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‘We are spectators of the same project’Letter by Sarantos Nikitopoulos’ parents athens greece 19/1


Letter by Sarantos Nikitopoulos’ parents
Déjà vu (As long as we leave these practices unanswered, they’ll keep repeating as a bad hoax)
With feelings of anger, we witnessed the previous days’ orgy of disinformation fed by the Greek police against Marie Fee Meyer. The vile lies about her parents came to cover lack of incriminating evidence and create the necessary climate for the ‘public opinion’ so that her pre-trial remand – sought by the anti-terrorist unit – would be enforced. The anarchist young woman’s ‘crime’ was that she had a coffee with a fugitive comrade, an old friend of hers. To seal this ‘criminal activity’, her mother had to be presented as a RAF’s wanted person* while her father had to drop dead in a gunfight in Austria, all for the amenity of the high-ranking journalists-parrots – with the Chairman of the Journalists Union of the Athens Daily Newspapers (‘ESIEA’) as principal first violin.
This particular lie had short legs and was discovered shortly before Fee’s issue left the voracious publicity. The journalists themselves, propagandists of security, appeared on TV channels and accused the police, to rid any responsibility off them – a responsibility they bear in full all these years for rehashing the anti-terrorist unit’s leaks.
All these salaried propagandists of security did not report that is not the first time they do mudslinging against a person who is being prosecuted under comradely relations. The same staggering scenario was played during the arrests on the Revolutionary Struggle’s case and in particular against our son, Sarantos Nikitopoulos, who from day one denies all charges against him (a, b, c).
In those days of April [2010], Sarantos was presented with shamelessly lies as a ‘member of the Revolutionary Struggle’s hard core’. A barrage of false information followed, for example that he was an ‘accomplice of Lambros Foundas in Daphni’s gunfight’, that in our residence ‘a pistol was discovered which has not been used’, while presumption of tele-guilt was also our home’s address, ‘in the heart of Exarchia.’ At the same time, Sarantos appeared as to have ‘participated in meetings of the Revolutionary Struggle’s members in six different parts of Attica.’ Only if the babble [of media and police] continued, something would be left…
The lack of evidence against him was offset by the storm of slander that was unleashed through the parrots, supposedly journalists. The script promised continuity in the data flow about Sarantos Nikitopoulos amid the coming days. As the days went by and these new evidence never showed up (since they never even existed), upstart ‘irrefutable physiognomists-psychologists’ were conscripted by TV channels and newspapers. Thus, we found out that ‘Sarantos’ thin lips betray his ruthless character,’ that he is ‘the group’s philosopher’ and ‘invisible moderator.’
Ridiculousness of ‘valid journalism’ loses any of the limitations, on the altar of audience, when it comes to support the choices of the Greek police. Ten months later and while the investigative process is completed, Sarantos remains in pretrial detention, still waiting for incriminating evidence against him… Amid crisis, however, the journalists-parrots continue to earn their worthy salary.
Stathis Sar. Nikitopoulos – Lena Nikitopoulos, 19-1/2011



It must break on all levels through struggles. Solidarity to the struggling prisoners is only one of these levels and my personal opinion is that we should not look at it with introversion and divide it from the present social situation.

Sarantos Nikitopoulos
6th wing. koridallos prisons
September 2010

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