sabato 7 agosto 2010

Anarchist Houseproject in Flensburg Germany; Raided By Police

On Wednesday July 28th, , 5 Police Officers of K5 (criminal investigation department – political Police) accomplished a house search at 'black mosquito – anarchist mailorder' in “Senffabrik” (house project) in order to find stickers which allegedly “call for incendiarism”. The degree of penalty for this is at least 1 year jail sentence.The sticker shows a stylized police car with a stylized flame and the headline: “burn a car!” - police found 18 copys.
Into the bargain, 2 hours later a court case took place against the same person which is indicted to distribute these stickers.
The trial was about a house-party 1,5 years ago, where 5 people have been arrested and bashed by the police – they where indicted for “resistance against authority” and “insult”.
The hearing was dropped for a payment of 360 € each.
The house search was not just a heavy affront against one of the accused – it was also a further provocation against the project “Senffabrik”, and in addition a starkly attack against the anarchist mailorder “black mosquito”.
We call on every insurrectionists to react adequately to these attacks!
We won't let us getting down from this big fuck-up!

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