sabato 28 aprile 2012

Israel’s Eyes and Ears on the Border

Tel Aviv — Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is introducing two technological tools to augment the proficiency of its growing force of young, female remote observers serving as the nation’s front line of defense against terrorists, arms smugglers and other infiltrators.
Deployed safely behind computer consoles in operation centers around Gaza, the northern borders with Lebanon and Syria, and at friction points around the West Bank, these 19- and 20-year-old conscripts — part of the IDF’s Combat Collection Corps (CCC) — operate a multitude of networked sensors, including the remote-controlled, precision-strike See-Shoot system built by Rafael. The new tools involve an automated data-fusing process to improve the efficiency of observers, and a simulator to closely replicate lifelike scenarios.
“These female observers form the basis of our border-defense doctrine; they are much more than an ancillary means of support for the war fighters,” said Col. Tal Braun, commander of the IDF’s Combat Collection School. Continue reading “Israel’s Eyes and Ears on the Border”

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