearly catatonic.

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Is Internet Giant's Technology Being Used to SPY On Americans?

Is Internet Giant’s Technology Being Used to Spy On Americans?

[]The FBI and DEA are now making extensive use of Google Earth, according to federal spending records. Consumer Watchdog is filing Freedom of Information Act requests with the agencies today to determine how the Internet giant’s digital mapping technology is being used for domestic surveillance, including whether it is used for racial profiling or other abuses of civil liberties.

“The public needs to know how law enforcement is using Google’s technologies,” said John M. Simpson, consumer advocate with the nonpartisan, nonprofit group. “We call on the FBI and the DEA to expeditiously respond to our requests for information.” (more on

SPY TECH That "Monitors Conversations" being Launched in Europe: report

Daniel Tencer
[] Privacy rights advocates and civil liberties campaigners in Europe are raising the alarm about a new surveillance system that monitors conversations in public.

The surveillance system, dubbed Sigard, has been installed in Dutch city centers, government offices and prisons, and a recent test-run of the technology in Coventry, England, has British civil rights experts worried that the right to privacy will disappear in efforts to fight street crime.

The system's manufacturer, Sound Intelligence, says it works by detecting aggression in speech patterns.

"Ninety percent of all incidents involving physical aggression are preceded by verbal aggression," the Sound Intelligence Web site says. "The ability to spot verbal aggression before it turns into a violent outbreak delivers valuable time to security personnel and enables speedy intervention." (more on

Through The Wormhole: The Secret State's Mad Scheme to Control The Internet

by Tom Burghardt
[] Prussian military theorist Carl von Clausewitz once famously wrote that "war is the continuation of politics by other means." A century later, radical French philosopher Michel Foucault turned Clausewitz on his head and declared that "politics is the continuation of war by other means."
In our topsy-turvy world where truth and lies coexist equally and sociopathic business elites reign supreme, it would hardly be a stretch to theorize that cyber war is the continuation of parapolitical crime by other means.
Through the Wormhole
In Speed and Politics, cultural theorist Paul Virilio argued that "history progresses at the speed of its weapons systems." With electronic communications now blanketing the globe, it was only a matter of time before our political masters, (temporarily) outflanked by the subversive uses to which new media lend themselves, would deploy what Virilio called the "integral accident" (9/11 being one of many examples) and gin-up entirely new categories of threats, "Cyber Pearl Harbor" comes to mind, from which of course, they would "save us."
That the revolving door connecting the military and the corporations who service war making is a highly-profitable redoubt for those involved, has been analyzed here at great length. (more on


By Tom McGurk

Few people realise that they are being watched from above.

[] For example, there is a regular presence in the sky above some English cities of RAF SigInt (signal intelligence tracking) aircraft that intercept all signal communications, especially those from mobile phones.

The aircraft concentrate on cities with large Muslim populations, such as Bradford and Birmingham and areas such as east London.

This extraordinary level of surveillance began after RAF Nimrod aircraft, monitoring Taliban radio communications in Afghanistan in 2005, began to pick up Taliban militants with Bradford or Birmingham accents. Since the July 2005 bombings in London, the search has been on for returned British militants.

This has led to aerial surveillance of cities where they might be based. (more on

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the inmates and guards of a modern, clean and efficient maximum security wing are slowly and increasingly brutalised until they erupt in violence. dark and macabre, and based in truth, the story is told in a traditional dramatic style combined with telephone interviews and narration. ­manages to instill in the viewer a true sense of claustrophobia and unease. a truly original movie that is only half the film that Cave’s script was meant to portray.

you can found in

Minister of Interior Brings Charges Against Two French Websites

Brice Hortefeux, the Minister of the Interior, announced on Monday that he’d brought charges against two Internet sites that are hostile to the police.
[] Hortefeux, who was away on business with his Spanish counterpart Alfredo at the police station at Dammarie-les-Lys, which was on 16 March the target of a gunman thought to be connected with the armed Basque group ETA, didn’t want to mention the sites in question “so as to not give them any publicity.”
According to a source close to the Minister of the Interior, they are[1] and

The Minister brought a complaint for the “public insult and defamation of the police.” He explained that, “there were campaigns that shocked me that I couldn’t let stand.” According to him, the content of these sites “attack the honor of the police.” In particular, “the police are called ‘bands of killers’ and the BAC [the anti-criminal brigade] is called an ‘armed band of criminals.’”

At the portal to the first of these two sites, which is apparently close to the anarcho-autonomous movement,[2] one can read: “The police work . . . for social apartheid.”

In September 2009, Brice Hortefeux brought a complaint alleging defamation of the national police against the makers of remarks reported by the AFP and Libé

(Written by the AFP and published in Libération on 26 July 2010. Translated from the French by NOT BORED! on 28 July 2010. Footnotes by the translator.)

[1] See the interview conducted by Paco for more information about le Jura Libertaire:

[2] A repetition of the meaningless phrase once applied to the Tarnac Nine.

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INTERSQUAT Festival from 10th to 19th September 2010 Berlin Germany

Dear all!
A little advice before reading our concept:
Setting a festival‘s frame is not an easy job. However, we would like to take this challenge. Except from the creation of a frame, we won‘t set up a strict programme for you. This is neither manageable for us nor it carries out our principles. Intersquat is not some kind of a festival to be consumed. It is a D.I.Y.-festival and it lives from all our ideas and initiatives!
As well as a picture frame does not make sense without a picture, the festival cannot exist without your commitment. Therefore it is very important that you help us with the organisation of some workshops, discussion groups, actions, performances and whatever you want. If you already have some ideas what you want to do, please send a mail to by the 13th of August, so we can already include your ideas to the planning. Of course you can also act spontaneously at the festival.
We are planning to host the festival from 10th to 19th of September. It depends on the number of announcements we get before whether the festival will be really that long. That means: The more ideas and initiatives from you, the longer the festival. The fixed duration of the festival will be announced by August 13th on our blog (
We are looking forward to working together with you all.
Have fun with the lecture of our concept and we see each other in Berlin in September!
INTERSQUAT – Festival in Berlin from 10th until 19th of September 2010
Let’s come together to provide a base for discussions, introducing different thoughts, initiating meetings, linking each other, developing new perspectives and creating a self-determined and autonomous free space from 10th until 19th of September 2010 at the Berlin INTERSQUAT Festival.
Being inspired by other INTERSQUAT-Festivals, which took place at different locations all over the world, we want to develop our utopian ideas at the INTERSQUAT festival in Berlin with you together. The possibilities to live a self-determined life are gradually being restricted. Many of the existing structures of squats and autonomous spaces are strongly threatened to become extinct. As a result more and more spaces disappear and with them the attached chance to organize ourselves, to discuss, to exchange experiences and to develop alternatives to given structures, go also.
From our point of view, it is necessary to criticise capitalism, leadership and the ruling structures in an all-embracing way. Hence we want to discuss about alternatives, experience the exchange and reflect on counter-structures against discrimination of living beings. Free spaces are spaces where all creatures can live without being discriminated because of gender, skin colour, sexuality preferences, money or other inequalities created by society. Since all kinds of repression are present in our daily life, it is important to create and preserve spaces where such constructed inequalitites are not only accepted, but are discussed and reflected. Those spaces should enable us to live and act out our own identity and make it possible to freely evolve our ways of life. We try to live by detaching ourselves from those repressions and social constructions, making people aware of them and sensitive to them.
The so called gentrification will catch up with all of us if we don’t make a stand against it. The process of “upgrading” cities does not just force squats and autonomous spaces all over the world to give way to profit-making projects. New houses are built and old buildings glance in a gleam of light after being profitably refurbished, rents are rising as a consequence. As a result, people with low wages and those who are discriminated by the structure of society are being moved to the outskirts. Movements working against this social injustice are often criminalized. Moreover through repressive measures their possibilities to act is muted. The festival provides space to link and solidarise with each other and to be able to act against repressive measures in a more effective way.
Within a diverse and powerful frame the festival offers enough space for self-organized actions, discussions, workshops, information events, exhibitions, music and art as one way to protest and develop ideas. There will also be a free flea market which is supposed to make a breakthrough the capitalistic understanding of money values and prices.
Topics to be talked about could be:
How does gentrification show up in different cities?
Whats the situation of squats and autonomous spaces all over the world?
How can we network in a more efficient way?
How can we reach stronger solidarity with our forms of protest and actions?
Since the discussion about free spaces is extremely complex and often includes a variety of subtopics, the festival will provide space for discussing these subtopics as a matter of course, e.g. anti-sexism and the negotiation of leadership.
Of course sexism, racism, all other kinds of discrimination, and the
transfiguration of hierarchical structures are neither tolerated nor accepted on the
Let us share our ideas and imagination of a free and wild life. The festival grows with you! If you want to do a workshop or an information meeting, initiate a discussion, show your music, art or if you have some ideas or topics for the festival, write to us at:
Bring your tents, ideas and your unstoppable wild passion!
Free thinking? Free living? Free spaces for all of us!
Frei denken? Frei leben? Frei(T)räume für alle!

FREEDOM For Costa Silvia Billy

more info


"RIZOMA (rizo-, radice, -oma, rigonfiamento) Fusto carnoso e fibroso di alcune piante, di aspetto simile a una radice. Sotterraneo, si sviluppa con decorso orizzontale. Caratteristico di piante erbacee diffuse in climi molto variabili, il rizoma permette il superamento delle condizioni climatiche sfavorevoli rigenerando nuove piante "
L'idea di costruire nasce dalla necessita' di far circolare agilmente attraverso un archivio digitale, materiale autoprodotto libertario e anti-capitalista pronto per essere scaricato, una sorta di distribuzione on-line.
L'archivio del sito e' stato diviso in quattro categorie (Immagini, Scritti opuscoli e periodici, Musica, Video) e in varie sottocategorie. Al momento contiamo con alcune autoproduzioni del progetto rizoma stesso e con qualche materiale reperito in internet o conservato nel tempo.
Tuttavia per far si che il sito si trasformi in uno strumento realmente utile e' necessaria la collaborazione di tutti i compagni e le compagne nell'inviarci il vario materiale che ritengono opportuno condividere e far circolare attraverso questo mezzo.
Il "progetto rizoma" nasce dalla volonta' di un gruppo di individui di alimentare la diffusione, attraverso canali alternativi, di testi scritti, opuscoli e periodici di critica radicale della societa' e di controinformazione su lotte specifiche, di lettere di detenuti, come anche traduzioni e pubblicazioni di testi e di materiale audio-visivo riguardanti i conflitti sociali presenti nel mondo.
Tutto questo potra' girare sottoforma di fogli, pamphlet, opuscoli, libri, cd e dvd e avra' contenuti libertari e anticapitalisti. Il "Rizoma", completamente autofinanziato, si dota, tramite l'edizione di una pagina web (dalla quale e' possibile leggere informazioni e scaricare il materiale autoprodotto), di un ulteriore canale di distribuzione/controinformazione autonomo, che cerchera' di fomentare contatti informali con altre redazioni e tessere relazioni orizzontali con altri gruppi o individui affini.
Da qui l'esigenza da parte nostra di sperimentare nuovi veicoli comunicativi anche se il nostro uso di alcuni mezzi tecnologici (canali web, digitale, ecc...) non e' acritico. Non ci illudiamo di usarli come forma di "liberazione", ma, al di fuori di un'improbabile logica "assolutista", li utilizziamo semplicemente come appendice e corollario.
Ci siamo dotati di un metodo antiautoritario e autogestionario, rifiutando logiche di mercato e di profitto. Tutto il ricavato conseguito sara' reinvestito in nuove proposte editoriali e in appoggio ai prigionieri rivoluzionari e di guerra sociale.
progetto rizoma

"RIZOMA (Rizo-, root-oma, swelling) Frame fleshy and fibrous some plants that look like a root. Basement is developed with horizontal course. Characteristic of herbaceous plants common in highly variable climates, the rhizome allows overcoming adverse weather conditions regenerating new plants "

The idea of building arises from the need 'to move easily through a digital archive, material self-libertarian and anti-capitalist ready to be downloaded, a sort of online distribution.

The archive of the site 'was divided into four categories (pictures, brochures and periodicals Writings, Music, Video) and in various subcategories. At the moment we rely on some auto-production project rhizome itself and with some material found on the Internet or stored over time.

However in order for the site from becoming a really useful tool and 'requires the cooperation of all the other boys and girls in sending the various material they deem appropriate to share and circulate through this medium.

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------

The "rhizome project" was born from the will 'of a group of individuals of the food distribution through alternative channels, written texts, pamphlets and periodicals of radical critique of society' and to counter specific struggles, letters of prisoners, as well as translation and publication of texts and audio-visual materials relating to the social conflicts in the world.

All this may 'turn in the form of sheets, pamphlets, brochures, books, CDs and DVDs and will have' content and anti-capitalist libertarian. The "Rhizome" is completely self-financed, shall devise, through the publishing of a web page (and from which 'can read about and download the self-produced material), an additional distribution channel / counter-self, who will try' to foster contacts informal discussions with other editors and weaving horizontal relationships with other groups or related individuals.

Hence the need for us to experiment with new communication vehicles even though our use of some technological means (web channels, digital, etc. ...) and not 'uncritical. Do not expect to use them as a form of "liberation", but outside of an unlikely logic "absolutist," we use it merely as an appendix and corollary.

We have an anti-authoritarian and self-management approach, rejecting the logic of the market and profit. All proceeds earned will be 'reinvested in new editorial proposals and support to prisoners of war and social revolutionaries.

Communication is addressed

project rhizome

domenica 8 agosto 2010


August 2010
The rural squat meeting took place this year on the beginning of july in Monars, a village squatted for 28 years in the high Garrotxa, catalan Pyrenees, spanish side.
Every year it gathers about one hundred persons, mainly coming from rural squats, around topics that are specific to squatting and rural life : collective organisation, material autonomy, « education », health, land struggles, etc. It goes with workshops, discussions and debates, that rythm the day, the subject of this meeting being mainly to see friends, to go further in relationships and to have fun together.
You could see on the advertising board :
- Friday : alternative / continuous workshop on electricity ; workshop discution debate « Questioning monogamia, and its alternatives »
- Saturday : discussion debate « Rural squatting, a movement(s), aims, do we project outside? ; chainsaw worshop, wood tables ; clowns workshop, the art of being yourself ; distillation workshop, Inipi (sweating tents from latin america's indians)
- Sunday : Squatting without car?, presentation and debate on the booklet « the jungle book, emergency book » (el libro de la selva, libreto de emergencias) ; presentation of the integral cooperative (a producer consumer cooperative aiming at getting out of the capitalism dependency, more or less)
There was also a collective work all along the meeting, to dig a pool to have water for an orchard.
All this complemented with a place for children and mothers, an infokiosk with many things, a free expression board, a total auto-organization of the everyday life (with a little help from the inhabitants from times to times, sure). And obviously no prices, just a collective pot for those who wanted and could afford to participate financially, everybody having brought what zhe could of food, material, etc. All this was very great and interesting, so come to the next meetings, it worth it.
Next year it will be in the « Valle d'Arce », in the Pyrenees at the north of Pamplona, where many villages are squatted (Lakabe, Aritzkuren, Rala, Aitzkurgi, Uli Alto and more).
I'd like to add some personal comments, but to say the truth I can't find the words to express the liberty, fullness, simple happiness feeling I experimented during this meeting. Maybe it's because the more I get close to the way of life I want tdo live, the more this feeling goes with me in my everyday life...
So if I've got to squat to have land, if I have to screw the state and it's guardian dogs, if I've to steal to get concrete tools for autonomy, if I have to be a parasite in a society plagued with power abuses and passive submitions, if I have to put myself apart of the World to create my own, I'll gladly do it, even if I make much more fun putting a tomato in earth or taking a beer with my friends.
After all, I believe that ther will be no issue to the struggle as long as we don't live the life we want to fight for.
And so, the collective living, full and intense, based on sharing, solidarity, giving and empathy, with searching material and political autonomy as a basis, seems to me to be the best strategy to buil strong basis for a net of persons that will effectively be able to influence the way the world goes.
The political and ideological influences in reclaim the fields are diverse and make us strong, because if not the anarcho-rural ghettoisation would eat us within a second. I just hope that the exemple of those who choose to live their radicality not dreaming it but putting it in acts will help us to know what we want.
Love and Freedom
Tortuga Feliz


In this article, social prisoner John Bowden exposes the violent control methods carried against young people in UK prison. The prison guards who act out their brutal fantasies on young people are not isolated ‘bad’ individuals but part of a de-humanising authoritarian system of exploitation and power. This situation is not simply a case for the United Kingdom, young people are imprisoned in disgusting conditions everywhere, and all these prisons must be torn to the ground with the guards scattered. Fire to the Prisons.
In 2004 15 year old Gareth Myatt died whilst bring “restrained” by three members of staff at a privatized children’s prison called Rainsbrook Secure Training Centre in Warwickshire. In the same year 14 year old Adam Rickwood hanged himself in another privatized children’s jail, Hassockfield Secure Training Centre in Co. Durham. A Judge later ruled that the guards who “restrained” Adam shortly before his death had used unlawful force on him. Six years later and following a sustained campaign by parents of imprisoned children and groups like the Children’s Rights Alliance for England (CRAE) a shocking government document detailing control methods used on children, some as young as 12, in custody has been revealed under the Freedom of Information Act.
Published by the Prison Service in 2005 and classified as a restricted government document, the manual provides staff in secure training centres with authorization to inflict physical pain on children with so-called “restraint and self-defence techniques”. The methods of physical force described in the manual are so legally questionable that the government was prepared to be taken to a tribunal to fight against disclosure of the document despite a ruling by the Information Commissioner that it should be publicly released. Previously government officials had even refused to provide a copy to the Parliamentary Human Rights Committee. Eventually the Ministry of Justice was forced to back down and release the document; it’s contents made the reticence of the Justice Ministry to shame with the public, such information all too self-explanatory.
Some of the “restraint” methods used against children in custody approved by the Justice Ministry, currently headed by the liberal-thinking Ken Clark, include ramming knuckles into the ribs of children and raking shoes down the shins. It also authorised staff to: “Drive straightened fingers into the young person’s face, and then quickly drive the straightened fingers of the same hand downwards into the young person’s groin area”. “Use an inverted knuckle into the trainee’s sternum and drive inward and upward”. “Continue to carry alternate elbow strikes to the young person’s ribs until a release is achieved”. “Nose distraction techniques” – sharp blows to the children’s nose –had already been found by the Court of Appeal to have been routinely and unlawfully used against children in at least one secure training centre. The contracting out of such brutal methods of control and punishment to institutions run by private firms for profit raises an obvious moral question and issue.
Instructions issued to staff in the secure training centres reveal a calculated understanding that such “control techniques” could lead to serious injury to the child and even death; “the techniques could risk a fracture of the skull and temporary or permanent blindness caused by rupture of the eyeball or detached retina”. There is also an acknowledgment that some techniques could cause asphyxia; staff are told that while applying headlocks to children that “if breathing is compromised it could lead to a medical emergency”.
Carolyne Willow, national co-ordinator of CRAE, said: “The manual is deeply disturbing and stands as state authorisation of institutionalised child abuse. What made former ministers believe that children as young as 12 could get so out of control so often that staff should be taught how to ram their knuckles into their rib cages? Would we allow teachers. etc., to be trained in how to deliberately hurt and humiliate children?
Images of Abu Graib prison in Iraq are evoked by instructions instruction to force difficult children to “adopt a kneeling position while a second member takes control of the head by grabbing the back of the neck while cupping the chin”. Whilst in this position steel handcuffs are applied to the child. Ms Willow describes such methods as ”The ritualistic humiliation of children and a clear abuse of human rights”.
Phillip Noyes, director of strategy and development at the National Society for the prevention of cruelty to children said: “These shocking revelations graphically illustrate the cruel and degrading violence inflicted at times on children in custody. On occasions these restraint techniques have resulted in children suffering broken arms, noses, wrists and fingers. Painful restraint is a clear breach of children’s human rights against some of the most vulnerable youngsters in society and has no place in a decent society”.
During the 12 months up to March 2009, restraint was used 1.776 times in the UK’s four secure training centres.
In the Houses of Lords on 21 July 2010 Lord McNally in response to questions about the methods of control described in the manual said “we use the word “children” very casually to describe often very large and quite violent young people in these centres”, and “we also have a duty of care to the staff who deal with these often very violent young people”. Often disturbed and unruly children, some as young as 12 years of age, are metamorphosed in Lord McNally’s mind into large and physically violent young adults as he tries to defend what Ms Swaine the legal director of CRAE, describes as “Guidance given in a staff authorised manual to violate human rights because is allows staff to deliberately hurt children outside cases of life-threatening necessity”.
What the manual actually reveals is an attitude and mindset that believes damaged and already brutalised children can be made to conform by the use of even more brutality and cruelty. In reality what such treatment creates is more severely disturbed young people seriously alienated from and actively hostile to society. What is being manufactured in these secure training centres are ticking time bombs that are then delivered into the wider community. A disproportionate number of seriously violent offenders and long-term prisoners are the product of a childhood spent in children’s homes and youth custody institutions where physical abuse and violence formed a routine part of their treatment. When the lesson being taught to children in custody is that power is represented by the power to hurt and control then that lesson will eventually be learned and practised in their own lives. What is sown behind the walls of child prisons will eventually be reaped by the wider community. The campaign to stop the abuse of children in custody shouldn’t be viewed as it is by tabloid newspapers and those responsible for that abuse as the prerogative of “wishy-washy liberals”; the wider society should realise that it has a vested interest in stopping the de-humanization of imprisoned children.
John Bowden
August 2010
HMP Perth