sabato 12 maggio 2012

School Busses Vandalized Overnight-Trussville,AL

Police and school board officials in Trussville want to know who is responsible for vandalizing several of their school buses overnight.
The tires on many of the school buses have already been re-inflated. A spokesperson with Trussville City Schools says they expect bus routes to run by this afternoon.

The vandalism happened sometime before six Friday morning. The tires on 48 Trussville city buses were deflated. Special education buses were not vandalized. Because of the damage, regular bus routes did not run this morning.
The discovery was made by employees with the transportation department. Voicemails and emails were sent to all parents and guardians who have a student in the Trussville school system. The messages informed them that routes would not run this morning. Instead, parents were asked to bring their children to school if possible.
ABC 33/40 was told the investigation is currently in the hands of the Trussville Police. Security cameras were rolling at all four schools during the time of the vandalism .
School officials do not know at this time how many students were impacted by the incident. As for the costs, ABC 33/40 was told the city did not have to purchase new tires.

Again, they expect to have the buses up and running for the after school bus route.
A spokesperson with the Trussville City Schools say more than one person is responsible for the vandalism. They suspect students from the area. Tampering with a school buses is a federal offense.

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