lunedì 23 aprile 2012

Robbers use construction vehicle to smash into clothing store — Southfield, MI

Police in Southfield are investigating a unique kind of “smash and grab” robbery Friday morning.
An unknown number of thieves used a small construction vehicle to crash through the store front of Mr. Suit West, a men’s clothing store on 8 Mile Road just west of Evergreen.
Once inside, the robbers apparently took some of the clothing that was displayed in the front windows before fleeing the scene. The tractor was left behind.
The owner of the store decline to be interviewed on tape, but said he’s not sure how much inventory was lost because he is unable to get into the building.
He said his business has been in that location for over six years and this is the first time anything like this has happened.
It wasn’t immediately clear if the store had a video surveillance system.
Southfield police have since cleared the scene. An investigation is ongoing.

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