domenica 29 aprile 2012

Modesto Anarcho #18!

The wait is over! Modesto Anarcho #18 hits the streets today. Come down to the A-Cafe on 10th and J Street at 8pm in downtown Modesto to pick up your free copy. There will be live music, free food, literature tables, as well as guest speakers.

The new issue covers stories and news on ongoing struggles in and around the Modesto area. It offers analysis of the recent confrontations in Sacramento with neo-Nazis, in Stockton against police brutality, and the Caravan of Resistance in Modesto. Featured stories include the tale of a framed Delhi graffiti artist, a family in West-Side targeted by the Modesto Police, and a look at the recent shooting on Chrysler Ave. in North Modesto. The PDF is great for those that desire to read the magazine online or want to print it out and share with friends.

Download here and enjoy! To get in contact with us about distributing the magazine, questions, comments, or to submit something for the next issue, email us at:

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