martedì 15 maggio 2012

Text from Culmine – On the Heights of… individualist despair

from culmine, transl waronsociety:
On the Heights of… individualist despair
Culmine, pack of individualist anarchists, receives, spreads and frames communiques, statements and information from individuals and groups of action that have declared war on this society in different parts of the world.
At this time, a morbid attention to our blog is being created, “monitored” innumerable times and even cited as one of the few web sites that post “communications from prison and internal documents of discussion.”
To our comrades and brothers we want to reiterate, as we wished to do on iconoclasta, that our individualist nature prevents us from belonging to any Federation (formal or informal as it may be), Front (whether revolutionary or reformist) and Organization of any kind. If we have the possibility, ferocious repression permitting, we will confront these themes which are so important to us, as we already announced a couple of months ago, on Iconoclasta.
Our incorrigible individualism does not prevent us, however, from showing our full solidarity and complicity with all those (members or not of a Federation, Front, or Organization) who move to anarchist direct action and with all the anarchist prisoners around the world. As we have until now, we will continue to give voice to those who have decided to fight to the end, even if this means publishing texts with errors and oversights; for example, we cannot understand how Giorgos Polydoros is not mentioned among the prisoners belonging to the CCF, nor how Theofilos Mavropolous is omitted, who, although not belonging to the CCF, signs on to the communiques.
The regime’s newspapers are calling loudly for searches and arrests, creating a climate conducive to an imminent anti-anarchist raid… may the Anarchist Black International meet each blow of repression with tenacity and determination, returning blow for blow!
A warm rebel hug to all the imprisoned and clandestine anarchists in the world… all our affectionate complicity to Tortuga… we are with you!!!
Culmine and Iconoclasta, May 13, 2012
* Translator’s note: The original title of this piece is “Al Culmine della disperazione… individualista,” apparently a play on On the Heights of Despair by Emil M. Cioran (in Italian the title of that book is Al culmine della disperazione).

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