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Italy-With regard to a certain kind of solidarityΙitaly- we publish some reflections from Juan and Alessio, anarchist prisoners currently detained fol

Italy-With regard to a certain kind of solidarityΙitaly- we publish some reflections from Juan and Alessio, anarchist prisoners currently detained following the repressive operation of 26th January against the NO TAV resistance.

With regard to a certain kind of solidarity, we publish some reflections from Juan and Alessio, anarchist prisoners currently detained following the repressive operation of 26th January against the NO TAV resistance.

Juan’s response to AUT AUT

I feel I must write to you, AUT AUT, I don’t want to write hypocrisies or lies.

I’m of the opinion that solidarity can be accepted or refused, most importantly it must have a minimum of coherence from my point of view.

You see, you don’t know that I lived in Zena for almost four years, up to my arrest not long ago (six months) for theft and for the clashes in the valley.

I say all this to point out that your political line, which I had the chance to know when I lived in Genoa, looked aberrant to me and contrary to my principles. This time, maybe, you don’t want to make distinctions between ‘good’ and ‘bad’, ‘innocent’ and ‘guilty’, but on other occasions you made distinctions, you did made them! Sometimes you even did this to friends of mine!

I don’t like such a line, it seems a politicians’ line to me, I hate it and also fight against it.

I’m not going to make a list, you know and my friends and comrades also know, that’s enough. I just want to tell you simply and without hypocrisy that you are not my comrades.

According to my modest opinion comrades choose one another!
Solidarity must be accepted if there is complicity and sincerity, and this is not the case, it seems to me. I don’t want to open a discussion with you, I simply want you not to mention my name under no circumstances. Careful.

Aut Aut’s letter

Hi Juan,

this letter is being sent to you from Genoa, from all the comrades.

We feel the urge to write to you to tell you that what happened to you and all the arrested comrades only strengthens our determination to continue this struggle even more, this just and beautiful struggle.

The repression we are experiencing only increases our awareness that we are united and close to one another, as proved by the initiatives and messages that are jumping from an area of Italy to another. We know that you know you are not alone and we want to tell you this with this letter too.

Certainly the movement is going through a hard time, but also a formative and aggregating one: what we are doing in the piazzas all over Italy, it’s for you, for ourselves, for the Val Susa.

Let’s continue our stuggle comrades, soon you’ll be back to the streets of the cities and the mountain passes, all of us together.

A big hug from Genoa.



Alessio’s response to the solidarity communique from Ska and Officina

With regard to the communique of Ska and Officina 99 I want to make clear a number of points. Just a few lines, very easy to understand if they are read carefully, I’ll never come back to this specific subject, unless I’m forced to do so by another disgusting communique like this one.

Words and especially written words have a weight, so it’s good to take this into account when you talk about other individuals, especially if these individuals are in prison.

In your communique you describe me as a comrade who is committed against this fascist system, for environmental struggles, against ‘precariato’ [temporary employement] and in the defence of the territory.

I remind you that I’m anarchist. I don’t get involved in the struggle as if it was a Sunday’s hobby, every day I look for points of attack and use these to hit the current political and economic system. As an anti-authoritarian I hate whatever system of power, be it dictatorial or democratic, fascist, communist or liberal. I struggle against the state and capital.

It is precisely beause I consider the state as the watchdog of the bosses’ property that I clashed with its armed troops many times.

Certainly it is not becuase of environmental desires that I struggled against the opening of new dumps or the construction of the TAV. I simply brought my methods and ideas on how to oppose power to those struggles. It is because I consider solidairty as a weapon and I know how to use it. Moreover you dare link my actions to the struggles against ‘precariato’ [temporary employement].

Nothing is more false than all this.

I’m for the total destruction of property, I think that the blackmail of wage labour, whatever form it takes, is a cancer that turned the individuals into acquiescent beings, who have bowed to all the bosses’ filthy tricks for more than thirty years.

This surrogated of life in which we expolited are floundering day by day is based on the production of goods and services. And workers are also responsible for all this. No matter if they are in temporary jobs or in full-time occupations.

As for the defence of the territory do not misunderstand it.

I intervene in these kinds of situations because I’m aware that the arrogane of power manifests itself everywhere.

So I oppose it everywhere, between the walls of a prison as well as in the streets. It is necessry to struggle everywhere so that social conflict flares up more and more, without any sort of compromise with the institutions.

Precisely referring to this last sentence I throughly invite you not to dare declare yourselves my accomplices, not even vaguely.

I’m an accomplice of those individuals who do not have any protection when they assault power, if not the practice of their ideas, the respect for their word and the lack of political calculations, without any negotation with the state and its institutions.

I finish it off by telling you a last thing: when you say you are expressing militant solidarity with all those who are dealing with the armed hand of the state, do you know that in prison there are also entire units full of informants, pieces of shit of all sorts and the few fascists who are in jail?

Think it over very well: as an anarchist I’m for the total distruction of the entire prison system. I wouldn’t wish prison even to a piece of shit but I certainly wouldn’t give him my solidarity.
As I said at the beginning, words and written words have a weigth, it’s the case to ponder it very well.

Alessio Del Sordo

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