mercoledì 4 aprile 2012

Piraeus: Antifascist demo in the neighbourhoods of Koridallos and Nikaia (7/4)

Saturday, April 7th, 2012 – 12pm – Eleftherias Square

The path opens when one walks forward
Clash with the State – the bosses – the fascists

To crash every prop of the socially accelerated fascism
To reinforce the self-organized collectives that exist without tutelage
To strengthen the struggle for the social and individual liberation

in Koridallos – Nikaia
The protest march is called against Nazi scum and is organized by anarchists, antifascists, collectives of squats and fighters from self-managed spaces that live in various regions of Piraeus; the poster is signed by the comrades of Agros (in Ilion), Thersitis (in Ilion), blocco stin exousia (‘Blockade against the Power’, in Nikaia), Papoutsadiko squat (in Haidari), Resalto (in Keratsini), Sinialo squat (in Egaleo), DeStato (in Perama), Pasamontaña (in Koridallos), Anarchist Group of Piraeus and Antifascists from Peristeri.

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