lunedì 24 gennaio 2011

Bologna, Italy - Incendiary attack against Unindustria


"Il Resto del Carlino"
BOLOGNA, January 20, 2011 - The State Attorney is investigating the fire that occurred last night in the courtyard of the headquarters of Unindustria* in via Serlio in Bologna, where two cars were set on fire (and a third was partially involved). An investigation has been initiated against the crime of damage as a result of fire.
For the moment, the attention of investigators has turned to the slogan "hard struggle no to blackmail" and that was found in the courtyard in which the cars were set on fire (near the car was found plastic bottle with traces of flammable liquid). The investigators' priority is to find out whether or not it was written last night.
To understand this, the public prosecutor has ordered a series of extensive tests on the writing a piece of plaster has been removed from the wall and sent for analysis, and the writing has been covered with cellophane to prevent it from spoiling. "It 's essential to understand if the event is in some way related to the evocative message, or if the message is pre-existing, in which case the two can not be united," says the prosecutor.

*Unindustria Bologna with over 2,000 member companies is one of the largest enterprise associations in Italy.

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