sabato 28 aprile 2012

Athens – Some info from the demonstration to Koridallos prisons 27/4/12


From the gathered people (about 400) there were many aged 45-60.

From the PA system set up, the text of the organizers was read as well as the text of the hunger strikers.

The residents passing by asked about the reason of the gathering and workers from the nearby cafes expressed their support to the demands of the hunger strikers.

During the whole demo but also during the stay outside the prison, dynamic slogans were chanted and the atmosphere was very vibrant. 4 riot cop units had closed off the access to the prisons from the traffic lights of Lambraki Av. and from every alley way up to the park. For over an hour the traffic of the cars on Lambraki Av. was cut off on both sides. There were 3 banners and thousands of leaflets were thrown in the streets… The demo returned to Eleutherias square (freedom square!) through Taxiarhon street -after doing a circle of around 2km- and all during this slogans were chanted in solidarity to the imprisoned anarchists.

The shops were open and the pedestrian traffic on the roads was dense, the demo made quite an impression for the local standards. Finally the decreased participation –compared to what was expected- was not only because of the ending of the hunger strike of the 3 fighters (Karagiannidis, Mitrousias, Sakkas) but also because of the heavy load of events this week.


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