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Arson at construction site of bourgeois homes in forest near Moscow

From Culmine (February 26, 2011) via Liberación Total (February 26, 2011):

The construction of a complex of bourgeois country homes is underway in the Moscow area, in a place called Opaliha. As usual, the buildings are located in a desirable area near a forest on the shore of Lake Lesnoe (Foresty in Russian). Right now there’s a lot of logging going on in serene pine forests, and soil moisture is being compromised due to massive construction sites and excavations. The forests and lakes are thus up for sale, privatization, and finally destruction. We will not accept this!

During the night of February 19, 2011, we true daughters and sons of Nature set fire to a supply of flammable construction material being kept in one of the open sheds. This became a huge fire inside the building. We also torched the electrical transformer, causing considerable damage to these murderers of Mother Earth.

Video and details in Russian can be viewed here.

Around the world, keep fighting for Nature and Freedom!

—Earth Liberation Front, Moscow Region

Earth-destroying machine torched in Moscow

From Culmine (February 26, 2011) via Liberación Total (February 26, 2011):

During the early evening of February 19, 2011, under the light of a full moon, we set fire to a Caterpillar bulldozer in a clearing of the Khimki forest, just north of Moscow. Private capital and the state have merged for the purpose of constructing a highway through the forest. We are making them pay for every tree they cut down.

Burning solidarity with Mikalaj Dziadok, Aliaksandr Frantskevich, Ihar Alinevich, and Maxim Vetkin (Belarusian anarchists being charged with Molotov cocktail attacks on various state and capitalist offices), Adrián Magdaleno Gonzalez and Braulio Arturo Durán in Mexico, “ALF Lone Wolf” Walter Bond in the United States, the “Bombings Case” anarchists in Chile, and the comrades in Greece being prosecuted on charges of membership in the Fire Cells Conspiracy.

Arson attack on a cop car

Freiburg 20th february 2011

communique that was sent:
"Smash the cops!
We torched a cop car in the night to the 20th of february at station north. We want to make a statement against the random violence of the cops against left actions and projects in Dresden.

Nothing forgiven, nothing forgotten- cops got names and addresses (and cars)

Freedom for Grönland- down with the brash ice!“

source: indymedia linksunten

Direct actions against the nazimarch

Dresden 19th february 2011

Several thousand people blocked a planned march of neonazis in Dresden on Saturday. In the area around the meetingpoint of the neonazis numerous barricades got setted up and torched and all big streets got blocked. Again and again the cops got massivly attack while they used watercanons, pepperspray and eviction-tanks to clear the streets off from the blockades. Further on a copstation in Dresden-Mitte got attacked with stones, a building and a car of a temporary-work company got attacked and several busses of neonazis lost their windows.

From the police report:
A first résumé from Dieter Hanitsch this evening in Dresden:“ The police had a difficult operation today. The day got marked by attacks of violent persons, esspecially against police-forces (...)
(…) On many spots thousands of violent people broke through the police lines to get into the area where the right-extremists gathered.

On Liebigstraße/Bamberger Straße the police forces had to use sticks and CS-gas to hold the lines.
At Münchner Platz watercanons and batons were used to keep 1000 violent protesters in distance. At Strehlener Platz around 100 persons broke through the police lines.

In the southern area of the mainstation, like on Gutzowstraße, Ackermannstraße and Zelleschen Weg several trashbins were torched by unknowns. Further on barricades were built and torched on the street Am Beuthlerpark and Ackermannstraße.(...)

(...)The forces got massivly attacked again and again by violent persons. Violent offenders several times tried to get near the area of the rightwing demonstrators and tried to attack the nazis that were on the way to their meetingpoint. They especially aimed on police forces. The police got massivly attacked with stones and fireworks. Watercanons had to beused.

Violent persons of the left scene torched several thrashbins. Further on they pulled different objects on the streets and torched them. Several streets got blocked.

At the Neustädter Markt violents persons attacked a bus, that has been on its way to the rightwing meetingpoint. The bus got demaged.

Several protesters attacked the police station Dresden-Mitte on Kaitzer Straße with the use of stones. Several windows got demaged. Nobody got injured.

A car of a temporary-work company called „Activjob“ got torched and the building of the same firm got attacked with stones.

Thousands of demonstrators blocked 3 planned neonazi-events in Dresden. Massive riots broke out between the cops and mainly left demonstrators. Dozends of cops got injured.

Dresden – The situation escalated temporary quit heavily. In the riots several cops got attacked with stones, bottles and fireworks. Cars which were parked in the area got demaged. The police used watercanons and pepperspray. Witnesses were speaking about a streetbattle. The whole day trashbins got torched by rioters on different spots.

The police tried to distinguish both political scenes by a massive amount of forces. Repeatedly the policelines run over.

Because of the blockades the nazis got kettled at the mainstation. Witnesses reported that there have been around 2000 neonazis in the city, clearly less then expected. A part of them stayed in a southern district. There some „Cat and mouse“- game between rightextrimists, protestors and the police happened.
More then 30 cops got injured, said a spokesperson of the police in the evening. He wasnt updated about the injured persons in the lines of the protestors. Around 50 demonstrators, mainly from the left side got arrested because of injuring somebody else, resistance against policemen or masking up.
Even though the organizers of the protest about the fact that the rightwing events couldnt happen, the police said that the price for that was quit high.
Originally 4000 neonazis were expected to come. About 500 of them tried (in cooperation with the cops) to change their march to Leipzig. But in the end they were not allowed to enter the city so they had to drive home. Another 400 rightwing persons went directly from Dresden to their hometowns.
The union of the police is criticising the violence against the police. „ The call for peaceful blockades and civil disobidience was like playing with fire“, the federal chairman Bernhard Witthaut explained. The president of the police of saxony Bernd Merbitz also judged the „pure violence“ against the police.
The legal process about the rightwing marches has been difficult til the end. After complaints and new restictions from the town of Dresden the Verwaltungsgericht (higher judge) allowed the events of the neonazis on late friday evening.
Already last sunday, organized by the Junge Landsmannschaft Ostdeutschland, around 1300 neonazis marched on the 65th anniversary of the destruction of Dresden in some suburb. They had to shorten their demonstration because of protestors. Around 3000 protestors found their way to the route of the right extrimists. Hours before that about 17 000 citizens of Dreden were forming a human chain in the innercity.
In the morning politicians were calling out for peaceful protest against the neonazi-events. „It has do be absolutely peaceful.“,the Bundestags-vice-president Wolfgang Thierse (socialdemocrats) said. He came because the protest isnt just a job that needs to be done by the citizens of Dreden, its a job for „all democrats. He criticised the decisiion of the council of the city to allow 3 neonazi-demonstrations on one day.
Police raids the offices of the left party „Die Linke“
The leftparty reported that one of their office got stormed on saturday. Katja Kipping, member of the left party in tghe parliament reported, that cops broke the main door in the evening and raided the „Haus der Begegnungen“. Intitiaves like „Dresden Nazifrei“ and the office of the left party belong to this house.

The reason for the police was the suspicion of organising a crime and disturbing the civil peace, said Kipping. Apareantly the 20 policemen in safety suits destroyed all the doors of the building and handcuffed several workers. They took one laptop. Kipping said that this operation was „unproportional“.
The police refered to the prosecution of Dresden. But we were not able to get a statement from them. Neither from the alliance.

Arson attack on a van of the federal police

Freiburg 17th february 2011

A cop car got torched in the early morning of tuesday in Freiburg. The investigators assume a attack.
Unknown persons were setting the van, which was parked in front of a station of the federal police , on fire, a spokesperson of the police reported. Its already the third arson attack that was committed in front of this station in the last 2 years. The car which has been parked on Wentziger Straße got demaged quit badly so the demage is estimated to be around several thousand euro. Nobody got injured. A police man discovered the fire coincidently when he left the station around 4:30am.

A similar attack against the police of freiburg happened in summer 2009. A communique of a left-autonomous group appeared in the internet. The offenders are still unknown. Now the police is again investigating in direction of the left scene.
source: Badische Zeitung


On the 9th of March 2011 the urban justice is to judge in a public procedure my “case”. A “case” that was manufactured in the biological laboratories of GADA (central police headquarters in athens), but was not in any case a product of science fiction.

The political character of my prosecution can, I believe, be summarized in a abomination of the interrogative proposal, with which it was attempted to confirm the decision of my imprisonment. Immediately after the monotonous effort to support the sole, and this of minimal importance, evidence that the police brought as proof of guilt - a surgical mask with my DNA-, the interrogator continues as follows: “Testifying, anyway, the defendant, in his own phraseology, declares himself an anarchist, does not hide his subversive action, he includes himself in the anarchist movement, he considers himself a revolutionary and he wishes to reverse this world, being included in the daily struggle against the state and capitalism”.
The gravity that is taken by the word “anyway” in the oratory of the denouncing authority excellently reveals the content of the probative statements. It means the reliability of the preceded legal argumentation, which obviously is evaluated as incomplete and mobilizes in order to strengthen it and for it to gain entity and prestige by my ideological convictions and objectives, substantially my political DNA.
If this is, therefore, something that gives substance to the official charge, this is not the genetic material that was found on one of the scattered masks that were found in the area of Exarchia because of the riots of the previous days, but my political genetic material, my presence on that side of the barricade that defines my class position and conscience, against capitalistic sovereignty and the governmental terrorism.
Inevitably, the content of the upcoming trial on the 9th of March is defined also by this precise conflict of two hostile worlds, the world of sovereignty on one, and the resistance and revolt on the other. A conflict that in the particular field of my prosecution is represented by the direct juxtaposition of the henceforth totalitarian core of urban democracy, the police-juridical cluster, with me and the movement of solidarity to political prisoners.
Besides however the politics, the imminent trial is also a pilot: in my case what is tried substantially is the possibility of authority to neutralize the political opponents, manufacturing guilty people with only proof of evidence scientific results of the biological laboratories of GADA.
The up to now evidence of my prosecution are more or less known. Immediately after the failed attempt of the police and the electronic and printed office pushers to invest in my arrest for a felony offence with charges that aimed at my moral stigmatization (but also the blackout of the conditions of the severe wounding of fighter Simos Seisidis), the directing was taken over by the Antiterrorist cops, pulling out a forgotten case of a shooting against a riotcop van of the MAT in the summer of 2009 in Exarchia. With proof of evidence the identification of my genetic material that was taken illegally from my wallet with the genetic material that was found on a surgical mask that was collected in the area of the incident, just a few minutes before I am let free, a warrant for my arrest is published and they order my detention. Only the script of the antiterrorist police beyond imaginative was also extremely amateur. Nowhere in the brief does it result that the mask – the only alleged evidence- belonged to the perpetrator of the shooter, while the body shape and the characteristics of the perpetrator that the eye witnesses and the police officers describe are in obvious contradiction to mine. As for the infamous genetic material, it never was clarified what kind and type it was, while a report of the police laboratories themselves were deliberately kept secret - which strengthens my main defense statement, according to which in the mask-evidence was also located genetic material of more individuals.
Substance to the script of the antiterrorist police pending someone else “that did not come”, as he himself admitted, was attempted to be given by the interrogator. With selective use of evidence of the brief and unacceptable procedural counterbalancing of the witnesses statements, the interrogator composes a reality adapted in the truth of the antiterrorist police and founds as proof the sole evidence of the abused procedurally and disputed scientifically DNA.
It appears, however, that the manufacturing did not satisfy the interrogator, that mobilizes finally the decisive argument in order to tie up the case: my as I confessed, he mentions, subversive position and action. My political commitment was not, of course, unknown to the juridical authorities that obviously were not waiting for my statement in order to learn them. What needs however particular attention here, is that the political DNA of a defendant is presented henceforth in juridical proceedings as a powerful evidence of guilt, something that at least up to a while ago the authorities made sure to keep outside of their official rhetoric. The infamous governmental paperwork of the Police and the Antiterrorist police, which constituted for years the guide on the prosecutions and imprisonments of dozens of fighters, are surrounded henceforth with a legal force and are changed into a juridical official. In the new antiterrorist frame that was voted, a few months ago by the government of the memorandum, the prosecution of belief has become law. A new idiom, together with extraordinary juridical-police authorities, is from now on in force and opens the way for mass preregistering of fighters, political spaces and movements.
In the new era of repression, in the time of the IMF and the totalitarian war that the capital and state has declared on society, the prosecutions against the political enemies of the regime cannot be carried out anymore with the long gone and stiff methods of the in anyway shrunken urban democracy. The same moment that the IMF, the EU and their domestic representatives impose a regime of capitalistic economic totalitarianism, the same moment the cloak of democracy falls. Then the files of social beliefs open and the similar to post civil war constabulary scenarios “are tied up” with the cogent research of DNA in the laboratories of GADA. It is the moment where the stinky deliverance of domestic governmental repression meets the totalitarianism of the future.
The analysis, therefore, of my politician DNA acquires a fundamental importance to the reading of particular facts of my prosecution. Because what, in the end, the state aims for in this trial -as in the trials of other comrades that are coming up-, beyond even the actions that are attributed is the imaginative of the fight and the resistance that each one of us represents. The qualitative and quantitative evidence that are detected in my personal sample, are identified within the collective imprint that is left by the small and big moments of social class struggles of the last twenty years, composing with thousands more unique traces the mosaic of the revolutionary anticapitalist movement.
This way each political trial and at extension each struggle is also an exploration of our own history.
Since we are speaking of history therefore, the festive “end of History” that in the early 1990s was claimed for itself by the capitalistic globalization and aspired to express the domestic fabricated argument of modernization, was also the starting point of the formation of my own political matter, in other words, my own history. The school occupations of the warm winter of '90-'91, as an experience of rage, self-organized struggle, conflict and victory, were the motivational starting points and the reference points for dozens of teenagers from different areas of Athens that met in the streets of the center. In the social and political laboratory of Exarchia the adolescent rage was located, socialized and evolved into insurrectionist social and political action, without however stopping its playful dimension: the momentum, stubbornness, improvisation, companionship, friendship, left their own indelible traces so much on the form as well as in the content of political action. An action, that although geographically located, sought the thread of connection -and to a great degree accomplished it- with almost all the clashes of the domestic and worldwide class-social struggle. From the insurrectionist attempt of the Polytechnic university in '95 to the barricades outside from the school exam centers the summer of '98 and the school mobilizations against the school reform law. From the warm reception of the “leader of the planet” Bill Clinton in November '99 and the demonstrations against the imperialistic wars, to the movement against the capitalistic globalization. From the local actions and assemblies in neighborhoods to the practices of direct action. From the assemblies of workers unions to the solidarity to immigrants. From the student mobilizations against the privatization of education, to the revolt of December 2008. And of course, as a steady value that runs through the total of the struggle: solidarity to the political prisoners and the underlining of the memory of comrades that left us during it.
This therefore political DNA, mine and that of all those who socialized politically in the same context and continue to define themselves through the fight for social freedom, is in the end what essentially is being tried in this trial.
My arrest coincided one day after the subordination of the country to the IMF and the announcements from the Prime Minister of the first measures of harsh austerity. At the ceremony of deliverance of the last labour rights to capital, the speech about the “end of an era” and “turning a page” sounded coquettish again. But, sovereignty should be careful. Another “end of History”, twenty years before, was for many the starting point of crossing from the region of adolescent rage to subversive political action. Through the painful process of self-knowledge, self-criticism and maturity that accompanies each new and accumulated fighting experience, the new “end of an era” is the beginning of new conflicts, politically and militantly upgraded as is the nowadays explosive objective condition.

Aris Seirinidis
political prisoner
1st wing prisons of Koridallos

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BURN from Greece

Demo in solidarity with the imprisoned comrades of the “Bomb’s Case” on hunger strike.(chile)

Around 200 comrades came together to march in the street to the center of Santiago for the release of and in solidarity with all comrades in prison.
The comrades kidnapped on August 14th continue the 4th day of the hunger strike, with the clear intention to gain their freedom and end the political-judicial montage they continue to be subjected to, under which those who express solidarity for them are persecuted, watched, and taken hostage.
It has been said many times before, ideas and liberating practices are being persecuted here. Outside market value, solidarity is dissidence, which once implemented, is criminalized and demonized at any cost to the repressive apparatus of power, including the press.
Yesterday (2/25/11), during the march in solidarity with the prisoners, an obvious harassment attempt made by the police and undercover agents was exposed. They did not succeed in disguising themselves with the landscape nor amongst our comrades. They were there before, during, and after with their disgusting cameras and notebooks filled with writing. We saw ridiculous characters changing their clothing during the march, taking pictures, fleeing, filming from rooftops, and following us after the march had ended. If they know the ideas we harbor, it is not because of a good intelligence work, but because we have never been hidden nor silent, to the contrary we wish to propagate, to share, and to live here and now.
If we remember the trial of formalization that took our comrades to preventative prison, it is easy to see that the proof that is continued to be presented against them, is not different at all from the proof that they could videotape or write yesterday during the march, in which a group of people who had never met, with common ideas, joined in order to manifest and publicly practice these ideas. Our comrades have been kidnapped from squats and popular libraries, or independent media and neighborhood tv channels, every practice of liberty is rooted in multiple faces (many which are public) of dissidence against power-capital.
Democracy invites us to the point of the bullet, imprisonment, and terror to pay passage, to accept a terrible job and keep us sitting in our houses watching tv. Against this we counterpoise our own celebration, not always so happy, but never as bitter as the lethargy of submission. Comrades: if we fight we could lose, but if we don’t fight we are lost…
Stop the repressive raids! Our dreams are in the streets! Prisoners to the streets!

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Prison poem scratched in polystyrene cup (UK)

Here is a prison poem that was written by Stan Skank after he got arrested for some bullshit in London on one of the recent demos. Stan scratched this into a polystyrene cup (UK detention is pretty sparse), but how he managed to write all this on one is beyond us. Anyway, Stan bothered to send it to us, so here it is for you lot:

Here I sit in another nick, for another crime I did not commit,
Another profile, another trial
They don’t give an inch but always leap a mile,
All this attention when I don’t wanna be admired,
I’m gettin’ sick and tired of being sick an tired

I just wanna be left alone, For a quiet life and to build a home,
But the government always wanna check up on me,
There’s no freedom without anarchy,
Capitalism is a public hell,
And if you try to make a change pigs stick you in a cell.

My caged mind wanders,
Wonder how long they’ll hold us,
But like a blizzard in a snow globe our prisons can’t contain us
Each unique but unified flake
Ready for an outbreak, with the power of an earth quake,
We won’t wipe but crack the slate,
Innumerable droplets from a tsunami
An uncontrollable tide to wash away the tyranny.

They’ll call it a disaster but I say it’s natural,
What you call a riot to me looks like a battle.

Forces meet and sabres rattle,
Flank us in a pincer then stick on the kettle,
If you increase the pressure we’ll boil over you just watch us,
We’ll scald the hand that feeds and the other which oppresses.

We’re the freedom fighters, we’re urban guerrillas,
You may strike us down, but you’ll never fucking kill us.

Cañete: the courts acquit 17 Mapuche and condemn 4 for “assaulting the State’s Attorney”

February 22, 2011
The Tribunal of Cañete decided in favor of the 17 Mapuche accused of various felonies classified as terrorism and related to the theft of wood. Nonetheless, 4 of them were found guilty for the attack against State’s Attorney Mario Elgueta in October, 2008.
Excitement was in the air minutes after the decision of the Cañete Tribunal became known, with the acquittal of 14 Mapuche accused of illegal association and terrorist arson, and another three accused of being part of an organization for the theft of wood in the area of Tirúa.
The president of the Tribunal, Jorge Díaz, indicated that even if it were certain that the acts alleged by the Public Ministry did in fact occur and could be characterized as terrorism, they did not succeed through their evidence and testimonies to establish that the accused participated in the crimes, and therefore they were all absolved. As such, the secret witness used by prosecutor Andrés Cruz was discredited.
Of the 17 accused, only Héctor Llaitul, Ramón Llanquileo, Jonathan Huillical and José Huenuche were found guilty of the felonies “Robbery with Intimidation,” “Assault on Authority,” and “Attempted Homicide” against state’s attorney Mario Elgueta and three functionaries of the PDI (Investigative Police), however the tribunal classified these felonies as common rather than terrorist crimes.
What constituted the gravest setback for the prosecutor was the absolution of all 17 comuneros [Mapuche who live in the communities] for the felonies of theft of wood and arson targeting cabins [of tourists or the forestry company], principally in the area of lake Lleu Lleu, in the years 2005-2008.
Immediately, all the absolved comuneros, except those who have cases pending in other tribunals, walked out the door, after spending around 2 years in pretrial detention, and were reunited with their excited family members.
[during the prior two weeks, there have been multiple actions in the Mapuche territories, with an oil well being blockaded, a police eviction of reclaimed lands being repelled, an evicted territory reoccupied, and numerous new land reclamations, in both the Chilean and Argentinean parts of the occupied Mapuche territories—Wallmapu and Puelmapu]

ELF attack destructive machinery in Sweden

From Viva la Anarquía! (February 22, 2011) via Afilando Nuestras Vidas (February 22, 2011):

Gothenburg: A construction machine was destroyed, with Earth Liberation Front messages left behind, and another construction machine had its windows broken.


Short update of the recent repressions against anarchists in Belarus

2.17 Demonstration of solidarity in Berlin with all Belarusian political prisoners

On Thursday evening (02/17/2011) hosted a demonstration of solidarity with the Belarusian zaklyuchennymi.Demonstratsiya began at 18 o'clock, in the Berlin district of Kreuzberg (Kreuzberg "Heinrichplatz"). There were about 35 people, just playing music, was made public a report on the repression of the anarchists and the opposition, handed out leaflets and newspapers. This is the second such demonstration in Berlin. The last time it was held in September last year, the Berlin district of Friedrichshain up of Belarusian embassy. This demonstration was held before the so-called "presidential elections", so it showed up and Belarusian TV (channel ONT).Nevertheless, after a week you could see a report in the "contours", in the most natural description of "good" manners This time on the banner was written only in Russian, "Freedom for Political Prisoners - Anarchist Black Cross of Belarus". Around 18.30 we moved towards the Treptow Park, where the embassy of Belarus. On the way, handing out leaflets and play music. About an hour later we arrived at the embassy, where he spent two more performances at the German and Russian languages.And in the end of the demonstration all Zered in Russian: "Freedom for all anarchists."

As of right now four Belarussian anarchists are under arrest, accused of having organised a series of direct actions 2009-2010.

Everything started long before this past September(2010). The years 2009-2010 were rich in radical actions claimed by Belarusian anarchists. Such as:

*an illegal anti-militarist demonstration in Septeber 2009 against a mutual
Russian-Belarusian war exercise, when a Joint Staff was attacked with a smoke grenade.

* an attack on a Minsk casino using paint bulbs and flares in protest of
the relocation of most Russian casinos to Belarus after the law banning casinos in Russia was passed.

* an attack on a police station in Soligorsk during the days of common
action against the police (windows were broken and a flare was thrown inside)

* an attack on the Headquarters of the Trade Union Federation on the 1st May
with the statement that the state and this formal organisation uses workers
in its interests, and doesn't defend their rights, often preventing workers
from cooperating with each other and organizing strikes.

* an attack on a branch of Belarusbank as a protest against the financial
system in the world (molotov-cocktails)

and finally

* an attack on the Russian embassy in Minsk as a solidarity action with Khimki arrestees on the 30th August 2010 where a car belonging to the embassy was burnt.

This was the last drop for the regime as the attack was carried out in a period of harsh antagonism between the leaders of Russia and Belarus. Before the action was claimed by anarchists each country had already blamed the other one for having maneuvered the provocation.

On August 3rd 8 people in 3 different flats were detained and 7 of them were put in a detention center for 9 days. During this period another radical action took place

* an attack on the detention center with the statement to set free all detainees. The attackers set fire to a door of the detention centre. Later the video is removed from youtube.

After 9 days 5 of the 7 people are set free, but other people are detained in the meantime. One of them, Aliaksandr Frantskevich, is accused of the attack on the police station in Soligorsk. He admits that he was filming the event. The other guy, Mikalaj Dziadok, is kept in the detention facility for different reasons till September 24, when he is accused of organising last year's anti-militarist action. In the meantime they also find witnesses who claim that he also organised an attack on the casino and the House of Trade Unions. All episodes mentioned above are now united under one case. Mikalaj denies his guilt.

* In October the KGB quarters in Bobrujsk are attacked with molotov cocktails.

They take a guy who lives in the neighbourhood, Sergej Sliusar, and keep him for 10 days without accusations. (He had also been detained for 9 days in September)

On the 4th of November Maxim Vetkin is arrested and accused of an attack on the Russian embassy and on Belarusbank. He admits his guilt and says that he was participating also in the attack on the bank. He is also giving testimony against other people, so we have withdrawn support from him.

On the 17th of November Denis Bystrik is detained, where he is told that Maxim gave testimony that he was filming the action at the Russian embassy. He admits his fault but is set free without accusations so that he can contact one of the other suspects, Ihar Alinevich, and have him detained, but eventually the plot is not successful.

On the 29th of November Ihar Alinevich is detained in Moscow, when trying to
meet his comrade Anton Laptenok (one of those detained on September 3rd). He is accused of an attack on the Russian embassy and is held in the KGB remand prison. Ihar admits that he was participating in the anti- militarist action, but doesn't consider it a criminal act. He denies all other accusations.

On the 17th of January Jauhen Vasilevich, a journalist from the newspaper "Bobruiski courier," a nationalist democrat without connections to the anarchist movement, is detained and accused of the attack on the KGB headquarters in Bobruisk.

The period of investigation for all of the arrested is prolonged till April

All of them may face up to 6 years of imprisonment. The case with the bank could mean up to 10 years. It appears that they are also accused of “intentional destruction of property committed by an organised group (7-12 years of imprisonment).” According to the law, in such a case, the organiser gets no less than 3/4 of the maximum sentence.

Addresses of prisoners for support:
Mikalaj Dziadok, Tyurma SIZO-1, ul. Volodarskogo 2, 220050 Minsk, Belarus (New address!!)

Aliaksandr Frantskevich, k. 46 SIZO-1, ul. Volodarskogo 2, 220050 Minsk, Belarus

Ihar Alinevich, P.O. Box 8, Glavpochtampt, 220050 Minsk, Belarus (Unfortunately Ihar is only allowed correspondence in Belarusian and Russian language, but you may send postcards and such)

List of prisoners in former Soviet Union we support:

Vauvert (Gard), France - Persons unknown enter the police station and burn several vehicles

cette semaine

Midi Libre, Wednesday, February 23, 2011 - Tonight, several individuals entered the precincts of the police barracks Vauvert. They set fire to a stolen vehicle. The fire spread to a vehicle of security forces and several mini-motorbikes, which had been seized in another case. A policeman was intoxicated. The robbers fled.

Paris: A sealed car stolen at 36 Quai des Orfevres

Le Parisien | Posted 23.02.2011 - The case is described as "embarrassing" in the prestigious Parisian judiciary police ... A car seized as part of an investigation into international drug trafficking and placed under seal at the famous 36, Quai des Orfevres in the I district, home to the elite of the Parisian police, was stolen from under the nose of officials.
Reportedly, five cars had been recovered by the police drug squad during the dismantling of a trafficking network. A file followed by the investigating judge in Paris, Alain Nguyen The vehicles were subsequently parked, on January 4, at the entrance to the building housing nearly 2,000 investigators, waiting to be examined by experts.

sabato 26 febbraio 2011

Chile - Communique for the hunger strike by the anarchist comrades accused in the 'caso bombas' case

the hunger strike has been taken up by: Monica Caballero, Andrea Urzua, Rodolfo Retamales, Felipe Guerra, Camilo Perez, Carlos Riveros y Francisco Solar]

Comunique:On the 14th of august 2010, the Public Minister, working in cahoots with the district attorney´s office of metropolitana sur, dictated a series of arrest warrants and raids, focusing police terror on private homes and social centers. The immediate effect being the arrest of 14 people in a repressive strike which came to be known as the “caso bombas” (bomb case). The arrested are accused of pertaining to an apparent illicit terrorist organization created in the irrational minds of some “legal rights specialists” and today they continue to have us behind bars. The investigation into the “caso bombas” began approximately 5 years ago. Under the Bachelet administration the state appointed 3 district attorneys to exclusively investigate and discover the authors of each and every one of the bombs that had been placed in financial, police, public service, or any other institutions. In the five years that followed they filled 43 folders with dates from police sources, criminal experts, protected testimonies, declarations, surveillance of suspects, their families and places, telephone taps, and raids on specific places and social libraries (all of which were subsequently raided on the morning of the 14th).
With all this information none of the judges or district attorneys decided to incarcerate anyone. The evidence wasn’t conclusive enough, it was speculative and didn’t allow for the identification of anyone responsible for the placement of any of the bombs. On top of that, the district attorney Xavier Armendáriz declared, before the anxious Ministry of the Interior of the time that; “…it's necessary for us to act cautiously in our investigations due to the weakness of our evidence....” especially when “…the authors of the bombings don’t belong to violent cells in and of themselves, rather they form part of loosely knit splinter groups without a leader....” (Emol 27 November2009).The apparent “following of the rules” in terms of the investigation came to an end on the 14th of June 2010 when, having removed Armendáriz through pressure by the Ministry of the Interior, Rodrigo Hinzpeter appoints Sabas Chahuán as head district attorney. That´s how the district attorney Alejandro Peña appears on the scene, described by the newspaper La Tercera as “…a walking paradox, the fusion of judicial and police bureaucracy with the fantasy of being able to juggle the two combined in one person.”. With this presentation the montage begins.

The district attorney develops a new strategy without keeping in mind the human costs that his actions will accrue. If the old district attorneys weren´t able to recognize or identify the culprits then he would invent them or, by any means necessary, make the pieces fit in his new “hard-line investigation”. Structuring the infamous illicit organization with leaders who haven’t spoken in years and grunts that don’t even know each other and- the funniest part of it all- European financiers!!!! as if 950 euros sent on just one occasion to one of the accused would fund such subversive actions (a safe house, cars, arms, false documentation) What a great imagination this guy has! They even invented a link between one of the leaders and the Pakistani man that was arrested and then let free a couple of weeks later at the US Embassy for having TNT residue on his person. Finally, the fantasy helps to plan the “new strategy.” Especially in terms of the media campaign set about by means of official information and recompilation of data regarding those apparently suspected placing explosive devices.

Information such as frequented spaces, profiles of suspected leaders etc. The sights are set on people that can be linked to social spaces, community radios and stations, students professing libertarian ideals, ex political prisoners, all recognized critics of the “neo-liberal” model, and people in solidarity with struggling peoples - especially the Mapuche in their desire to maintain their identity, worldview and territory. They aren’t persecuting actions but ideas, relationships, autonomous libraries, squats, and cultural, artistic and community spaces.

Once the theatrical stage is set with its protagonists and their corresponding physical and psychological characteristics and a perfectly constructed public opinion, a repressive strike is unfurled. At this point two months had past since Alejandro Peña had taken the reins as director of the political-judicial montage. With the same files, dialogs, places, actors and a remodeled incriminatory script the operative spectacle fills the airwaves the morning of the 14th of Aug 2010. After our arrests the district attorney asks for three days to inform us of the accusations, in theory this should have been done on the same day as our arrest. A posterori he solicits 180 days (6 months) of preventative imprisonment until the end of the investigation.

These 180 days were up on the 14th of Feb. 2011. On the 14th of February we are notified that we will be cited on the 16 of March 2011. All of this makes the trial stranger, Alejandro Peña is capable of asking for 6 more months to put together his political puzzle.During these long months, we haven´t just been restricted to a 2x3 meter single cell 22 hours a day with 3 hour family visits once a week in tiny spaces without natural lighting, but we’ve had to endure torture by the state´s civil servants in first-person. An example of which occurred on the 8th of October 2010 when professionals of Legal Medical Services along with agents of LABOCAR, DIPOLCAR and the police violently extracted DNA samples from each of the accused. These samples were to be compared with the DNA samples found at the scenes of the bombings. This “scientific evidence” found no relation between our DNA and that found at the scene. On the other hand, we have seen how the evidence in the investigative files is only held up by police conjecture based on friendships, family alliances or coincidences in public marches or political-cultural activities.

On top of all that, it´s important to note that we all didn´t even know each other until the day of our arrests. For that fact alone, its impossible for us to have formed a “terrorist association” and even more impossible - any organization.No evidence or material for the fabrication of explosive devices was found in any of the raids. There isn´t even any fingerprint or video evidence against any of us.Before the depraved judicial sacrilege, secret files, telephone taps with our lawyers, the use of secret witnesses with psychiatric antecedents like Rodrigo Vera Morales and Gustavo Fuentes Aliaga and with everything stated above we have decided to start a liquid-hunger strike on the 21st o f Feb. 2011 at 00:00 hours.

We demand:






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Western Alps, Italy - From Guido and Arturo


25.02.2011 - We have received and published from Guido and Arturo:
Thanks compas!
Back in the beloved Alpine valleys, feel the urgency to address a few words of gratitude to all those who participated in the mobilization of solidarity that developed after the events of Condove and our arrest on 7 February.
Communiques, messages, letters, actions, actions in the light of day as well as under the shelter of darkness, fireworks, greetings on the walls that enclosed us ... so many faces of the community of the not resigned, supportive and combative, that for a long time, with pride, we feel a part of.
We are grateful, comrades, for how much we felt you close to us in the abomination of hours spent in a cell, and our gratitude is shared by our families and tribes for all the affection and strength with which you have embraced them in these two weeks.
The struggles of all those who, in every part of the world, no cage could ever silence shine in our hearts, and the paths of a world free from inequality, pollution and repression will continue to open up before of all of us!
A rebel hug from the western Alps!
Arturo and Guido

Athens, Greece - Regarding the arrest of the anarchist Lida Sofianou at the general strike demonstration of February 23


25.02.2011 - Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Athens on the day of the general strike on February 23 and headed to Parliament, flouting police repression and control. In a society crushed daily in the cog-wheels of increasingly intensified repression enforced by the state and the bosses, and under the pretext of the memorandum of co-operation with the IMF, the EU and the ECB, the determination of the thousands to march to Parliament signals a refusal to bow or to fall for the fright that authority wants to give. The demonstration blocks of the anarchists/anti-authoritarians, of the class base unions, of the neighbourhood assemblies, of social resistance against price increases etc. all carried a clear message: the message of collectivisation and self-organisation of social struggles from below, against mediation, party conduct and the class surrender of union bosses. The fighting spirit of the thousands who besieged Parliament and the insistence of those who stayed at Syntagma square for hours, facing the army of police, reveal the conviction that bosses are not unshakeable, that this is the time of social and class strike-back.

Almost from the beginning the demonstration came under police attack – the aim being for it to lose in numbers. During the arrival of many blocks at Syntagma square these attacks became fierce, with the murderous throwing of tear-gas, asphyxiating gas and stun grenades. The result was for demonstrators to be chased, tens to be injured, detained and arrested in a terrorising attempt aiming at the breaking up of the demo and that would in turn make sure there was no coherent, mass presence of people in front of Parliament. One of the blocks that were attacked and dispersed as soon as they arrived at Syntagma was the block of the Assembly of Resistance and Solidarity of the Kipseli/Patision area. A large part of the demonstrators were violently pushed toward Ermou Street, while some others were encircled by DIAS and DELTA forces and were beaten at Nikis Street by the entrance of the Technical Chamber.

This is where comrade Lida Sofianou, who participated in the demonstration with the block of the Assembly of Kipseli/ Patision, was arrested. Policemen of the DELTA force threw her to the street, dragged her toward the finance ministry, and tried to set up a fabrication against her, in order to frame her up her with crushing charges. More specifically they grabbed her bag, which contained texts of the Assembly, and attempted to place within it another bag with molotovs which they themselves were holding. The comrade reacted instantly, denouncing to the demonstrators and passers-by present the taking away of her bag and the police attempt to incriminate her. For this reason policemen of the DELTA force started beating and threatening her in order to silence her. This attempt by the police continued inside the arcade of the ministry, where she was isolated. Despite the blows she was receiving the comrade continued to denounce the fabrication that was being set up against her to employees who were present there – and so she managed to avoid the fabrication with the molotovs. At the police HQ, where she was transferred after a while, a new imaginative police scenario was born, in order to justify her arrest and prosecution: there, they presented her for the first time with a stick and announced to her that she would be charged with holding and attacking a DELTA force policeman with it. In addition she was charged under the “anti-hoodlum” law in order for the charges against her to be upgraded to felonies.

Lida Sofianou and seven more arrestees of the February 23 mobilisations were taken before an attorney general and a prosecutor on Thursday 24/2, while the ninth arrested person remained in hospital, injured by the police. Facing the charges of “disrupting public peace”, “attempted bodily hard”, “weapon possession” and the felony of the “anti-hoodlum law”, Lida was given notice to appear before an interrogator at the Euelpidon Courthouse on Saturday 26/2 at 9am, along with another two arrestees of the demonstration facing similar charges. The arrestees facing misdemeanours, some of them juveniles, were given notice for Friday 25/2. Until then they all remain detained at the Police HQ.

Our comrade, who participated in the strike demonstration of February 23 holding the banner of the Kipseli Assembly with the slogan “COMMON STRUGGLES OF LOCAL AND MIGRANT WORKERS, AGAINST EXPLOITATION, FEAR AND RACISM” is not alone against state repression! Through her 15 year-long activity in the anarchist social struggle, with participation in student and worker mobilisations, anarchist movement procedures, initiatives for the defence of nature and public spaces, neighbourhood assemblies, libertarian artistic activities and anti-authoritarian publications, she has contributed to the wealth of self-organised social resistance with her camaraderie, her passion and her creativity. In this travel within the collective struggle for a world of equality, solidarity and freedom she has met with thousands of people in struggle and has so previously found herself in the muzzle sight of the state, prosecuted for her actions.
We shall not remain silent when faced with the repressive manipulation against her, with fabricated police testimonies and supposed evidence that suddenly appeared at the Police HQ!
With the savage repression of the general strike demonstration, the arrests and fabricated charges against people in struggle the state attempts to terrorise all those who resist in the streets and to infuse fear in society. This terrorisation shall not pass!
Comrades of Lida Sofianou

Tokyo, Japan - Anti-militarists arrested outside US embassy

325 nostate - DIY Media clarification: Anarchists do not recognise legal jurisdiction of any state entity, and so any arrest ‘legal’ or ‘illegal’ is always a violent kidnapping with bureaucratic lies to cover the facts. Japan is a modern totalitarian state which is allied to the imperialist forces of the USA – International solidarity with the people of Takae town, Okinawa, down with the USA!

2 activists have been arrested during a demonstration in front of the US embassy. We strongly condemn these arbitrary and illegal arrests and demand the immediate release of the 2 activists.
This demonstration was against the construction of a heliport that is part of the US military base in Takae, Okinawa. This construction is carried out despite the opposition by the people of Takae town. We had asked for talks with the US embassy which they granted us to be held at 16:00 on Feb.20. The police of Akasaka district agreed to stand nearby the embassy.
When we arrived at the rendez-vous place, the police wouldn’t let us go near the embassy, resorted to violence against 2 activists and arrested them. When another activist asked the police on what grounds, the reason for the arrests, they said that” the reason would be given later, after the arrests”. This answer is a total denial of rights. A protest is a legitimate and legal right of citizens that the police cannot deny through violence.
After the arrests, the police refused us the request to hold talks at the embassy by asking us threateningly if we wanted to be arrested like the others.
The police prevented lawyers to see the arrested activists on the first day. All these acts by the police are illegal. The response of the US embassy is that they had commissioned the talks with the citizens at the Akasaka police district.
It is clear that these arrests are a message from the Japanese and US governments that any opposition to US military bases will be suppressed by force.
We condemn the illegal arrests and demand the immediate release of the arrested activists.
We Strongly Denounce the Illegal Arrest of 2 Activists on Feb.20 in front of the US Embassy in Japan!
*CALL for your protest at:
The Akasaka Police Station +81-3475-0110The US Embassy in Japan +81-3224-5000The Japan Embassy of your country of residence.
*Send us your solidarity message to be sent here: ametaiq(at)

Zagreb, Croatia - Anti-government protestors clash with police


24.02.2011 - Croatian police used tear gas on Thursday to disperse about 1,000 protestors who tried to approach the government building demanding resignation of Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor's cabinet.
Heavy special police forces sealed off the St Marc square, in the central old part of the town, where the government building is located, to prevent the protestors from approaching it.
Protestors threw stones and bottles on police who used tear gas to disperse those who tried to push their way through the cordon.
Police later said in a statement that eleven protestors were detained. There were no information whether anyone was injured in the clashes.
"Thieves, Thieves!" and "Jadranka Go Away!" chanted the protestors who gathered around 6:00 pm (1700 GMT) at the central square, as they marched through downtown Zagreb heading towards the government building.
The protest was organised through Facebook. A similar one, with some 300 people attending, was held in the Croat capital on Tuesday.
"It's not a political but rather the issue of our country's and its citizens survival. This government must go," the organisers said on Facebook.
The organisers demanded Kosor to step down, accusing her government of "making citizens' life more difficult every day and leading the country into the economic chaos."
"Croatia is robbed to the bones by its own politicians. All we want is to work and have a decent life from that," Mirela Basic, 29, told AFP.
Protestors carried banners that read "Fight against Bribe and Corruption" and "You are Fired."
Anti-government protests were also held in some other major Croatian towns, with most of the protestors, around 500, gathering in the northern port of Pula.
Kosor took over the helm of the government in 2009 when her predecessor Ivo Sanader, currently suspected of corruption and abuse of power, suddenly stepped down.
The EU-aspirant country's economy was hard-hit by the global crisis and has contracted for the past two years.
The number of unemployed earlier this month reached an eight-year peak with 334,378 registered job seekers among the population of 4.4 million.

Santiago, Chile – Highway barricaded outside the women's prison


On the night of February 21, hours after the start of the hunger strike of our brothers and sisters kidnapped in the "Caso Bombas", we erected barricades on both carriageways of Vicuña Mackenna at the height of the Women's Prison, what a surprise the guards who are sleeping at that hour must have had. This action is in close solidarity with the mobilisation that has begun and its character is due to the few hours we had to prepare since the news of the start of the hungerstrike. We still think that our attacks must be accurate and well-planned, but this must never be a reason for not responding to emergency situations.
Do not pursue us because you won't find us, we act in informality, Mr. Prosecutor, our actions run between affinities and groups that only exist when they must exist: the moment of attack. Don't take us for idiots: THERE IS NO CONSPIRACY, only hearts thrown into the war.


...the noise they heard was just a warning, touch one hair of our brothers and sisters and we will get much closer ....

Utrecht, Netherlands - Attacks against Rabobank by Conspiracy Cells of Fire, Dutch Cell

325 nostate

February 25th, 2011
Final statement Conspiracy Cells of Fire, Dutch Cell
“The attacks on the fascists of Rabobank is dedicated with all our fire to our brothers of the prisoner’s cell of the members of Conspiracy Cells of Fire and the oppressed people of the world. Our comrades and the honest minority of dignified revolutionary Persons political and civil, are not just a piece of our struggle, are not only an aspect of our action, but their choices, attitudes and dignity are the struggle itself as a whole, they are the substance.
Attacks we are claiming:
• June 2010- setting the tower in fire in Utrecht (Netherlands)• October 2010- setting the tower in fire in Utrecht (Netherlands)• February 2011-setting the tower in fire and attacks on the website of Rabobank in Utrecht (Netherlands)
Justice is a spider web, catching small prey and swallowing them, while allowing the big reptiles to penetrate and dominate it. Whoever disagrees can visit the prisons to see all these drug addicts and poor devils that fill them up and look around in there to find any businessman or politician who is responsible for the biggest robberies and the most brutal degradation of our lives.
We do not believe in a capitalist system that kills, steal, murder, bring modern fascism, bring racism, bring wars in to our lives. We do not believe in a system that helps banks for their mistakes, while people starving from hunger. We do not believe in a political fascist system that so called leaders of the people, and at the same time stealing from the same society for their interests.
Why Rabobank,
The fascists from Rabobank invest in the arms industry (the arms that they are investing is also going to the police, military in the Netherlands, Egypt, Greece, Israel, Libya, Algeria and other countries). Rabobank calls this justified action, and we also get Shell, ING, ABN-Amro, Randstad. All these mentioned fascists companies of the system are paramount in their view that they justify the action.
The attacks on Rabobank justify what we call action! Future attacks on Shell, ING, ABN-Amro, Randstad these companies are accountable!
In Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, the above mentioned companies and / or subsidiaries that have been attacked by splinter cells called the Fire. A truth that is not released by the representatives of the system. This shows our strong international solidarity.
We count Rabobank guilty for the dead of thousands of people, including children. Like the most fascist company’s, they are saying that they behavior justifying action when they are investing. Our action against the Rabobank is justifying action.
We are continuing our attacks and against the banks, executions of the so called government leaders of the Netherlands, against fascists party like PVV, VVD, CDA and the ass licking left parties.”
Conspiracy Cells of Fire, Dutch Cell

Steenokkerzeel, Belgium - Demo, escape, uprising and fire destroy detention centre

suie e cendres

23.02.2011 - STEENOKKERZEEL - After a week of information coming about about the terrible conditions in the detention centre for immigrants in Steenokkerzeel, a failed escape, several prisoners being beaten by guards and a collective hungerstrike, about 40 people made a demo in front of the centre. During this demo, prisoners started to break the windows, put fire to cells and get out on the roof. A lot of police reinforcements started to arrive, and in the general chaos, one prisoner managed to escape.
Later on the evening, with the demonstrators returned home, riots sparked of again in the centre. During the evening, two of the three wings of the centre were destroyed by the rioters, with breaking, elektrical circuits sabotaged and fire. The two wings were completely evacuated and prisoners were transferred to the other detention centres in Vottem, Merksplas and Brugge.
It is the second time in a few years (2008) that an uprising in Steenokkerzeel manages to destroy big part of this prison.

mercoledì 23 febbraio 2011

Imprisoned August 14th comrades begin hungerstrike (Chile)

International Solidarity for the 14 arrested Anarchists in Chile

14 anarchists, squatters, communicators and social fighters are arrested accused of “terrorism” by the Chilean state, around the mediatic “Bombs case”, 10 are still in the Maximum Security Prisons under Pinochet’s anti-terrorist law. INTERNATIONAL SOLIDARITY with the 14 kidnapped by the Chilean ‘democracy’.

After 6 months of investigation against them, and a few days after the Attorney General requested another 6 months of remand – only with feeble evidences on conversations that any person can do have with friends-, the sisters and brothers- hostages of Chilean State, have begun an unlimited duration hunger strike (only drinking liquids) demanding:

1.- Freedom right now.
2.- End of the judicial-police montage.
3.- End of the Anti-terrorist Law, inherited of the military dictatorship (1973-1990) and improved for the ‘democracy’.
4.- End of the time of investigation and realization of a just lawsuit.

The strikers are:

Andrea Macarena Urzúa Cid
Camilo Nelson Pérez Tamayo
Carlos Luis Riveros Luttgue
Felipe Guerra Guajardo
Francisco Solar Domínguez
Mónica Andrea Caballero Sepúlveda
Pablo Hernán Morales Führimann
Rodolfo Luis Retamales Leiva

February 23rd : General Strike live updates greece

14:28 (GMT+2) Thessaloniki: Police tried to break the demo by attacking with a large amount of teargas and with flash bang grenades. A lot of ATMs have been smashed, and clashes continue in Aristotelous Square and the streets around it.

14:10 (GMT+2) Athens is like a gas chamber. There are violent clashes all over, and many demonstrators have been injured, including old people and the handicapped. There are a lot of undercover cops in hoods. People are still on the streets and defending themselves.

15:05 (GMT+2) Athens: Mixed blocks of people are gathering in front of the parliament and are calling for everyone to join them there. People from Exarchia are trying to form an assembly. Many reports say that the crowd size is similar to that of the May 5th, 2010 demo (around 250,000 people). Thousands of demonstrators are still in the streets around Exarchia and Propylaea and are trying to access Syntagma Square. Numerous riot police block the streets. In many places throughout Athens, protestors are throwing stones and the police are firing teargas and flash bang grenades. There have been an unknown number of arrests. Central metro stations have been closing for short periods. A mixed crowd of people still occupies Syntagma Square.
Live updates on general strike demonstrations from all over Greece.

13:57 (GMT+2) Athens: The demo has been teargassed all over and has been cut into many parts. There are clashes all over Athens and there are reports of police motorbikes on fire. Some random arrests.
13:40 (GMT+2) Athens: Thousands of people have gathered at Syntagma Square. A lot of teargas has been used in an attempt to disperse the crowd. Molotovs have been thrown at riot police outside parliament. People have attempted to occupy the Ministry of Finance near Syntagma Sq.
13:30 (GMT+2), Athens: More people are concentrating in Syntagma Sq. Cops are teargazing people there. According to RADIO REVOLT cops have attacked to various points of the Thessaloniki demo.
12:53 (GMT+2), Athens: The demonstration is one of the biggest Athens has seen in recent years. Great weather and good spirit. People are slowly heading to Syntagma square.
12:50 (GMT+2), Athens: The demo is huge. Some reports say that it2019s larger than last year2019s great general strike demos. The corrupt president of GSEE (General Confederation of Greek Workers), Panagopoulos, was provoked by protesters. PAME (the syndicalist union of Greek 201cCommunist201d Party) organized a separate demo as usual, which also has thousands of people. The head of the demo has already reached Syntagma square (outside parliament) while thousands have not started marching yet. Secret cops went on some more detains of people carrying bags.
12:30 (GMT+2), Athens: “Preventive” detentions of grassroots union workers. Thousands of people still gathering. Many secret cops around Exarheia and the streets around.
Thessaloniki: Secret cops were chased by demonstrators. Some CCTV cameras were destroyed as the march began.
Patras: Maybe more than 4000 people are marching on the central streets of the city. Migrants have also joined the demo.
12:00 (GMT+2): Thousands of people are gathering in central points of Athens, Patras, Thessalonica etc. The marches have not begun yet as more people are coming out to the streets. Thousands of cops (riot police, motorcycle and secret cops) are also moving around the gathering points trying to terrorize people that are going to the demos. According to the authorities, police forces from many places have moved to Athens to join the suppression plan.

Text by Stella Antoniou, arrested on 04.12.2010 (Case of 6), accused of involvement in an unknown terrorist organization, ... and of committing vague

Text by Stella Antoniou, arrested on 04.12.2010 (Case of 6), accused of involvement in an unknown terrorist organization, ... and of committing vague terrorist acts.

On 4/12/1910 I was arrested outside my house in Platonos Street in Kalithea, in which I was living with my partner Kostas Sakkas. They kept me for 3 days in detention without telling me why, did not allow a lawyer to me or to my co-defendants, we were kept 6 days in the cells of the 12th floor of the Athens police headquarters, with the light lit 24 hours a day, without windows, which negates the sense of time. When I refused to give fingerprints and a sample of DNA, I was stripped by force and my T-shirt stolen, apparently to get it.

Finally, on 10/12 detained in women's prison of Korydallos, Athens, as a member of an organization whose name and action neither I nor the prosecutors know. First, I would like to clarify that I do not recognize the term ''terrorist organization'' as assigned by the state to revolt. But I do clearly recognize a criminal organization, which in contrast to the “organization'' which they accuse me of, is named (DAEEB)(Response Directorate of Special Crimes of Violence ) and address (173 Alexandras Avenue), which knows very well that there can be no armed organization between 6 people who do not meet (as they even agree in the constructed file), let alone 6 people that do not know each other. I belong to the anarchist movement, and I'm proud of my participation and my action in it.

The state is making the imprisonment of anarchists a phenomenon of our time, whether they have enough, incomplete or no evidence, which is of no importance because I believe that no fighter should be imprisoned. But we are now being faced with constructed files and cases from the police, in cooperation with the Media and those who play the role of cops, talk about specific organizations that do not exist, etc. They baptize my house ''giafka Kallithea'' (Kallithea hideout) in the sense that when there is something ''illegal'' in a room, that space becomes a giafka. They talked about the dismantling of such and such an organization, which is related to another organization, and eventually, unfortunately for them, the weapons are ''clean'' and the organization has no name. They publish my personal letters, present various false physionomy profiles, giving me my role in this alleged organization. With grotesque titles like ''she paid for her love'' or ''love'' in the lair, they present an alleged personal drama, hoping to sell their gossip scandalmongering pages. They chose to highlight specific pieces of my statement ... adding words that I did not say ... without mentioning any trace of the political stigma that I gave to the questioning.

But the story does not end there. Then I had to face the false testimony of a female police officer from Kallithea police station, which reached me two weeks after being put on remand.The witness said that one or two days before arresting me ... I walked into the police stationKallithea, went to the department that leads to where the guns are stored (!), with the apparent aim of checking out the area, with an eye to a future theft of the weapons ... And here come the questions:

-Why did they allow me to penetrate a police station so easily?

-On what grounds did I decide to go with my face uncovered into a section of it and look for guns?!
-Don't police stations have cameras outside the building? Where is the recording from the camera showing me entering the police station?

Is this fact also a plan of the criminal organization DAEEB? (Response Directorate of Special Crimes of Violence )

I think that my prosecution, as well as that of other social fighters, amid socio-political instability which is now, given the economic crisis, part of state planning aiming to create a climate of fear and REAL TERRORISM. And this seems little compared to the long sustained action of the criminal clique that I mentioned: Turning their guns on 15 year old children, at people that don't stop at roadblocks, shooting fugitive comrades in the back, murdering militant fighters in cold blood.

At a time when the world's patience is exhausted and various parts of society have begun to act, power is ceasing to make even rudimentary excuses, culminating in imprisoning an anarchist comrade with the only ''aggravating'' evidence her mention that all these anarchists in prison are political prisoners! Thus depriving all of us of even the right to defend the most important part of our being, our political identity. They are trying to eliminate the most radical part of this society by constantly taking fighters hostage, believing that they can deny us what nobody can take from us:




Stella Antoniou

Korydallos Women's Prison
B-wing, cell 35

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Eco-struggle gathering in Shropshire, 25-28 Feb (UK)

The Shropshire anti-coal site at Huntington Lane was set up almost a year ago to defend the site against UK Coal’s plans to mine the huge site set in thousands of hectares of beautiful woodland in the heart of Shropshire’s beautiful countryside.
On October 13th, UK Coal in co-operation with the national eviction team begun work on the southern part of the site and have begun work, trashing the land with a large array of massive earth-moving equipment. Since then the mine has become an operating opencast however the camp is still going as good as ever and getting stronger by the day!
We are calling for people to come and join us for an action-packed extended weekend of resistance at the site from the 25th-28th Feb 2011.
We plan to include skill-sharing including site skills, action and defense building, information sharing and networking with activists from other campaigns.
Come to the gathering to enjoy free vegan food, nature walks through huge areas of uninterrupted beautiful ancient woodland, acoustic music by the campfire and enjoying the company of the lovely people at the site.
Some crash space is available but if possible please bring your own tent and sleeping equipment. Waterproof warm clothes are of course a necessity at this time of year too.
We will provide tasty hot vegan food for all the gathering by donation, come with many hands for chopping veg.
How to get there:
Detailed travel directions are available at, or call us on 07503 583419, email for assistance.
Please help spread the word and bring your friends to the gathering!

Milan, Italy - Eni headquarters attacked


21.02.2011 - received mail from anonymous:
[AGIP (Azienda Generale Italiana Petroli) established in 1926 and its world famous brand ENI, Italy, 6th largest petroleum company in the world]
news agencies:
Milan, February 21 (Adnkronos) - A 'parcel bomb'has been placed outside a building in Via Melzi D'Eril on the corner of Corso Sempione, in front of an Eni store and a few metres from the Milan office of 'Il Fatto'. The bomb squad have already disactivated the bomb and are still on sire for evidence. It appears from preliminary investigations, to be an incendiary device as it was attached to some bottles containing petrol.
(ANSA) - MILANO, 21 FEB - Parcel bomb at Corso Sempione in Milan the corner with Melzi d'Eril fifty yards from the editorial offices of 'Fatto Quotidiano' (daily occurances). The bomb squad found a package of explosives connected to an incendiary bottle. The bomb squad isolated the package and inspected the buildings before defusing the device. In addition to the editorial offices of Fatto Quotidiano, the place where the parcel bomb was found is a few hundred metres from the headquarters of the Rai (national TV).

Lisbon, Portugal - A struggle for moving a bit more freely

from TuEu

22.02.2011 - There’s a semi-public company in Lisbon called EMEL (Empresa Municipal de Estacionamento de Lisboa) that controls car parking all over Lisbon and car traffic in some of the streets in the old neighborhoods (Alfama, Bairro Alto, Castelo, etc..). Literally they block the streets with remote controlled hydraulic bars (that come up and down) and only let authorized residents past. This hydraulic bar needs another adjacent structure where all the electric cables are to work properly. Obviously to be an authorized resident you need to register, give them your data and pay for a license. Apart from this, each street where car traffic is controlled by EMEL has a CCTV camera about 10 meters away from these 2 other structures and pointing towards them and the street.
In the last weeks many of these street-controlling machines have been sabotaged, you only need to walk the streets of Alfama and Castelo to see what’s happening: each time the hydraulic bar is permanently down and/or there’s lots of plastic and tape covering the adjacent structure because this structure was somehow damaged and is being fixed. Recently some phrases against EMEL and against control have also been spray-painted in these neighborhoods (“these streets belong to us/ EMEL OUT!”; “enough of control and surveillance/ these streets are ours”).

Walter Bond sentenced to 5 years for arson

Denver Post article:

An animal-rights activist who burned down the Sheepskin Factory in Glendale unleashed a vitriolic and unapologetic speech in federal court today prior to being sentenced to five years in prison.

Walter Edmund Bond told Judge Christine Arguello that he has no remorse for the fire, which he has said he lit under the banner of the radical Animal Liberation Front, or ALF. The fire destroyed the store, which sells items such as sheepskin seat covers and blankets.

“In a society that honors money over life, I am honored to be a prisoner of war,” Bond said.

As Bond raged in the heavily guarded courtroom — at one point saying he wanted Livaditis to “choke on everything you earned” — a member of Livaditis’ family cried in the audience.

Bond, 34, admitted in November that he set the April 2010 fire and pleaded guilty to two felonies. He was arrested July 22.

Going along with the plea deal, Arguello sentenced Bond to five years in federal prison with three years of supervised release afterward. She also ordered Bond to pay nearly $1.2 million in restitution and said he would face additional prison time if he didn’t keep up with restitution payments.

Bond told Arguello he would not willingly make the payments.

Bond is also facing federal charges in Utah for allegedly lighting two arson fires there as part of his animal-rights campaign.

In handing down the sentence, Arguello noted she had received 50 letters, many from people supporting Bond and arguing that the fire harmed no one.

Bond was convicted in Iowa in 1996 for lighting a pentagram on fire inside a church and convicted again in 1997 in Iowa for setting fire to a building [of a meth producer/dealer].

Bond’s speech today stood in contrast to statements his lawyer made on his behalf last month in a court filing seeking to get Bond a reduced sentence of less than four years. In that filing, attorney Edward Harris wrote that Bond had renounced “burning the businesses of those who offend his principles.”

“Mr. Bond … now believes that the better course of action is to limit his advocacy to speech and writing,” Harris wrote.

That sentiment was not evident during Bond’s speech, as he called affiliating with the ALF, “the proudest and most powerful thing I have ever done.” Bond, who has identified himself at times in online writings as “ALF Lone Wolf,” addressed part of his speech to “my vegan sisters and brothers” and encouraged them to keep up their campaign.

About a dozen of Bond’s supporters sat in the courtroom for the sentencing hearing, and they were joined by numerous uniformed and plain-clothed security officers, as well as a bomb-sniffing dog.

After the hearing, many of the activists, some of whom traveled from across the country to attend, said they supported Bond’s statement. Elizabeth Tobier, who has said she has been corresponding with Bond and who flew from New York to attend, said the Sheepskin Factory sold the hides of “enslaved beings.”

“Personally, I think he was extremely effective,” she said of the arson.

Write Bond letters of prisoner support at:

Walter Bond # P01051760
PO Box 16700
Golden, CO 80402-6700

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Turin, Italy - Arturo and Guido released from prison!


21.02.2011 - We learn with joy of the release of Arturo and Guido, arrested during a blockade against the passage of a Castor train load of radioactive waste.