venerdì 27 aprile 2012

‘Euro anarchisten’ hold lecture on Europol.

Today (25-04-2012) approximately 35 anarchists and autonomists gave an open lecture about the European intelligence service Europol. The lecture took place in front of the Europol office in The Hague. The reason for the meeting was a closed Europol conference on the subject of so-called ‘euro anarchists’ which took place on the same day. A representative from Buro Jansen en Janssen, a research firm which focuses its attention on intelligence organisations, lectured about Europol: what goes on behind closed doors and the methods which they employ to extract information. Especially today in Europe, one sees more and more people rising up out of necessity against the exploitative ways of capitalism. Meanwhile, Europol is holding a conference regarding ‘euro anarchists’. The catalyst for this secret meeting is the supposed activity of the “Federazione Anarchica Informale” (F.A.I.). In 2003, this organisation took credit for “Operation Santa Claus,” wherein incendiary packages were sent to the European Central Bank and Europol. More recently, in December 2011 an explosive package including an incriminating letter from the so-called F.A.I. was received by the head of the Deutsche Bank.
These recent developments have caused many within the Leftist movements to doubt the authenticity of this group. The F.A.I. certainly does exist, but F.A.I. stands for Federazione Anarchica Italiana; an umbrella organization of anarchists from all over Italy.
The real Federazione has stated, “Commiting such acts under the same initials, and thereby subjecting their comrades to repression, criminalisation and being labelled as terrorists can only be the work of an intelligence organisation, or its collaborators.”
Europol works together with every European intelligence organisation. This begs the question; are they transparent? Intelligence agencies have been involved numerous times in the delivery of weapons and explosives to terrorists, through informants. An AIVD agent infiltrating the Hofstad Group furnished them with a hand-grenade, which seriously wounded a police officer during their arrest in 2004.
Even during the G8 summit in Germany, infiltrators from England were planted to incite riots. Already in the 1970′s in Italy, several bomb attacks were carried out by the Italian intelligence agencies in order to make a scapegoat of the Red Brigade, and thus casting communism in a bad light. It is clear that these intelligence agencies do everything in their power to paint those who fight for a better future without capitalist exploitation as criminals and terrorists.
Stop the criminalisation of anarchists and autonomists!
Autonomen Den Haag

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