sabato 28 agosto 2010

IN SOLIDARITY with Costa Silvia and Billy

Costa, Silvia and Billy continue their struggles from the Swiss prisons they're locked up in. They're accused of possession, transport and attempted use of explosive materials, and of planning to attack an IBM centre under construction. An IBM centre that The conditions of our comrades give the strong and clear impression that Swiss authorities aim at wearing out and isolating their resistance struggles. The censorship and requirements imposed on their correspondence show inequivocably that the system is trying both to stop their friendships and relationships and to isolate them from their contacts with the Movement.

This isn't news! We already know the "democracy" of Swiss jails: for years we have fought against Marco Camenisch's isolation in Thorberg's jail. But we know our comrades: always on the front line in years of radical ecological and animal liberation struggles, and against the techno-industrial civilisation. We can't but admire them and we're certain that in spite of any bloody prosecutor, they won't bend and they won't lower their heads. Their coherence and determination are an example to all of us.

We think it necessary to let our voices be heard by these comrades. May our solidarity break into the thick walls of their jails, may the solidarity actions multiply, may the struggle continue stronger than before. Solidarity has a value and a shape only through our struggles.

We invite every individual and group to make their voices heard in the way they think appropriate: To responde to this attempt of isolating our comrades and re-affirm once again the necessity of our struggles.


Il Silvestre, Coalizione contro le nocività , Rote Hilfe Schweiz, Anarchiche e anarchici ticinesi, Equal Rights Forlì, Anarchici e anarchiche di Via del Cuore, Villa Vegan, LasVegans, Anarchiche e anarchici bolognesi will be among the focal ones in Europe's nanotechnology research

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