mercoledì 25 aprile 2012

Manila, Philippines: One person killed as squatters clash with police

April 23: At least one resident was killed and many injured as squatters clashed with heavily-armed riot police in Paranaque, a suburb of Manila.

Hundreds of people burned tyres, hurled rocks, bottles and bags filled with fish innards at the police. Authorities wanted to demolish a market place and squatters were told that they would also be moved out of their homes.
Police responded with tear gas. Police say one man was found dead with a gunshot wound to the head, after the rioters dispersed. A local broadcaster showed footage of a policeman firing an assault rifle  towards the rioters as the police were showered with rocks. A hospital worker said some of those injured had gunshot wounds.
A village watchman was also shot and is in a critical condition in hospital.
More than two million people in Metro Manila — or roughly one fifth of the  sprawling city’s population — live in shanty towns as squatters. Violent clashes between riot police and squatters are frequent.

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