domenica 20 maggio 2012

Protests in solidarity with Hana Shalabi and against the wall brutally suppressed across the West Bank

Upon the arrival to the Abu Lemon area participants raised Palestinian flags, posters of prisoner Hana Shalabi and slogans calling for national unity, the end of the occupation, destruction of the apartheid wall, and freedom for Palestinian prisoners. A few protesters entered between the barbed wire fence and the wall. Some were able to remove additional part of the barbed wire fence. Some young demonstrators threw rotten eggs at the soldiers. The soldiers reacted with a sound bomb, rubber bullets, tear gas canisters and the "skunk" machine.
Protesters in Bil'in
Protesters in Bil'in.
Kfur Qaddum
The army brutally suppressed the demonstration in Kfur Qaddum. The protesters walked towards the road that has been blocked to them greatly restricting their access and interfering with their way of life. After the usual volley of tear gas the army released a trained German Shepard on the protesters. The dog vicious attacked one man biting his wrist. Even with attempts by the handlers to release his jaw failed. He was then arrested. A family member and Israeli activist called for help and yelled at soldiers to release the dog. The family member was subsequently pepper sprayed and arrested. Three other protesters were injured by tear gas canisters. This is the first time there have been arrests during a demonstration.

al Ma'sara
Under the heavy rain ten's of Palestinian, Israeli and international demonstrators protested against the building of the separation wall and in solidarity with Hana Shalabi . IOF soldiers attacked Mahmoud Zawahre (a coordinator of al Ma'sara's Popular Committee) tearing his clothes before he managed to escape. They then used extreme violence to arrest four Israeli activists who were later released after protesters moved back up the road. The soldiers also they broke the camera of a journalist Musa Alshaer after having broken the glass of one residents car.
Two Israeli activists brutally arrested by IOF soiders
Two Israeli activists brutally arrested by IOF soldiers

Nabi Saleh
Hana Al-Shalabi, an imprisoned Palestinian woman held under administrative detention after she was released by Israel as part of the last prisoners swap, is on hunger strike for an entire month now to protest her treatment and bring about her release. Nabi Saleh residents and other Palestinians joined Al-Shalabi this Friday, carrying posters, as the weekly procession left the centre of the village.
The demonstration was immediately attacked by Israeli occupation forces “skunk” truck, spraying foul smelling water. This was shortly followed by volleys of tear gas canisters shot from a military jeep with an automated cannon. Israeli soldiers also approached the village's built area on foot, until they raided the village and its surroundings entirely, targeting protesters by shooting tear gas and bullets directly at them. In one such attack an Israeli protester was shot in the back of her head by tear gas canister or some other kind of “less-lethal” bullet. She was rushed to a hospital in Ramallah and released after she received initial treatment. At least two more protesters were also injured by Israeli fire. Todays demo followed a week of heavy repression by Israeli forces, who raided Nabi Saleh four nights, entering and searching houses and arresting youths at gunpoint.
Injured Israeli protester being taken away by IOF soliders
Injured Israeli protester being taken away by IOF soldiers

Beit Ummar
The protest was in solidarity with Hana Shalabi who is on hunger strike for the last 31 days in the Israeli occupation jails, and in memory of the ninth anniversary of the martyrdom of Rachael Corrie who was bulldozed 9 years ago by an Israeli occupation military bulldozer while she was trying to stop the bulldozer from bulldozing a Palestinian house in Rafah in Gaza Strip. It’s important to note that the popular committee of Beit Ummar is on hunger strike for the last two days in solidarity with Hana Shalabi.
Beit Ummar protesting in soidairty with Hana Shalabi
Beit Ummar protesting in solidarity with Hana Shalabi
The weekly protest In Nil'in took place with participants demonstrating against the wall
Protesters in Nil'in raising the Palestinian flag
Protesters in Nil'in raising the Palestinian flag
In Rafa, Gaza demonstrations were also held on Friday and outside Ofer Military Prison on Thursday.
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