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Sunday, January 30, 2011 Berlin - Riots after Liebig 14 demonstration

(....) - 30.01.2011 16:14
A demonstration against the eviction of Liebig 14, which is anounced for 2nd February, was followed by heavy riots saturday evening in Berlin-Friedrichshain.

When about 2.000 people marched from Kreuzberg to Liebig Strasse / Rigaer Strasse some hundreds of them attacked police with lot of stones.

(....) - 30.01.2011 16:14
A demonstration against the eviction of Liebig 14, which is anounced for 2nd February, was followed by heavy riots saturday evening in Berlin-Friedrichshain.

When about 2.000 people marched from Kreuzberg to Liebig Strasse / Rigaer Strasse some hundreds of them attacked police with lot of stones.

About 40 police are injured, may be 17 people arrested.

On Friday evening a demonstration against the international police summit in Berlin saw an attack against a federal police squat, which smashed three of their cars. Later a police car was ambushed in front of Köpi.

Fotos from today:


More trouble next days!
Our friends from all over the world will find an infrastructure as an organizational base for action on the weekend before 2nd of February, which will be briefly explained here.

The Infopoint – Scharni38, Scharnweberstr. 38 (see location:
Place to go for information, material, help, travelers from outside Berlin. The infopoint will be working during the demonstration (29.01.) and starting from tuesday (01.02.), 4 p.m., until thursday (3.02.), 4 p.m., and provide information for you at any time. An Infopoint can only work if it is fed with information, so feel encouraged to write and describe what's happening all over the city, so we can spread it.
Apart from that there are infodesks during the Liebig14-Anti-eviction-festival.

The Infotelefon – 0049 (0) 157 / 872 107 77 und 0049 (0) 176 / 383 413 42
At the same time there is an information number operating. You can call it, report ongoing developments or ask for information. Important here as well: The info-number is as good as it is fed with information. Knowing about what's going on around Friedrichshain might be a crucial factor in the night of 2nd of febraury.

Infomail –
You can also reach the Infopoint via email.
The Ticker – adress is yet to be published
All news will be published on a web ticker. It is the result of the news received on the infopoint, the info number an the infomail as well as your own actions.

The Ermittlungsausschuss (EA) (help when getting arrested) – 0049 (0) 30 / 69 22222
The EA will establish a contact between you and a lawyer in case you get busted and takes care that busted people get released properly again. If you observe any detention and if you know about personal data (name, adress, date of birth) of the busted person, pease call the EA. The EA number will operate directly or as an answering machine.
Don't know where to sleep in Berlin? – schlafplatzberlin @
For travellers who don't know where to sleep, there will be a „pennplatzbörse", which is a structure that provides you with a warm accomodation. If you want to OFFER such places, please tell us the adress, for how many people you can offer space, which preferences you probably have, and how we can get into contact with you via phone call. If you LOOK FOR places to stay overnight, please do the same.
We still need people to offer such places.
Important websites – / / /
On these websites you will find all important news (mostly in german), events, calls and material. Please carefully verify articles on indymedia and check iy you find the same information on the other websites. You can send input to or wba-internet

Upcoming events
* 17.-30.01. Liebig 14 Anti-Eviction Festival
* 22.01. Liebig 14 Streetparade, 17h, Bersarinplatz
* 27.01. Plenary Assembly, 19h in „Subversiv", Brunnenstr. 7
* 29.01. Demonstration: „Hausprojekt statt Luxuslofts – Liebig 14verteidigen – Wir bleiben Alle!", 3 p.m., Kottbusser Tor
* 02.02. day of expected eviction attempt, 8 a.m., decentralised action all over the city
* 02.02. in case of successful eviction 7 p.m., Boxhagener Platz
Liebig 14 forever.

Farewell to NETCU: A brief history of how protest movements have been targeted by political policing

As ‘domestic extremism’ police units are reorganised, we say goodbye to an old favourite of protesters – the National Extremism Tactical Co-ordination Unit (NETCU). Despite the government’s attempts to present these reorganisations as ‘cleaning up’ the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) following the Mark Kennedy scandal, these plans are from before Kennedy was revealed as an infiltrator and the second Ratcliffe Trial collapsed. They are due to be completed by summer 2011. Here we will chart the rise and fall of NETCU and its sister organisations, the effect they have had on protest movements in the UK, and consider what the future might hold.

There is little denying that for a small, secretive off-shoot of the police NETCU has received much attention from the protest movement since its creation in 2004. Its name is invoked whenever non-uniformed police turn up with cameras, knowing too much, at demonstrations and trials. (more at

Russia - Two Dozers Torched at Forest Construction Site


“In the midnight of Jan 27th, a group of ELF activists set out to the construction yard, situated in the forest in the southern suburbs of Moscow. Despite the site being brightly lit by numerous light masts, we managed to crawl right up to the vehicles (Caterpillar bulldozer and another unidentified one) with 10liters of gasoline and some rags. Guards were either drunk or asleep in their special sentry car, so up in flames the dozers went. Our scout reported fire to be blazing brightly 5 minutes after we left the site (and still no alarm), so we hope the engines will burn good tonight.

P.S. The company attacked is the same one that’s responsible for destroying Khimki forest due north of Moscow (more about the problem can be found at


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Chilean Embassy receives Explosive Anarchist Letters (Mexico)


On the 23 January 2010 the Chilean Embassy in Mexico received two explosive letter devices which were immediately noticed by Embassy civil servants, who then alerted the Secretariat of Mexican Public Security. The building was evacuated and 24 hours later Mexican police confirmed that the packets contained explosives and threats against the ambassador of Chile in Mexico – Germán Guerrero Pavez. The devices were neutralized.
Autonomous Cells of the Immediate Revolution – Praxedis G. Guerrerro took responsibility for this latest attack against the Chilean State through an internet message.
This incident has been ‘quietened down’ by the Chilean and Mexican governments, international media plus European authorities, who are not willing to give the “oxygen of publicity” to this latest attack on the global media-stage, during the precarious trial of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, after the December letter-bombs against various States, which hit international media headlines, prompting the Italian Informal Anarchist Federation to respond with two explosive parcels for the Chilean and Swiss embassies in Rome. Growing insurrectional tendancies will not be censored out of the media, nor will the attacks end. Anarchism will only spread, become more developed and will overcome the institutions of hierarchy and finance.
The action was dedicated to the prisoners of the Chilean State who are fighting for their dignity and freedom, the indigenous people of the Mapuche, who are fighting for their land and self-determination, as well as dedicated to the Revolutionary Organisations Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and Revolutionary Struggle in Greece. Anarchist prisoner Gabriel Pombo da Silva also gets a mention, with a quote from him ending the final section: “Siempre con l@s rebeldes!!!!”
Download the Communique (PDF / Spanish Language)
More information:
Communique from Conspiracy of Cells of Fire – Call for an Informal Anarchist Federation – International Network

ITALIAN CONSULATE squat - Friday January 28 solidarity to the Italian anarchist comrade Tonino south greece patras

This morning at 10.30 about 40 anarchists takeover of the Italian consulate in German street in Patras in solidarity with the

Italian anarchist comrade Tonino prosecuted for the incidents that occurred with the fascists May 1, 2010 in Naples. The

comrade was in prison until December 21/2010 and there after is under house arrest until his trial on February 2.
The occupatioon lasted more than half an hour, sent faxes and flyers and text were given out to the pepole!
more info from

Communique for the 12-13 January arson barrage in Thessaloniki Greece

by K-K translation collective

Responsibility Communique-Thessaloniki


Today more than ever, the fortification of Power and it's attack against the internal enemy becomes an urgent necessity. Under the fear of the oncoming rebellions and the dynamics that have been developed , mainly in the latest years, the Dominance has to protect it's interests and will do it.
So, we 'r leaving in an unprecedented upsurge of repression and control. Their mechanisms of chasing the enemy are being enforced and enriched in both human and technical level, while their legal arsenal expands and becomes more flexible. The new 'anti-terror' law that states thinking as a crime, the super 'bugs' that enter into the depth of personal communication, the thousands recruitments of cops that go up and down the streets are only some of the examples that compose what the power wants to communicate, that it is here and it is everywhere. The power speaks, before to forbid but also imposes itself where the precaution measures don't achieve to prevent the armed consciences that fight it.
Democracy strikes back and takes revenge, has dungeons and prisoners of war. Prisoners that sends around like the wild animals in a cage, having before taken care to deplore by any means their dignity, pieces of their own lives and finally hushed up the depth of their choices, that are not other than the actual opposition against everything that hostiles our own lives.
Of course, in this game, the Power has allies, like the pitiful entourage of the journalists. We never had a doubt about the hypocrisy behind their democratic mask, nor for the pretended polyphony that they invoke. Plus, we 'r not surprised from their upgrade to a vanguard of repression in its most paranoid and delirious version. They were, they are and they will be a para-shop of the police and the anti terror unit.


The dominance, as a privileged and main user of massive terror, knows very well that the projection of strength, the fear that it blows into the people, is much more important than the strength itself. The feeling of weakness and vanity of any kind of struggle is much more efficient than any army of cops and every super hitech system of surveillance. It leads to withdrawal and silence. To the consolidation of fear. Fear is cultivated by the power, but it blooms inside us. It has imbued the human existence to the bone and corroded all social relations. Both in the level of social groups to each other and against the dominant ethics, but as well in an individualized level. Fear corrupts the relation between people and condemns them to rot into misery and boredom. But it mainly stops the creation of true relationships. Relationships of solidarity, relationships subversive and dangerous.


The evolution of the revolutionary plan is impossible if we 'r not in a constant search for understanding the social process, thus searching allies and spotting the enemies. We do not consider society as one whole body, generally victimized, submitted or possibly revolutionary. Social relations form a multiplex field, that cannot be interpretated through the ethics of right or wrong, the victim or the immolator, the Good or the Evil. In them, we watch manifestations of the power itself, deeply rooted and expanded to a point that they 're not visible enough. On the other side, we watch transcendental insurrectionist behaviors and revolutionary consciences to emerge out of this field, ready to look life straight into the eyes...This multiplex mosaic of controversies consists the 'area' where the revolutionary war is taking place.


The 'objective conditions' seem to us very abstract and we won't remain act-less waiting for them to be 'mature'. We don't set longterm targets and we won't speak about a pre-revolutionary period nor for a post-revolutionary society. On the one side because we don't see revolution as one event that takes place in a very particular space and time, but as a continuous evolving process with constantly changing characteristics. On the other side, because we think that the political systems, of any ideological-theoretical gasket, by the time they will have institutionalized themselves as such, they will already be obsolete, and thus, hostile to us.
On the contrary, we propose organization right now. The collectivization of denials through the actual application of our propositions (proposals). The creation of belligerent structures and infrastructures in present tense, that will set in constant motion the revolutionary process of destruction and creation. For the birth of true relations and comradely bonds, through the expereice of attack and actual solidarity.


The existing reality forms a war zone with thpusand explored and unexplored aspects, We spot the enemy in the diffused plexus of roles, relations and behaviors. In the mechanisms of repression, the dominant ethics and the blackmale of waged slavery. In the small daily contracts inside us. We reject the partial struggles as condemned to failure. Desiring to touch the wholeness we consider necessary the total multiform attack. We consider attack as the conscious break from the enemy by any means that it may be expressed. As an integral piece of the very existence of every revolutionary, We don't think that exist generally revolutionary or reformist practices and means. Every act is given a sense from the motives and targetings of the subject that executes it. Armed, can be only the consciences. The hand will always be holding just a tool.


The guerrilla methods are not something that we drag from history's time-closet. They are practices that are being used, with various characteristics by the revolutionaries in every corner of the planet. The tactics of surprise, the choice of the place and time where the action becomes true is maybe the only -in current conditions- that has the ability to hit the infrastructures and the enemy's staff. We target to sabot the state-capitalist infrastructures as well as to terrorize our enemies, pose a personal threat. We want to make them clear, as clear it is for us, that war happens always with two sides and we, having chosen side, we make the step. In front of the monster of capitalism that rips the human life and dignity, we choose to arm thought, conscience and action.


From the mounts of Mexico and the highlands of Andes to the bomb attacks in Chile and the arsons in Belgium there are people decided not to put the head down. The struggle for freedom is their own life, not something out and over it.
The knowledge that in the edge of the world exist people that live and die for the same or close reasons, with the same or similar means, and thus, they possibly share the same or similar feelings, thoughts, fears and dreams with us, is something more than relieving. It is what pushes us to keep on even at the hardest times, fills us with strength and gives us the hope that in the end we 'll win. If we haven't won yet is partially due to the fact that we 're not yet a community, not even a network.
The solid mere academic knowledge is extremely useful in never-ending discussions accompanied with cheap wine. If, however, it doesn't transform into conscience it remains a harmless chatter. And conscience comes exclusively through experience.
Now, more than ever before, exists the necessity for continuation of the struggle by every member of the community. Learning what happens throughout the earth to be a motive, a signal from the worldwide revolutionaries that the warfare is still on. Not just to contribute in a simple update. But to be the point where every revolutionary will recognize him/herself as part of this network and will pass into attack. What would happen, if, for every strike that a member of the community would take, there would be launched international campaigns of anti-information concerning the incident and the revolutionaries all over the world passed into action, forcing the officials of every country not to be able to find a place to hide? This is internationalist solidarity and like this the borders brake.
We perceive solidarity as a dynamic, bilateral and multilevel relationship. Bilateral because it consists of two or more parts that have to experience it equally, breaking the miserable custom of the transmitter and the receiver, the ones that 'makes' solidarity and the one that 'receives' it. Multilevel because the level of its validity depends on how common are the targets, the desires the agonies of those that have it. And dynamic because it always wants to evolve, to find imaginative ways to take flesh and bones.
We think as necessary, for the evolution of the revolutionary plan, the actual application of the proposal for international networking. The creation of a horizontal, diffused and continuously evolving network. A tool of open communication and dialog, as well as a transmitter of ideas and practices among the revolutionaries. So, we include these attacks of ours within the frame of the call for solidarity with the members of the Conspiracy of the Fire Cells on trial, but as well within the formation of an informal anarchist federation based on the proposal of F.A.I. that the Conspiracy of the Fire Cells set in motion again.

On 12 and 13 January we proceeded in a barrage of attacks in the city of Thessaloniki, sending fire signals to our comrades. Thus, we hit:

On the noon of 12 January:
-The office of the journalist and parliament member with LA.O.S. Angelos Kolokotronis. A price from us to him, for his 35 years of serving as chief editor in big newspapers like our well known Snitch-donia (Makedonia) and in many other para-information media, as well as for his extreme right wing beliefs.
-The offices of the Union of retired police officers in Promitheos str.

On the night of 13 January
-2 car vehicles belonging to cops in the region of Peraia.
-A car belonging to the diplomatic corps in Ano Toumpa region.

SOLIDARITY with the urban guerrilla fighters GERASIMOS TSAKALOS-PANAGIOTIS ARGIROU- HARIS HADJIMICHELAKIS, members of the R.O. Conspiracy of the Fire Cells and with all those tried for this case.


We never forget our insubordinate brothers DIMITRIS DIMTSIADIS-HARALAMBOS TSILIANIDIS-DIMITRIS FESSAS-SOKRATIS TZIFKAS-GIANNIS SKOULOUDIS and we would like to remind them that the bet of destruction and creation is still on.

informal anarchist federation- Cell of Revolutionary Solidarity

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Ghent - Belgium; Anarchist in Court for Attacks Against Police Stations

suie e cendres

This Wednesday 26 of January, an anarchist comrade from Ghent will be on trail for attacks against police stations which took place in the night of 9 to 10 of May 2010.
That night was a night of modest, but passionate acts of resistance: the windows of the police station of Gentbrugge smashed, tags left on the police station, on the building of the socialist syndicate, on banks and a incendiary attack against another policestation in Meulestede. That night, 30 min after the facts, a comrade was arrested by a police patrol. She was taken to the police station and interrogated, but she refused to answer any question. Next day, police did two house searches and took anarchist pamphlets and books, posters and her computer. A few hours later, our comrade was released.
This Wednesday will take place her proces. She is incriminated for the tags and the smashing of the windows of the police station.
To read the communiqué by comrades from Ghent in French, see:

Trento Italy; ENI Petrol Pumps Sabotaged


TRENTO - We learn from local newspapers that during the night presumably between January 18 and 19 a brand new ENI petrol station which had yet come into operation was damaged, 5 pumps were damaged by the blows of a sledgehammer, destroying the display. 10 thousand euro damage. Written on the windows of the content, "ENI-AGIP dispensors of misery from Tunisia to Nigeria. "

Teramo Italy; Cisl Head Office Attacked


indymedia abruzzo, from the newspapers - Action against the Cisl (Italian Confederation of Trade Unions)in piazza Verdi, Roseto, province of Teramo. On one of the windows was written "SERVI" (SERVANTS),while the other two were broken, in spite of the fact that one of them was unbreakable it was drilled from side to side, so much so that the glass ended up on the floor of the next room.

Bologna, Italy - Incendiary attack against Unindustria


"Il Resto del Carlino"
BOLOGNA, January 20, 2011 - The State Attorney is investigating the fire that occurred last night in the courtyard of the headquarters of Unindustria* in via Serlio in Bologna, where two cars were set on fire (and a third was partially involved). An investigation has been initiated against the crime of damage as a result of fire.
For the moment, the attention of investigators has turned to the slogan "hard struggle no to blackmail" and that was found in the courtyard in which the cars were set on fire (near the car was found plastic bottle with traces of flammable liquid). The investigators' priority is to find out whether or not it was written last night.
To understand this, the public prosecutor has ordered a series of extensive tests on the writing a piece of plaster has been removed from the wall and sent for analysis, and the writing has been covered with cellophane to prevent it from spoiling. "It 's essential to understand if the event is in some way related to the evocative message, or if the message is pre-existing, in which case the two can not be united," says the prosecutor.

*Unindustria Bologna with over 2,000 member companies is one of the largest enterprise associations in Italy.

Responcibility Claim from Hania, Crete, Greece 23/1/11

“Doubt. Refusal. Attack. I dispute and despise the code of values of this society. I deny to compromising. I attackfiercely on everything that limits us, underestimates us, enslaves us. The choice of Revolution, permanent and inalterable Now and Always.”
Haris Hadjimihelakis

Historically the state is the evolution of a gang of people, that with as a tool the laws, fear, the repression and with as a pretext safety they aim to achieve the armouring of their interests, theirs and the bosses.

Thus, with the use of violence, physical or not, they try to impose the social conditions of subjugation and solidify social peace. Especially now that the reliability of the political system is decomposing and the capitalistic “balloons” of “growth” and “prosperity” have bursted, the distress of sovereignty for its perpetuation becomes even more evident. It upgrades therefore its arsenal in order to face the internal enemy. It votes terror laws, it harasses, it represses.

At this moment in the cells of “democracy” there are dozens of anarchists that chose to move into the path of fire and resistance, aiming at the destruction of the state and its mechanisms, until the individual and social liberation.

The objective of the state, apart from the physical extermination, is also their social isolation. Thus, it does not hesitate to criminalize political, social, even friendly relations. The examples are many with most recent that of Fee Mayer.
“Isolate them!”. We have heard it many times from them but also from the parrots of the Media of Mass taming, commonly journalists. However, they are not address only the imprisoned television viewers, but also those parts of society that resist. Placing dilemmas and separating the tactics of struggle they seek its division and self-amputation. The fight against the state and the bosses is multiform, multidimensional and multileveled, however the aim is one: the destruction of the rotten existing for the individual and social liberation.

In the frames of this struggle we choose not to leave any fighter alone. We stand in solidarity to those that have clearly chosen side. That of resistance, revolutionary conscience, rage.

Thus, we as well, the dawn of 21-1-11 we chose to deliver to flames 2 armoured vehicles for money transfers of Brinks company sending our own flaming signal. The target was far from accidental since the security companies come to cover the gap left by the governmental dogs of the “safety” forces. They have been assigned to guard many public buildings and services as well as the transport of the wealth, ensuring the smooth flow of money. They protect the bosses and their properties, those that with so much passion they defend. Its the companies themselves that the “democratic” regimes in Europe and America have assigned to manufacture and operation of private prisons and the creation of private armies.

We dedicate this action to anarchist revolutionaries Gerasimos Tsakalos - Panagiotis Argirou – Haris Hadjimihelakis, members of the Revolutionary Organization Conspiracy Cells of Fire as well as Panagiotis Masouras - Konstantina Karakatsani - Alexandros Mitrousias - Giorgos Karagiannidis that are persecuted for same case.

PS1. We do not forget the unrepentant revolutionary urban guerillas N.Maziotis – P.Roupa - K.Gournas members of the armed organization Revolutionary Struggle as well as the anarchist fighters that are persecuted for the same case.

Honour for ever to Lambros Foundas member of R.S.

PS2. Freedom to the anarchist comrades that are confined in the hell-holes of “democracy”.

PS3. We stand in solidarity to every prisoner that fights consciously, with dignity, against the rotten institution of prisons.


Night time Troublemakers

boubourAs translation actforfreedomnow!

Berlin - Update LIEBIG 14 Eviction

More Information about expected troubles in Berlin 2/2/2011

People from all over Europe will defend Liebig 14 in Berlin.
The day of eviction will be 2nd of february.
May be riots around this day.
Info point in Berlin Friedrichshain from 29.january till 3.fenruary is in Scharnweber Straße 38
Info telefon in this period: 0157 / 872 107 77 and 0176 / 383 413 42
Legal team: 030 / 69 22222
Sleeping places:


More Info:

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Thessaloniki 4 trial, day #3

Thessaloniki 4 trial, update day #3 by some attendants in solidarity

The court dealt with two witnesses against Fernando, two against Kastro and the chief of the squad that arrested Simon. The trial was suspended at the end of the hearing on Tuesday18 Janaury as the Thessaloniki lawyers’ union would be on strike Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The court will reconvene Monday 24 January. There is a certain pressure to get through the remaining police witnesses plus all the defense witnesses (another 12 or so) plus the testimonies of the 3 accused present in the court. All this has to be completed by Friday 28 January as the senior judge (of the panel of 3 judges) is due to leave Thessaloniki that weekend to take up a new position in Athens.

Thessaloniki 4 trial, day 3, Tuesday 18 January 2011

Update from day #3 of the Court of Appeals of our four comrades in Thessaloniki, Greece. Police witnesses gave evidence against Fernando, Kastro and Simon.

Background information at

Tuesday 18 January 2011, 9am, Thessaloniki Courthouse.

The Court opened and began hearing the testimony of police officer #10, from an Athens-based riot squad. He was Fernando’s arresting officer. He testified how his squad had arrived on Ignatia firing gas and was immediately confronted by a group of demonstrators, who were so close it was a “body-to-body” fight. Police officer 10 stated that he saw Fernando throw a molotov at his team from a distance of only 2 or 3 metres, and then fire a flare at them. Both missed. He said that they then arrested Fernando, who they claim was carrying a rucksack on his back, in which they found a slingshot and metal ball ammunition.

Officer #10 testified that he took Fernando and the bag to the arrest team’s police car, and he was transferred to the preliminary investigation team’s police station. No charges were ever brought for the slingshot, nor for the flare. Fernando had originally been accused of throwing a number of molotovs, but in the second trial this had been reduced to just one. Fernando had always denied having any bag with him, and denied throwing anything at the police officers.

When the original report by officer #10 into Fernando’s arrest was made at the police station later that night, no mention of the bag was made in the list of his possessions. The defence argued that there was no molotov, no flare and no bag. Officer #10 stated that he was tired when he made his original testimony and had simply forgotten to include mentioning the bag (ie, the evidence!) The bag is only mentioned in statements made later that night. The defence asked that the bag be presented to the court, though at the moment it cannot be located.

A further witness (police officer #11) was only added to the case against Fernando nearly 18 months later, in September 2004. Officer #11 was not mentioned in the initial testimony of officer #10 at the time of making this first report. He explained that he had gone to the police station where Fernando was being held that night, but he had not given evidence as he had been injured during the confrontations and had returned to base where he was seen by a doctor who gave him some stitches to the wrist, though no medical note was recorded of the injury or the treatment.

The defence pointed out that other police officers, more seriously injured than he was, had made statements regarding arrests they had been involved with only a day or so after the demonstration, whereas police officer 11 had waited nearly 18 months before giving evidence against Fernando.

There were numerous inconsistencies between the evidence given by officer #10 and officer #11 in this trial, and between their evidence at the first trial in 2008 and the current appeal trial. One or both of them had to be mistaken, as both of them could not be right. Officer #11 was asked again why he had not testified at the time of the arrest, and he replied that his superior officer had thought that officer ##10′s statement would be sufficient.

Officer #12 was the commander of the riot squad which arrested Simon. He stuck to the whole story about the blue and the black rucksacks. Again, he only gave evidence after the video and photographic evidence (in Simon’s favour) had been widely published. He said that his squad had gathered up abandoned rucksacks of broken and unbroken molotovs from the street and had placed them around Simon – who, by police officer 12′s testimony, was soaked head-to-toe in petrol – as this was the safest place for them. The lawyer asked him to confirm that the safest place for bags of leaking petrol bombs was next to a man soaked in petrol surrounded police, who, by their own testimony, were still on the receiving end of molotovs and stones being thrown at them. Some eyebrows were raised.

He was asked about Simon’s injuries. He said that he thought Simon could have been bleeding from the head before the arrest was made, or that he hurt the front of his head while falling (on his back!) or that perhaps a stone had hit him at some point. Officer #12 confirmed that his riot squad had taken Simon with them into further confrontations with molotov-throwing demonstrators, that Simon was handcuffed and that Simon had been made to carry the black bag of molotovs for at least 2 and maybe 3 hours. He was asked why it was too dangerous to take the blue rucksack (allegedly full of broken molotov bottles) with them as evidence, but it was safe to take a man soaked in petrol, handcuffed and carrying a bag full of unbroken molotovs. All police officer #12 could say was that the blue bag was too dangerous to transport.

The next police witness, police officer 13, was a now-retired commander of a Thessaloniki riot squad who had arrested Kastro. He stated that he had seen Kastro on the edges of a crowd of around 400 protesters in Aristotle Square, and that Kastro was handed molotovs from the crowd – 5 or maybe 7 molotovs – which he then threw at the police from a distance of around 70 metres. He said that no harm could have done to police or civilians or to property. He testified that Kastro had tried to escape through the ruins of the ancient market area at the top of the square, and had popped up suddenly very close to officer #13, who now – after an hour of observing Kastro’s alleged molotov-throwing – decided to move in and arrest him with a number of other officers.

Kastro was accused of carrying a rucksack containing 2 slingshots, metal balls as ammunition for them, a gas mask and personal documents which confirmed his identity. The defence pointed out that at the first trial in 2008 police officer 13 had been certain that there was a real risk of harm to police and civilians from the molotovs allegedly thrown by Kastro, but in this, the second trial, there was no such risk. Kastro had always maintained that he did not carry a rucksack that day.

Officer #13 did not know what happened to the rucksack after Kastro was taken away in a police car, nor where the bag is now. The defence spent a long time trying to establish where officer #13 and his squad were at various times of the day during the confrontations, pointing out the inconsistencies between the initial testimony at the time of the arrest, revised statements made in 2004, testimony at the the first trial in 2008 and the evidence of officer #13 in court now in January 2011. The defence noted that in the initial arrest statements against Kastro that no description of him, no outstanding features had been included. These descriptions only appear in police officer #13′s 2004 testimony.

Police officer #14 also gave evidence against Kastro and followed what his boss had said, though he added that he had seen Kastro firing screws or other metallic objects at the police with a slingshot. There were again numerous inconsistencies between his testimony at the first trial and at the current trial, especially about his location at various times. One important point made by the defence was that it seemed that the police were saying that Kastro’s actions took place before the rally organised by the trade unions, though the trade union speakers on the stage reported that there were no disturbances in Aristotle Square before they had begun to address the crowd. Timing was therefore extremely important.

In the original arrest report made against Kastro, there was no mention of the personal documents allegedly found in the rucksack: it is these documents which allegedly prove that the bag belonged to Kastro, but they have not been produced in evidence, and neither has the bag itself. It is not clear what these documents were (it was difficult to understand what was going on as there was a lot of shouting and confusion in the court).

Kastro asked why he had not been arrested for an hour, even though he was separated from the crowd in the square and had allegedly thrown 5, 7, 10 or more molotovs towards the police. Kastro stated that riot squads would usually immediately arrest anyone for throwing anything at them, even empty plastic bottles. Why had he not been arrested sooner? And if his intention had been to fight the police, why did he not wear the gas mask, why had he not dressed for street-fighting? Police officer #14 didn’t know.



After communicating with prisoners of the C.C.F., we transfer their point of view for Mondays trial.

The comrades will keep an uncompromising attitude and will not withdraw their demand against the registering of the information of solidarians that want to be at the trial. If the judges decide to deny the comrades demand, they will leave the court room with their advocates and declare the beginning of their prison food abstinence.

In the case that the court appoints its own lawyers so this parody can continue with out them, the comrades will escalate from the beginning of the next trial starting a hunger strike, until their demand for easy and free access for us all to the trial, is granted.


translation of anonymous communique (photos: Le Progrè
January 21, 2011 – France
“One night, our team of 6, 2 lookouts, 4 actors, placed 2 incendiary devices (gas canisters) in the administration building at BIOMATECH (vivisectors).
5 stakeouts were necessary for this action in honor of Costa, Billy and Silvia.
BIOMATECH, based in France, kill thousands of dogs, rabbits, sheep, pigs, ponies…
We will not let them commit their crimes or allow the proposed expansion of this torture center.
“Une nuit, notre team de 6, 2 sentinelles, 4 exécutants, a placé 2 dispositifs incendiaries (bouteilles de gaz) dans le department exécutif de BIOMATECH (vivisecteurs).
5 repérages furent nécessaries pour cette action en honneur à Costa, Billy et Silvia.
BIOMATECH, basé en France, massacre des milliers de chiens, lapins, moutons, cochons, poneys…
Nous n’allons pas les laisser perpétrer leurs crimes et laisser faire le projet d’extension de ce centre de torture.
The newspaper Le Progrès reported that the fire, which occurred early on December 12, destroyed two floors of the administration building. Biomatech’s administration building is separate from the laboratory facility.
Biomatech is partially owned by NAMSA (North American Science Associates). In the U.S., NAMSA reported using over 17,000 guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, dogs, sheep and pigs in research and testing in 2009.

Responsibility claim for two-day arson barrage Athens Monday, January 17, 2011

Saturday night 15/1 and Sunday 16/1 we torched:
- bank of Proton Bank in Vironas area
- Local organization of PASOK (ruling party) in Moshato,
- Two vehicles of a security company in Gizi,
- Personal motorbike of a cop who lives in Exarchia (Asimaki Fotila street).

We dedicate these actions to our imprisoned comrades accused in the case of the "Conspiracy of Cells of Fire" and tried as of today in the political court marshal in Koridallos prison. Three of those have taken the political responsibility for the organization, while the others deny their participation, but keep intact their rebelliousness and dignity. We pledge that we will not leave any imprisoned revolutionary alone. These violent acts of resistance are not only fair, but also the duty of every person who puts themselves against a world where exploitation and injustice reign and money is in charge. The individual agreements and disagreements are to be discussed; what is non-negotiable is: solidarity between individuals and groups who are fighting for freedom in every way and with any means.

Also, towards the new treaty that criminalizes social, political and personal relationships (like in the case of the notorious "safehouse" of Halandri, but recently the case of the four comrades wanted for arson in Thessaloniki), we respond with even more rage and anger, more litres of petrol and butane bottles. Of course, we do not forget the famously disgusting minions of the system, the journalists, who for a salary and a career, mock and step on the freedom and the dignity of our comrades, repeating the lies of the police and presenting various scenarios of their imagination; to try, condemn and destroy lives and reputations, before “civil justice” does it officially. They should know that on this side of the war, memory and honour is in excess, and sooner or later they will pay for the dirty role they have chosen in life.

Finally, we want to say that we chose to act on this theoretically "tough" weekend before the beginning of the trial, when the police have unleashed their obvious and also hidden running dogs, in fear of a new armed attack, to break in this way the terror and fear that the State attempts to impose on society and on people who are fighting. As long as the State is unable to mend the holes of a system that’s collapsing, the noose will tighten and the measures will intensify. We must stand strong and act with all our power, until the Revolution and Liberation, social and individual.

Freedom to H.Hadjimihelakis, P. Argirou, G.Tsakalos who have taken the political responsibility for the "Conspiracy Cells of Fire" and P.Massouras, K.Karakatsani, A.Mitrousias, G.Karagiannidis who are imprisoned for the same case.

Solidarity to all imprisoned anarchists and revolutionaries.
Struggle by any means - Revolution First and Always.

Wolves of Solidarity


note: the "safe house" in Halandri area in Athens was the name given by the media and cops to the house of Haris Hadjimihelakis where they allegedely found homemade bombs and fingerprints which led to most of the arrests in the case.

sabato 22 gennaio 2011

Three undercover political Police unmasked as infiltrators into UK Anarchist, Anti-Fascist and Climate Justice movements

PC Mark Kennedy (AKA "Mark Stone"), "Lyn Watson" and "Mark Jacobs"

Three police officers all thought to work for The National Public Order Intelligence Unit (NPOIU), a political police unit with extensive links to large corporations, have been exposed by activists in the UK.

Two of them are known to have worked outside of UK police jurisdiction. All have actively taken part in illegal activity.

“MARK STONE” Real name Mark Kennedy

Distributed Zapatista Coffee 'Rebelde' from Germany to UK social centres In 2004.

Extensive involvement in Ireland:

* Ireland Early 2004 attended a grassroots gathering promoting Scotland G8,
* Ireland 2004 Mayday protests. Involved in attacking police. Supplied defensive equipment. People serve prison sentences relating to material delivered by him from UK.
* Ireland 2004 Protests against George Bush summit at Dromoland castle.
* Ireland 2005 Attended EFYA winter meeting in Co Clare 2005 Attended a meeting and fund-raiser for the G8 in Belfast.
* Ireland 2006 Attended the Anarchist Bookfair and then went to Rossport solidarity camp.

UK Coordinated transport for the Dissent network of resistance against the G8 camp in Stirling Scotland in 2005. (a fleet of minibuses) Gained name “Transport Mark”

Was involved in planing Camp for Climate Action “land group” from 2006 onwards often in driver role.

Was for a number of years involved in Climate Justice groups which faced repeated raids and arrests. These groups have been actively disrupted during this period.

Had sexual relationships with a number of activists.

Involved in anti-police anti corporate actions with Saving Iceland campaign in Iceland.

Was actively involved in Berlin radical left groups for some months prior to the Heligendam G8. Actively promoted a violent assault on Berlin business district. (Plan B)

Took part in riots surrounding the eviction of ungdomshuset “youth house” In Copenhagen Denmark.

Is believed to have visited Denmark after this point. (can Danish comrades confirm?)

Using established anarchist contacts in Denmark he was well placed to inform on UK activists and others attending the Cop 13 negotiations in 2009.

Involved in anti-fascist activity. Encouraged anti-EDL campaigners to attack coaches carrying members of the extreme nationalist group to Bradford in 2010.

More recent involvement in Animal Rights circles such as attending 2010 international AR gathering in Milan, Italy.

Appears to have moved into Private Spying. He shared a business address with a director of Global Open a company of private spies composed of ex -Special Branch, (political police.)

Kennedys role, has received intense media coverage in the UK, following the collapse of a court case against activists on Monday 10th January. This has led to highest ranking policeman Sir Hugh Orde defending infiltration of left wing groups on the Newsnight television programme.

Mark Kennedy spoke about his infiltration to extreme right-wing newspaper The Mail on Sunday, He claimed to have operational influence over German and Danish police.

Both “Marco Jacobs” and “Mark Stone” attended the Dissent! Europe gathering prior to Strasbourg, France anti NATO in 2009. They arrived together, very little real UK based activist involvement. (same time as G20 London)
“LYNN WATSON” Real name unknown

In late 2003 Lynn Watson attended event at Aldermaston nuclear weapons factory and then joined a Trident Ploughshares affinity group. NVDA anti nuclear weapons group.

She took part in non-violence training (one of the trainers didn’t get there as he was picked up on a warrant as he came off the ferry!) and attended a TP planning meeting.

During 2004 she also went to Aldermaston Womens Peace Camp and was very active in the Block the Builders campaign. (Direct action) She said she lived in Bournemouth and did care work.

In 2005 she moved to Leeds, Yorkshire. Active in environmental activist groups centred around anarchist social centre, The Common Place.

“Lynn Watson” used Bank Account:

Sortcode: 560054
Account Number: 33516774
IBAN: GB97NWBK56005433516774

Lynn was part of a small group who planned the site take for the Camp for Climate action in 2006 drax and 2007 Heathrow, less so 2008 kingsnorth.

Was member of UK Action medics collective, who provide first aid to the direct action community. Lynn was involved with UK action medics at Dissent G8 in Gleneagles 2005, and later that year at Earth First! gathering in Derbyshire. Later, she hosted an Action medics meeting at her house in Leeds.

She was also the UK contact when medics went to G8 in Russia, so the address they were staying at may have been passed on. (to Russian secret state?)

( “Marco Jacobs” filled similar role for CAN!)

Was member of the Rebel Clown Army. (unclear if this made them any less effective)

Had sexual relationships with some activists. Was “camera shy”.

Is not known to have operated outside of the UK. (one unconfirmed sighting with “Mark Stone” in Berlin May 2006)

“Watson” “Stone” and “Jacobs” seem to have disappeared from left political circles in the UK.
"MARCO JACOBS" also known as “Mark Jacobs” Real name unknown

Infiltrated the Dissent! network of resistance against the G8 in Brighton, in 2004. Following suspicions that he was a policeman there, he moved to Cardiff, Wales where he successfully infiltrated Cardiff Anarchist Network (CAN).

He encouraged ideological and personal splits within CAN.

He had at least one sexual relationship within activist circles.

Using his connections he then became involved in the Rising Tide Network. He was at the centre of a set of police raids and arrests that targeted climate justice activists, including one on his own flat.

He was involved in the No Border campaigns for freedom of movement. He was minute taker at UK wide gatherings. He had prior knowledge of No Borders successful blockades to prevent immigration snatch squad dawn raids on families,

He attended (with “Mark Stone”) a meeting in Poland prior to the G8 in Heligendam, It is believed that only one genuine UK based activist was at this event!

He travelled with UK activists to Germany to oppose the G8 in Heligendam, Germany 2007 and was actively involved in autonomous block planning at the Redelich camp.

In 2009 he attended planning meetings in Dijon for the Anti NATO resistance to take place in Strasbourg. He arrived with “Stone” . Set up website promoting this action.

He suddenly pulled out of attending the resistance to the G8 in St Petersburg Russia. Remained in contact with CAN activists in Russia.

Towards the end of his career in Cardiff, friends became suspicious of him and he was increasingly being left out of sensitive discussions. Ironically this included the location of the 2008 Camp for Climate Action, the location of which was known by a small group including “Watson” and “Stone”.

Please add factual comments/corrections here so that statement can been produced for distribution through Indymedia and associated networks.

Please do not post anything you do not have direct knowledge of or can show where it comes from.

Please do not reveal any names or information that may reveal names of people other than the police themselves.

Please do not post the fact you once had tea with one of the infiltrators, only facts which develop a picture of their political involvement.

If groups could make statements that would be helpful.

Face to camera shots of “Marco” and “Lynn” would be very useful Please do not repost information from other media there is a discussion of other media here.

Comrades worldwide feel free to post here if you have information on these police officers.

This post includes comments left here....

ABC Anarres / IMC UK Features
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- Homepage:

INTERNATIONAL SOLIDARITY with the 14 kidnapped by the Chilean ’democracy’.

Welcome to Chile, society of jails and jailers.
This past Saturday the 14th of August, in the cities of Santiago and Valparaíso, an action coordinated by police of all types (special task forces) violently raided three squatted social centers and many private homes in fives communes. The police intimidated people with weapons of war, broke windows and doors, and took many personal items with them from all of the houses.
14 people were detained being informed of the reason for their detention for three hours.
Later? Six people were released on probation for lack of evidence against them. As for the people that remained imprisoned, they were put in isolation cells in maximum security jails where they were awaiting a 180 day long investigation process and potentially a 20 year sentence for alleged illegal terrorist association. They have alleged that these people were involved in making and blowing up the bombs that have erupted lately in the capital. According to the prosecutor, this association was a hierarchical organization directed by key ringleaders.
This supposition is in absolute contradiction with anarchist ideology - most of the kidnapped people have been labeled as anarchists- which is opposed to the concepts of “leaders” and “hierarchies”…
Furthermore, this charade, a perfect outcome for the puppeteers and jailers who desire to keep their power. Above all, this has been the result of those citizens, who like their peace so much and through their deafness and silence, are helping to erase the oppressed, the masquerades, jails, and resignations.....
"The bombs case" is the title that keeps appearing in the headlines of the newspapers like a bad novel, in which the main characters, the Minister/Secretary of the Interior, the prosecutor and his police henchmen are trying to catch the ’undesirable’ anarchists. The beginning of the ’bombs case’ is a police persecutions saga that dates back to the 10th of September, the eve of a historic date in Chile, on which people mourn their dead and disappeared ones from the dictatorship, while others display their discontent with the falseness of a democracy that has not changed much from a dictatorship.
In this context, a molotov bomb was thrown at the house of the government. The images went around the world; the symbol of the concord of democratic parties was blown into pieces; the fraternal unifying factor of the left has been altered. Two weeks later, a vast police contingent raided the squat "la mansión siniestra" and arrested 6 people, who, to their own surprise had become, thanks to the distorting role of the press, an illegal association of "molotov bombs makers", "violent criminals", "vandals". This scenario is the one that the 14 accused comrades were facing.
Back then, the police never thought that evidence was necessary, because the things they seized as alleged bomb making materials were no more than common domestic utensils. These molotovs never existed. During the judiciary process, the 6 antagonists of this story were allegedly the worst moral aberrations; public opinion has given legitimacy to the sentence of up to five years in jail … But OOPS...’mistake’! The accusations were fake, the police’s masquerade had been revealed. Finally, these 6 people did not serve the time they were sentenced. But that’s only after spending 11 days in a high security prison. Just as expected, no institution was held accountable for the irreversible physical and psychological punishments and damages inflicted on the detainees, nor for the personal belongings that were seized from their them and their comrades.
Four years have gone by since this incident, and with its passing, the travesty of justice, the inequalities and the repressions remain the order of the day.
Only to talk about JUST A FEW concrete examples:
According to the survey of "national socio-economic characterization" (CASEN) the economic gap has increased from 13% to 15% since 2006. Meanwhile the administration of the government wants to spend 135 thousand millions of pesos to build, starting this year, 10 new prisons, which would add to the total of more than 16,500 new vacancies in the prison system. It is important to note, according to the sources of the mideplan, that 64% of the prison population are illiterate or have not finished their basic studies and are the poorest and the most marginalized people in Chilean society. This illustrates that the interest of the system is to imprison the most marginal instead of educating them and providing them with the tools for a better life.
These prisons need jailers…
The alliance of ’democratic’ parties was in charge of the government for a decade after the dictatorship, killing 42 people, and helping, instead of changing, the development of the ’political constitution of Chile’ that was created by the dictatorship, strengthening it with reforms and continuing with its tradition of criminalizing social movements and perfecting the Anti-terrorism Law. One of the modifications to the Anti-Terrorism Law was to give policemen a status of ’witnesses of faith’, whereby they frequently do not have to present concrete evidence against the accused, which gives the legal support to the masquerade/ setups for those who represent a threat to the system. Among other barbarities, now in 2010, the turn of the ’coalition for change’ with Sebastian Piñera in power. This regime is pro-dictatorship and a huge collaborator with the establishment of the neoliberal model. Let’s not forget that he was also the one that gave the Chileans the opportunity of having credit cards to live working in order to pay their debts. But above all, nowadays M. Piñera is famous for his campaign ’the Battle against Delinquency’, in which he shows us his support for a policy of more ’security’, in other words, and to be less moderate with the term, jailers that secure the power of their friends the businessmen and capitalists. To make sure that things proceed smoothly, the president will reinforce the repression against historically repressed populations, increasing police personnel to 15000 carabineros and increasing the salaries of civilian police, who have had in the last few months their salaries increased by 18%.
This is how, the ’Battle against Delinquency’, is an exemplary example that shows how the inefficacy of the alliance of political parties has erupted tragically in our lives. Today we become its scapegoats, displayed like pariahs in an outlandish play, in order to legitimize their ventures and win ’moral sympathies’ among the spectators and the right. In this hunt to cover up facts, which have been intentionally invisible in the media, the hunger strike of 32 Mapuche political prisoners, who fight the adversity of Chilean justice and demand their natural rights, is being hidden. Or another omission, the use of cheap, insufficient equipment to attempt the ’rescue’ of 33 miners trapped only a few days earlier this week.
Today, these 14 comrades, among them, anarchists, communicators and social fighters, show solidarity to unjust causes, are involved in open squatted social centers where they sustain libraries, video libraries, gardens, and people who exchange and question ideas and actions in forums and activities conducted in a horizontal manner. These people are automatically criminalized; prosecutors have enough ambiguous evidence to take their freedom away from them. For example, a tapped telephone call where a mother demanded that one of the accused people be taken care of; this was used as evidence against her. The open squatted spaces and the people who are committed to denouncing and transforming on a daily basis their own lives and their society have become more vulnerable to the apprehensions of the state and its prosecutions, which illustrates that this prosecution is also ideological.
Now...Who are the terrorists? .
We make a call to build an international support network for the people imprisoned on the 14th of August. Today more than ever! Internationalists of the world to solidarity and action, to face the kidnappings and lies of the Chilean state!.

venerdì 21 gennaio 2011

Switzerland - Anarchist comrade Marco Camenisch transferred yet again

indymedia svizzera

During the course of a night operation Marco Camenisch has had to change prisons yet again. This time he has been deported to Lenzburg in the Argovia canton!
Inside and outside one struggle!!
Free all prisoners!

Arson attack in Hania, Crete, Greece 21/1/11

Hania, Crete, Greece
Two armoured security vehicles were torched in Hania, in the area of Chrisopigi outside the city. Two incendiary devices made of gas cannisters were used. The vehilcles were parked a few metres away from their offices and despite two fire trucks arriving fast, the fire spread.

Three undercover political Police unmasked as infiltrators into UK Anarchist, Anti-Fascist and Climate Justice movements

Update: 4th Spy: “Jim Sutton”

“Mark Stone”, “Lynn Watson” and “Marco Jacobs”.

Three police officers all thought to work for The National Public Order Intelligence Unit (NPOIU), a political police unit with extensive links to large corporations, have been exposed by activists in the UK.

Two of them are known to have worked outside of UK police jurisdiction. All have actively taken part in illegal activity.


Open letter by Fee Marie Meyer on her recent arrest by the anti-terrorist unit (greece athens)


[Translator's note] Fee Marie Meyer was arrested in the afternoon of Friday, January 14th by men of the anti-terrorist unit outside her home in Athens. The police have officially confirmed the only piece of “evidence” against her is her personal friendship with Christos Politis, another anarchist currently in prison for his alleged participation in an urban guerrilla group the police won't even bother to name.
Soon after Fee's arrest, police “leaked” to the media an astonishing, catchy and – as was soon to be proven – fabricated story: Fee was supposedly the daughter of former RAF member Barbara Meyer and her father was supposed to have been killed in a shoot-out with the police in Vienna, Austria. “Meyer” is an extremely common surname in German; the Barbara Meyer who had joined RAF had nothing to do with Fee's mother whatsoever. An unimportant detail for mainstream media in Greece, which were quick to reproduce the police propaganda. Onward to Fee's own words...
[Greek original]
Now that the lights of the show have switched off and the stage curtains have been shut, the time has come for me to talk. In the way that I want. About what happened, what kind of games I believe have been played on my own back but also beyond myself; to talk about all the things that should concern any thinking individual in the Greek territory.
Regarding my “case”: by now I am fairly certain that from the moment when my personal details were passed on to the well-known brainiacs of the anti-terrorist unit (which was completely justified of course – I had a drink, you see, with the wrong people) the game was all set. Let alone when they google'd my surname (as common as Papadopoulos in Greece [or Smith in UK/US – trans.]) and –imagine their joy – they discovered my rich “family” background. My father's different name was a minor detail (after all, “their lot sleep with everyone else”) as was my mother's different date of birth.
From the moment when reality didn't work for them, it had to be adjusted. I had to fit the role they had prepared for me. They abducted me on Friday [January 14] at 3pm, at the moment when I was leaving my home to go to the language school where I teach. At least ten people with balaclavas, after wearing one to me too, took me to the 12th floor of the Police HQ in Athens without saying a single word. There, after been interrogated by six people, I was shown a photograph depicting myself and my friend and comrade Christos Politis. They asked me if I knew him and after responding positively, saying that he is one more person they have sent to prison unjustly, their commander ordered boldly to “go ahead with the usual procedure”. They stripped me off my clothes, logged all my details, stole my shirt and my socks – obviously without telling me what I am accused of and of course without paying any attention to my demand to see a lawyer.
The time is important since from 5pm already the whole story of my supposed parents had broken out. This explains perfectly why while I was resisting them photographing me, they would photograph me with their mobile phones, to steal a picture. Otherwise their hot topic wouldn't sell as much...
For years now we know how these mechanisms operate, rotten to the bone; we know that the informants-journalists (with a handful yet important exceptions) switch between reproducing police lies or handing orders to them. Ready to shred any life that is thrown at their sharp teeth, ready to eat up truths and spit out lies. Vile creatures...
What I had not imagined, at least personally, is the completely shameless way in which this happens, here and now.
When the fiasco had started to become clear, and while I personally did not yet know any of filth that had come to light, some officer responsible for “international terrorism” invited me to his office. He started to engage in “friendly talk” about when exactly my father was killed in a shoot-out! In all truth, my jaw must have hit the floor at that moment, especially when he told me with a smiler that “well, I am more interested in your mother's international arrest warrant” … The only thing he didn't do was to charge me with covering up a criminal, since I didn't state my parents' names from the upstart...
But then again, I did a lot of things. As the attorney general said, “they confiscated a lot, unusually lots” of things in my house... brushes, clothes, tooth-brushes, pillow-cases and... printed material. Material that proves beyond any doubt that I am an anarchist, something that I hadn't thought for a moment to hide and so, - as this educated woman, the attorney general, so eloquently put- I am a terrorist and so allowing a possibility even for my freedom to be denied until the judge committee decides on my case!
If she wants to imprison me for this [for being an anarchist] yes I am guilty and I will always be. I will always stand on the side of the exploited, not the exploiters, for ever, until there is no longer any authority of human over any other human and of the humans over animals and nature. But I publicly and seriously demand that the charges against me change. That they write the real charges, so no-one can beat around the bush: They should turn the charge into “she is an anarchist and she reads. She has relationships with many people who still struggle and of this, she is proud”.
Charge, aim and shoot us at the wall of Kesariani [a reference to the wall where Nazi soldiers would execute partisans in Athens – trans].
I read somewhere that the face of a political regime is shown by the way in which it treats its political opponents. The glory of Greece! [popular expression used to emphasise the arbitrariness of state power in Greece, untranslatable – trans].
The times we live in are fluid, strange, constantly changing. In times of institutional and financial crises authority will always play with the carrot and the stick, fear and security. They want no-one to react to anything, not to speak, not to look around them, not to think differently, or if possible not to think at all. Lobotomise us at birth, then, to get done with it!
They try to enforce everywhere their frightening and absolute homogeneity; their absolutely and thoroughly studied inhumanity.
In the Greek territories at this moment there are approximately 40 people held for political reasons. Most of these have not even stood trial and yet they are held in maximum security prisons; others are not tried in public or open trials; others are held without the tiniest bit of evidence against them, only based on their belief, on their solidarity-based life stance they take in their personal relationships.
Ever-conservatively and in an ever more fascist way, they want to impose isolation, loneliness, the logic of “each for their own”; they want us to only watch trash TV, to consume life substances, lies, spectacle. Not to talk to acquaintances, not to go or invite people to our homes, not to meet anyone or to ask them to inform us of the information police hold on them in advance, better not, we might get in trouble.
They want us to stop feeling, to act based on the lowest instincts of survival and self-preservation, based on sadism of the “spy-hole”, to snoop other peoples' lives, losing our own in the process.
They want us to hate, to condemn anything that is different, people from other places, co-workers from other sectors, anyone who thinks or lives differently.
All of them are dangerous [we are told] and we must hate them, since hatred breeds fear and vice-versa.
This is the fear that they step on in order to impose their mortal security, the dying sounds of a society denouncing the very last of the links that define it as such.
Only three words are enough, I believe, in order for the human element in humans to be defined. Dignity-Freedom-Solidarity. None can exist without the other two, none of them falls from the sky. They take virtue and dare. But these are the difficult meanings that give substance to the Human, which turn survival into life.
They can only control us, shred us into bits and isolate us for as long as we stand on our knees with our back bended over by the lash, chasing whatever carrot comes by.
Let's resist! When we raise our head and look ourselves in the eyes again, their shaky structure will collapse like a paper tower. Because the catastrophe at this moment might have fallen upon your neighbour's house, but tomorrow it will be at yours.
Let's resist! Because everywhere in the world there are people who dare to raise their heads. Everywhere and at all times, at every single tiny moment when someone raises their gaze to the sky and the limitless horizon they had forgotten from their childhood, the human element in the Human is reborn.
Enough, we have tolerated them for too long! Struggle for the entire earth and for freedom, struggle for our lives and our dignity.
The state and the Media are the only terrorists.
Solidarity to everyone who struggles is not just our weapon, it is a given.

Slightly altering the well-known poem [by Martin Niemoller – trans.]:
First they came for my neighbour,
and I didn't speak out because he was a foreigner.
When they came for the next one he was a Roma,
and I didn't speak out again.
Then they took the poor one, the tramp, the anarchist, the Leftist.
In the end they came for me.
… and it was only then I realised there was no-one left to react...
Fee Marie Meyer

Open letter by Philip and Pepe Mayer about the sycophancies and the puplications by some parrots of the state about our sister.

Statement of arrested anarchist Fee-Marie Mayer's mother, Barbara Mayer

READ ....../

‘We are spectators of the same project’Letter by Sarantos Nikitopoulos’ parents athens greece 19/1


Letter by Sarantos Nikitopoulos’ parents
Déjà vu (As long as we leave these practices unanswered, they’ll keep repeating as a bad hoax)
With feelings of anger, we witnessed the previous days’ orgy of disinformation fed by the Greek police against Marie Fee Meyer. The vile lies about her parents came to cover lack of incriminating evidence and create the necessary climate for the ‘public opinion’ so that her pre-trial remand – sought by the anti-terrorist unit – would be enforced. The anarchist young woman’s ‘crime’ was that she had a coffee with a fugitive comrade, an old friend of hers. To seal this ‘criminal activity’, her mother had to be presented as a RAF’s wanted person* while her father had to drop dead in a gunfight in Austria, all for the amenity of the high-ranking journalists-parrots – with the Chairman of the Journalists Union of the Athens Daily Newspapers (‘ESIEA’) as principal first violin.
This particular lie had short legs and was discovered shortly before Fee’s issue left the voracious publicity. The journalists themselves, propagandists of security, appeared on TV channels and accused the police, to rid any responsibility off them – a responsibility they bear in full all these years for rehashing the anti-terrorist unit’s leaks.
All these salaried propagandists of security did not report that is not the first time they do mudslinging against a person who is being prosecuted under comradely relations. The same staggering scenario was played during the arrests on the Revolutionary Struggle’s case and in particular against our son, Sarantos Nikitopoulos, who from day one denies all charges against him (a, b, c).
In those days of April [2010], Sarantos was presented with shamelessly lies as a ‘member of the Revolutionary Struggle’s hard core’. A barrage of false information followed, for example that he was an ‘accomplice of Lambros Foundas in Daphni’s gunfight’, that in our residence ‘a pistol was discovered which has not been used’, while presumption of tele-guilt was also our home’s address, ‘in the heart of Exarchia.’ At the same time, Sarantos appeared as to have ‘participated in meetings of the Revolutionary Struggle’s members in six different parts of Attica.’ Only if the babble [of media and police] continued, something would be left…
The lack of evidence against him was offset by the storm of slander that was unleashed through the parrots, supposedly journalists. The script promised continuity in the data flow about Sarantos Nikitopoulos amid the coming days. As the days went by and these new evidence never showed up (since they never even existed), upstart ‘irrefutable physiognomists-psychologists’ were conscripted by TV channels and newspapers. Thus, we found out that ‘Sarantos’ thin lips betray his ruthless character,’ that he is ‘the group’s philosopher’ and ‘invisible moderator.’
Ridiculousness of ‘valid journalism’ loses any of the limitations, on the altar of audience, when it comes to support the choices of the Greek police. Ten months later and while the investigative process is completed, Sarantos remains in pretrial detention, still waiting for incriminating evidence against him… Amid crisis, however, the journalists-parrots continue to earn their worthy salary.
Stathis Sar. Nikitopoulos – Lena Nikitopoulos, 19-1/2011



It must break on all levels through struggles. Solidarity to the struggling prisoners is only one of these levels and my personal opinion is that we should not look at it with introversion and divide it from the present social situation.

Sarantos Nikitopoulos
6th wing. koridallos prisons
September 2010

Prisoner support newsletter and updates

Although the newsletter was only finalised a week ago, in this fast-moving world it is already out of date! Jock Palfreeman’s appeal hearing came to an end on 19 January, and Jock now has a slow wait for upto 30 days whilst the court considers it’s verdict on his appeal against his sentence and the procedures used in his trial. In Greece the appeal of the Thessaloniki 4, including Londoner Simon Chapman, has begun, and like Jock’s we see plenty of evidence that the cops and prosecution have been telling lies/witholding evidence. You can get daily reports ‘From the Greek Streets’ of the Thessaloniki 4 trial, and communiques & updates from other trials in Greece at Act For Freedom. In Bristol we have joined with Kebele Sound to organise a benefit on Saturday 5 February (see image) for the Thessaloniki 4 solidarity campaign, and for the Bristol DA bust fund which will support those with problems arising from taking direct action.

There will be more to come, for the struggle for freedom remains inevitable.
We remain enthused by the actions of students and youth in late 2010 across the UK, into Italy, and spreading across Europe, giving a small indication that the ongoing 2 year rebellion in Greece is slowly spreading an anti-capitalist virus that the state has no final antidote to. Encouraging in these struggles have been displays of solidarity with people arrested, and a very fast learning curve amongst protesters of the need for legal info & support.

Most prisoner support and anti-prison groups, like us, are small with meagre resources, and composed of people who are also involved with other projects. Whilst our efforts remain small in the context of larger struggles, we do detect a growth of understanding of the need for prisoner & defendant solidarity, and of the need to expose and defy the growing prison society around us. We send our support to those prisoners who recently at Ford prison and elsewhere have struck back at the petty rules and outright inhumanity inherent in the prison system. We welcome the growth in New Year’s Eve noise & solidarity protests outside prisons – Bristol saw another one this year up in Horfield, and around the world such protests were more numerous and antagonistic. We look to Greece once again as an example of growing links and joint activity between those locked up and those continuing the fight on the outside. If 2011 does indeed contain an explosion in social struggles, we can be sure of one thing – the state and it’s corporate masters will respond brutally, and this will mean many more defendants and prisoners. The provision of solidarity and mutual aid across the UK and internationallly with be crucial in maintaining the growing strength of our social movements and ensuring that nobody is forgotten inside the prison walls. We aim to do what we can to help with this.

To kick off 2011 we have produced the first of an occassional series of newsletters. Download a copy here (pdf): bristol_newsletter1 The newsletter contains a review of some of the prisoners/situations we supported in 2010, along with brief notes on what we do and why. We continue slowly updating and improving our blog, and have several more useful & informative pages to add soon. We have also improved the links to provide easier access to news of resistance and solidarity internationally. We will also continue doing what we did in 2010, publishing a regular prisoner list, hosting letter-writing nights, fundraising and providing info and support.

Although the newsletter was only finalised a week ago, in this fast-moving world it is already out of date! Jock Palfreeman’s appeal hearing came to an end on 19 January, and Jock now has a slow wait for upto 30 days whilst the court considers it’s verdict on his appeal against his sentence and the procedures used in his trial. In Greece the appeal of the Thessaloniki 4, including Londoner Simon Chapman, has begun, and like Jock’s we see plenty of evidence that the cops and prosecution have been telling lies/witholding evidence. You can get daily reports ‘From the Greek Streets’ of the Thessaloniki 4 trial, and communiques & updates from other trials in Greece at Act For Freedom. In Bristol we have joined with Kebele Sound to organise a benefit on Saturday 5 February (see image) for the Thessaloniki 4 solidarity campaign, and for the Bristol DA bust fund which will support those with problems arising from taking direct action.

There will be more to come, for the struggle for freedom remains inevitable.

mercoledì 19 gennaio 2011

International Call to Action for Solidarity DEmonstartions at German Embassies

Liebig 14 is one of Berlin longest running autonomous housing projects, serving as a space for collective living as well as community and political organising for over 20 years.

Squatted shortly after the fall of the wall in what was a derelict area of east Berlin, Liebig 14’s attempted eviction is just one sympton of a rampaging processes of gentrification which is rapidly forcing poorer residents out of the city centre and tearing apart the city’s radical infrastructure.

Liebig 14 is proud to be a part of a long history of autonomous spaces in Berlin and around the world. In working against capitalism, social hierarchy and discrimination, autonomous spaces take small but concrete steps towards wider political emancipation and self-determined living.

The eviction of Liebig 14 will be a loss not only to Berlin’s alternative project infrastructure but also a wider attack on projects everywhere attempting to build alternative, more socially just, and more sustainable modes of social organization. Solidarity with free spaces under threat in Berlin, Amsterdam, London and worldwide is key if we are to sustain these vital resources.

Stop gentrification from tearing apart our cities!

Support autonomous spaces!

Save Liebig 14!

from Greece