giovedì 26 aprile 2012

Text by the members of the r.o. ccf Christos tsakalos & giorgos nikolopoulos.

In relation to the summons they received for the inflammatory parcel that was sent to Berlusconi.

We are summoned to appear before the Prosecutor’s Office of Bolgna, Italy, on June 28th in order to participate in a preliminary investigation in regard to the “punishable offense under Articles 110, 280 of the Criminal Code (attempt with terrorist and subversive purposes) of the inflammatory parcel’s postage addressed to Silvio Berlusconi. Moreover, according to the official notification of the Prosecutor’s Office that was delivered to us via fax in the prison s in which we are deteined, Berlusconi himself is called to attend the process as “victim of the punishable offense”.
Furthermore, the Digos (General Investigations and Special Operations Division) is authorized to disclose the present statute. Obviously, we face a translational upgrade of repression since this manipulative approach offers the probability of extradition of imprisoned urban guerrillas to another state. Besides, the cover-up provided by the Greek authorities to the Italian services is not incidental as this specific document of the Prosecutor’s Office of Bologna was concealed and hidden from public display; a move that validates once more the police and judicial authorities” cooperation between Greece and Italy, in their fight against tha anarchist internal enemy. We have witnessed this in the past, thorough the representatives” meetings of the Greek, Italian and  Spanish police which aimed at the establishment of the anarchist triangle theorem (Greece, Italy, Spain); it was also confirmed through the method of the Italian prosecutor Marini – dozens of Italian insurrectionary anarchists” arrest on the pretext of the non-existent “Revolutionary Organisation of Anarchist Insurrectionists” (ORAI) – and its Greek version copied by the appellate investigating magistrates Baltas and Mokkas, and now through the summons that we received by the Prosecutor’s Office of Bologna.
We do not forget the recent case of arrest of an immigrant by the Greek authorities after reports in Italian newspapers which presented him as a “chief  terrorist” whilst today his relatives denounce that his tracks are missing.
We are convicted that the move of the Italian police and judicial authorities with the assistance of their Greek compeers against us is the pinnacle of the international counter-revolutionary war., conduct, in line with the widespread suppression against the subversives circles.
Faced with the possibility of extradiction to the Italian authorities we will never ever for a moment fall kneeling in repentance, begging for a favourable treatment before the rival.
We participate consciously in the urban guerrilla warfare and we walk either outside or inside prison walls, having decided to fight until the end. For this reason neither now, non never will we transform the juridical prosecution against us into cheap mockery about proof of innocence or guilt. What is important is to highlight the counter-revolutionary campaign which the Power has unleashed against the anarchist urban guerrilla warfare and the subversive projects that struggle for the violent overthrow of the financial dictatorship and the culture of submission and ecploitation.
We do not have anything to say to our prosecutors neither in Greece, nor in Italy but three words: REVOLUTION, REVOLUTION, REVOLUTION
After all, we are aware of the Italian fascist public prosecutions and police services. In our minds and hearts the comrades murdered by the Italian State, Edoardo Massari, Sole (Maria Soledad Rosas), Carlo Giuliani, Horst Fantazzini, are forever alive and free: while our solidarity as a fist that breaks prison bars stands next to Silvia, Billy and Costa who are imprisoned in Switzerland – with the Italian State’s taking part in the investigations – and Anna Maria Pistolesi, Marino Trevisan, Stefania Carolei, Nicusor Roman and Maddalena Calore in the Fuoriluogo case.
Finally, we send our friendship and strength to our brothers and sisters in the Italian FAI and to all groups of the Onternational Revolutionary Front – Informal International Federation, as well as to the Revolutionary Groups for the Spreading of Terror of New CCF; to all those whom revolution is a permanent home, where no other life is possible. Because comrades, when a battle ends it is time to begin the next one.
PS: We stress that we refuse to present before the Italian Prosecutor’s Office; as anarchist urban guerrillas, we do not recognize any authority competent to judge us. We disclose in all directions that abettors of any transfer attempt to Italy via our unexpected  “abduction” from the prisons in which we are detained, will be the Greek anti-terrorism agency, juridical officials and the Greek State which cooperates with the Italian authorities.
Christos Tsakalos, Giorgos Nikolopoulos
Members of the R.O. Conspiracy of Cells of Fire
Thursday, june 23th, 2011

(extract from “Act For Freedom” n. 1 – march 2012)

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