sabato 12 marzo 2011

Statement from Mónika Caballero (Chile)

Dear Comrades:

It has almost been two weeks since we began the hunger strike, yet I did not have to wait for your solidarity, and your beautiful gestures have cast light into these dismal halls.

The traps of the persecutors are made to break or mold their own laws in order to create “new figures”. The decisions that will come into effect the 16th of March share these same characteristics, those accused in the “Caso Bombas” may face new charges (the best excuse to prolong preventative detention.) Their pranks do not surprise us, for the prosecutor needs more time to prove the untenable: an illicit association amongst people who do not relate in a hierarchical manner. Have no doubt… this is a political trial.

Today, just like before, anti-authoritarian ideas send chills down the spineless backs of those who love the law, so it is of utmost importance to propagate the ideas and encourage the different struggles that aim for the destruction of domination.

The road is complex, the enemy mocks using the filthiest tricks possible: from preventing the drinking of water to laughing during every checkup, but it does not matter, because for each one of their attacks my skin becomes even harder still.

I send a strong embrace to my known comrades (and those I don’t know), to all the restless and unmanageable bodies and minds in every latitude: make sure that the hunt never ends.

Thanks to those of you who filled the halls and street with light!!!
Political prisoners from Aug. 14 on hunger strike to the streets!!!


Mónika Caballero,
Anarchist Political Prisoner
Santiasko, $hile, CPF, SEAS

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