venerdì 4 marzo 2011

Seattle, Wa: Report Back from 2/26/11 Anti-Cop Action

On the night of February 26th, 20 anarchists dressed in black with masks covering their faces met at the intersection of Boren and Howell (where John T Williams was killed) in Seattle. A banner was seen reading “Cops Murder Everywhere, Bite Back!” (in reference to People began to paint around the intersection on walls and on the ground, a roller piece was seen in the street reading in big white letters “Fuck the Pigs”. Fences were cut down and thrown into the street. Caution tape was wound around the four poles of the intersection.

A cop pulled up within minutes but was sprayed down with a fire extinguisher into his window, causing him to leave immediately. Minutes later more cops came from the other direction demanding that people take down the caution tape, their demands were met with “Fuck you”’s as people decided to continue out of the intersection and up the street toward Capitol Hill. Bunches of tire puncturing nails were thrown steadily behind the group to push back the cops.

As the march reached the Hill, the group had grown to about 30 people in black. About 25 flags were seen waving in the air. Around 1000 fliers ( & were thrown into the air throughout the hour. Along the way numerous newspaper boxes, trashcans, etc. were thrown into the street. Flares were lit, some were thrown back at the police cars tailing the crowd but went out before doing any damage. Anti-police slogans were sprayed on walls and buildings as the march progressed, like “cops = pigs = murderers”, “all cops are bastards”, “fuck pigs”, “fuck cops (A)”. At least one luxury car was damaged while others were attempted.

Upon reaching Broadway & John, paint bombs were thrown at an American Apparel, Subway, US Bank, Chase Bank, and a now defunct Bank of America. Several windows were banged on with sticks and other objects but failed to break. Shortly after, the group decided to disperse splitting off in different directions. Three people were arrested and released several hours later. Their charges are, as of now, rioting, obstruction, and pedestrian interference (but have been stayed-to be charged potentially at a later date-or not at all).

This action was prompted as a continuance to the anti-police climate that has intensified over the last two weeks. Our intention as anarchists, is purely conflictual in nature, in so, we intended to create the space for agitation and attack. There was no public call outs made, in order to use the element of surprise on our enemy, the police. Seemingly this worked successfully, but also, it should be noted that it wasn’t just the surprise but also our presence of no compromise in the streets that kept the cops at bay. What we lacked in numbers we made up for in our ability to be flexible and act quickly.

Our dreams are in the streets!
Against the police and the prison world they maintain!

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