sabato 21 aprile 2012

SOME NEWS FROM THE LANTERNA- And van of a NO TAV got damaged in Turin -Italy

we receive and transmit: SOME NEWS FROM THE LANTERNA
This is a very busy period for police and carabinieri in Genoa. Prosecutor Scolastico, who was appointed last year, speeded up all the judicial proceedings concerning struggles and movements. The many episodes of conflict that have been developing in Genoa in the last years, form the students’ struggles of 2009 to the general strikes and the recent NO TAV mobilizations, obvioulsly were not appreciated by the diligent Genoa police. So there were a great number of charges against various individuals and groups any time they took to the streets. From what we learn from the press police seem not to spare the recent demos against the TAV in Genoa either, from the kicking off of Moretti at the PD party to the these days: big marches, road and railway blocks, demos, initiatives and numerous visits outside the Marassi prison where Gabri was detained.
A total of 6 remands in custody and two oral warnings were therefore issued in March. Some of them concern the clashes between workers and forces of order outside the prefecture last 24th May: three people have to report to the police station twice a day and are barred from taking part to marches, gatherings and demos. As a result, they are compelled to report to the police station on those occasions. Here is the DASPO [sort of caution usually reserved to football supporters and ultras] getting out of the stadiums and entering the contexts of struggle under the guise of a measure of the same nature.  
This shows how police and institutions want to extend the repressive strategy already tested on ultras.Moreover since 5th March, as carabinieri and alpine troops were patrolling the alleyway of the old centre, three people have been subjected to mandatory residence orders in Genoa and a curfew from 7.30pm to 7.30am. One of them had the measure reduced to three weekly reports to the police station, whereas the other two were issued with oral warnings after 20 days. Just to make them understand what is at stake. We send warm greetings to all the comrades in trouble with the law, the NO TAV in prison and those under restrictions and the rebels of all sorts and places.
Speed ahead!

Translated from informa-azione by b.porco dio!

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