sabato 14 aprile 2012

Indonesia: solidarity calls for Billy Augustan

Negasi: As has been little known by us, Augustan Billy (Billy) has been detained by the police bastard pigs since late last year on his political actions and his involvement as a member of the Long Live Luciano Tortuga Cell – FAI Indonesia. Until now Billy is still being held at the LP Sleman, Yogyakarta and continue to face a barrage of convoluted trial.

Earlier in June 2011 that last year, Billy had suffered a motorcycle accident that made him should be brought to the hospital with a fractured skull and the diagnosis of apoplexy. Billy himself finally able to leave hospital after treatment for 3 days although it was found that the real reason is because of misdiagnosis and poor medical treatment. After Billy had left the hospital to see a specialist who claimed his condition is fine but still asked him to seek immediate medical help from specialists in the future if she had any symptoms or pain.
When the news was revealed was about 2 to 3 weeks Billy continued to complain of headaches suffered tremendous and ongoing. Billy also have the power blurring of vision and the pressure is tremendous pain in his head. This suffering is compounded by the frequent Billy felt his neck tingling for a long time. To overcome this pain, my brother Billy and even sometimes have to tie her head very tight with bandanna / cloth to be able to just ease the pain. From this disease, Billy had difficulty sleeping, writing, reading, and viewing. Symptoms of the disease itself increasingly looks worrying from time to time.
And we all already know, health care in jail is a nightmare. State and Capital omission was deliberately done to our comrade and brother, Billy.
However, everyone can join in solidarity and help ease the burden of disease suffered by Billy. Here is a list of estimates that we get from close friends and family who may do so Billy Billy gets a much-needed medical treatment at this time:
Items of expenditure for the care of Billy:

Pay officers
Pay the doctor from the clinic that can brought to jail for consultation and issue a letter of referral
Bring a referral to a specialist (this will cost, and we are looking forward to getting a letter of reference from a specialist)
Pay to be able to bring Billy out of jail and took him to the doctor or hospital, or brought to the prison doctor
Pay the cost of physician
Pay the cost of inspection and maintenance

Thank you for all your support. Any donations will go directly to the cost of medical treatment.
To donate via Paypal, use the name: demonica22 @
To donate via bank, please contact: wallsarealive @
For information or developments about the current condition of Billy can contact: sandria.k @
“This is my way to obtain a hug from you. Since I send many greetings to you all, my friends …” - Billy Augustan

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