giovedì 28 ottobre 2010

Statement From Prisoners of the Chilean State Inside Maximum Security

The public opinion of our friends and family members and all those who dream of an egalitarian society free of oppression:Since the 12 of October, 31 prisoners have initiated an indefinite mobilization demanding an improvement in the daily conditions and visitation inside the prison which physically and psychologically impair whoever is inside these torture centers.
We aim to end the familiar logic of the prison guards which focuses on mistreating and humiliating all the thousands of poor who are forced to survive in prison and their friends and families who visit them. This gives us a shared camaraderie that enables dialogue and strengthens conviction, as well as a commitment to unity between social and political prisoners that can begin to attack the jailers. The teeth and blood of the pobladores is part of those voices that bit by bit break the censorship of information, taking our demands to their own centers of power, shitting on their faces.
The desperation of the state’s repressive agents has sought to sew a weed of conflict between social and political prisoners tin order to maintain control, but “the fearless are living,” and with them the anti-authoritarians, both aware of the games of the prison system, and its routine assassination. We stand together in the dignified battle underneath the Maximum Security model and the injustice of the prison system. Neither the threats nor the punishments like those given on Tuesday, the 19th of October to Freddy Moraga Soto on the fourth floor at the hands of Cabo Flores can destroy the spirit of the poblador behind bars.
Along with a greeting, a brave and selfless response and in the struggle to each of the men and women who have given us their support, we want to hug our families, kiss our partners, children and loved ones. We invite them to continue spreading this mobilization in every space we move, making propaganda a weapon through posters, pamphlets and murals.
Never stop the cry for freedom!!
No more imprisonment of the poor in marches, rallies, schools, and poblaciones.
Create unity among all prisoners and their families. Support an environment without authority, faces looking at us because we are all worth something and together we make the powerful tremble. The prison was made by the rich to hide the injustice of the capitalist system. No more prisons for the poor!!!!
Social and political prisoners in struggle.
Maximum security prison October 22, 2010

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