sabato 19 maggio 2012

Thessaloniki: Responsibility claim for sabotage on ATMs in solidarity with imprisoned anarchist Rami Syrianos, who is on hunger strike since May 15th

Downtown Thessaloniki
Friday, 13.15pm Divided into different groups of comrades, we moved synchronously in order to disrupt, even in a symbolic way, the city’s normality during rush hour, when the metropolitan factory’s machines are working nonstop. We smashed and took 3 ATMs out of service, thus sabotaging the Capital’s smooth flow.
With this action we stand on the side of anarchist Rami Syrianos, who is facing trial on Monday, May 21st, for the expropriation of ODDY’s auction and today (18/5) he is on his 4th day of hunger strike, demanding his exit from the solitary confinement and his transfer from Nigrita–Serres prisons.
The comrade has been in solitary confinement inside Nigrita prisons for almost two months, paying the price of dignity and combative stance, the highest of offenses for the correctional system.
Of course, we neither forget comrade Olga Ekonomidou, member of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, who is also being held in solitary confinement in Diavata women’s prisons for almost two weeks now, due to her dignified stance inside the prison society.
Solidaritarians with vandalistic tendencies

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