mercoledì 9 maggio 2012

Police attacks Demonstration in Berlin

The 25th anniversary of Mayday Riots in Berlin saw on of the biggest demonstrations in the last years. About 25.000 people participated in the march witch started in Kreuzberg.
A lot of demonstrators went in black but also a huge number of migrants and tourists joined the manifestation. At Kottbusser Tor the first bank was smashed and the police got some stones.
7.700 police officers were around the demonstration and in the area of Kreuzberg.
After some smaller incidents on the way to “Springer Verlag”, a right-wing media company, police attacked the demonstration in front of the jewish museum.
A street battle of half an hour followed and the demonstration was smashed by police forces. Smaller groups destroyed police cars and shops in surrounding streets.
Later at night again in Kreuzberg people confronted with police.
119 people were arrested, 34 of them were sent to a judge.
Unknown number, but a lot of people were injured.
124 pigs were injured.


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