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Greece – Athens – Responsibility Claim for sabotage of the tram lines in the wider area of the south suburbs On 21/4

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                 Responsibility Claim for sabotage of the tram lines 


                                                          Re-appropriation of old means

On 21/4 we built, with reinforced cement, 3 parts of the tram lines in the wider area of the south suburbs.Very quickly we would like to clarify at this point that we will not suck on the candy of silencing by the snitches (media).Their role is clear and hostile and they will answer for their attitude in time.

Obviously we do not have any illusions that we would stop the functioning of the tram for the whole 24hours. Our move was of a reflex character, adjusted to the imperative need for factual solidarity.

        We believe the target was accurate for the following  reasons:

First of all the mean is immediate and in a wider scale appropriational. A more complex action in the present condition would have demanded lost valuable time.

Second, sabotage and attack on urban (and suburban) means of transport makes the people that will have to go a bit further to get to their destination to learn the REASON of their hassle and be informed about the action. In this way social normality is cracked and you raid the life of someone foreign to the radical movement, leaving the tight limits of addressing specific individuals through “traditional” procedures.

And third, in the special condition of the hunger strike of comrades, a cycle of extensive and spread out actions of sabotage in the metropoles forces those in charge and the pawns of repression to respect your presence and your demands.

             Let’s refuse the role of the participant in the silent crowds.

No more postponements. Our brothers from prison threw the hatchet of war. It’s in our hands to stick in the heads of our enemies or to bury it deep in the ground. There is no time for hesitation; every minute brings a brother closer to death. Some are mettlesome, some soulless. Some are enraged, some have fun.

We must make the colourful flower of solidarity blossom in the dark world of resignation and misery.

With a deep breath we shall show our steel bite. Make every fucking suit and every uniformed scum wet their pants, burn the cars of the prison guards, the houses of the cops and the judges. Let’s not fool ourselves. Let’s not smile. With mechanisms of sabotage and counter-information we shall transform every moment into a reason for action. Everyone from their own front and with whatever powers they have available. Let’s blow the terror into the whole authoritarian pyramid. Let’s invade the lives of those who have eyes and see and ears to hear.

                                 Open Call to a cycle of sabotages

We call the groups and communities of direct action to an exacerbation of the attack with every way, every mean. We call every individual and collective that fights in the street TO ACTION.

Brothers we shall not hesitate anymore. We shall show them our teeth now. Let’s not leave any hunger striker hostage to their sadomasochistic appetites. Always with careful moves because we are involved in a game of balances.

We do not intend to undermine the meaning of solidarity. Its democratic and christian forms do not express us. Our comrades are not in a condition of weakness which needs help but in a PROUD test which demands offensive contribution. We support our comrades because we see in their faces our choices, in our faces their choices. Because if it was the other way around, they would do the same.

                                              OUR ACTION IS DEDICATED:

To the anarchist hunger strikers: G.KARAGIANNIDIS, A.MITROUSIAS and K.SAKKAS. Lift the new vengeful imprisonments and IMMEDIATE RELEASE of anarchist comrade S.Antoniou.

To the anarchist urban guerrillas of the R.O. Conspiracy Cells of Fire and Th.Mavropoulos who have begun a hunger strike from April 8th, demanding the final transfer of G.Tsakalos and P.Argirou to Koridallos prisons from Domokos prisons.


We do not beg to be heard. We invade their lives nad make them.

We withhold about the intensification of our action according to the hunger strike. You should know that as easy as you invade fighting and anti-hierarchical spaces THAT easy we will invade your houses. And then you will deal with our “sickening” and violent appetites. Tentes motherfucker today we built the tram, tomorrow we might build your feet.

To finish we would like to give this action of ours to the well-advertised greek tourism and to those who intend to “live their myth in Greece” this summer too.



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