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Chile: Communique for the explosive attack on Itau Bank in Concepcion

from liberaciontotal, transl waronsociety, communique:
We are at war, we do not claim nor do we ask, we simply attack. How much longer could we complain without occupying our own hands, being mere objects who receive obligations and rights without giving birth from our own bowels to the strength to freely develop ourselves and take our lives in our hands? One is defined by what one does, and therefore the terrain of living is crossed by the thin line of doing or not doing. We take position on the field of deeds, of action, of revolt. Our act is a propaganda of that — our free life.
We do not intend to be arrogant, everyone knows that we have not invented black powder nor are we the first to use it, others have already done it and others still will do it. With all of them we unite will and readiness in confronting reality, and this with some differences or nuances, is what indivisibly unites us. We are part of a wide and diffuse spectrum, that appears in multiple forms and we know neither its limits nor the faces of those who give it life, we only know of its acts and the ideas that it raises.
We also know that Power does not pardon the practices and ideas of freedom and that it is forever increasing its experience in control, persecution, incarceration or murder of our sisters and brothers. This is why our acts are an expression of solidarity, of strength, of energy, of memory. We do not forget them, not one, although sometimes the words do not reach all of them, but here we are, greeting those around the world imprisoned by cause of their libertarian and illegal acts.
With these words we vindicate the detonation of an explosive device at around 1 AM on Friday May 11 in a branch of Banco Itaú of downtown Concepción. Our bomb was composed of a fire extinguisher with a capacity of 1 kilogram, three quarters full of home made black powder, its activation was caused by the explosion of a small 3.8 volt light bulb that was inside and activated by a mechanical timing system based on an alarm clock to which we hooked up two batteries and a switch for our own security. We take all the possible precautions in order to not hurt any passerby, even placing in the window of the entrance to the bank a card that said in large and clear letters “CAUTION: BOMB.”
To bomb a bank branch of Brazilian capital is a clear message of solidarity and remembrance to Mauricio Hernández Norambuena, imprisoned in Brazil for more than 10 years and who they have put the most extreme systems of isolated and enclosure on. We make it clear also that we are not Marxists nor Rodriguists, there is not an idea much less ideology that unites us with them, it’s just that we agitate over the situation that this person lives in, that in different countries and times in similar circumstances our brothers and sisters also live in.
Many have said, and we continue to reaffirm, that we are not a hierarchical nor formal organization, much less a Terrorist Association. We are Anarchists with the will to attack who are united with those who fight against authority and domination wherever they may be. We do not respond to any interest that is above our own. We are informal and our action is diffuse, it appears when you least expect it, because we have always been here, in front of you. And we will be again, perhaps not us, perhaps others who discover that the materials are available to anyone and that the only ingredient that is lacking is will.
On this foggy May night, compañero Mauricio Morales Duarte was there, in our hands and in the roar that ran through the streets of Concepción.
Strength, Tortuga!
Illegal Cell Daniel Riquelme Ruiz.
* * *

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