mercoledì 16 maggio 2012

Athens – Responsibility Claim for the arson of the vehicle of Themis Skordeli (Golden Dawn candidate)

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Responsibility Claim for the arson of the vehicle of Themis Skordeli (Golden Dawn candidate)

It’s been 3,5 years since the infamous war against the immigrants of Ag.Panteleimonas broke out. And you made sure from the start to be a frontline soldier in its everyday raids.

You were in the front line of the cleansing of the square in your area and you even sealed its playground. You roamed through the tv channels and proudly vomited your racist poison transforming it into a media spectacle.

And when you thought that fear had possessed everyone of a different religion and every foreign neighbour of yours, you organized new racist patrols in another square, this time a bit further away.

Then, you starred again in the days of racist pogroms in May 2011. And a few months later, you even made your friends the cops drag you to court, along with another two shitheads with the same beliefs as you, accused of stabbing immigrants.

Finally, you managed to get on the candidate list of your beloved Golden Dawn, as a reward for all the shit work you have been doing all these years. And till then you thought everything is going well.

But the memory you see is not easy to fool. Just when you think you stuffed it once and for all in the bin of History, it pops up in front of you all of a sudden without asking.

Themis, you were an important symbolic chapter for these reactionary formations called “resident committees”. But your actions, first of all had serious, bloody results. And we do not forget them. That’s why we decided on 2/5/2012 to burn your motorbike, in broad day light on Aharnon street, in the heart of your infamous neighbourhood. Just so you can’t feel safe never and nowhere. We know that a few burnt ccs is nothing compared to the traumas you have caused. But the hostilities continue.

Till we meet again therefore…

metropolitan antifascist patrol


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