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Letter from Comrade Christoforos Kortesis Imprisoned for the Revolutionary Struggle case 18.11.2010

Seven months after my arrest and the well advertised TV, and not only, delirium of the authorities and the antiterrorist police, I am still imprisoned for participation in
Revolutionary Struggle. I am convinced that my persecution has a clear character, with an obvious target the penalisation of the political movement to which I belong, my comrade and friendly relationships, and at the same time the exemplification and terrorisation of wider parts of society who are already fighting, or will choose to resist, the current economic and social conditions of oppression, imposed with an increasingly intensified pace.
To clarify my position, from the first moment of my arrest I said I am an anarchist. I deny to renounce my political identity and for years now conscious choice to openly participate with hundreds of comrades in all social struggles. I deny to renounce my comrade and friendly relationship -as many comrades- with Anarchist fighter Lambros Foundas. The ‘strong’, ‘incriminating’ evidence that the prosecution throws against me, is as follows a fingerprint of mine on a political pamphlet in the house of L.Foundas and an alleged visit to the house of a friend and comrade, co-accused, of mine. My application for release was denied because of the fingerprint mentioned above and one more ‘strong piece of evidence’: a fingerprint of a co-accused of mine on a ‘suspicious’ object in my house, a dvd of an american movie.
Since when is it illegal to possess and exchange leaflets with a political antiauthoritarian content? Since when are visits to friends’ houses persecuted? What morbid imagination baptises the house I’ve lived in permanently in nea filadelifia, a ‘safe house’? Let’s get serious. For those that forgot or for those that don’t know, forbidding people to go out after 10pm, gathering in groups of 3 or more, to freely distribute pamphlets with a political content, belongs to other regimes, which those as well (accidental? I don’t think so) call themselves democratic.
My refusal to give a DNA sample is due solely to my political beliefs and values and not dictated by any fear to prove my ‘guilt’, as its being implied. Of course I refuse to cooperate with the authorities and repressive mechanisms in their attempt of biological (and any other) data basing with obvious aims.
At this point I would like to clarify that I am not possessed with the logic of victimisation, since I have no illusions about democracy, neither about the ‘fairness’ of Justice. As an anarchist I do not condemn any form of struggle – postering, actions of counter-information, political texts, occupations, protests, dynamic actions, ex-appropriations, urban guerrilla warfare- which historically have been chosen and used by fighting people (anarchists, communists, wider resisting parts of society).
I am not willing to give away to the authorities any information of my personal life and no ‘print’ of my comrade relations and my political choices.
And the carousel of the targeting not only of specific people but ultimately of the concept of comradeship itself and the choice of solidarity is widened. Dozens of comrades from the antiauthoritarian movement are called as witnesses with always the same reasoning (fingerprints on books, CDs, doors and windows…now in the houses of friends and comrades imprisoned for participation in Revolutionary Struggle) culminating in the indictments of four more people from the friends or even the family of the arrested!
The attack of the Regime- with its current spokesmen the ‘antiauthoritarian’ PASOK (governing party) and the fellow governing parties- of course is not aimed exclusively to the anarchist movement, but the generalised explosions that are being prepared by wider social parts as healthy reactions to the economic misery (wage and pension cuts, of working relationships, thousands of layoffs etc.) and the complete degradation of human dignity. The images of the violent treatment of the strikers, unemployed, worker protestors, (gathering of workers at the acropolis and outside ministries) are neither fragmented actions, or ‘unfortunate’ incidents of police brutality.
The state arms not only its repressive (hundreds of new recruits to the security forces) but also its legal arsenal. How else can you interpret the new antiterrorist law that baptises ‘terrorism’ even syndicalist actions (with obvious target the basic unions and not of course the ‘militant’ GSEE), the participation in dynamic protests and brings back the anonymous prosecution witnesses- does this remind anyone of those collaborators with the hoods and their fingers stretched out? Who exactly does the infamous ‘dogma of security’ want to protect with the police filled cities and neighbourhoods, if not the system itself? And who purposely cultivates the fear (e.g. of a coming bankruptcy for which everyone supposedly has a responsibility!) in order to obtain a social consensus insidious plans?

Christoforos Kortesis

court prisons of Corinthos.

Buenos Aires-Argentina; Explosion Outside the Greek Embassy


30 December 2010 - Shortly before the bombing in Athens, a smaller explosion occurred outside the Greek Embassy in Buenos Aires in the middle of the night.

“According to the initial findings of the Argentinean police, the blast was caused by a Molotov cocktail thrown by unidentified assailants,” the Greek Foreign Ministry said in a statement, referring to a crude incendiary weapon comprising a glass bottle filled with flammable liquid.

giovedì 30 dicembre 2010

30december 2010 AThens-Greece; Potent Bomb Damages Court Building


30 December - ATHENS — A powerful bomb detonated outside a court building near central Athens on Thursday morning, causing significant damage but no injuries, the police said.
The authorities found the device and cordoned off the area around the Athens administrative court after calls to the private television station Alter and the daily newspaper Eleftherotypia at about 7:40 a.m. warned that a bomb would go off there in 40 minutes.
“In both cases, the caller said the device had been strapped to a scooter outside the courthouse and gave the scooter’s registration number,” said an officer at the Athens police headquarters who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to comment publicly. “The explosion occurred two minutes after the deadline,” the officer said, adding that police bomb disposal experts had gathered the remnants of the device and the vehicle and were examining them.
A local resident told the private television station Skai that he had seen two men dressed in police uniforms pull up near the court building on a motorcycle about 6:30 a.m. The witness said he greeted the men, who told him they were abandoning the scooter because it had engine problems. According to the witness, the pair then got into a white van parked nearby and were driven away by a third person.
The explosion damaged the facade of the court building as well as several cars, and also blew out windows in nearby apartment buildings.


The caller who provided the warning in the Athens bombing was described as a man speaking clearly in Greek. The blast occurred in a densely populated area in the city’s Ambelokipi district, shattering windows and nearby shop storefronts in a 200-meter (yard) radius, and seriously damaging at least 10 cars. It sent up a cloud of smoke that was visible across the city.
Police said the bomb was stored in a hard luggage case in the back of a motorcycle reported stolen in a nearby area of Athens several hours earlier.
An initial examination of the site, suggested that the explosive Anfo — a mixture of ammonium nitrate and fuel oil used in construction but also in improvised explosive devices — was used, police investigators said. The material has been used in the past and seized in police raids in recent months on suspected militant safehouses.



Enjoying the taste of the Christmas traditions, we retrieved the memory and wanted to contribute to this noble intent by giving our opinion on the values and goods that accompany these festivities, in which we continue to feel humiliated and imprisoned by the State.
Burning wood, burning the door of the Church of Majadahonda we recovered our dignity and sent a clear message to the church enterprise: we cannot stand its morality or endure their wallets full of banknotes stolen from the people.
Worship what you like, but not a usurious and thieving institution.

mercoledì 29 dicembre 2010

Roma-Italy; Suspect Package Disabled at Greek Embassy

27 Dec. 2010 - Police said the bomb at the Greek embassy resembled those which exploded in Rome last week, wounding an employee at the Chilean embassy and also a Swiss embassy staff member.
"The package was similar to the ones at the other embassies," Maurizio Mezzavilla, an official of the carabinieri, Italy's paramilitary police, told reporters outside the embassy, and said that anarchist involvement "could not be ruled out."
Police were called to the Venezuelan, Danish, Monaco, Kuwaiti and Albanian embassies and the Finnish embassy to the Vatican but found only harmless parcels.
But the discovery at the Greek mission highlighted a real threat.
"A suspect package arrived. We immediately informed the carabinieri who arrived immediately and neutralized the bomb," Michael Campanis, the Greek ambassador to Italy told reporters.
He said the package, addressed by hand, arrived in the embassy on December 24.
"We had not received any threats previously. The packet arrived on Friday afternoon when the embassy was already closed. The staff member found it this morning but security measures had already been stepped up," he said.
Last week, an Italian anarchist group called the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI) claimed responsibility in a note for the parcel bombs at the Swiss and Chilean embassies.

Roma-Italy; The Boy Wounded at the Chilean Embassy is Cesar

rom informa-azione

we have received and are forwarding a few lines of an e-mail received in recent days:

"The Chilean boy wounded by the letter bomb is Cesar. A comrade and a friend involved with the experience of Ciclofficina Popolare (people's bike workshop) of the Ex Lavanderia (the former laundry).

We found out today.

Suddenly, for us, the natural compassion for an injured person is no longer tempered by anonymity.
Behind this story of national importance there is a person whose name, face and voice we know.

Now Cesar is in hospital, with two fingers less and we are angry.


Associazione Ex Lavanderia
Lun, 27/12/2010 – 17:51

Anarchist Squat Evicted in the city of Patras Greece

Various cops of all kinds raided the Maragopouleio occupation in Patras, on December 28th, at 7:30 am; 11 comrades that were in the building were detained for a couple of hours and 9 of them were charged with a misdemeanor (“disturbance of domestic peace”). Around 30 people gathered in solidarity outside the local police headquarters.
The building, which officially belongs to the Ministry of Health, had been abandoned for several years; according to the prosecutor that ordered the eviction, the Ministry has lodged a complaint. So here we have a bankrupt state and its pathetic loyal servants, that wait for the holidays to come in order to fight back the “no.1 internal enemy”: those who give life to abandoned buildings and provide neighborhoods spaces for collective political expression and action. Here we see a ministry of health that has left the NHS to its fate (in order to sell it off) but miraculously finds the time to show interest in buildings that have been abandoned for years when they eventually become spaces of social importance. Repression is becoming all the more intense in Patras; we have recently experienced brutality in demos, houses of comrades have been raided under the fashionable “antiterrorist” pretext. You don’t scare us, you infuriate us!! Solidarity to occupations
From Occupied London At around 07.30 this morning police raided the anarchist squat Maragopouleio that had been in operation for the past few months in the city of Patras, W. Greece. Ten people were detained and have now been transferred to the local police HQ where the police are trying to force them to sign papers admitting responsibility for the occupation, while it seems that the lawyer who had been called to the spot is not allowed access to them.
More info as it comes.
UPDATE 10.25 AM The ten people arrested at the Maragopouleio squat have now been released. They have all been charged with a misdemeanor (“disruption of public peace”) and will be facing a trial.

domenica 26 dicembre 2010

REsponsibility Claim for Attack with Incendiary DEvice on Restaurant in Thessaloniki Greece 25.12.2010

Responsibility claim for attack with incendiary device on restaurant
in thessaloniki,

“Our day will come, our day will come”
Bobby Sands

Or has it come?

Gone is the days when the politicians toured the cities and villages promising the growth and the prosperity of our land accepting claps and handshakes.

Gone are the days when the cops went around care-free without bulletproof vests, with the gun secured and chilling outside the Police Stations and the “hangouts” of the city.

Gone are the days where the journalists were next door people “compassionate” and “understanding” the problems of the people.

Gone are the days where the judges and public prosecutors gave out the sentences and the years as if they were chick peas.

Gone are the days where the snitches were the proud informal cops of social prosperity.
Gone are the days….
Gone are the days….

What goes around comes around.
The day came where the politicians will get beaten wherever they are (if they are) and bloody they will run to save, not their political career but their life.

The day came where the cops will go around in groups of ten, they will hide in the police sations behind bulletproof windows and when they go to look after a witness of a case they will not know if they will return home at night.

The day came where the journalists will think very well before putting the pen to the paper.

The day came where the judges and the public prosecutors will accept as many parcels as the the years they give out.

The day came where the snitches will not expose but will be exposed.
The day came…
The day came…

Here we are
With the repression, the terrorism and with more than 30 prisoners and 10 persecuted the battle is not lost, neither finishes but it continues with each one of us counting forces and re striking wherever this is possible. Everywhere.

From militant protests with stones and bottles to the haters of our freedom up to bomb attacks on banks, homes of politicians and government buildings. From spontaneous attacks against uniformed pigs up to organized attacks in the centre of the city. From the incendiary attack on a car dealership in Maroussi up to the mailing of bombs to the embassies of Switzerland and Chile in Rome. Again and again remaining in the substance, that of aggressive mood whatever means, quantity individual towards this rotten existence that surrounds us. Until the destruction of everything.

Participating thus to the call of Warriors of Revolutionary Conscience we placed on the 22/12 an incendiary device in the restaurant Pyrofania in the area of Stavroupoli, Thessalonici, a known hangout of cops where they enjoyed also the 15% discount that is offered to them by the shop in question.

Finally we greet the imprisoned comrades Giannis Skouloudis and the 2 for the Nadir case, as well as the 4 persecuted (Sokratis Tsifkas, Babis Tsilianidis, Dimitris Fessas, Dimitris Dimitsiadis)
We should set the terms.
Make our refusal action.


Incendiary circles of Disarray

venerdì 24 dicembre 2010

Honor to Comrade Mauricio Morales a Fighter is Dead but Our Fire Will Not Die Out..

Arm yourself and be violent, beautifully violent, until everything explodes
Because remember that whatever violent action against these promoters of inequality, is entirely justified through centuries of infinite violence that we have been been subjected to by them. .. Arm yourslef and combat the terrorism - burn, conspire, sabotage, and be violent, beautifully violent, naturally violent, willingly violent.'

- Mauri

Early this morning, our brother Mauricio Morales died. He carried an explosive which detonated in his back pack, he died on the spot. It is assumed that the disgusting institution of the Gendarmerie was the aim of his attack. He died as a fighter, without fear, without hesitation, confronting every form of power.
He decided to turn his hatred into action. He transformed his life into a constant fight against the existent. Publications, direct support to imprisoned comrades, spreading of anarchist and anti-authoritarian literature, spreading of ideas were part of the daggers he sharpened during his life. In this way he wanted to contribute in different ways to the destruction of this society based on the logic of power and exploitation.
In these moments our hearts are filled with pain, but it is important to not lower morale, to not fall down in the lethargy that the loss of a comrade can engage. We cannot forget that he died with his eyes fixed on his aim. And this fact must shake us, must help us to open our eyes.
We are at war, the strikes will be many, but that’s how it is for a fighter that doesn’t stop, doesn’t bow his head; that makes her life, among other things, into a constant surmounting of obstacles.
The harshness of death strikes us and is such a whirlpool that sometimes we can barely believe what is happening. Death or prison is not only a slogan, today for us, those words are tattooed with blood and fire.
With the terrible departure of Mauri, police, magistrates and press rub their hands together and make their first moves. Two social centres, Cueto con Andes and La Idea were raided. The violence of these operations doesn’t surprise us, the war has been unleashed without mercy, and we assume it as such.
The raided houses are in the same neighbourhood where we are. We saw the procession of repression arriving at our house. At the same time, comrades and solidarious approach the house and demonstrate in different parts of the neighbourhood, which is now militarised. We confronted them, we resisted and until now, the repressive forces didn’t want to enter our house, in spite of the predictions. They hide their game and try to lower our guard.
Comrades, we are very clear and know what will happen. We know that the coming days and months will be difficult. But we also know that the pain and the sadness of the departure of our comrade may not paralyse us. Let us insistently remember that he died in struggle, that the offensive takes different forms, where one form is not more valuable than the other. Let us move so that the beautiful flame of his anarchist heart propagates the irreducible desire to annihilate this reality.
His body is now captive in the hands of the cops and their mercenaries, but the energy of his life stays with us, with the comrades that have fought with him and fight in different ways against everything that
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(soon a book out for our comrade Mauricio in english)

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Buenos Aires-Argentina; A Bomb Explodes at Banco FRances

AFP 21 December 2010 - The explosion of the homemade device occurred around daybreak at an automatic teller machine of Banco Frances, breaking windows and damaging the entrance of the bank branch, police said.

Officials were using bomb-sniffing dogs at the scene of the explosion, and said that so far no one has claimed responsibility.

Authorities said the upscale neighbourhood where the blast occurred is home to numerous embassies.

Another bomb exploded before dawn on Monday outside a bank in downtown Santiago, the capital of neighbouring Chile, breaking windows but causing no injuries.

Police were investigating who may have placed the Santiago bomb, as well as another that damaged a police funeral parlour early on Monday.

About 100 small blasts have been set off across Chile in the last five years, many claimed by anarchist groups.

more about this:

23 December: Chile ANTIPRISON Agitation in Solidarity with Prisoners on Hunger Strike

source: culmine



Santiago-Chile; Two Bombs during the Night


Chilean media,20.12.10 - The Police Special Operations Group (Gope) and the Police Forensic Laboratory (Labocar) are investigating two bombings that took place this morning in the capital, which affected a bank branch and a uniformed police precinct.
According to records, at about 00:15 am, a noise bomb exploded at a branch of Banco Santander, Vicuña Mackenna with Victoria, south central sector of the capital, a few metres from Megavisión tv channel.
The explosion caused damage to the windows of the facade and, reportedly, there were no pamphlets, no one has sent a claim.
Then 15 minutes later, another bombing occurred at a police station, in Retiro corner Vivaceta 647. Also, it was a homemade noise device and no pamphlets were found.

Santiago-Chile; Bombing against a branch of the State Bank


from the Chilean press 18/12/1910 - This morning a bomb exploded inside a branch of the State Bank, located in the commune of Renca in Santiago, causing considerable damage.
The device was homemade, and would have been made with industrial-grade explosives caused damage to part of the Bank ATM smashing the windows and the cash machine, and there was also damage to the concrete wall.
Police of Labocar, OS-9 and GOPEo arrived at the site, located on Avenida Eduardo Frei Montalva 2250, who claimed that the target of the explosion was stealing money from the ATM, but as a result of the blast much of the money was burned and they would have taken only about 700 thousand pesos.
In the branch of State Bank, which has security cameras, there were no pamphlets or tags alluding to any cause. And so far no group has claimed the bombing.

Santiago-Chile; A Communique from Anarchist Prisoner Monica Caballero on the situation in the extermination centres


17 Dec 2010 - Even before the bodies of the prisoners of San Miguel have gone cold the show by the guardians of order to hide what happened has already begun.
More prisons seems to be the most feasible solution for those who profit by imprisonment. How many lives have the prisons taken away, how many dead stain the uniform of the guards?
The deaths of the 81 prisoners add themselves to a long list of crimes that have gone unpunished, which the State is solely responsible for. Inside many prisons, many have decided to face the torturers and take action. Here, in the women's detention centre, every day the number of women who join the Hunger Strike of thousands of prisoners is increasing in all the territory dominated by the Chilean State. Many have also stitched their mouths and are isolated in the punishment sections.
If anyone who dares to put the laws of the powerful in question is a criminal, then I assume that denomination.
As I finish writing these words, they are searching the former Penitenciario. The news reports that there are 1,500 prisoners on hunger strike, the revolt must be punished. The fire made its presence both inside the Extermination Centre and outside, by their families.
You don't embellish cages, you destroy them!
For the end of this and any other society.
No more Anti-terror Laws.

Mónika Caballero, Anarchist Prisoner, Special High Security Section

Female Extermination Centre, Santiago, Chile

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Support Polish ANTI-FASCISTS

Support Polish ANTI-FASCISTS
The Battle against the far right in Poland is becoming more and more intense. During last few years Anti-Fascist
movement in Poland have achieved big progress and managed to become something more than just simply a street
force opposing fascist scum in Polish cities.
We organise gigs, meetings, demonstrations, we publish a paper and print tons of Anti-Fascist oropaganda like
stickers and posters. Unfortunately our enemies don't sleep. In certain cities level of nazi activity is growing and its
in turn resisted hard by committed local Anti-Fascists Groups. Due to our successes militants face increasing level
of state repression as police is funally catching up with our progress and doing it often with great enthusiasm.
For years we managed ti be successful largely due ti big international support from our comrades around the world.
We continuously need help in order to carry on our struggle against often overwhelming odds.
Every penny we get helps to improve our effectiveness by enabling us to spread our message wide with printed
materials, strike fascist scum even harder and provide good legal help for all comrades facing repression as a
result of their actions.
If you think you can help, contact us at;

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Tubize-Belgium; March to Commemorate 16 Years Old Boy Shot During a Robbery in a Jewellery Shop. Cops Attacked, Cars Burnt

Early December - TUBIZE - During a robbery in a jewellery, a youngster, Flavien (16 years), is killed by the owner of the jewellery shop. The robbers were two, they had fake weapons with them. The owner used his hunting rifle to kill one and to hold the other one, Hassan, till the police arrived. Hassan is now in prison and refuses to collaborate with the police.

A few days later, friends of Flavien organised a march to commemorate their friend and to march to the jewellery. About 100 youngsters showed up next to the small city centre . The Federal Police and anti-riot squads were very present and blocked the centre completely, while the mayor prohibited all gathering. At the beginning of the march, some people started to attack the cops with stones. Then the family of Flavien arrived, asking for calm and saying literaly "we are not here to make revolution". The march ended therefore calmly.

In the days following the march, cars were put on fire in several regions around Tubize and in the French speaking part of Belgium:
8/12/2010, Tubize: car put on fire in the "Street of Democracy".
8/12/2010, Charleroi: three cars put on fire.
9/12/2010, Jemeppe: five cars put on fire on different spots of the small city.
9/12/2010, Ottignies: car put on fire on the parking of the station in the "Lane of Human Rights".
9/12/2010, Liège: four cars put on fire on different spots.

sabato 18 dicembre 2010

Argentina: Demonstration at the Greek Embassy in Solidarity with Giannis Dimitrakis Two Years After the Murder of Alexis Grigoropulos

Under the call for international solidarity with comrade Giannis Dimitrakis abducted by the Greek state for a bank robbery, harassed and persecuted for his ideas and used as an excuse for a "witch hunt" against anarchists and anti-authoritarians, on December 6 (day of Giannis' appeal trial) a group of anarchists marched to the embassy of Greece in Buenos Aires, showing solidarity with comrade Giannis, and reporting on his situation with flyers and a banner that said freedom to Giannis Dimitrakis and all the imprisoned comrades in Greece. The demonstration lasted about 1 hour and the leaflet was read several times with a megaphone and traffic on av. santa fe interrupted. A passing federal patrol received an object with paint inside and on the windscreen, the same as a policeman and a window of a place.



giovedì 16 dicembre 2010

Responsibility Claim for Mass ATM Sabotage in Thessaloniki Greece 7th DEcember 2010

The banks as pillars of capitalism create - the known and now evident- economic inequalities and construct the post-industrial capitalism, where the speed and the omnipotence of trade lead society to a complete mechanization and automatism.
On the other hand society insists to move in these predetermined ways, completely determined by the intellectual images and meanings of capitalism. What if it understands that the banks and capital cannot be maintained and exist without the callous exploitation and the more general degeneration of life, in the middle of this nodal period of evolution of capitalism, the average citizen not only is immobilized, but absorbing the dominating mentality leads to situations of social cannibalism. Instead of realising and striking the root of the problem, he repels it in midst his delirium of fear, and he defuses it either competitively to his fellow man repeating daily the dogma of capitalism " your death, is my life", or autistically to all sorts of outcasts (from immigrants that "take our jobs", to young people that sit with their feet on the seats of the bus etc).
On Friday afternoon wanting to bother the predetermined time-space journeys that the average citizen and the relation of dependence that it has with the monstrosities they call banks, we sabotaged 34 ATMs in the centre, Toumba, Triandria and Kalamaria areas.
This action happened also as a minimum of solidarity to the social robber G.Dimitrakis and we call all those that have realised the above conditions to participate multiformative, immediately in the game of deconstruction of the existing.
Freedom in Giannis Skouloudis - No prosecution to the 4 wanted comrades for the same case
Freedom to the 11 arrested of the anarchist squat Nadir
Freedom the all the hostages of the social war

some people

mercoledì 15 dicembre 2010

Italy: Demos, Blockades and Riots Everywhere. Today 14.12.2010

Today was the 2nd vote of No Confidence in the Berlusconi government. He survived by two votes. Across Italy, students, school kids and workers took the the streets to protest Berlusconi but also against the continuing neo-liberal education reforms. In Rome there were major clashes that saw the most heavy rioting seen in Italy since Genova in 2001. As well as this, economic blockades and occupations were put in place at many train stations, the port of Palermo and even on the runway of an airport in Sicily.
14 December 2010 - Thousands of college students demonstrated today in Rome and major cities in a day of action against the Gelmini reform and in support of the no-confidence vote against Berlusconi. Among them, however, are also added to the social centres and militant black bloc. And after the confidence in the House, the violence broke out.
Black Bloc activists and militants from the social centres, who had joined the student marches in the morning, reached corso Rinascimento, a step away from the Senate, presided over by the police. Against the police cars paper bombs, firecrackers, cobblestones, bottles and eggs rained down. There were riots and fights in different areas of the centre between Via del Corso and Piazza del Popolo, with charges of tear gas in response to improvised barricades with trash bins on fire, road blocks, broken windows, and assaults on armoured forces of law and order with sticks and hammers. A dozen young men with their faces covered raided the offices of civil defense in via Ulpiano smashing windows and throwing eggs, no injuries among employees. The wounded in the street however were at least 40. Among them a journalist of the Agi, hit in the face by a stone.
At Porta del Popolo police charged protesters engaged in heavy stone-throwing, to back them off to the Tiber. The bulk of the procession is split: one part is directed at the Flaminio district, the other Prati. A difficult day today for the Capital. In the streets, on the day in Parliament voted confidence in the Berlusconi government, university and high school students, along with temporary workers, workers, researchers, Aquila earthquake survivors and activists from struggles for housing and social welfare gathered under the name "united against the crisis."

martedì 14 dicembre 2010

9 DEcember 2010-LOndon; Thousands Fight Against Exclusion and the DEath Society In Iconoclastic REverly

London 9 December, 2010 - Thousands of young and not so young pour uncontrollably like mercury into Parliament Square to make themselves seen and heard. No fetishisation of the cops - they are simply ignored or got out of the way with the means at hand. Barriers intended to fence people in like sheep become a part of the improvised weaponry, thrown back from whence they came amidst music and laughter. 'We kettled the cops, heh, heh, heh'. At one point a posse of mounted riot cops gallop into the crowd - there is no panic, and without fear to stimulate their adrenaline, they ride straight out of the compound.

Meanwhile, impervious to the people's solicitations, the democratic dictatorship - worthy servants of capital's restructuring - press ahead in their contribution to the division of the world into included and excluded.

As the young people's anticipation turns to rage, some of the symbols of greed and power (dead and alive) that infest everybodies' lives are derided, brought down to size, simply, from the heart, far from the calculated deadly violence of police who step in, one of them almost murdering a demonstrator, smashing his skull with a truncheon.

Now, days later, it is the job of the lackeys of the regime to vomit out the latter's essence, VIOLENCE, in a twisted condemnatory accusation against the people whose lives are at stake now and in the future to come.

Perhaps a broken window in a high street store revealed the institutional violence of the sweatshops of Bangladesh that supply their trashy goods under the whip of starvation wages?

Perhaps paint on a riot cop's shield sparked the will to live, i.e. rebel, i.e. exercise one's physical and mental force in one's own interests, regardless of the threat of the blind institutionalised violence of the State?

Perhaps shouts of 'Off with their heads!' and the terror on the faces of the occupants of the cracked, paint-bespattered royal hearse jolted us out of the Disneyland of everyday 'life', giving a glimpse of a new/old wonderland, where vague historical images encounter vibrant hitherto undreamed dreams?

The Treasury, the supreme court?

No fortress is impregnable, the structures around us that affect our lives and rule the planet continue to exist thanks to consensus, ignorance or indifference, all conditions that are undergoing a radical upturning.

The detox has begun, we are flushing the State out of our veins!


lunedì 13 dicembre 2010

Santiago-Chile; Attack on Mobile Police Checkpoint from

11/12/2010 - About what happened at the end of the march against the prison ...
After the pain and helplessness at the death of 81 prisoners in an extermination centre because of a fire produced and spread by the undignified conditions in which the State keeps under constant punishment and torture of thousands of exploited people who do not fit into the parametres of civilized society (obey / work / consume). The State and the Gendarmerie are truly responsible for the deaths of prisoners in the jail of San Miguel and all the imprisoned persons tortured and killed behind its bars.
It is for this horrible everyday slaughter that no cop should go unpunished, not that they should be tried and convicted, but because they must be avenged by the thousands of uprooted lives and for many that are they are willing to uproot.
This is how once the march against the prison ended, peacefully, a group moved to another point in the centre of Santiago, where stones, bottles and paving stones attacked a mobile police checkpoint smashing their windows and damaging the car body, from which a stunned official attempted, revolver in hand, to catch their attackers but without success.
"Jails cover up the miseries of this unjust society ... the prosecutors, policemen and judges responsible for this slaughter." Families outside the prison in San Miguel, the day of the fire. From Mexico to Switzerland, from Argentina to Greece, solidarity with all prisoners!
Offenders for assembling bombs in the street!
Revenge against the exploiters and their guardians!

Sentence of the Nottetempo Appeal Trial in Lecce Italy (9th DEcember 2010)

As usually goes with the justice of the system, things turned badly for the comrades on trial: not only have some of the requests of the public prosecutor been accepted but those who had been acquitted in the first grade of the trial have also been charged.
The story is by now well known. Operation Nottetempo started in May 2005 when searches were carried out all over Italy and five comrades from Lecce were arrested and detained for almost two years in preventive arrest. The main reason for this judicial operation against anarchists was the tenacious struggle the comrades had undertaken against the notorious detention centre for immigrants Regina Pacis (which eventually closed down also thanks to that struggle), run by the church and situated in Salento (Lecce), the southernmost area of the Puglia region (southern Italy).
After a long series of hearings during which various squalid witnesses for the prosecutions gave vent to delirious declarations, the thesis that the comrades were part of a subversive association with the aim of terrorism had been rejected. However, due to strong pressures from the powerful local clergy and their political allies, four of the twelve accused had been charged with organised crime, two with specific crimes and the others had been acquitted. Unsatisfied with this result, which was insane in any case, public prosecutor Lino Giorgio Bruno presented a request for appeal as it was his intent to have the Lecce anarchists sentenced to subversive association. After all, it was the career of this ignominious servant of power that was at stake. He hoped he would become famous as the magistrate who finally managed to have anarchists condemned according to article 270 bis of the Italian penal code (subversive association with the aim of terrorism), a task many of his Italian colleagues had failed on numerous previous occasions.
Therefore, after a few years of postponements, the court of appeal has finally come to a new staggering conclusion: all the twelve anarchists originally accused have been sentenced to article 270 (without bis), i.e. subversive association without aim of terrorism. The heaviest charges have been inflicted to the four comrades condemned in the first grade, with one of them considered as the founder of the “association”, while the other two charged on that occasion have seen their sentence increased and the acquitted in the first trial have been given sentences ranging from one year to one year and eight months imprisonment. The court has also decided that all the accused are guilty of having instigated the imprisoned immigrants of Regina Pacis to committing crime, referring to two episodes when the immigrants had revolted and some had attempted to escape. It is therefore crystal clear that the real goal of this court is to condemn the struggle against Regina Pacis and, to a larger extent, any other struggle of this kind.
Waiting for the comrades involved to give us further details, we can just express our total disgust at this miserable public prosecutor, his repugnant associates in the local political scene and the shameful clergymen of Lecce.
It won’t be a court or any other servant of power to stop the exploited from revolting.
Fire to all prisons!!!

An accomplice of the accused anarchists