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Friday May 11 at the Kavarna social centre will present Pestifera la mia vita by Claudio Lavazza. – Cremona, Italy

Translated from informa-azione. by b.porco dio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Friday May 11 at the Kavarna social centre
(Via Maffi 2, Cremona, Italy)

8pm: “pestifera” vegan dinner.
9:30pm: comrade Michela Zucca will present Pestifera la mia vita by Claudio Lavazza. A self-produced publication by: Cassa Antirepressione delle Alpi Occidentali, Cassa anarchica di solidarietà anticarceraria (Latina), El Paso squat, Porfido. All proceedings will go to the solidarity anti-prison funds.

“I realized almost all the dreams I had, and I often compare my life with that I’d have had if I had been a worker in my hometown. For sure now I’d be married and have children, like my schoolmates, and have to work ten hours a day in order to provide for my family. In the evening, tired after work, I’d be sitting there with my sleepers on, and fixing that idiotic box, and later I’d go to bed exhausted. Maybe I wouldn’t be in prison now… But even if it were possible to go back in time I wouldn’t change anything of the trajectory I chose. What would have been of me if the light of the struggle hadn’t illuminated my path?”
(Claudio Lavazza)

Translated  by act for freedom now/B.pd
Claudio Lavazza

No English title yet

Original title: Autobiografia de un irreductible, Ediciones autonomas, Madrid, 2010.

Italian title: Pestifera la mia vita, Biblioteca popolare Rebeldies, Cuneo, 2011.

Translated from Italian by me in 2012.
3am, a cold day in October… I can’t get any sleep because of a fixation I can’t get rid of; so I begin to write this book, I made up my mind in the end, I won’t go back.
Since I entered the prison of Jaen II, ten years ago, I’ve been having the desire to leave a mark of my passage because I’m convinced of the importance of books as historical memory so that one doesn’t forget… but this book would be useless if one limited oneself to a simple and pleasant reading in order to escape from boredom; it wouldn’t be of much help to collective and individual growth if one didn’t pick a constructive teaching from this writing, in order not to repeat the same mistakes… but not only with mistakes is my experience of struggle filled, there are and there were also thrilling moments, and it is toward these ones that I’d like to address the reader’s interest.

Prison of Albolote, Grenada, October 2006.
:: Claudio Lavazza
C.P. Albolote (Mod. 2)
Carretera Colomera Km. 6500
18220 Albolote
:: Claudio Lavazza
C.P. Albolote (Mod. 2)
Carretera Colomera Km. 6500--
18220 Albolote

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