martedì 2 novembre 2010

Police Injured During Violent Clashes at Illegal Rave Party in London


1/11/2010 - Hundreds of revellers went ahead with a illegal rave in central London today despite clashes with police officers who tried to break up the gathering.
Several police officers were hurt after bottles and bricks were thrown during the disturbance in High Holborn, the Metropolitan police said. One needed hospital treatment for a minor head injury but was later discharged. At least seven people were arrested for suspected public order offences.
Police were first called to the event in a disused building at 11.20pm last night. They said some people became aggressive after being asked to leave the area and commanders then called in dozens of riot squad officers from the Met’s territorial support group (TSG).
A number of buildings and vehicles were damaged during the affray but most of the revellers went back into the eight-storey building where the event was taking place after the clashes. “Most of the people are still there,” said a Met spokesman. “They have gone back inside the building, and are going ahead with the rave. Officers at the scene have a watching brief.”
As the rave continued into the morning with deafening music blaring out, the atmosphere inside was said to be friendly. Hundreds of revellers spilled out onto New Oxford Street, many dressed in Halloween costumes. There were ravers in boiler suits, bear suits, and jester costumes, and an array of hoodies, top hats, fluorescent caps and dreadlocks.

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