giovedì 23 dicembre 2010

Santiago-Chile; Two Bombs during the Night


Chilean media,20.12.10 - The Police Special Operations Group (Gope) and the Police Forensic Laboratory (Labocar) are investigating two bombings that took place this morning in the capital, which affected a bank branch and a uniformed police precinct.
According to records, at about 00:15 am, a noise bomb exploded at a branch of Banco Santander, Vicuña Mackenna with Victoria, south central sector of the capital, a few metres from Megavisión tv channel.
The explosion caused damage to the windows of the facade and, reportedly, there were no pamphlets, no one has sent a claim.
Then 15 minutes later, another bombing occurred at a police station, in Retiro corner Vivaceta 647. Also, it was a homemade noise device and no pamphlets were found.

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