venerdì 29 ottobre 2010

Arson Attack on Infoshop in Berlin

Neo-Nazis are suspected to be behind an arson attack on Berlin's oldest info shop. On the same night fascist graffiti was sprayed on several left wing projects in the same area.

Arson Attack on M99 Infoshop in Berlin

At around 3 am on Tuesday morning (27.10.10) an arson attack was carried out on Berlin's oldest remaining infoshop, M99 in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin. The arsonists were able to escape, despite being seen by several witnesses. A fireman at the scene commented that if neighbours had not already begun to try to extinguish the flames, or if fire services had arrived a minute later, the whole residential building would have burned down.

Luckily no one was injured, but at least one flat above the shop will be uninhabitable for some time. It is hoped that the shop will be able to open provisorily.

Fascists are suspected of the arson, as several other left-wing projects nearby were daubed with neo-Nazi graffiti on the same night, including the Red Stuff shop just around the corner.
This was not the last piece of bad news for the shop. Building inspectors will be visiting today and as the new owners of the building (Berlin Property GmbH) and the property managers (David) want to get the shop out, they will be hoping this will provide them with the opportuity. Both have a history of semi-legal evictions of tennents in order to sell off the apartments.
And yesterday the shop was raided by the police for the 52nd time.

giovedì 28 ottobre 2010

The ALF has claimed responsibility for an arson attack at the Ronsard Poutry Slaughterhouse in jouy during the night of october 16

Two trucks full of empty cages were destroyed. Firemen stopped the fire before it could spread to a nearby office. Photo from newspaper report.
The activists wrote:
"We burnt two trucks at a slaughterhouse in Jouy, a small village in France about 75km from Paris. The first goal was to burn completely the slaughterhouse but we failed. So just these two trucks.
French ALF"

Statement From Prisoners of the Chilean State Inside Maximum Security

The public opinion of our friends and family members and all those who dream of an egalitarian society free of oppression:Since the 12 of October, 31 prisoners have initiated an indefinite mobilization demanding an improvement in the daily conditions and visitation inside the prison which physically and psychologically impair whoever is inside these torture centers.
We aim to end the familiar logic of the prison guards which focuses on mistreating and humiliating all the thousands of poor who are forced to survive in prison and their friends and families who visit them. This gives us a shared camaraderie that enables dialogue and strengthens conviction, as well as a commitment to unity between social and political prisoners that can begin to attack the jailers. The teeth and blood of the pobladores is part of those voices that bit by bit break the censorship of information, taking our demands to their own centers of power, shitting on their faces.
The desperation of the state’s repressive agents has sought to sew a weed of conflict between social and political prisoners tin order to maintain control, but “the fearless are living,” and with them the anti-authoritarians, both aware of the games of the prison system, and its routine assassination. We stand together in the dignified battle underneath the Maximum Security model and the injustice of the prison system. Neither the threats nor the punishments like those given on Tuesday, the 19th of October to Freddy Moraga Soto on the fourth floor at the hands of Cabo Flores can destroy the spirit of the poblador behind bars.
Along with a greeting, a brave and selfless response and in the struggle to each of the men and women who have given us their support, we want to hug our families, kiss our partners, children and loved ones. We invite them to continue spreading this mobilization in every space we move, making propaganda a weapon through posters, pamphlets and murals.
Never stop the cry for freedom!!
No more imprisonment of the poor in marches, rallies, schools, and poblaciones.
Create unity among all prisoners and their families. Support an environment without authority, faces looking at us because we are all worth something and together we make the powerful tremble. The prison was made by the rich to hide the injustice of the capitalist system. No more prisons for the poor!!!!
Social and political prisoners in struggle.
Maximum security prison October 22, 2010

martedì 26 ottobre 2010

Madrid - Attack In Solidarity With Chilean Anarchists

cette semaine

Madrid, 21/10/2010 - Yesterday October 20, the windows of a Santander bank in the south of Madrid were pelted with stones, and a tag was left: "Solidarity with the anarchists of Chile".
This bank was chosen for its connection with the Chilean State and bourgeoisie, being present over a large part of Chilean territory, and involved in the exploitation of its inhabitants.
Let's come out into the Streets! May the rage spread!
To our Chilean brothers! To those who fight!
We do not want to deal with this misery, but to destroy it!

Barcelona - Actions in Solidarity With Fellow Russian and Belarusian Comrades

cette semaine

October 23, 2010(Excerpt): The night of Monday, October 18, we wanted to make a small gesture of solidarity with anarchist comrades of Khimki (Russia) and Minsk (Belarus), imprisoned by their respective States in August 2010.
The gesture consisted of moving in three locations linked to the Russian State and its commercial interests.
Profiting our friend darkness, we went to the Russian consulate, to the headquarters of the Russian airlines the Centre for Culture and Russian language in Barcelona.
We threw paint-filled eggs against these dumps and sprayed slogans in solidarity with the comrades.(...)
Death to all patria, border states, capitalism and every form of authority.

Thessaloniki - Greece; Anarchist Comrade Elias Nikolaou released from Prison


25th october 2010 - Today comrade Ilias, after the hearing on Thursday 21/10/10, of his application for release until the appeals court, was RELEASED with the condition that he pays bail of 15.000 euro.

Letter from Ilias Nikolau 16 November 2009 - Some have surrendered and other have felt satisfaction in hearing the declarations of the powerful concerning the uprooting of illegal violence.
Others still felt relief in knowing that immigrants will be persecuted and locked up: it is as if the misery and
However, the worst is that this society in order to prolong its slow death has been vaccinated with the phrase "I just live my personal life" and with apathy.
Prey of their bosses, victims of leaders of every kind, they are humiliated, put down their heads for nothing and always lose the sense of their own potential and dignity even sacrificing the last moments of freedom. In this world where resignation and obedience reign, there are proud eyes and traces of dignity that are not afraid to pay the ultimate price and put their lives in their own hands.
All the impassioned worshipers of Negation are struggling along the paths of freedom. Passersby in a path that leads to individual and collective freedom, the warriors against injustice always show their presence wherever they are.
Now it is our turn and we, from the dark cells of democracy, are hurling out a signal: unconditional solidarity towards those who firmly look life in the eye and lay claim to the obvious: Absolute freedom, without succumbing to the chains of imprisonment, without taking even one step backwards.
Ilias Nikolau
prison of Amfissa

New Transferral in Swiss Prisons

Billy and Costa and have been transferred. At the moment we do not know why. The new addresses are:
Luca Bernasconi (Billy)
c/o Regionalgefängnis Bern
Genfergasse 22
3001 Bern
Costantino Ragusa
c/o Regionalgefängnis Thun
Allmendstr. 34
3600 Thun

LetterFrom TheThreeAccused OfTheRobbery in Evia, central Greece 19.10.10

At 11:20 a.m. on September 17, 2010, four people in ski masks robbed a bank at gunpoint in the small town of Psachna on the island of Evia north of Athens. A half-hour later, on a motorway road near the island’s capital Chalcis, a 27-year-old man, a 28-year-old man, and a 35-year-old woman were arrested. They were brought to the Chalcida police station, where the men—Alexandros Kossivas and Michalis Traikapis—were charged with the armed bank robbery and the Maria Ekonomou was charged with “aiding and abetting fugitives.” The charges were based largely on the comrades’ connection to the anarchist milieu (Traikapis was one of the Thessaloniki 7, along with two Spanish comrades and others, arrested during the riots surrounding the 2003 EU summit in that city and finally released thanks to a lengthy hunger strike) and witness testimony (one of the witnesses, a kiosk attendant, supposedly remembered one of the comrades—just prior to the robbery—asking: “Excuse me, but where is the bank?”). The comrades didn’t have any weapons or “loot” on them at the time of the arrests, while searches of their Athens homes revealed nothing more than “ski masks, four 9 mm bullets, and other objects that are being investigated.” Nevertheless, Kossivas and Traikapis are currently in prison, while the Maria was released on probation. It’s expected that they will soon write something that states their position regarding the charges, their political identity, etc.

Letter from the three accused of the robbery in Evia, central Greece

We are witnesses of a historical development, of a new even more devastating world that is opening in front of us. The so-called capitalistic crisis and the merciless pillage that follows it, signal a new phase of the metropolitan war and its two devastating aspects. The violence and the violence. Ideological violence, repressive violence. We speak of a new phase of war because we realize the era that preceded the crisis, equally barbarian and flattening. It was that memorable era of “plenty”, that prefaced sneakily and patiently what we live today. It was a continuous, “low intensity” war, that in two decades accomplished to extend by giving out dreams, hallucinations and ideology.
Lending, as the last “invention” for the extension of life of the developed capitalistic world, was not only the yuppies, their statistics and their numbers. It was also those. Mainly however it was the ideological promotion of the then modern way of life with loans, that penetrated, determined and transformed the total of social relations. It was the sovereign language and its commercials. It was the cynicism and the stepping over dead bodies hunting of happiness, that changed the metropolis in to immense theatres of war. The triptych of force, wealth and power, that should by any means be achieved, was glorified by all classes in all aspects of social life and un-guiltified a constant crime against the “others”. The invisible, the outcasts, the poor, the immigrants. A barbarian mass where within each one is alone and against all, could consume, exploit, manage, have fun and rape without guilts. It was the era of all is allowed. However it was borrowed and as everything, so this at some point ends.
The that rises brings with it poverty, unhappiness and prohibitions. It is the season of void that spits in the faces of those who live with hallucinations. And now what? Now that theres nothing for them to promise, they will only order. The sovereign language drips blood and the oratory with which the sweeping social transformations are promoted as an essential condition for the confrontation of the crisis, are rhetorical polemics. Direct, violent and merciless. The declaration of a “situation of emergency” and the obligation of obedience to whatever is commanded by the “national interest”, do not leave and room of misinterpretation. We have war. The state is barricading setting up an immense wall of protection around it. Because it knows that even though it still survives-the leftovers of the “plenty” of the previous decades-, even if still individualism and fatalism absorb dissatisfaction, even if still we “from under” have not constituted a compact competitive force, its not long before the moment where the accumulated rage will be expressed. And then it will explode. Even if it is a dead-end and contradictory it will explode. And the strikes will be criminalized, terrorlaws that are upgrading, the urban disturbances and the army that trained, the equipment and the budgets that are approved, the cities, the neighborhoods, the houses, our own lives that are being surrounded, prove it to us.
In this setting, prosecutions, arrests and the imprisonments of those who fight are inevitable. Because it is now that they should, by striking us, spread the fear in those that are already thinking and are ready to act, because it is now that they should demonstrate their supposed omnipotence, because it is now that they should declare as useless and impasse, every form of struggle.
We find ourselves therefore in the foresight because its what our era dictates. This may make us vulnerable and exposed, however in no case does it make us victims. Rather the opposite. This is why we speak of choices and conscience of the struggle. For the conscience that from the moment you begin to fight, you retake your life in your own hands, you cease perceiving yourself as a victim. Never again. Finally. We therefore say again, we have war. And with this fact we will recount our story.
On friday 17th of September and at a long distance away from Psahna Evia, where previously a robbery had happened in the national bank of greece in the area, cops arrest us and lead us to the artakis police station. While theres no evidence that connects us with the particular robbery, it is the verification our personal data that reveals our “identity” and gives a specific turn in events. Its our arrests that we had in the past for hostilities against the regime, that constituted the “solid” evidence for our involvement in this case. Our direct transport to the Halkida station and the insistence of the cops in the interrogations to focus on our past, were indicative of their intentions. And since our presence in the wider area of the robbery alone is not enough, the evidence had to be invented. What else therefore, than the ridiculous testimonies of some snitches-residents of the area, that “recognize” walk styles, watch brands, labels on jackets and other imaginative things that were dictated to them by the agents of halkida, struggling to fulfill the mission that was assigned to them by their superiors from g.a.d.a.(central police headquarters in athens) At this moment three of us are accused and two of us imprisoned, with an insubstantial official charge.
We could denounce the police arbitrariness against us and make pleads of innocence. However for us words are not neutral. They are charged with meanings and logics. They constitute entire worlds that are occasionally completely hostile between them. Words are therefore competing. What does it mean in our strange times to denounce arbitrariness? For us it means nothing else but an indirect faith in the monopoly of laws. A consensus admission, that arbitrariness is not in the nature of the system, but a making of certain perjurers and corrupted. It is a disorientating tactic that skillful directs the problem away from the root. To revelations, scandals, individual incidents. The system is a entirely criminal machine and violence and only violence is the oil that maintains it. Whoever still continues to ignore this, is either a suspect or turns a blind eye.
We will not be focus therefore on the cops that “exaggerated”, to the public prosecutors that “arbitraded”, in the journalists that “misinformed”. What we seek is through our own story to describe the modern terms submission. To expose to common view these small stories, that compose the total of barbarian world that surrounds us. Each one us should take a position on them. We took ours. We demand the lifting of the charges and our immediate release, without begging for nothing. We are not victims, we are a part of our choices. For all that we did, for what we didnt make, for other things that we left. No one should look for “innocents” among us. We are on the side of the repeatedely “guilty”. We are next to the poordevils, the immigrants, the outlaws, the robbers, the “terrorists”. And we will remain here.
For before, for now and for ever.
Alexandros Kossivas, Michalis Traikapis
(imprisoned in the 1st wing of koridalos prisons)
Maria Ekonomou
(accused for the same case)

boubourAs translations actforfreedomnow!

The trial of the thessaloniki 4 has been adjourned until January 14th, 2011. This was due to a situation involving one of the defendents who last week was arrested and therefore the authorities had trouble transferring him'' Michalis Traikapis'' from Athens to Thessaloniki.

The solidarity campaign continues, and we hope to inform supporters of the developing issues surrounding the trial.

Now as much as ever, as the 4 defendents will face again the greek courts in january 2011, we fully intend to participate in an international solidarity campaign. A series of benefits and infonights will be organised to further publicise this case.

In Solidarity ( from Thessaloniki )

As of 9/10 we are not accepting the prison food of the prisons we are in, in solidarity to anarchist comrade Kostas Gournas who is on hunger strike.
We stand even in this symbolic way next to the comrades struggle to remain in koridallos prisons, abolish the isolation situation for his family and political environment that is essentially being imposed with his imprisonment in trikala prisons.
Michalis Traikapis
Alexandros Kosivas
Aris Sirinidis
Christos Stratigopoulos
Giannis Dimitrakis
p.s. Comrade Alfredo Bonnano, expresses his solidarity to comrade Kostas Gournas, but cannot participate in the action because of his severe health situation.

venerdì 22 ottobre 2010

A Communication from Alfredo M. Bonanno and Christos Stratigopoulos concerning their trial, due to be held in Larissa, Greece on 22 november 2010

We thank all the comrades everywhere for the solidarity that they have shown us until now, but are asking them to please not participate in our trial that is due to take place in Larissa on November 22, 2010.
Alfredo and Christos

Solidarity With The Lecce Anarchists

On the appeal trial against the Lecce anarchists

So-called operation Nottetempo (Night Time) started in May 2005 with a massive police deployment that led to the arrests of 5 anarchists in the Lecce province (southern Italy) and to the investigation of another ten for conspiracy. The comrades had actually been actively engaged in the struggle against the Regina Pacis immigration detention centre of San Foca (Lecce) run by the clergy, which closed down before the beginning of the infamous operation Nottetempo. The tenacious struggle of the local anarchists, in fact, had unveiled the atrocities perpetrated in that prison for immigrants to such a point that the operators of the centre could no longer hide their ignominious activity. Some of them were even put on trial and eventually went abroad, where they carried on their dirty business and managed to repair their reputation.
On the contrary, two of the arrested anarchists spent two years in prison while the others were put under house arrest or subjected to various restrictions. The first grade of the trial concluded in July 2008: as it was impossible for the jury to confirm the existence of a subversive association (article 270bis on conspiracy), they turned to article 416 of the Italian penal code and accused four comrades of forming a ‘criminal association’ (organized crime). Three other comrades were accused of specific crimes and the other eight were acquitted.
Anxious about his career and longing for promotion, public prosecutor Lino Giorgio did not resign himself to the fact that his theory of an anarchist clandestine association had been rejected by the jury. For this reason, a few weeks later, he presented an appeal against this sentence in order for another jury to confirm the accusation of conspiracy against the Lecce anarchists.
The sentence of appeal was to be finally pronounced on February 10 2010, but it has once again been postponed following the decision of the jury to examine further ‘evidence’ provided by the public prosecutor. The intention to charge the anarchists
involved in this shameful story of repression with yet more serious charges is evident, and it is also clear how the local powerful are determined to silence the entire matter as well as the violence and the abuse inflicted on immigrants by the
operators of the Regina Pacis concentration camp. If the latter no longer exists, numerous others can be found all over Italy and everywhere else; but the struggle is also alive, the struggle of those who, inside and outside these concentration camps,
believe that the only fate of these places is that of being destroyed along with the fear, hatred, indifference and racism fomented by power in order to create terror and to stir up a war among the exploited.
Solidarity to the Lecce anarchists!

Destroy all prisons!

On The Appal Trial Against the Lecce Anarchists for so-called operation Nottetempo

A story already written? A few notes on the appeal trial against the Salento anarchists.deas and laws, passion and social peace.
This story has often showed strong conflicts between those who expressed freely their ideas and those who attempted to repress them; between those who struggled with determination so that migrants were not locked up for not having an ID document, and those who boasted that locking up migrants was a question of security. On the one side the anarchists, on the other police, magistrates, the Church on charge of a CPT [immigration detention centre], journalists and politicians. All this, however, does not give a complete picture of what has happened and of what is still at stake.
March 2005: the CPT run by the Lecce clergy closes down for good. In the last years of its existence, hunger strikes, revolts and escapes carried out by the imprisoned immigrants have continuously occurred. Outside the CPT, a tenacious opposition by some anarchists and the protests of other groups. Meantime the violence perpetrated in the centre by his manager, priest Cesare Lodeserto, the carabinieri working with him and some of his aides becomes publicly known. Lodeserto gets arrested and later charged, among other things, with committing acts of violence and with kidnapping. The State, however, cannot put itself and its friends on trial and leave its arch-enemies free. Thus, in May 2005 some anarchists also get arrested and accused of belonging to a subversive association, whereas many others are put under investigation. After a long period of detention, four of them are charged with organized crime, three others with minor crimes and eight are acquitted. Although the sentences inflicted on them are heavy, the comrades are by then free and continue with their activity. A hush falls over the whole story, including the various legal proceedings against Lodeserto and his companions. Meantime the CPT are transformed into CIE (Identification and Deportation Centres), migrants’ boats full of desperation are immediately sent back to other concentration camps, a witch hunt against foreigners and the diverse is the strong point of the xenophobic and security-obsessed governments that follows one another on the Italian scene. The CIE become precious tools employed by power in order to contain the undesirable and to regulate, through reclusion and repression, cheap labour liable to be blackmailed (so called illegal immigrants). All this becomes routine in Lecce, until new arrivals of desperate migrants on boats bring the question back to the general attention. Certainly this is not the decisive aspect for the judges who, on December 9, will pronounce the appeal sentence towards the anarchists on trial. There is much more at stake around this trial, as proved by the way it has developed. The first judge, after postponing the sentence in a long series of hearings, has clearly demonstrated his unwillingness to go on and his intention to pass the hot potato to others. The second judge has delayed the sentence for three times, adopting pretexts quite ‘abnormal’ according to current procedures.
The reasons for all this are not easily identifiable but could be found in the prosecutor’s willingness to worsen the charges inflicted on the comrades in the first grade of the trial. If the CIE are so important for dominion, and surely they are, to charge heavily those who have struggled against them is a warning to those who intend to carry on that struggle. The CIE, however, are a thorn on the side of power because of the numerous protests breaking inside and outside them in Italy as well as in the rest of the world. The story of an ex CPT closed down forever as well as the story of a CIE in flames are not good propaganda for the State. And then there are local issues: the power and reputation of the Lecce clergy, which have been badly affected by this story; the affiliation of the same clergy with powerful national politicians (such as a high official of the Home Office); a public prosecutor seeking revenge against some lovers of freedom; the necessity to repress those who do not submit to the established rules. Is this the end of the story? We’ll see! For the moment we can only say that ‘any similarity to actual persons or events is not coincidental’, as the same circumstances and persons can be found in any story where authority clashes with the determination
of those who do not shut their eyes to oppression and injustice. This story does not only concerns the freedom of some but it also poses the question of more freedom for all.
A few anarchists

mercoledì 20 ottobre 2010

communique From The Last Mapuche Hungerstrikers

on Mon, 2010-10-11

On October 2, most of the Mapuche political prisoners on hungerstrike in the prisons of the Chilean state announced an end to their action while the hungerstrikers at Angol prison declared they would continue. On October 7, they released another communique explaining their struggle. The following day, after nearly 90 days without eating, they ended their hungerstrike, although without signing onto any agreement with the Chilean state. Translated from Hommodolars
We consider this communique to be of great importance because it clearly explains how the modifications to the antiterrorist law are simply cosmetic and do not at all guarantee the completion of the demands brought forward by this mobilization. Furthermore, and most importantly, the hungerstrikers of Angol prison want to make it plain that this action did not occur as a partial claim within the juridical realm, but as a projection of the Mapuche struggle. This is where we see that an action such as this is not a simple pressure brought to bear against the party in power, rather it reveals the substance of what is and must be the struggle by the Mapuche against the State/Capital. A struggle that, through this kind of mobilization, continuously strengthens itself and avoids a fossilization that would prevent it from taking on a larger framework, such as a struggle for self-determination. It's a way of realizing what the Mapuche brothers and sisters are capable of doing: taking control of their lives, modifying the reality produced for us and controlled by the State/Capital, which presents itself as independent from us and turns us into simple spectators. In other words, this is reality and we won't simply contemplate it or run around according to the schedule with which it dominates us. We are capable of changing this reality so that its independent movement begins to weaken. Not at the level of appearances or mere knowledge, but in a praxis that acts on objective situations and transforms them, by acting on the separations that falsely isolate us from others and from our own activity on a daily basis.
We are not saying that with hungerstrikes we can achieve self-determination, but that with all kinds of actions we begin to compose a unitary practical critique of the State/Capital. One doesn't proclaim this, one puts it in practice and changes the conditions that limit our daily ability to take action. In other words we "open" the context within which we take action today so that tomorrow our possibilities will have expanded to create the conditions not to express our total critique but to execute it. This must not be understood as a "tactic" within an idea of the accumulation of forces or gradualism [trans: common Marxist approaches to revolution], it should only be understood for what it is: our activity produces reality and this reality has broken from our control. Reappropriating a way of acting that is our own, subversive, and negative of what exists is how we produce the conditions to realize that the insurrection that uncages the revolution is a question of our own necessity; by modifying the objective situation we are modifying our own position within it. This is true in all struggle.
The 14 peñis [brothers] who continue the hungerstrike:
Angol Prison
1.- Victor Llanquileo Pilquiman
2.- Fernando Millacheo Marin
3.- José Queipul Huaiquil
Victoria Hospital
4.- Victor Hugo Queipul
5.- Felipe Huenchullan Cayul
6.- Camilo Tori Quiñinao
7.- Eduardo Osses Moreno
8.- Alex Curipan Levipan
9.- Carlos Huaiquillan Palacio
10.- *Waikilaf Cadin Calfunao
Temuco Prison
11.- Hugo Melinao
12.- Cristián Levinao
13.- Sergio Lican Levio
Chol Chol Prison [minors]
14.- Luis Marileo Cariqueo

Berlin - Arson Attack Against Car Of Security Company

The group “no name militants” burned a car from a secruity company in Berlin-Neukölln. Private security firms take over the tasks which the police do not fight anymore. The concerted rush from poor people and mutual denunciations to the authorities, a concept of counterinsurgency. The company”sicherhet nord” from Hamburg plays a leading role. The burning Car in Neukölln from “sicherheit nord” increase Price for the Conference on internal security in November in Hamburg.

giovedì 14 ottobre 2010

Chile - Attack on Chilean Military Police

From Culmine (October 4, 2010) via Libertad a lxs 14A (October 3, 2010):


Claim for Attack on Chilean Military Police

During the week, we heard the news of the arbitrary transfer to Santiago 1 of the comrades imprisoned in the Bombs Case, as well as their hunger strike and subsequent one-month sentence. Added to that was the beating given to our brother Abuelo (Camilo). Therefore, we decided to arm ourselves with household items in order to take revenge.

“In this joint, the cops are in charge,” declared the aggressor gendarme. Today we answer him: “In the joint and on the streets, anyone can be in charge. It’s just a question of will and conviction.”

Sir Gendarmes, wretched jailers: HANDS OFF THE ANARCHIST POLITICAL PRISONERS. Know full well that we will not stand for even one more outrage against the abducted comrades, their visitors, or their communications.

And you, sir prosecutor Alejandro Peña, should stop bullshitting. You must know that anarchists DON’T HAVE LEADERS. Therefore, ILLICIT ASSOCIATION IS IMPOSSIBLE.




(We take this opportunity to send greetings to those showing internationalist solidarity in England, Spain, Mexico, Greece, Argentina, Canada, and elsewhere, as well as the Mapuche prisoners in Angol who are maintaining their struggle.)

Marco Camenish has been Transfered

Dear comrades,
Marco Camenisch has been transferred from Zurich to a high security prison in Orbe, without even giving him the time to get ready or tell anyone! This happens after 8 years in Zurich, out of the blue and without any warning!
We don’t know the reasons for this, but can make our own conclusions. We think this is due to his recent hunger strike together with Silvia, Billy and Costa; to the international mobilisations around long-term revolutionary prisoners; to his long-term committment and his contacts with the international movement. Once again the system is trying to isolate him, by transferring him to a high security prison far away.
Solidarity is our weapon: let’s use this weapon by sending cards and greetings to Marco.

Marco Camenisch
Penitencier de Bochuz
Case Postale 150
1350 Orbe

Multiple Arson Attacks in Greece

nights dedicated to the cops and their associates…

- 2 private motorbikes of cops of the d.i.a.s. force

- a shop of motorcycle equipment that supplies motorcycle cops

- car dealership that supplies cop cars for the police

sabato 9 ottobre 2010

Athens - Greece: Many Anarchists Show Solidarity To "Revolutionary Struggle" Case Comrades. Fighting Starts When Riot Cops Attack


Wednesday, October 6, 2010 - ''I refuse to accept the invitation of the Appeals prosecutors who called me to give an additional testimony concerning the case of the revolutionary organisation that I belong to with the name ''REVOLUTIONARY STRUGGLE''. I do not accept the call because there is nothing for me to apologise for. Revolutionaries do not apologise to the criminals of the State.'' NIKOS MAZIOTIS
Today 6 October outside the Appeal Court the tension and passion of many comrades screaming and shouting strong slogans when the comrades of the "Revolutionary Struggle case'' were taken away was a very emotional moment. Fighting started with the riot cops who were attacking comrades.
Anyway, the next Appeal court case is fixed for 14 and 20 October.
Tomorrow's court has been cancelled because our comrades have refused to be there.

mercoledì 6 ottobre 2010

Brussels - Belgium; 50 People Attacked Police Station

10 February 2010 - The Marolles police station in Brussels was vandalized on the sidelines of an unauthorized demonstration held near the Gare du Midi. Two policemen were injured: the five people who were put under arrest face up to ten years in prison. About 22 hours on Friday, the police station in the Rue de Hectolitre closed its doors . When the last police officer entered his car, fifty people started to storm the police station. "Dressed in black and wearing masks, carrying hatchets and hammers, they immediately threw stones at the police station. The inspector came out of his car, and received several stones in the back and head. He is unable to work for now. He took refuge in the police station, where he appealed to other inspectors who were still in the vicinity ", said Christian De Coninck, spokesman for the Brussels-Ixelles police.
The group then fled, but police were able to detain six persons. Among them was a minor who has been released on the orders of prosecutors in Namur. The other 5 are in their thirties and are under arrest. "What they are charged with for the time being is conspiracy because there was a coordinated group to attack the police. There is also assault and battery with intent against agents since the group arrived in an apparent attempt to do battle with the forces of order. There is also damage to property and vehicles were put out of use ", said the Deputy Public Prosecutor of the King of Namur, Sonia ISBI. A link to the event? Those arrested face up to 10 years in prison. The damage to the police is important: there are 66 hits on the windows of the building and cars were damaged. In addition, two policemen were wounded. Earlier in the evening, police had arrested 130 people administratively part in a demonstration near the Gare du Midi. This grouping had not been authorized, and it was to protest against the detention centres and the policy of deporting undocumented foreigners. Among those arrested, who were subsequently released, were 17 minors.

martedì 5 ottobre 2010

Communique: Action For The Prisoners in Chile

4 10 2010 From Culmine (October 4, 2010) via Libertad a lxs 14A (October 3, 2010):

Claim for Attack on Chilean Military Police
During the week, we heard the news of the arbitrary transfer to Santiago 1 of the comrades imprisoned in the Bombs Case, as well as their hunger strike and subsequent one-month sentence. Added to that was the beating given to our brother Abuelo (Camilo). Therefore, we decided to arm ourselves with household items in order to take revenge.
“In this joint, the cops are in charge,” declared the aggressor gendarme. Today we answer him: “In the joint and on the streets, anyone can be in charge. It’s just a question of will and conviction.”
Sir Gendarmes, wretched jailers: HANDS OFF THE ANARCHIST POLITICAL PRISONERS. Know full well that we will not stand for even one more outrage against the abducted comrades, their visitors, or their communications.
And you, sir prosecutor Alejandro Peña, should stop bullshitting. You must know that anarchists DON’T HAVE LEADERS. Therefore, ILLICIT ASSOCIATION IS IMPOSSIBLE.

(We take this opportunity to send greetings to those showing internationalist solidarity in England, Spain, Mexico, Greece, Argentina, Canada, and elsewhere, as well as the Mapuche prisoners in Angol who are maintaining their struggle.)

lunedì 4 ottobre 2010

Riots in Amsterdam Against The Squatting Ban

Mass demo, a squatted house and street battles. Fuck the Krakverbod!
The day started with a mass demo of more than 800 people of all ages and backgrounds protesting through the main streets, a house was squatted along the route to show the powers that be that squatting will continue even with these attempted repression, there was music and food.

Shortly after the mass moved off and was attacked by riot cops, horses also charged from behind and separated the masses. With bricks and sticks peoples moved to the side streets to set up barricades and continued to batter the riot cops who didn't know what hit them. Tear gas was used and groups of undercover and riot cops were held back with bricks as the protesters turned cars and set fire to barricades as they moved off along the canals towards the center, a bank was attacked and shortly after when snatch squads were seen around the area people fell into the shadows ready for another day.

All together 11 confirmed arrests, reported 2 cops and horses injured and several protesters in hospital.

video here

Whatever they say squatting will stay!

Responsibility Claim For The Arson Attack Of The Restaurant in Thessaloniki Greece an 1 October

Wild times we are living.
Times of war.
Here where hesitation and neutrality does not fit,
Where cowards have no place,
Here where every desire which clashes with the values of this world, meets those who have as a task its suppression.
Those who even their existence, humiliates every dignity, supervises compromise.
Here where choices are not defined as such,
maybe because there is not the strength to carry their cost.
And if the side of revolution recognizes this cost,
Its time the other side felt it under its skin.

From the plain traffic cop coordinating traffic, until the last, useless pigriotcopinforcer of order. From the wimpy office cop, to the slimy undercover, EYP cop (greek c.i.a.) snitch. From the freshmen cadet, until macho motherfucker EKAM (special forces) cop.
With all means, everywhere and always.
From the kickings in the street until cold execution.
On and off duty.
You will find us in front of you.
Wild times we are living.
Times of war.
We should make the terms.
Make our denial practice.
-So we chose to attack with an incendiary device against the restaurant “Kreonidis”, a few hours before a cop gathering was planned to be held there.

Arsonist cycles of Disorder

domenica 3 ottobre 2010

Brussels - Belgium; Reclaim Your Data From Police Database

Gegen die grenzüberschreitende Kriminalisierung politischer AktivistInnen!
Für die Abschaffung der polizeilichen Datenbankgesellschaft!

Contre la criminalisation trans-frontalière des militants politiques!
Pour la fin d’une société fondée sur les bases de données!

Against the crossborder criminalisation of political activitsts!
For the abandonment of the police database society!

Against the crossborder criminalisation of political activitsts!
For the abandonment of the police database society!

“We preventivley arrested 148 protesters [...].
96 anarchists were arrested, as they wanted to participate in the demonstration”
Brussels police spokesperson Christiqn De Coninck
justifies the mass-arrests on the 29th of September

Once again hundrets of European activitss from the No Border Camp in Brussels where arrested in the last week of September. On the one hand those vexatious arrests served as a denial of the basic right to protest. On the other hand these “preventive” measures also served to reinforce the digitial control of social movements against the EU border regime. The affected people were only released after their identity had been checked and a picture of them had been taken. Those who tried to refuse this latter measure, were brutally forced to comply.

“Preventive” mass-arrests of activists from social movements have become quite common within the Europeean Union over the last few years. The EU pursues its own research programs for the “handling” of protests at “mega events”. Manuals advise the law enforcment agencies to have a high quota of people arrested, not to loose the sovereignty over all information as well as to exchange data on protestors before and after the demonstration. For this reason extensive questionnaires are being sent to all of the EU member states’ police services.

Some countries already avail of databses for “troublemakers”, which are regularly “lent” to other police services, also outside of the EU. There is no need to have been convicted to be filed into the “troublemaker”-database. The sole regestering of ones identity around a police operation can lead to the future refusal of the right of entry or exit, for example during summit protests. After the succesful national implementation in Germany, Denmark and other governments, they now demand the gathering of such data on the EU level.

It can be expected that also the preventive aquired information on persons gathered in Brussels (just as vehicle liscence plates or information on accomodation) will be used for subsequent discrimnation of the affected. Data gathered such as lately in Brussels will probably be also fed into the planned EU database on “troublemakers”.

Since years now activists fight against the repression of migrants and them being filed into ever new police EU datbases. In the same manner we now demand the deletion of all aclaimed data of activists in connection with the No Border Camp.
We will further on be going onto the barricades against the establishment of a EU database on left political activists. We encourage people to reclaim their selfdetermination over personal data step by step via requests for information.

We are working on to provide request of information forms for Belgian police databases. For this please look out for announcments on the web page of the No Border Camp:
More information on possiblities of requests for information are available in the realms of the crossborder campaign “Reclaim Your Data” on this site: In german there are already template letters to german and EU police services available.

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Stuttgart - German Police Break Up Railway Protest With Water Cannon


STUTTGART, Germany, Sept 30 (Reuters) - German police used water cannon on Thursday to disperse a crowd of more than 1,000 people protesting against plans to knock down the city's landmark train station.
The spectre of a prolonged standoff over the demolition, and its underground replacement, could hurt Chancellor Angela Merkel in upcoming regional elections.
The protests initially focussed on the "Stuttgart 21" railway station project but have turned into a larger show of discontent against the government. Merkel has said the project will be a decisive factor in regional elections next year.
The demonstrations could have an impact on Merkel's hold on power at a time when her centre-right coalition is already struggling in the opinion polls.
Her Christian Democrats (CDU) have ruled Baden-Wuerttemberg state since 1953 but face an uphill battle to hold on in a March 2011 election -- partly due to disenchantment over the station which the CDU backs.
For months, thousands of people have tried, sometimes violently, to stop the project in the southwestern city, which critics say wastes taxpayer money and is not needed.
Protesters scuffled with police, some of them mounted on horses, in the Schlossgarten area next to the station, where about 100 trees are due to be felled by February to make space for the 4.1 billion euro ($5.57 billion) building project -- one of Germany's largest.
Demonstrators have occupied five of the trees.
Police said they also used pepper spray against protesters trying to climb onto cars that they used to block off the area and that some protesters threw stones at them.

Messina - italy; 25 Anarchists Charched

translated from informa-azione

Police of Messina have concluded the investigation of the precarious school workers "Invade the Strait [of Messina]. A bridge for school," of Sept. 12. There are reports of 25 people belonging to anarchist and antagonist movements "who mixed in with the movement of temporary school workers with the principal purpose of creating problems for the train circulation" say police in relation to the blockade of the central rail station.
At the conclusion of investigation conducted by the Digos of Messina in collaboration with similar offices in other Sicilian police headquarters, this morning were deposited at the Public Prosecutor's "criminal acts relating to events occurring on the margins of the demonstration", which took place Sunday, September 12, 2010 in Messina, "Invade the Strait. A bridge to school", organized by the school's precarious workers. The police said that "during the event some troublemakers, infiltrated among the demonstrators, had occupied the tracks of the Central Station, leading to a partial blockade of rail traffic lasting about an hour."

Santiago - Chile; Office Of The Gendarmerie in Nunoa Attacked With Petrol Bombs

translated from culmine

Santiago - A petrol bomb attack took place on an office of the Gendarmerie (which has the function of prison guards in Chile) in the municipality of Ñuñoa, Metropolitan Region, at the intersection of Macul and Grecia, in front of the Universidad Metropolitana de Ciencias de la Educación (UMCE, Former teaching college).
According to preliminary information from the police, a group of about 20 youths tried to set fire to barricades in the street, while one of them launched several Molotov cocktails at the building.
The office is a centre for social rehabilitation of the eastern area of the capital, where people go to sign on when subject to restrictive measures, such as parole.
At the time of the attack there was only one guard on the spot. The Carabineros and anti-riot squad were called to enhance security of the place.
Leaflets were found supporting the cause of the Mapuche and those arrested for the "Caso Bombas."

sabato 2 ottobre 2010

Solidarity To Anarchist Comrades in Greece The Text Of The Action in English

"If we don't rebel now against the modern dictatorship of market,
capital and State, if we don't throw off the yoke of slavery now, if we
do not today raise our head high, there will be no future for us and
we will have condemned future generations to live in the darkest
social and economic conditions of human history.
The only solution at hand to get out of this dead end is social
revolution." E.A.

The organization E.A. (Revolutionary Struggle) has been active in
Greece since 2003 with attacks against the State and capital such as
against the stock exchange, the American embassy and on the forces
of oppression.

On March 10, 2010, the social fighter Lambros Fountas falls
dead, shot in the back by police. A month later there are six arrests.
Six anarchist anti-authoritarian comrades are led to police
headquarters under charges of participation in the organization E.A.
The State and media's game begins, staging a whole spectacle of
eradicating a terrorist organization; and the festivities have no end,
since a garden reed fence is capable of turning a house into a "safehouse,"
a newspaper can be considered "evidence" and a morning
rendezvous in a peopled place is suspect and conspiratorial.

In the meantime the bankrupt Greek State imposes anti-social
measures and a large part of society reacts and takes to the streets
again in outrage, two years after the uprising of December 2008
caused by the murder of 15 year old Alexis Grigoropoulos by the
bullets of the officer Korkonea.

On April 29 three of the arrested fighters, N. Maziotis, P.
Roupa and K. Gournas take political responsibility for the
revolutionary organization E.A., at the same time stating that the

may never again be social and class divisions, or rich and poor, or
the exploitation of people by people. That there may not be
organized authority, the State, lack and suppression of freedom. Our
struggle is a struggle for economic equality and political freedom for
all. May it be nothing less than radical subversion, social

The other three arrested, S. Nikitopoulos., B. Stathopoulos and

X. Kortesis, remain detained solely on the grounds of their social
relationships and years of upsetting the authorities with their social
struggles. They are imprisoned and refuse the false charges.
"After the arrest of the 'bloodthirsty terrorists' the Greek people will
of course realize that nothing has changed in their living conditions.
If before the people fed from the crumbs left over from the lavish
meals of the likes of the capitalists, they will understand very
quickly that now they are not even given those crumbs... I won't refer
to the charges at all because innocence and guilt are interchanged in
accordance with which side you have chosen to be on." X. Kortesis,
Korinthos prisons.

"It is the settled policy of authority, with it's ally the mass media, to
slander and criminalize social struggles and the personal
relationships of fighters... In any case, my statement to the inquisitor
that I do not renounce any form of struggle against authority and the
State is the only reason that I am detained." V. Stathopoulos, Trikala

"From the first moment I refused the charges and likewise my
participation in the organization E.A. That which I do not deny and
which is essentially what has led me to the awful position I am in


ACTION Against The Italian Embassy in Brussels Belgium

today at 19:00
loads of shit where thrown against the Italian Embassy.
With this symbolical act, we wanted to denounce the murder Italian migration policy. Return agreements with Libya, racist laws, state violence against migrants, infernal detention centers make this country one of the most shameful example of the murder European anti migration policy, carried on with thousand of people drown in the Mediterranean sea, with people tortured in Libyan jails, with rapes and savage violence against detained migrants.
We prefer having the hands dirty of shit than of blood….
x, 01.10.10