mercoledì 18 aprile 2012

Summary of day 14 (Friday, April 6) of 2nd Halandri Case trial

The session’s first testimony came from the Alter TV network phone operator who received the warning call about the explosive device left in front of former Interior Vice-Minister Panayiotis Hinofotis’ apartment, but the witness had nothing of note to say.

Next to take the stand was a Filipina immigrant who worked as Gerasimos Arsenis and Louka Katseli’s maid. She said that at around noon on the day in question she had taken the elevator up to the apartment while bringing back the shopping. The prosecutor reminded her that her employer Arsenis already testified that the elevator was broken, and he continued his questioning of the witness in similar fashion: on one hand trying at all costs to conform the woman’s testimony to Arsenis’, and on the other simply trying to scare her.

Defense attorney Ifigenia Karandrea also tried to question the same witness, but the judges kept interrupting. Karandrea then reminded the presiding judge about the defense’s requests to subpoena certain witnesses, especially former Antiterrorist Unit chief D. Horianopoulos. The judges indicated that Horianopoulos sent a fax to the court in which he stated that he would decide whether to respond to the subpoena within the next 15 days. One of the judges also said: “We don’t even have his address, so perhaps the defense would be able to look it up.”

The defendants then spoke. They said that holding two trial sessions per week is not possible because two of their attorneys are court-appointed, poorly paid, and obligated to work on many different cases at once. They also posed the following (quite rhetorical) question: why are defendants’ family members and people who have nothing substantial to contribute being subpoenaed to testify, while key witnesses like police officials and their political superiors remain absent?

The trial was adjourned to Friday, April 20.

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