lunedì 4 ottobre 2010

Responsibility Claim For The Arson Attack Of The Restaurant in Thessaloniki Greece an 1 October

Wild times we are living.
Times of war.
Here where hesitation and neutrality does not fit,
Where cowards have no place,
Here where every desire which clashes with the values of this world, meets those who have as a task its suppression.
Those who even their existence, humiliates every dignity, supervises compromise.
Here where choices are not defined as such,
maybe because there is not the strength to carry their cost.
And if the side of revolution recognizes this cost,
Its time the other side felt it under its skin.

From the plain traffic cop coordinating traffic, until the last, useless pigriotcopinforcer of order. From the wimpy office cop, to the slimy undercover, EYP cop (greek c.i.a.) snitch. From the freshmen cadet, until macho motherfucker EKAM (special forces) cop.
With all means, everywhere and always.
From the kickings in the street until cold execution.
On and off duty.
You will find us in front of you.
Wild times we are living.
Times of war.
We should make the terms.
Make our denial practice.
-So we chose to attack with an incendiary device against the restaurant “Kreonidis”, a few hours before a cop gathering was planned to be held there.

Arsonist cycles of Disorder

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