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en es - Athens: Police raid on the Occupied Social Centre VOX in Exarchia

In the first days of 2012, people involved in the anarchist/anti-authoritarian milieu occupied the VOX building (property of the state-run ‘Social Insurance Institute’–IKA) in Exarchia square, in an effort to turn it into an open social centre. ‘ΒΟΞ’ was the name of a former open-air cinema in the same building, at the corner of Arachovis and Themistocleous streets. The building itself enables the hosting of various ventures. Aim of the group is to broaden sociopolitical struggles through collective demands, in an era where economic–systemic crisis threatens and attacks most parts of society, but also to build relations of solidarity and communication with people and other initiatives in the neighbourhood.

On April 20th, just one day before the public opening of the new project, huge police forces raided the area, and in particular Exarchia Square, and by 6am (GMT+2) cops and prosecutors evicted the VOX building (it appears that no squatter was inside). There were reports about a police raid on one more building in Exarchia (οn 60, Valtetsiou Street), which is also property of IKA. At 13.00pm (GMT+2) Exarchia Square and many surrounding streets are still under police occupation.

More info as it comes.

A few days before this ‘spectacular’ eviction, an MP of the far-right LAOS party had raised ‘questions’ over the Occupied Social Centre VOX

On April 9th, the squatters reported that the MP of the far-right LAOS party Athanassios Pleuris posed a formal question in parliament to the ‘civil protection’ and the labour ministries. The parliamentarian stated that anarchists wish ‘… to transform the particular space into a “social centre”, i.e. one more nest of anarchist violence and terrorism…’ —asking the ministers, among others, if they plan its immediate eviction. The cops’ ministry released an evasive bureaucratic reply, merely underlining the fact that its forces are monitoring the place in a ‘discrete’ manner (what came as no surprise).

Fighting without tutelage against all authority, squats and liberated spaces are now an even greater threat to the reigning order. So, this persecution attempt can only be seen within the frame of coordinated repression against radical projects and fighters. The squatters’ response towards the State and each fascist thug is that the VOX building is already in use by people who will not cease to struggle for a classless society of equality and solidarity, without exclusions and exploitation. Squats are an integral part of the struggle for freedom.


Here follows the project’s first communiqué, released in early March. More »

A principios de 2012, personas vinculadas al espacio anarquista/anti-autoritario okuparon el edificio VOX (propiedad del “Instituto de Seguridad Social” estatal, IKA), en la plaza de Exarchia, en un esfuerzo por convertirlo en un centro social abierto. “ΒΟΞ” era el nombre de un antiguo cine al aire libre en el mismo edificio, en la esquina de la calle Arachovis con Themistocleous. El edificio da sede a varios colectivos. La finalidad del grupo es ampliar las luchas socio-políticas a través de reivindicaciones colectivas, en una era en la que la crisis económica y del sistema amenaza y ataca a la mayoría de la sociedad, pero también busca construir redes de solidaridad y comunicación entre personas y otro colectivos en el barrio.

El día 20 de abril, justo un día antes de la apertura al público del nuevo proyecto, masivas fuerzas policiales asaltaron la zona, sobre todo, la plaza de Exarchia y sobre las 6 de la mañana (GMT+2), maderos y fiscales desalojaron el edificio de BOX (parece ser que no había okupas dentro).

Ha habido informes de que hubo un allanamiento policial a otro edificio en Exarchia (en la calle Valtetsiou, 60), también propiedad de IKA. A las 13:00 (GMT+2), la plaza de Exarchia y las calles colindantes seguían bajo ocupación policial.

Más información conforme vaya llegando.


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