mercoledì 18 aprile 2012

Support Needed For Dane Rossman

A close friend of the Earth First! Journal Collective and immigrant solidarity activist, Dane Rossman, of Tucson, AZ, is in need of urgent support in the face of multiple felony charges stemming from an anti-nazi action in November of 2010. In a worst case scenario, Dane could be looking at over 20 years in prison. Let’s not have that happen. A detailed account of the situation can be found on the website that Dane and his support group have put together.

As of a couple weeks ago, Dane has a lawyer to defend him and his civil liberties – and, essentially ALL of our liberties. A case like Dane’s, if won, creates new precedents in how protesters can be charged. On Saturday, April 14th, a benefit was held in Tucson, raising an awesome $1,400 towards his legal fees. Benefits have also been held in Santa Cruz, New York City, Boston and Portland. Fierce solidarity is the best defense in cases of state repression! If you are interested in hosting a benefit to help raise needed funds for Dane’s legal defense, contact

As of right now, Dane is out on bail and attending scheduled court dates until trial in May. No plea offer has been made so far and it remains difficult to tell how aggressively the state is pursuing the charges. Dane and his supporters are currently attempting to obtain private counsel and strongly feel that this could be the best route for things to work out as well as possible for Dane – that is, to keep Dane out of prison.

Not just in the particularly hostile climate of Arizona, but across the country, people are resisting organized white supremacists, the state, and their collaboration. We stand in full solidarity with Eric Desousa, recently arrested at an antifa action in Sacramento, CA. More information on Eric can be found from Bay Area Anarchist Black Cross.

Please help out Dane in any way you can, financially or otherwise, and forward this information to anyone interested in the ongoing struggles against white supremacy and fascism.

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