lunedì 7 maggio 2012

Greece – Disciplinary transfer of Olga Economidou to Diavata prisons 6/5/12

A few days ago comrade –member of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire Olga Economidou was transported with a special transfer from Thebes prisons to the female prisons of Diavata.

Her transportation took place within the frames of a disciplinary transfer imposed on her, because of her attitude and her decency which could not be tolerated from the Thebes prison service.

When they took her to Diavata prisons, she refused to be submitted to the procedure of the humiliating body search resulting to the comrade now being alone in a newcomer’s cell. She has refused to enter Diavata prisons asking to be transferred elsewhere, while at the same time in her cell there is a  cctv camera which has already been covered twice from Olga causing the reaction of the prison guards.



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