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CCF imprisoned member Michalis Nikolopoulos read the following political statement in the day 13 (Monday, April 2) of 2nd Halandri Case trial of the C

CCF imprisoned member Michalis Nikolopoulos read the following political statement in the day 13 (Monday, April 2) of 2nd Halandri Case trial of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire- Athens

Translated by Actforfreedomnow!/boubourAs
Gerasimos Arsenis is a recognized officer of authority. In his long
political career he has served as minister of Economics, Defence and
Education, while he has also run for the leadership of PASOK.
In a few words, across us is person of power whose decisions contributed
to the formation of today’s reality.
No one can forget the infamous “Arsenis law” which showed once more, that
schools are nothing more than intensive laboratories of serene and trained
Institutionalised education is a structural value for the system of
authority. Its role is nodal for the manipulation and construction of
consciences of the young people…
It is the second link after family in the chain of submission, which
basically teaches the smooth integration of the individual into the social
factory of authority.
But arsenic knows very well that insubordination, disobedience, the
insurrection does not sit at desks, does not fit in class rooms, does not
accept indications.
The time when he served as minister (of education) and attempted to
realize his law, he met the total black refusal of many troublemakers of
the school community.
We could say a lot also about the rest of the actions Gerasimos Arsenis
carried out as a institutional political officer. But its time to get to
the substance.
We did not attack Arsenis, Hinofotis or Katseli for their political work
they produced in the past.
We attacked their choice to include themselves in the structures of
political authority which is one of the founding stones of the
authoritarian social machine.
We did not attack the symptom, but the illness.
The austerity measures, the economic crisis, the increase in oppression,
the changes in education, the economic poverty is nothing more than
symptoms of the illness called Democracy.
An illness which brings the existential poverty which flourishes in the
metropolises of modern western world, and the main role of which is to
function as a cover-up of the monstrous machine of capitalism.
Because like our organization had wrote in the communique which followed
the hit on parliament: “Capitalism is the boss and democracy is the public
spokesperson. We are not naïve to think that three hundred ‘chosen ones’
are in charge on their own in reality. Obviously they are the balance
managers, the suppliers of state checks, the ‘honourable ladies and
This is why as an Anarchist Revolutionary Organization had mentioned many
times in the past that we do not seek a better democracy. On the contrary,
we fight democracy just like we fight every authority system.
With our weapons we aim at the expressers of dominance, while at the same
time with our speech we apply intense critique on every behaviour which
reproduces, conserves and perpetuates the existence of the authoritarian
We spread the new nihilism, anarcho-individualism, so much in the greek
land, as well as worldwide through the Informal Anarchist Federation and
the International Revolutionary front.
The new nihilism which will Exterminate the expressers of the system, will
rise the individual from the values of submission, apathy, consumption of
wage slavery, the whole spectrum of behaviours located in the larger part
of the social total.
The behaviours of compromise, misery, the vanity of a silent crowd.
A crowd which has learnt how to fall in love with window fronts, changing
their mood with the tv remote, blaming everyone else without ever looking
in the mirror and see their responsibilities for the world they built and
A crowd that only know how to shout when their economic interests are at
stake, without even looking at the substance.
The substance for real free life. A life guided by the values of respect,
solidarity, friendship, understanding. The creation of an anarchist
culture which will toss away every form of authority from every human
These things sound and are in the distance.
But on the paths we take we will remain intolerant in every battle,
prouder than ever.
Our day will come and until the completion of our target we Will Fight,
Will Fight, Will Fight.
Because we know, just like you do, that insurrectionist anarchy is and
will be the internal enemy of the regime. So you should be sure, all you
modern inquisitors of the juridical mafia that no matter how many years
you share out through your courtmartials you will never be able to
imprison the ideas of the Anarchist Revolution, you will never be able to
imprison the C.C.F.
Because a stream of ideas can never be imprisoned.

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