venerdì 27 aprile 2012

US Bank gets a few smashed windows — Portland, OR

For the second time this year, a U.S. Bank branch in Portland has been targeted by vandals.
Early Tuesday morning, officers responded to the bank, located at 1225 Southeast 39th Avenue, after a security alarm was tripped. They arrived to find the front door’s glass smashed out, and a smaller windowpane broken.
Crews boarded up the windows with plywood. A witness tells KOIN he heard the glass breaking but thought it may have been a car crash or construction.
Officers patrolled the area around the bank looking for other damage, but found none.
According to Lt. Robert King, spokesperson for the Portland Police Bureau, investigators believe two suspects dressed in black may have been responsible for the vandalism. Bank security cameras will be reviewed to see if a suspect description can be generated.
In late February, the same U.S. Bank branch and other nearby businesses were targeted. An anonymous group claimed responsibility on a local website.
Police have not announced any arrests in either case.
Anyone with information is urged to shut the fuck up and not be a snitch.

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