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CCF – SOLIDARITY TO OLGA ECONOMIDOU – Breaking down the myths of prison.- Greece

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CCF – SOLIDARITY TO OLGA ECONOMIDOU – Breaking down the myths of prison.
“Turn off the main switch in this dump. Here the beautiful becomes ugly,
the choice becomes a habit and the meaningless important. Prison dirties
creases and swallows pieces of dreams, desires, thoughts and feelings. Its
most permanent residents, the majority of the prisoners are now a part of
the appliances of the prison. Bars, yard, cameras, locks, prisoners mix
all together and re-enact the world of captivity. Nothing is worthy in
here. Come let’s go and don’t look back… Only fire will cleanse this
place… ”
Prison and its numbered residents. Prison and the degradation of its
prisoners. Prison and its myths…
Behind the iron door of prison which closes, there is a captive world
which has nothing to envy of the “free” world.
Away from the illusions of an alleged value code of the outlaws, a
make-believe solidarity between the prisoners and supposed self-organized
struggles and revolts, the society of the prisoners is the mirror of the
law abiding society.

Conservatism, hypocrisy, racism, misery, compromise and snitching, this is
the civilization of the prisoners. Remnants of human shadows next to
leftover smack and pills. Human rodents, customers of the prisons,
decadent misprints of the bosses of this world, who have been exiled to
prison as excessive weight of this earth. Most prisoners are guards of
They have learnt to double-lock themselves in pills, smack, slavery,
habits, the passive counting of days for the miserable repetition of their
subjugated self. Prisoners justify their role as the waste of an even more
sordid society.
We do not intend to become a part of this sad community of human
imitations and shadows.
We keep ourselves away from the annoying noise of the mob and we separate
those few minorities of the prisoners who do not forget the meaning of
We meet with those who did not kneeled against captivity, who did not
exchange their dignity with powders, and pills, who did not lower the eyes
in front of the authorities and the laws, who did not let the prison be
built inside them.
As for the rest we will not fall into the trap of humanism and pity. We do
not appreciate passive emotions. Whoever surrounds themselves with the
motif of resignation or accepts the victimized figure of the “con”, might
win over the sensitivity of the philanthropists and sociologists but from
us receives only a deep contempt. We are hostage anarchist guerrillas and
not just prisoners. To say things as they are is not a result of some
informal elitism or discrimination; simply in this way we attack the
attempt of the state to hide the existence of the anarchist constant
revolt and its hostages.
As anarchist hostages of democracy we never separated ourselves from our
values and ideals. We remain enemies of justice and its courts, promoting
the self-organization of our action and self-redress far from any kind of
The undisputed fact that we are against prisons, does not mean that we are
in solidarity with all prisoners.
A short while ago in Thebes prisons the service purposely transferred to
the wing where our comrade Olga Economidou was, a prisoner which her
attitude and her “penal” actions could not have been tolerated by the
morals, character and dignity of Olga. As we have mentioned there are
prisoners who are as sordid as the society of law abiding citizens.
Our comrade acted consciously resulting in finding herself before the
prosecutor of the prison, accused of “beating an inmate” and was imposed
with a disciplinary transfer. Now she is in the isolation unit of the
female prisons of Diavata where she was transferred with a special
transfer and where she refused to be subjugated to the humiliating body
The precepts of the officer in charge to conform to the body search,
invoking the example of other “anarchist” prisoners who have compromised
with this correctional measure, fell into the void… We are not all the
same… neither do we do the same prison time.
Anyway everyone is not characterized by the political label they have put
on them or has adopted on their own, but by their choices and their
The prosecutor of Diavata prisons because of her refusal to be strip
searched imposed on Olga 10 days confinement to an isolation cell.
We her comrades in the Conspiracy Cells of Fire, are next to her, to her
choices which are our choices as well and send her our most warm embrace
with our unrepentant commitment… we remain for ever in the battle…
P.S. We also want to express our solidarity to anarchist Rami Syrianos who
remaining consistent, he has also refused to succumb to the humiliation of
the strip search, which is essentially the humiliation of dignity, and is
for a month now in an isolation regime in Nigrita prisons. Rami has
already begun prison food abstention….
Cell of Imprisoned Members of the C.C.F. – FAI/IRF
And anarchist revolutionary Th.Mavropoulos

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