martedì 24 aprile 2012


received anonymously:
"Inspired by the previous reports of attacks against circuses, we decided to pay a visit to Zippos in Herne Hill, London.
In the dark of night we quietly entered the grounds of the park, equipped with everything we needed to leave our message.
Creeping around the circus we glued the locks of many vehicles and covered a van and truck with paint.
we then split up and emptied a couple of cans of spraypaint on their trucks, tent and booking office.
Afterwards, we filled the exhausts of a number of vehicles with expanding foam, before pulling equipment and other items out of the (foolishly) unlocked vehicles.
Satisfied, we crept back into the darkness and left the circus to enjoy their last few hours of sleep before they awoke to discover the ALF had visited them once again.
This action may have meant a sleepness night for us, but it will mean everything to the animals being abused in the name of perverted entertainment.
Every single one of you has the ability to fight for animal liberation. No excuses - get out there and fuck shit up!
Zippos has continued to ignore the warnings to stop using animals... If they won't free them, we will take them.
As our graffiti said, 'we'll be back'.

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