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Athens – Responsibility claim for slogan writing in a school 4ο GEL Agias paraskevis North Athens 31/3/12

Translated by boubourAs/Act for freedom now!

Good morning fellow inmate, I mean… fellow student..

Every day you go into a space surrounded by bars full of rules of which your opinion was never asked, and with an extreme hierarchical structure (teachers’ superior- students inferior). They order you to pay attention, to study, to not be distracted, to not speak, to not eat or drink, to not listen to music, to not sit “weirdly” etc. depending on the vices of every teacher. And of course if you do not obey the punishment will be an insult, a low grade, an absent or an expulsion. At the same time they “teach” you a series of technocratic bullshit which will not be useful to you at all as a human being, but only as a professional (not even there of course, since you will probably remain unemployed anyway).

-“I must respect my teachers, they are superior. We are not equal and the same.” Why should you respect a person they brought to you one day and told you “here’s the authority”? Did you choose them?

-“They are older than me” So? Is it your fault you were born a few years later?

-“They have more knowledge than me, they are more educated, and know more”. And this means that you have to subjugate? Do you know what kind of person they are? How do you know if when they go home they beat on their children or sleep with students or deal drugs etc? Well no, you do not respect someone just because of their technocratic knowledge or because of the experiences they claim to have.

-“If there is no authority in the class room, there will be chaos” Why? Has a different way of teaching been tried in a class room and failed? You will probably wonder: “And why is it a problem if these things happen? Only this way will society go forward”. No. This way the System will go forward, not society. They teach you how to obey the economic and political elite, the regime. Why? Because their survival depends from your subjugation. How does this happen? It’s simple: From an infant they subjugate you to every form of authority. From the moment you subjugate to your teachers, you are ready to subjugate to whatever worm reflects authority. Because when you are 7, 12, 16, 18 years old you are subjugated to your teachers, at 25, 35, 40 you will subjugate yourself to your boss.

And for a whole fucking life you will subjugate yourself to authority and the System without daring to fight for freedom.

Do you consider yourself not-subjugated? The next time a teacher will tell you “why didn’t you study?” respond calmly, like you are speaking to anyone “None of your business”. When he orders you i.e. to drink water in the class room, reply “And who are you to tell me what to do?” Do you have the guts?

Because if you don’t, you probably are not as free as you think. In a nutshell, school is a fascist authoritative mechanism which imprisons the children in the cells. It makes you drowsy, makes you miserable, makes you passive, makes rotten. The teachers take on a role of the cops, spreading the terror every day degrading whoever has the guts to “tell them off”. They teach you discipline, and the idea that the hierarchical relations are not only normal, but also necessary. Their work is completed where you consider all this to be normal and what you are reading now is exaggerations. They fuck your soul for 12 years and then they push you to the work market to work like a slave in order to fatten the pockets of the ruling class (What social work and crap? When you go out to the job market you will realize and want to throw up from disgust from whats going on).

Thus we, as a minimal token of reaction but mainly an attempt of awakening our fellow students, we entered the 4th General Lyceum in Agia Paraskevi on Saturday 31/3/12 and wrote slogans all over. The school was freshly painted and covered up all the slogans written in the past. It looked even more like a prison and now we gave it another feature. It still is a prison, but if someone looks at it they will realize that inside the school cells there are some students who refuse to be subjugated, who fight for the subversion of the state and capitalism with passion and dreams for a world away from authorities and disciplines. It is these people you will see in the streets fighting for freedom, who on the news are characterized “terrorists, hooded ones and vandals”, whose faces are pasted all over the police offices. It is these people who consciously chose the open conflict with the System away from reformist delusions. It is not an alleged teenage revolution. And they will always find in front of them, at their every step.

Obviously this move of ours is not a serious hit on the regime and we consider that the struggle for social liberation must escalate and take other dimensions. But our action was intended for the awakening of our fellow students and that’s all.

The system of schooling is the schooling of the system.

Disturbance of Urban Quietness

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