sabato 6 novembre 2010

Brussels-Belgium; Molotov Cocktails Against Buildings of Federal Judiciary Police

urnt out vehicles at Incourt
suie e cendres

BRUSSELS - Molotov cocktails were thrown against the buildings of the Judiciary Federal Police in Brussels. This was said by the television news of VTM and confirmed by the federal police.The incendiary projectiles were thrown from the Kortenberglaan in Bruxelles against one of the sides of the buildings where the central directions of Federal Police concerning economic and financial fraud (DJF) and of the technical and scientific police (DJT) are. On the wall, traces of the flames of eight meters can be seen. On the inside of the buildings, the damage is limited. The authors are said to have broken the windows. Investigation is lead by the police of the zone Brussels-Ixelles3.11.2010

On Saturday, in Incourt on the other hand, INCOURT - Fire was put to a police car in the Freedom Street. The car was parked in front of the communal house and the CPAS ("social welfare" institution). The fire spread to a van of the communal services parked next to the police car, before damaging also the building of the CPAS. The roof was touched by the fire and all windows exploded.

venerdì 5 novembre 2010

Hamburg-Germany; Pro Squat Demonstration, with 6000 People in the Streets!

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On saturday 23rd of october, about 6 000 people demonstrated in Hamburg against vacancies and for squatting, this was about double the amount of people that was expected.

A broad alliance of 108 initiatives had called for the demonstration.

In the last years there have repeatedly been squattings, that are mostly evicted by the police within a few hours (the last one on the 16th of october).

One of the topics of the demonstration was that more than 1,2 million squaremeters of office space are vacant within the city, still new office blocks are beeing built and in the same time there is no affordable space for living and rents are increasing. The background of this absurdity of the kapitalist property market is the fact that vacant office space can be set off against tax liability.

The demonstration ended at the "Astra tower", a huge office building in the middle of town that is 70% empty.

Banners on the demonstration said things like: "vacancies into space for living", "legalise squatting", "housing space for everyone for free" "behind the vacancies stands the capital, the fight for space for living is international", "'squat it free? instead of 'own it vacant?" "board vacancies", "squat office towers", "make property unsafe", "space for living is no merchandise", the front banner of the anti-repression block pointed to the conference of the ministers of the interior in Hamburg in november, "No IMK, squat this city".

The spectrum on the demonstration varied from autonomous and black block, right-to-the-city activists, refugees from the camp in Horst to tradeunionists of ver.di.

Just in september the refugees from the camp in Horst had protested with a hunger strike against their intolerable living conditions. Refugees from Hamburg are forced to live in the camp in Horst, in the middle of a forrest on the border to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern with no infrastructure whatsoever.

During the demonstration an empty house was squatted, on several empty buildings and endangered houses banners were put up and speaches held.

At the end a part of the demonstration attacked the Astra office-tower with bricks and bottles to emphasise their opinion on 8 000 squaremeters of vacancy and the will to take over the place.

The police hit back with pepperspray and tonfas.

About 20 people continued to the Reeperbahn and were closed in by the police and taken into custody.

Remember, Remember, the 5th of November

Remember, remember, the 5th of November
The Gunpowder Treason and plot;
I know of no reason why Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot.
Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes,
'Twas his intent.
To blow up the King and the Parliament.
Three score barrels of powder below.
Poor old England to overthrow.
By God's providence he was catch'd,
With a dark lantern and burning match
Holloa boys, Holloa boys, let the bells ring
Holloa boys, Holloa boys, God save the King!
Hip hip Hoorah !
Hip hip Hoorah !
A penny loaf to feed ol'Pope,
A farthing cheese to choke him.
A pint of beer to rinse it down,
A faggot of sticks to burn him.
Burn him in a tub of tar,'
Burn him like a blazing star.
Burn his body from his head,
Then we'll say: ol'Pope is dead.

giovedì 4 novembre 2010

Madrid-Spain; Two Banks Attacked in Solidarity With Imprisoned Anarchists

cette semaine

Indy Madrid, Saturday, 30/10/2010 - Yesterday morning a cashpoint of the Caixa bank in a neighbourhood south of Madrid was burned, and just after a branch of the Santander bank (already attacked last week) was stoned. Tags "solidarity with anarchist prisoners" and "murderous Chilean State" could be found.
For permanent revolt!
Immediate release for Billy, Costa and Silvia!
Freedom for the anarchists imprisoned by the Chilean State!
Solidarity is more than words, use every possible means.

Last Night Arson Attack, Burn 3 Cars in the Streets of Exarxia Area-Athens-Greece


Arson Attaxck, Responsibility Claim

We do not forget, We do not forgive.
last night in Menidi area there was an arson attack on the elections kiosk of the known unknown snitch of the system Themis Oikonomou. The reason of this action is the attitude he kept before and after the arrests of the comrades that had done actions against the casino and for the mountain of Parnitha.
Solidarity to all persecuted comrades

martedì 2 novembre 2010

Police Injured During Violent Clashes at Illegal Rave Party in London


1/11/2010 - Hundreds of revellers went ahead with a illegal rave in central London today despite clashes with police officers who tried to break up the gathering.
Several police officers were hurt after bottles and bricks were thrown during the disturbance in High Holborn, the Metropolitan police said. One needed hospital treatment for a minor head injury but was later discharged. At least seven people were arrested for suspected public order offences.
Police were first called to the event in a disused building at 11.20pm last night. They said some people became aggressive after being asked to leave the area and commanders then called in dozens of riot squad officers from the Met’s territorial support group (TSG).
A number of buildings and vehicles were damaged during the affray but most of the revellers went back into the eight-storey building where the event was taking place after the clashes. “Most of the people are still there,” said a Met spokesman. “They have gone back inside the building, and are going ahead with the rave. Officers at the scene have a watching brief.”
As the rave continued into the morning with deafening music blaring out, the atmosphere inside was said to be friendly. Hundreds of revellers spilled out onto New Oxford Street, many dressed in Halloween costumes. There were ravers in boiler suits, bear suits, and jester costumes, and an array of hoodies, top hats, fluorescent caps and dreadlocks.

Switzerland - Media Hype for the Bomb at the Embassy in Rome Italy


31/10/2010 - translation from German by Marco Camenisch. Article taken from "20 Minutes", a free newspaper of the German-speaking Switzerland, 13 or October 14, 2010, news quickly picked up by national TV teletext.

ROME / BERN. The Swiss Embassy in Rome is in turmoil: in front of the door an incendiary bomb was found. There may be left-wing extremists behind the attack.The incendiary bomb was deposited on the night of October 5 on the wall that surrounds the Swiss Embassy in Rome. Although it did not explode, it has caused great concern. The embassy immediately called the Italian police. The latter have opened an investigation. According to the spokesman of the Department for Foreign affairs, the embassy had received no warning. There is talk of a "rudimentary incendiary gimmick". For further information, we are referred to the police of Rome. The spokesman reacted angrily to the questions of "20 Minuti" and says "There were bottles filled with a flammable liquid. Behind the attempted attack there would be left-wing extremists. On similar forums, they say they regret that the incendiary bomb did not explode. Near the embassy there would be a sign demanding the release of "Billy, Silvia Costa and Marco" - those left-wing extremists who were allegedly planning the April attack on an IBM laboratory in Rüschlikon. Two of them are Italian. Also included is Marco Camenisch, who since the late '70s, has participated in several attacks on high voltage pylons. All four are in Swiss prisons. Although the bomb did not blow up, these actions are, according to the expert on these environments Samuel Althof of the special clinic for the prevention of extremism and violence, to be taken seriously. "Often extremists on the left use minor actions to send a message to announce a possible escalation of violence." article from 20 Minuten

Antiwar Blitz at the Faculty of Sociology of Trento Italy

informa-azione /culmine
Antiwar blitz at the Faculty of Sociology of Trento, where a conference was being held on peace missions in the presence of two officers of the Carabinieri in Rome: no one was hurt, as it seemed at first, but one person was arrested after a scuffle.
A group of five hooded young people entered the college throwing red paint and smoke bombs against the speakers at what was taking place in the Kessler lecture theatre. To be smeared with paint were the speakers of the meeting, organized by the European association Elsa: Professor Roberto Toniatti, professor of the Faculty of Law of the Trentino faculty and two officers of the police. The same Toniatti was then taken to the hospital, along with captain Pierpaolo Sinconi of the general command of the Carabinieri in Rome for controls.
Precisely one of two officers who were at the speakers' table, Giuseppe Zirone, was the first to react and managed to block one of the assailants, while the others fled, shouting "murderers" at the speakers. The arrested is a young Roveretan, whose name has not yet been disclosed.
In the Kessler hall a note was thrown against one of the military officers invited to the conference: "Murderer, you are one of those directly responsible for the war," it said in the flyer. The assault was led by five young men, one of whom was then stopped thanks to the closed circuit television surveillance of the University of Trento and the readiness of the same Zirone that stopped him. Police and carabinieri arrived on the spot. (press of Trentino, 28.10.10)
A little paint against these murderers is the least we can do...
October 28, at the Sociology faculty, a conference was being conducted on security and the role of Italy in "peacekeeping missions", that is in the twenty-one theatres of war in which - from the Middle East to Africa - Italian troops are currently engaged.
The meeting was attended by law professors and some army officers.
The presence of lawyers and leaders of the armed forces was not random. Since 1991, the Italian government has been constantly engaged in military operations despite the provision in the constitution prohibiting it: is there some lawyer who can resolve this contradiction of the State? At Sociology professionals of war were discussing with university professors on how to better serve Italian imperialism ...
In the general silence, a group of antimilitarists challenged the conference throwing smoke bombs and red paint against the speakers and leaving leaflets in which the military were called what they are "killers."
One of our friends and comrades has been arrested: he is now in prison in Bolzano. We offer him our solidarity.
War needs a wide complicity of weapons factories, military bases, research centres (also universities, including Povo), lies in the mass media, conferences of propaganda.
We do not want to be complicit with the massacres of democracy. That's all.
We will not leave those who live in war in peace.
Luca free!
Troops out of Afghanistan!
Prevented the construction of the Matarello military base!
No to the opening of Finmeccanica centre (The biggest Italian manufacturer of weapons) former tobacco factory in Rovereto!

lunedì 1 novembre 2010

Chile - Words of Monica Caballero in Solidarity with Anti-Authoritarian Prisoners of the World


31/10/2010 - Political prison is a daily act for the Chilean State as for any other, in that, as the comrades living in the lands dominated by the State of Ecuador expressed well, "insensitivity to distance is also the product of the dominant culture that has drawn imaginary lines on maps, making us feel distant and different."
We must recognise solidarity as a weapon against all States and capital, we cannot, as anti-authoritarians, fight only the authority that interferes in the place where we live, because then the enemy would win another battle.
In the world anyone who dares question the sacrosanct social peace so loved and enjoyed by citizens, is locked up. All the strange, the sick, the abnormal, the misfits already have a place reserved between huge walls where the good workers won't see them and many cameras will observe their movements. For the inhabitants of these structures of punishment they can expect the justice of capital, supported by the universal religion of devotion to democracy and the rule of law.
Anti-authoritarian solidarity must be a constant exercise, which at times does not neglect the offensive.
Greetings to fellow prisoners for the Animal and Earth Liberation in Mexico, vegans: Abraham, Socorro, Adrián and Braulio.
A big insurgent hug to the people of the territory dominated by the Greek State; to Kostas and Nikos, currently on hunger strike. And to all those who have taken a position in the war against all forms of domination, any place on the planet.
And to the libertarian, anarchist and punk comrades, inhabitants of the territory baptised by the Power as Ecuador: your lines and great gestures came to the ears of this prisoner. I thank you from my heart!!
* To destroy all cages! *
* Prisoners in War free / e *
* * Mónica Caballero, Vegan Anarchist Prisoner
Centre Penitenciario Femenina, Sección Especial de Alta Seguridad, Stgo, Chile.
End of October 2010

Athens Greece; Text from Nikos Malapanis concerning his call by the special appeals interrogator


30 /10/10 - And now solidarity is being persecuted...
On Monday 1st of November I am called to present myself before the special appeals interrogator K.Baltas, as one accused for “the punishable action of integration in a terrorist organisation called Revolutionary Struggle”.
Lately many individuals of the anarchist/antiauthoritarian movement from the wider friendship and comrade circle of those arrested, have been called as witnesses for the same case.
Since six fighters were arrested on the 10th of April, three of whom deny participation in Revolutionary Struggle, a repressive attack has begun that, based on silence, is unfolding more and more.
The fact that at this moment I'm in the forefront shows, once again and more indirectly, how arbitrarily and in no way accidentally the repressive mechanisms move. In the forefront is an entire movement including those who fight or express their solidarity.
For 15 years I have belonged to the part of those that fight against the intensifying oppression and terrorizing of society. What we named the “coming treaty of totalitarianism” is seediness as a form of everyday routine and fear as a form of existence. It is what in the middle of a crisis (I.M.F., austerity measures, new antiterrorist law) they are now trying to apply to me and my comrades. I am known to the persecutory authorities, having been arrested for my political action in the past. Part of this action was always solidarity to imprisoned fighters, because of which I have also been portrayed and targeted in the case of those arrested for Revolutionary Struggle.
The message is clear. The comrades that deny the charges are in underground cells with the only evidence their political action and comradely relations, which they have never denied, with Pola Roupa, Nikos Maziotis and Kostas Gournas as well as with Lambros Foundas. The experiment is considered successful so is now being applied to more people. My prosecution, therefore, is clearly political and vengeful. It is for the awareness and conformity of those who still choose to fight, those who are ready to take the decision to fight.
Today they are clearly persecuting solidarity, comradeship, dignity. And the mechanisms smile at us ironically. With as my only weapon dignity, resistance and solidarity I walk and I will walk. Finally, I express my solidarity to my bridesmaid and friend, mother of two children Maria Beracha, who is persecuted along with me. Also, my friendship and solidarity to Kostas Gournas and Nikos Maziotis, on hunger strike from the 9th of October in order to break the regime of isolation so that Kostas Gournas can be near his family.
In the face of these prosecutions we will come out stronger.
Nikos Malapanis
boubourAs translation acforfreedomnow!

Athen-Greece; hunger strikers Kostas Gournas and Nikos Maziotis refuse to be examined by doctors


October 29 2010 - Solidarity gathering today at hospital cancelled. The gathering today at the “Laiko” hospital that was called in solidarity with the two hunger strikers Kostas Gournas and Nikos Maziotis, who together with Pola Roupa have taken the political responsibility for Revolutionary Struggle, has been cancelled. The two comrades, who were transferred to the hospital because of the seriousness of their situation, demanded that the examinations take place without the antiterrorist cops inside the hospital room. The head of the hospital as well as the doctors of the pathology department of Laiko hospital refused to exam the two comrades without the cops inside the room (!!!) resulting in the two fighters refusing to do the examinations and being returned to Koridallos prisons.

Discussion about the above tonight at 19.00 at the Polytechnic (gini) building.