sabato 28 aprile 2012

A few words about the Solidarity fund for prisoners in struggle

The Solidarity fund for prisoners in struggle is a collective project initiated by comrades in July 2010.
The aim of the solidarity fund is to contribute, primarily, to the material needs of people who find themselves imprisoned for their subversive actions or their general participation in social struggles.
To the extent that this is possible, the fund also aims at supporting people whose continuous and persistent stance within prison has been one characterized by dignity, solidarity and struggle. The solidarity fund is formed on a greece-wide level, is based on small monthly contributions from as many people as possible within or outside the anarchist/anti-authoritarian milieu and its effectiveness will be evaluated by its capability to function over a long period of time.
Other projects part of the solidarity fund include the publication of the periodical “Storming the Bastille: voices from the inside” with texts written by prisoners in struggle and this blog, which aims at providing a comprehensive list of the names and addresses of prisoners in struggle, an overview of their cases and texts they have written in regards to their case.
We are attempting to provide all the above also in other languages (English, French, German, Spanish), in order to facilitate the flow of information and communication and to broaden the scope of solidarity.

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