lunedì 7 maggio 2012

Unnamed group claims responsibility for arson attacks against right/extreme right parties, as greek elections get underway

Greek original
Against electoral illusions, against the assigning of our lives to professional politicians-employees of the domestic and international financial elites, against the call for generalised social consensus toward some national unity and social canibalism, against everything destroying our lives we attacked, on May 3d, the local office of DI.SI [neoliberal right-wing party --trans.] in the [Athens neighbourhood of] Kesariani, the local office of Nea Dimokratia [New Democracy, the main right-wing party] in the neighbourhoods of Nikea-Rentis, and the office of the nationalist cypriot student organisation that supports the [Neo-Nazis of] Golden Dawn in the neighbourhood of Ampelokipi.
Against the false dilemmas of a bourgeois democracy that is crumbling, the only question is: are we going to sustain a system of subjection, repression and degradation, or are we going to fight with all our strength for freedom.
The attack is dedicated to all those who have been fighting in the streets for the past 2,5 year and to those arrested on February 12th.

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